Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1121

Chapter 1121: The Missing Rules

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The missing Rules of Heaven and Earth of the Xuanhuang Continent?

A key factor to realize the real realm?

And the opportunity to leave this place?

Xu Que was shocked and puzzled by Fu Shanchuan’s words!

He had never heard of the missing Rules of Heaven and Earth of the Xuanhuang Continent and the so-called Real Realm. The point was that the Heaven Alliance also had a way to leave this place!

Holy sh*t! This is totally unacceptable!

Nobody could leave here after offending me!


Instantly, Xu Que stomped the heel of his shoe into Fu Shanchuan’s chest and said coldly, “Tell me about the missing Rules of Heaven and Earth of the Xuanhuang Continent and the so-called Real Realm! And tell me about your opportunity to leave here! You have three seconds to answer my questions in detail. Otherwise…heh-heh, I have 100 methods to give you a miserable death!”

Fu Shanchuan was not intimidated by Xu Que’s threat. On the contrary, he said, shaking his head with a self-deprecating smile, “Heh! My fellow cultivator, it is not necessary for you to be so impatient. I will tell you everything you want to know!”

Xu Que’s stomp was heavy but didn’t hurt Fu Shanchuan. Xu Que just managed to intimidate Fu Shanchuan in this way. However, Xu Que’s threat was unnecessary for Fu Shanchuan now, because he didn’t want to keep secrets for Li Tianxun anymore.

His plan had been ruined by Xu Que. When Lin Huan took Lan Xinyue and the others, Li Tianxun’s attitude toward him and Lin Huan had changed, which disappointed him totally. Li Tianxun gave a perfect show of burning a bridge after crossing it. He promised he would share the opportunity and fortune found in the western suburbs with Fu Shanchuan. Now, Li Tianxun didn’t want to mention it. He even asked Fu Shanchuan to stay at the Heaven Alliance mansion. Apparently, he had kicked Fu Shanchuan out of their plans in the western suburbs.

Therefore, Fu Shanchuan was even more desperate than Xu Que for the failure of Li Tianxun. He even tried to disclose everything to Xu Que, so that Xu Que could ruin the plans of Li Tianxun and Lin Huan in the western suburbs. If Fu Shanchuan failed in something, nobody could accomplish it!

“My fellow cultivator, from the very beginning, I was puzzled by your history and background. It is said that you rose immortally to this world. After witnessing your strength, all of us doubted you were from the Xuanhuang Continent. And it is highly possible that you are one of the young sovereigns on the Heavenly Tripod List!” Fu Shanchuan said slowly at this time.

Xu Que was shocked. He didn’t expect Fu Shanchuan would start with his identity. He said as he frowned, “Does this relate to the thing in the western suburbs?”

“Of course!” Fu Shanchuan said, nodding his head, “Before this, I firmly believed you were a young sovereign on the Heavenly Tripod List. Now, I know I’ve made a big mistake! If you were a sovereign on the Heavenly Tripod List, you would definitely know the missing Rules of Heaven and Earth of the Xuanhuang Continent and the Real Realm!”

After saying that, Fu Shanchuan looked at Xu Que and said with a smile, “My fellow cultivator, if you really arose immortally to this place, you are both blessed and cursed. Because the missing Rules of Heaven and Earth of the Xuanhuang Continent are just the Rules of Life and Death!”

“Oh?” Xu Que was surprised immediately.

He could understand Fu Shanchuan’s words. Everything between Heaven and Earth was governed by rules, such as the mutual generation and restriction of the five elements, the seven emotions, and the six sensory pleasures and reincarnation, etc. A complete world was composed of countless rules and none of those rules was dispensable!

The Spiritual Qi was full of all kinds of Rules of Heaven and Earth, which were closely related to cultivators’ cultivation and Tao Comprehension. When cultivators performed cultivation, the Spiritual Qi was absorbed into their bodies, which meant the Rules of Heaven and Earth were integrated in their bodies. The higher the cultivation stage, the more Spiritual Qi had been absorbed, which meant the Rules of Heaven and Earth in their bodies were more magnificent.

In this way, cultivators were able to comprehend all kinds of rules and turned them into their Taoist Connotations. Along with the cultivation, cultivators were integrated with Heaven and Earth gradually. Therefore, they could lengthen their life-spans and even become immortal!

Once the Rules of Heaven and Earth were incomplete, no matter how hard the cultivators tried to perform cultivation and comprehend Tao, their Taoist Connotation was always defective. The higher the cultivation stage was, the more obvious would these defects be. At last, these defects would become a big gap to stop the cultivators from gaining further progress in the rest of their lives.

“This is not correct! If the Rules of Life and Death are missing, how could you reach your current realm?” Xu Que couldn’t help but ask.

Fu Shanchuan said with a self-deprecating smile, “That’s why we have the term of the Real Realm!”

