Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1116

Chapter 1116: Kill with 1 Blow

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Xu Que gasped on the spot!

The Three Bothers of the Grassland!

Awesome! This name sounds so overbearing!

Also, they are the combination of Jia, Bao and Yu!


At this time, the star light in the night sky became very dazzling and was turned to a lump of green glow which wrapped the 3 of them.

Now, it seemed the 3 of them had really become a grassland. Their illusory and semi-transparent body was just like ghosts which were merging with each other rapidly.

At last, they formed a green figure which was over 6 meters’ high. Although its body was mainly composed of the star light, the figure had reached the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage. The point was that the green figure was so scary in the night.

“Wow, the color is quite horrible!” Xu Que exclaimed.

“Brother-in-law, are you OK over there? Could we activate the spell array?” Lan Hetu’s voice came in at this time.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows, “Do it!”

After saying that, he turned to the green figure and said with a smile, “Guys, I need to go down now! Please make yourself at home!”


After finishing his words, Xu Que retracted his head immediately.

The next moment, a strand of light hit the position where Xu Que’s head was just now but failed to hit Xu Que.

Xu Que was good at attacking others secretly. So, this green figure wouldn’t stand a chance to attack him secretly.

When the green figure missed its shot, the small Trap & Kill Array on the roof of the hostel was activated.

Under the faint moonlight, a lot of obscure runes appeared on the tiles, which was a combined Trap & Kill Array set up by Xu Que in one afternoon!

The runes became dazzling and started to gather Spiritual Qi in this area. Then, all kind of weapons like knives, spears, rods and swords, etc., were formed by the Spiritual Qi and the runes in the array. Those weapons were so vivid that it was just like an armory had been moved to the roof of the hostel.

“Humph! Insignificant skill! Just break!” The green figure snorted, which was composed of 3 voices. Then, it smashed its giant fist at those weapons.

Before the combination, it would be quite difficult for them to break this array easily. At least they would need to spend a lot of time to break it. Now, their combination was as powerful at a cultivator at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage. This Trap & Kill Array could never stop them!


Along with a big bang, the Trap & Kill Array on the roof of the hostel trembled violently. All weapons were ruined. The spell array was full of cracks and was about to collapse at any time.

However, when the green figure was about to crush the spell with its fist, its face twisted and its eyes were full of terror.

“What happened?”

What is below us?

I felt I lost some life-span!”

The 3 voices came in at the same time. The head of the green figure dimmed down. 3 heads, which tried to come out, were pushed back again. It seemed they tried to stop their combination.


At this time, another tile was opened. Then, Xu Que stuck his head out and asked with a wicked smile, “Guys, how about that? Your life-span was stolen just now, right? Heh-heh-heh, I did that!”

The green figure stared at Xu Que in terror.

You did that?

I didn’t expect you can steal life-span from other people!

How could you have the nerve to show off after stealing our life-span?

I’ll kill you!


The green figure roared angrily. Then, it smashed its fist towards Xu Que heavily.


This powerful punch landed on the roof heavily. Although it failed to hit Xu Que, it managed to create a lot of cracks in the roof of the hostel.

Most buildings in the Lost City were strengthened by restrictive spells. Places like hostels where fierce combat always happened would be extremely strong. In order to deal with his enemies, Xu Que set up several spell arrays to further strengthen the hostel, so that it could stay intact after being attacked by his enemies.

Even so, the roof of the hostel was almost smashed by the green figure’s fist.

Hiding under the roof, Xu Que gave a play of the Reincarnation Palm again without any hesitation.

Just now, he managed to earn 10 years of life-span with the Reincarnation Palm. Apparently, the 3 of them still had a lot of life-span and Xu Que’s Reincarnation Palm could always gain life-span with his Reincarnation Palm.


Xu Que raised his left palm and threw out the Lifeless Qi at the same position on the roof. Then, the green figure was hit by a strand of black light which went through the roof.

This time, Xu Que managed to earn 6 years of life-span!

Bang! The green figure collapsed on the roof directly. 3 astonished people, who were spitting blood, fell to the roof heavily.

They collected about 100 years of life-span with difficulty. Now, they only had several years of life-span left!

This was so horrible! They wouldn’t stand a chance in this combat!

They believed that they would be killed here if they were hit by the Lifeless Qi again!

“Mission failed! Retreat!”

One of them snorted angrily. Then, he was about to escape by playing magic arts.

Another 2 persons were also about to retreat.

