Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1119

Chapter 1119: Bad News!

Nyoi-Bo Studio

As Xu Que expected, Lan Xinyue and the others had been captured. Even the owner and the waiter from the hostel had been killed.

When he had stepped into the hostel, he had felt a gust of cold wind blowing in his face. Two giant ice sculptures were standing in the lobby, containing the bodies of the owner and the waiter from the hostel, who were long dead. On one of the ice sculptures, he saw a long line of characters which read—they are in the western suburbs!

A torn piece of animal hide, where a map to indicate a position in the western suburbs was drawn, was fixed on the other ice sculpture.

Xu Que was quite happy to see all that for he had figured out that it was such an obvious trap. Tsk-tsk-tsk, it is quite obvious that something is wrong with this place. They are trying to lure me to the western suburbs so that I can be trapped there! Xu Que couldn’t help but sneer.

He was quite certain that he would only be able to escape if Li Tianxun, who had reached the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm, and the rest of the members of the Heaven Alliance attacked him together. But the Heaven Alliance didn’t do that. They sent people to make trouble again and again. When their first two trials failed, they captured Lan Xinyue and the others and left this map for Xu Que. Apparently, they were planning something again. Anyway, they didn’t want to kill Xu Que instantly.

“This is quite interesting!” Xu Que couldn’t help but enjoy the challenge. He would try to rescue them if he could. If it was too difficult, he wouldn’t waste his time on it. He had only known Lan Xinyue and the others for two days. Normally, he would never take the risk of saving them for he would suffer a great loss if he was set upon by Li Tianxun.

However, deep in his heart, he didn’t want to see the death of Lan Xinyue and the others. After all, it was because of him that they were captured.

“Alas! This is so troublesome!” Xu Que shook his head. He decided to find more powerful teammates in the future.

He decided not to rescue them immediately since he was the Heaven Alliance’s target, and they wouldn’t kill Lan Xinyue and the others soon. Xu Que decided now to go to the Heaven Alliance to punish that Fu Shanchuan severely. The Heaven Alliance was still a horrible place for him. He believed he couldn’t beat Li Tianxun, and so if he was in the Heaven Alliance now, he could do nothing there. He had to find some capable assistants!

Such as…


Instantly, Xu Que dashed out of the hostel and headed for the Generosity Sect again by stepping on the Firestorm Wheels. Originally, he had planned to confront the Heaven Alliance together with the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance. When Xu Que had gone to the mansion of the Generosity Sect, he couldn’t find the person he wanted to meet. Wang Qiannian told Xu Que that Lin Baiwan had gone to the Majesty Alliance on some business. After getting the address of the Majesty Alliance from Wang Qiannian, he left immediately.


At this time, in a study of the mansion of the Majesty Alliance, Lin Baiwan was drinking tea and chatting with a middle-aged man thoughtfully. The middle-aged man was Yao Gongming, the leader of the Majesty Alliance. He had reached the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial. However, he was slightly more powerful than Liu Hualong of the Sword Pavilion.

At this time, both Yao Gongming and Lin Baiwan were silent. Yao Gongming seemed quite serious. After several seconds, he lowered the cup in his hand and said, “Brother Lin, are you sure that guy could leave this world?”

Lin Baiwan said, shaking his head slightly, “I’m not sure. But my instinct tells me maybe this guy really has a method to leave! This guy has been quite weird since he appeared. In two days, he has made so much noise! I don’t think he is someone mediocre!”

“Brother Lin, you should know what kind of cost we will have to pay if we choose to cooperate with him, right?” Yao Gongming said seriously.

If they cooperated with Xu Que, they couldn’t kill Li Tianxun, but they could at least rival him. However, this stalemate wouldn’t last long for Li Tianxun would defeat all of them within one year. If Xu Que really had a way to leave here within one year, they would follow him at any cost. However, if Xu Que fooled them, they would suffer a great loss and even their lives. This was definitely an all-in wager!

“Alas! After staying here for so many years, I am really tired! I am willing to pay any cost if there is a glimmer of hope to leave here. Otherwise, I’m afraid I will be too lazy to leave after several hundred years!” Lin Baiwan sighed as he shook his head. He worried he would get too used to staying in this place and lose all opportunities to leave this world.

Like horrible viruses, habit and sloth could corrode people unknowingly and make them self-satisfied and give up all dreams! This was definitely fatal for cultivators! Yao Gongming also understood Lin Baiwan’s idea. However, he was not bold enough to throw the hatchet.

“Brother Lin, is it okay that we pretend to agree with Xu Que’s requests? We can agree with him in words. But we should try to stay away from the conflict between him and the Heaven Alliance. If Li Tianxun pursues this matter in the future, he won’t punish us severely. What do you think?” Yao Gongming brought forth a safe suggestion at last.

After hesitating for a while, Lin Baiwan said, nodding his head, “Actually, this was also my plan before coming here! Since you feel the same, I think it is feasible!”

“Oh?” Yao Gongming’s eyes lit up slightly.

Lin Baiwan said with a faint smile, “It seems that Xu Que craves greatness and success. Anyway, it is quite normal for a young man to be like this! I believe he will tell us whether he really has a way to leave here if we coax him again. Once we know his methods, it doesn’t matter whether he is alive or not! Therefore, in front of outsiders, we shall show our due respect to him to please him. As for the conflict between him and the Heaven Alliance, we could tell him we are too weak to help him!”

“Actually, we are indeed too weak in front of the Heaven Alliance!” Yao Gongming said with a wry smile.

Lin Baiwan also said with a smile, “Exactly!”

Soon, the study was full of their hearty laughter. They knew clearly that they were not too weak in front of the Heaven Alliance. The cost they had to pay would be too high. So they decided to comply in appearance but oppose in heart. However, they didn’t know that a figure had appeared on the roof of the study when they started their conservation. All their words had been heard by this figure.

Xu Que was quite unhappy at this moment. Originally, he had thought Lin Baiwan was a nice guy, who was smart and had worldly wisdom. He even planned to take him away when he left this world. He didn’t expect this guy was planning to fool and take advantage of him!

Heh-heh, you can stop daydreaming!

Don’t blame me for my mercilessness since you tried to fool me first! Are you going to fool me? You are just two naive old farts! Xu Que sneered to himself. Then he left the roof silently.

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After a short while, the deafening sound of wind, fire, and thunder could be heard from the sky above the mansion of the Majesty Alliance. Xu Que had returned by stepping on the Firestorm Wheels. Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming went out to welcome Xu Que together with all the members of the Majesty Alliance. They were so warm and enthusiastic just like the Generosity Sect had been. However, this time Xu Que didn’t feel grateful at all. He knew the plan of Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming. Since all of us can decide to join in the fun on occasion, let’s see who will be fooled at last!


Soon, Xu Que landed on the ground and shouted anxiously, “My fellow cultivators, I have bad news! My friends were taken away by the Heaven Alliance. One important item which could help us to leave this world is with one of my friends! What should I do now?”


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