“Oh, so, we start to talk about the Real Realm now, right?” Xu Que raised his eyebrows.

Fu Shanchuan said by nodding his head, “As the name suggests, the Real Realm is the authentic realm! Like the Earth Continent and the Heaven Continent, the realms in the Xuanhuang Continent include the Half-Celestial Realm, the Human Celestial Realm, and the Earth Celestial Realm, etc. In fact, cultivators in the Xuanhuang Continent are far weaker than cultivators in the Earth Continent and the Heaven Continent!”

“Just because one Rule of Heaven and Earth is missing, right?”

“Exactly! Just because of this, cultivators in the Xuanhuang Continent are laughingstocks of cultivators in the Earth and Heaven Continents. They call us the fake Half-Celestial, fake Human Celestial, and fake Earth Celestial!” Fu Shanchuan said.

Hearing that, Xu Que was surprised. Damn! It turns out these people are not cultivators at the authentic Half-Celestial Realm, Human Celestial Realm, and even the Earth Celestial Realm!

“My fellow cultivator, please forgive my upcoming words which could be a little bit offensive. Although you killed Liu Hualong, he was just a cultivator at the Initial Stage of the fake Earth Celestial Stage! If you encounter a cultivator at the authentic Earth Celestial Realm, I guess you could escape if you are lucky enough, let alone kill your opponent!” Fu Shanchuan said calmly.

His words didn’t impress Xu Que at all. It was not because Xu Que looked down upon authentic cultivators at the Earth Celestial Realm but he had anticipated that before. He was almost killed when he tried to kill Liu Hualong, who was just at the Initial Stage of the fake Earth Celestial Realm! He didn’t believe he could also kill a cultivator at the authentic Earth Celestial Realm. Maybe as Fu Shanchuan said, he could escape if he was lucky enough.

“In this case, your so-called plan in the western suburbs is to obtain the thing which could complete the Rules of Life and Death, so that you could reach the authentic Human Celestial Realm and the Earth Celestial Realm, right?” Xu Que asked as he looked at Fu Shanchuan at this time. It seemed he had figured out everything.

Fu Shanchuan replied, nodding his head, “Precisely, it is not a thing but Rule Fragments. Although this place is full of Rules of Life and Death, we are not able to reach the Real Realm by absorbing them into our body. Under the nest of the Vital Ant King, we found the Rule Fragments. A small piece of Rule Fragments could complete the Rules of Life and Death we need. Then we can reach the Real Realm and realize metamorphosis!”

“I see! But how could you leave this place through that?” Xu Que continued to ask.

“My fellow cultivator, you misunderstood me. What I said just now is not to leave this place but an opportunity to leave this place!” Fu Shanchuan replied. “Actually, 1,000 years ago, we used to go to that place before. Besides the unexpected discovery of the Rule Fragments, we also found a platform, where a spell was placed. The spell explained the function of that platform—we can send a message to the one who ruined this place!”

“Send a message to that guy?” Hearing that, Xu Que raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “Your so-called opportunity is to send a message to that guy, so that he will come here and release you, right?”

“Exactly! Although we are not sure whether that person is still alive or could receive our message, at least it is a glimmer of hope!” Fu Shanchuan replied, nodding his head.

Xu Que was amused immediately. It turns out they hoped Xuanyuan Wanrong could save them!

Heh-heh! This is just a daydream!

Although he was not sure whether the one mentioned by Fu Shanchuan was Xuanyuan Wanrong or not, according to various signs, the possibility that it was her reached 80 to 90 percent.

However, according to Xuanyuan Wanrong’s style, would she care about people in this place? This is absolutely impossible! She will never come here to save them from afar!

Of course, the point was that Xuanyuan Wanrong was also trapped under the Celestial Burial Valley. How could she come here to save them?

“Hah-hah-hah!” At the thought of this, Xu Que couldn’t help but gloat about her.

Fu Shanchuan was stunned by his laughter, “My fellow cultivator, what are you…laughing at?”

“Nothing! It is always good for you to have dreams!” Xu Que said with a smile as he raised the broken sword in his hand and was about to slash it toward Fu Shanchuan’s head.

Fu Shanchuan was shocked. He shouted in surprise, “My fellow cultivator, what are you going to do? Wait! Please stop! I have other words to say! You can’t kill me now!”

“Oh? Any last words?” Xu Que stopped his movement and asked.

“You haven’t asked me the reason that we wanted to lure you to the western suburbs!” Fu Shanchuan said.

Xu Que widened his eyes immediately. Right! I almost forgot this!

Then, he said with a faint smile, “Good! Fu Shanchuan, congratulations to you for lengthening your life successfully! We can continue to talk now. Come on, tell me why you tried to lure me to the western suburbs with difficulty!”

“Because you are quite powerful and you could use the destructive 6-Color Fiery Lotus!” Fu Shanchuan replied immediately. Then he narrated the plan and the reasons surrounding it.

