Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1117

Chapter 1117: Extra Charges

Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Xu Que left the hostel, everyone in the room became speechless.

The atmosphere in the room was quite weird. Those young men and women didn’t dare to say a word and just stood there quietly.

Lan Hetu lowered his head bitterly with a sort of guilty. If he knew Xu Que could be so cruel, he would have tried to stop Xu Que.

But everything happened so fast at that moment. Wu Shifeng, who was much more powerful than before, was killed by Xu Que with 1 blow. Xu Que even asked Lan Hetu to deal with the dead body at last, which was a request Lan Hetu was not able to say no.

“Hetu!” Lan Xinyue, who had kept silent for a long time, said calmly at this time, “From now on, you are not allowed to call anyone brother-in-law!”

“Ah?” Lan Hetu was totally shocked for her reaction had gone beyond his imagination.

Lan Xinyue said in a low voice as she shook her head slightly, “I know Xu Que is a good man. But…sometimes he is too cruel and ferocious, which are unacceptable for me! Undeniably, his deeds really suit this world. However, if we are too close to him, we will be endangered and we will become his burden!”

Lan Xinyue uttered what she thought seriously.

Her words dawned Lan Hetu and the rest people. They were impressed by Xu Que’s strength. But they forgot the risks behind these issues.

After thinking about it carefully, they found their life was no longer peaceful when Xu Que appeared, although they also got protection and benefits from Xu Que, who had changed their life completely. For example, they had become the target of the Heaven Alliance inexplicably.

“I don’t want to ask you to stay away from him in future. If we really can leave this place and get back to the Xuanhuang Continent, all of you should perform cultivation in the Lihuo Academy. If Xu Que is in trouble, we will do our best to help him, but we shall keep a distance from him!” Lan Xinyue said again.

According to her character, she was not used to this kind of “exciting” life. Also, she didn’t want to make a lot of enemies in this world.

Before the arrival of Xu Que, her life was quite tough but peaceful. She had never changed her original intention. Even when Lan Hetu was about to run out of his life-span, she had never considered a life like those female cultivators in the street. Also, she had never considered to become a mistress of the Young Master of the Sword Pavilion.

As a determined cultivator, she stood aloof from worldly success. That was why she could become a painter.

“Sister, I know what you are talking about! Consider it done!” Lan Hetu said by nodding his head at last. Unlike Lan Xinyue, he was quite restless and always wanted to have adventures. Lan Xinyue’s words dawned him. He knew he was untalented and weak, and was far from being qualified to be a carefree man like Xu Que.

If he continued to stay closely with Xu Que, he would be killed at any time!

Therefore, he was not a coward but a smart guy who knew his limitations!

At the same time, in the mansion of the Generosity Sect

The entire mansion was ablaze with lights and extraordinarily bustling.

A giant round table, which was covered by the red tablecloth, was placed in the yard. A long red carpet was laid on the path between the main gate and that table.

Over 100 cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage of the Generosity Sect were waiting beside the red carpet by placing hands behind their back. They were going to welcome Xu Que according to the highest standard!

This was the treatment deserved by a powerhouse. After witnessing or hearing Xu Que’s deeds, all of them were convinced. So, they decided to welcome Xu Que in this way willingly.

However, Lin Baiwan, the leader of the Generosity Sect, was waiting at that round table embarrassedly with several backbone members of the sect.

The foods hadn’t been served yet. They had to chat casually and drank tea as they waited for Xu Que.

Standing behind Lin Baiwan, Wang Qiannian was so anxious that his forehead had been covered by sweat.

They had been waiting for about 4 hours, but Xu Que hadn’t appeared yet. Wang Qiannian really worried if Xu Que ate his words, he would definitely be severely punished for his incompetence!

“Wang Qiannian, are you sure he will show up tonight?” At this time, a crisp voice with a strand of dissatisfaction came in.

Wang Qiannian replied immediately as he looked at the girl beside Lin Baiwan with a reverent smile, “My lady, he said he will come! But…I didn’t dare to ask when he will come at that time. After all…”


A boom came in from the street before he finished his words.

Wang Qiannian lit up his eyes and said, “Here he comes!”

This noise of wind, fire and thunder was unique. A lot of people used to hear it at the Sword Pavilion. Therefore, they figured out it was from Xu Que’s Firestorm Wheels immediately.

“Come on, let’s welcome our distinguished guest!” Lin Baiwan stood up gracefully as he ordered the rest people to welcome Xu Que.

As the leader of a sect who was at the Earth Celestial Stage, he had never attached so much importance to a cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage!

Frankly speaking, Lin Baiwan didn’t care about these trifles. He was not only impressed by Xu Que’s strength, but also quite curious about the secrets of Xu Que, such as how he obtained over 10,000 grains of Vital Rice in such a day!


Finally, the figure who was stepping on the Firestorm Wheels appeared in the sky. Then, it landed outside the main gate.

Over 100 cultivators of the Generosity Sect shouted at the same time, “Welcome, my fellow cultivator Xu Que!”

Xu Que, who had just put away his Firestorm Wheels, was surprised by this scene.

So many people were welcoming him by standing on both sides of a red carpet! What a ceremonious welcome!

“OK! Please don’t shout with a loud voice!” Xu Que waved his hands to stop those people from shouting in this way again for he got a feeling that he was walking into a high-end brothel.

“Hah-hah, my fellow cultivator, you are a young hero of striking appearance as expected!”

Lin Baiwan walked up to greet Xu Que with a lighthearted laughter.

He was senior enough to call Xu Que young friend. However, he insisted on calling Xu Que fellow cultivator to show his due respect to Xu Que, which meant Xu Que was a cultivator who was as senior as himself!

“Leader Lin is also quite heroic and majestic, eh…” Xu Que replied carelessly. When he saw Lin Baiwan’s plumpy body, he felt he had run out of adjectives.

Lin Baiwan ignored Xu Que’s reaction and ushered Xu Que to the table with a smile.

Then, servants of the Generosity Sect started to fill the table with all kinds of delicious foods. Several backbone members of the sect were sitting beside Xu Que with a smiling face. Only Lin Baiwan and Xu Que were exchanging usual greetings and small talks.

“Oh, by the way, Leader Lin, I forgot to tell Mr. Wang that I will charge for night service and home visit beside the consultation fee which is 2,000 grains of Vital Rice per hour!”

Xu Que said with a smile for an idea had just occurred to him.

Lin Baiwan and the rest people were stunned by his words. Wang Qiannian couldn’t help but twitch his lips after hearing that.

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Night service fee? Home visit fee?

Damn! This guy just doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to swindle others!

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