Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1118

Chapter 1118: Your Action was Really Fast

Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Hah-hah, an opportunity to chat with you is much more precious than the Vital Rice!” Lin Baiwan smiled generously as he waved his hand. Then, a servant placed 3,000 grains of Vital Rice on the table.

Lin Baiwan knew the rule of inputs and outputs very well.

He believed he could get the information about how Xu Que managed to obtain so many Vital Rice in such a short time if he could build good relations with Xu Que. Maybe he could even cooperate with Xu Que, and the output would be tens of thousands of times of the investment!

However, before he could ask something, Xu Que put away the Vital Rice and said, “Leader Lin, since you are full in good faith, I will come straight to the point. Actually, I come here to talk about a cooperation with you!”

“A…cooperation?” Great! My fellow cultivator, you are a frank and straightforward person. I really enjoy talking about business with a person like you!” Lin Baiwan said in pleasant surprise after being stunned for a while.

He was quite happy about Xu Que’s reaction. What a thoughtful young man! He offered a cooperation before I could make a request of that!

“Oh? You’ve accepted my proposal! Great! Actually, I’ve prepared the plan on my way here. My plan is to wipe out the Heaven Alliance after finishing this dinner. However, I don’t want to seek the limelight alone. So, I hope you could go with me! Oh, I hope the Majesty Alliance could also join us to increase our strength!” Xu Que said delightedly.

However, Lin Baiwan and the rest people of the Generosity Sect had been totally shocked by his words.

Wipe out the Heaven Alliance after finishing the dinner?

Holy shit! Is this the cooperation you offered?

Are you insane?

Nobody is going to wipe out the Heaven Alliance with you for we don’t want to die!

“Eh, my fellow cultivator, we…can’t joke about this. Li Tianxun, the Leader of the Heaven Alliance, is too powerful for us to handle. How…about some other cooperation?” Lin Baiwan said bitterly.

It seemed the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance were quite powerful, Lin Baiwan and the leader of the Majesty Alliance had just reached the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage. So, their sects were just a little bit more powerful than the Sword Pavilion, but could never rival the Heaven Alliance.

The point was that Li Tianxun had reached the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage. They couldn’t afford to offend Li Tianxun. Lin Baiwan believed Li Tianxun could defeat 10 cultivators at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage in a combat.

After all, the strength gap between 2 minor cultivation stages were realized through several thousand years of cultivation.

“No! I will definitely go to the Heaven Alliance. Even I can’t wipe it out, I will capture and kill that old fox Fu Shanchuan. He sent people to kill me twice today! So, I can’t let him live!” Xu Que said with a smile.

Lin Baiwan was shocked immediately for he didn’t expect Fu Shanchuan could send people to kill Xu Que.

Does it mean Xu Que is irreconcilable with the Heaven Alliance?

“My fellow cultivator, I think…we still need to discuss your plan!” Lin Baiwan said hesitantly. He tried to stop Xu Que from doing that for the only consequence of challenging the Heaven Alliance was death.

“OK!” Xu Que nodded his head thoughtfully.

Lin Baiwan and the rest people let out a sigh of relief. If Xu Que could give up his plan, they could talk about the cooperation about the Vital Rice with him.

However, Xu Que spent too much time in his consideration, which even confused the rest people.

Lin Baiwan’s daughter, who was sitting beside Lin Baiwan, frowned a bit for she got a vague feeling that Xu Que was looking at her instead of thinking about something.

“My fellow cultivator…” Lin Baiwan couldn’t help but say at this time.

Xu Que interrupted him by pointed at his daughter, “Hey, Leader Lin, is that your beautiful daughter?”

His words totally embarrassed the rest people in this area. Lin Baiwan almost fell to the ground from his chair.

It turns out you didn’t consider our suggestion just now! You are attracted by Ms. Lin, right?

“Eh, my fellow cultivator, she is my daughter and her name is Lin Wan’er!” Lin Baiwan said with embarrassment.

Lin Wan’er picked up her cup and said gracefully, “Greet you, my fellow cultivator!”

Xu Que returned the salute by picking up his cup with a smile.

However, he didn’t want to flirt with this girl. He was just bored and tried to tease the rest people in this area.

He wouldn’t give up his plan to attack the Heaven Alliance and kill Fu Shanchuan. Otherwise, the Act Tough Saint’s reputation would be totally ruined in this world!

“Leader Lin, I just want to vent my anger by attacking the Heaven Alliance! Although Li Tianxun is quite powerful, I don’t think it will be very difficult to kill Fu Shanchuan, right?” Xu Que said with a smile.

Lin Baiwan said with a wry smile, “My fellow cultivator, we can kill Fellow cultivator easily. But how could we fend off the fury of Li Tianxun after that?”

Xu Que smiled as he took a sip of tea. Then, he said thoughtfully, “What if I say I have a method to leave this world?”


Lin Baiwan changed his expression immediately.

The rest people in this area were also shocked.

Leave this world?

This is totally impossible!

“I don’t care whether you believe me or not. Anyway, I know how to leave here! So, I will definitely go to the Heaven Alliance with or without you!” Xu Que said squarely. Then, he stood up and said by patting Lin Baiwan’s shoulder, “Just think about it, Leader Lin!”

After saying that, he jumped up into the sky and left by stepping on his Firestorm Wheels.

The entire mansion of the Generosity Sect was in a dead silence.

Nobody dared to stop Xu Que from leaving. All the rest members of the sect fixed their eyes on Lin Baiwan.

Xu Que’s words were just like bombs exploded in a sea, which shocked so many people.

Leave here?

These 2 words had become an extravagant hope of them. Most of them had given up this idea.

But Xu Que told them he had a method to leave this world, which stirred up the hope which had been buried in their heart for so many years.

If they could leave this world, the Generosity Sect and the Vital Rice would be meaningless for them!

If they could leave here, they wouldn’t need to strive for life-span and Vital Rice by spending their precious time of cultivation. Their life would go back on the right track.

“Dad, is what he said true?” Lin Wan’er said as she looked at Lin Baiwan. She was born in this place and had never seen the world outside, which she yearned for very much.

Lin Baiwan sighed as he patted Lin Wan’er’s head, “This is impossible. However, I got a feeling that what he said is true!”

“Then, we…” Lin Wan’er lit up her eyes immediately.

Lin Baiwan interrupted her by waving his hand, “We don’t need to make a decision hastily. This is not a trivial matter. If we make a wrong decision, we will regret it forever! I will go to the Majesty Alliance first. You should tidy here up. Also, before my return, nobody is allowed to leave here to avoid the divulgence of this information!”

At this time, Xu Que had arrived at the door of the hostel.

He planned to cooperate with the Generosity Sect for Li Tianxun’s strength could never be underestimated.

He was almost killed by Liu Hualong who was just at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage. Therefore, Xu Que knew clearly that he was not able to defeat Li Tianxun who was at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage!

So, he tried to drag other sects with him. After talking with Lin Baiwan, he was impressed by Lin Baiwan. If the Generosity Sect could help him, he could take them out of this world 1 month later.


Xu Que opened the door of the hostel. Before he stepped into the hostel, he stopped his movement instantly.

He frowned and squinted his eyes slightly.

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He found the hostel was empty. Lan Hetu, Lan Xinyue and the rest people just disappeared together with the shopkeeper and the waiter who were locked in the wood shed by him.

“The Heaven Alliance, heh-heh, your action was really fast!” Xu Que sneered as cold light flashed in his eyes. Then, he walked into the hostel.

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