In fact, after they broke into the place under the nest of the Vital Ant King 1,000 years ago, they never had a chance to go there again. When they found the Rule Fragments and the platform, they startled all the Vital Ants in that nest before they had time to take anything away. The tunnels in the nest of the Vital Ants were well-connected. When numerous Vital Ants appeared in front of them, they were not able to rush into that area and grab anything. At last, under the pressure of the Vital Ant King and countless Queen Ants, they had to retreat.

After that, they hadn’t found a chance to go there for 1,000 years.

After the intrusion of human cultivators, the nest of the Vital Ant King was heavily guarded. Once human cultivators approached that area, all Vital Ants and Queen Ants would be startled. After several seconds, human cultivators would be devoured by all the Vital Ants in this nest.

Therefore, no matter how powerful Li Tianxun was, he didn’t dare to challenge the Vital Ant King, who was as powerful as he was, as well as countless millions of Vital Ants. When the fight commenced, he would definitely be entangled and wouldn’t have time to grab the Rule Fragments.

He couldn’t ask others to put away or grab the Rule Fragments for him. The Rule Fragments would go into the body of anyone who touched them. So, they failed to find a way to grab the Rule Fragments for a long time. The day before yesterday, the plan brought forth by Fu Shanchuan gave hope to Li Tianxun.

If Xu Que was lured to that area, he would definitely draw a lot of fire from the Vital Ants. Also, Xu Que could buy them precious time with his powerful 6-Color Fiery Lotus. During that period, Li Tianxun and the others could sneak into the place under the nest to grab the Rule Fragments and even activate the platform to ask for help by sending a message.

As the plan maker, Fu Shanchuan was qualified to go to that place together with Li Tianxun. It was a pity that he sent Wu Shifeng to lure Lan Xinyue. But Wu Shifeng was killed by Xu Que before he could meet Lan Xinyue. Then, Fu Shanchuan asked the people of the Assassination Star to take away Lan Xinyue and the others secretly. But his plan was ruined by Xu Que again.

The consecutive failures greatly frustrated Fu Shanchuan. The point was Lin Huan dragged Lan Xinyue and the others away when Xu Que was not there. Then, he even left a message to Xu Que. In this way, Lin Huan turned Fu Shanchuan’s plan into a kidnapping case! Although Lin Huan’s action was quite low, he became the one who had laughed last. Now, he had replaced Fu Shanchuan and become the only one who could grab the Rule Fragments together with Li Tianxun!


Hearing that, Xu Que shook his head and said as he looked at Fu Shanchuan with a smile, “You are really good at scheming! Do you really think you are Zhuge Liang? Also, you thought too much of yourself! Although that Lin Huan is more abominable, I have to say his simple and rude measures were more practical than your plan. And he defeated you at last, right?”

The reason for Xu Que’s words was that he preferred the simple way of Lin Huan. He would also do that to extort his opponents with the lives of their friends.

However, Fu Shanchuan was quite arrogant. He thought his plan would have definitely worked. So he despised those simple and rude measures. His plan would really have been effective for ordinary people. However, Xu Que didn’t play according to Fu Shanchuan’s plan. He even killed Wu Shifeng in front of Lan Hetu. Therefore, his actions totally surprised Fu Shanchuan. Even Wu Shifeng didn’t expect he would die in that way.

So, all the plans of Fu Shanchuan were ruined, which left an opportunity for Lin Huan.

“Alas!” Fu Shanchuan sighed and shook his head at last. Although he was quite arrogant in his mind, he had to lower his head in front of the reality. Xu Que’s words were quite harsh. After all, Lin Huan was the one who laughed last. Fu Shanchuan had nothing to say about it.

The point was that his life was still in Xu Que’s hand. He didn’t dare to retort to Xu Que at all.

“My fellow cultivator, there is no profound hatred between us. It is unnecessary for you to waste your time in killing me here!” Fu Shanchuan said as he looked at Xu Que at this time.

Xu Que said with a faint smile, “I have plenty of time. And I really like wasting my time!”

Fu Shanchuan twitched his lips. Then he let out a sigh and said, “My fellow cultivator, would you let me go if I tell you something about Wu Shifeng and Lan Xinyue?”

“Oh? I am listening!” Xu Que said thoughtfully.

Fu Shanchuan told the story in detail. Wu Shifeng used to attack Lan Xinyue secretly. But Lan Xinyue thought Wu Shifeng saved her at the cost of his life.

Hearing that, Xu Que was dumbfounded. Lan Xinyue was so grateful to Wu Shifeng. He didn’t expect that this guy was such a hypocrite!

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The God of destiny makes fools of the people!

However, it seems I killed the right person!

“My fellow cultivator, besides this, I also know another secret of Wu Shifeng!” Fu Shanchuan said seriously as he looked at Xu Que at this time. His eyes were full of a weird light. Then he said, word by word, “Also…he is still alive now!”


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