Crack! Just at this time, a tile on the roof was opened again. Xu Que’s head reappeared and said by looking at the 3 of them with a smile, “It’s too late for you to go now! Didn’t the one who sent you here tell you that Liu Hualong was killed by me?”

“What?” Hearing that, the 3 of them changed their expression abruptly, “You killed Liu Hualong?”

“Damn! We were fooled by Fu Shanchuan!”

“How dare this old fart hide this fact?””

They were totally annoyed. One of them said as he looked at Xu Que, “My fellow cultivator, we were paid to kill you. Fu Shanchuan is the one behind this and you should seek revenge against him!”

“I will!” Xu Que nodded his head with a smile. Then, he waved his hand.


A figure with a broken sword in its hand appeared behind the 3 of them. Then, a strand of chilly light gushed out from the blade of the sword. A moment later, the light disappeared as 3 heads fell to the ground.

3 assassins at the Human Celestial Stage from the Assassination Star were killed on the spot.

The next moment, Xu Que dashed towards the hostel on the other side of the street by stepping on his Firestorm Wheels.

However, he didn’t find anyone in that hostel. He only sensed a strand of faint aura, which meant that guy used to be here not long ago.

“Humph! Fu Shanchuan, I’ll get you sooner or later!” Xu Que snorted as he went back to the hostel where he was living by stepping on the Firestorm Wheels.

He didn’t know Fu Shanchuan. Since he had got a name, he could find out this person in the small Lost City easily.

So, Xu Que didn’t want to investigate this Fu Shanchuan immediately. He planned to go back to the hostel to change his clothes and do his hair for he was invited to attend the banquet organized by the Generosity Sect.

After all, he was invited to attend a banquet where he could meet beautiful girls. He had to show his due respect to the organizer of this banquet.

However, when Xu Que mentioned the name of Fu Shanchuan to Lan Xinyue and the rest people in the hostel, they were totally shocked.

“Fu Shanchuan? How could that be? I didn’t expect the old fox of the Heaven Alliance plots against us!” Lan Hetu said in surprise.

Lan Xinyue frowned for a while. However, it seemed she didn’t care about Fu Shanchuan. On the contrary, she watched Xu Que hesitantly and said, “My fellow cultivator, do you know where the body of the one…you killed today?”

“What?” Xu Que raised his eyebrows. Then, he turned to Lan Hetu.

He asked Lan Hetu to throw the body away and keep the secret that Wu Shifeng was killed from Lan Xinyue. It seemed Lan Hetu had told Lan Xinyue everything!

“Brother-in-law, this is not my fault! Your performance just now was so valiant that I mentioned that unintentionally just now! Then, my elder sister forced me to tell her everything!” Lan Hetu said embarrassedly.

When he saw Xu Que killed 3 powerhouses at the Human Celestial Stage with 1 blow, he couldn’t help but shout excitedly that this blow was even more powerful than the one which killed the fake Wu Shifeng. His words were heard by Lan Xinyue, who forced him to divulge everything.

Unlike Lan Hetu, Lan Xinyue didn’t believe the one who was killed didn’t pass himself off as Wu Shifeng. So, she asked Xu Que about it with mixed feelings.

She even had a feeling that that guy was Wu Shifeng, who was changed after experiencing something.

Anyway, she planned to meet Wu Shifeng. However, Xu Que just killed him without telling her, which made Lan Xinyue quite uncomfortable. After all, Wu Shifeng used to save her life by sacrificing his own life, which was a matter as big as heaven for Lan Xinyue.

“You should ask your younger brother about the dead body for he was responsible for dealing with that body! But it is useless for you to see that body for it had been cut into 2 halves by me. I don’t care whether he is Wu Shifeng or not because he came with malicious purpose. And I am sure that he was sent here by Wu Shifeng!” After saying that calmly, Xu Que turned around and left directly.

He didn’t care about Lan Xinyue’s feeling. That Wu Shifeng was not a good guy at first glance. According to Xu Que’s style, he would always get rid of something dangerous. He would even kill Lan Xinyue’s father who came here with malicious purpose, let alone Wu Shifeng.

“Hey, brother-in-law, where are you going?” Seeing that, Lan Hetu knew something was wrong. So, he asked immediately.

He didn’t want to see his elder sister turned against Xu Que because of this issue. After all, he got a clear feeling that Xu Que was much better than Wu Shifeng.

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“Shut up!” Lan Xinyue scolded Lan Hetu at this time. Apparently, she didn’t want to hear “brother-in-law” at this time!

Xu Que ignored Lan Xinyue’s reaction. He waved his hand without turning around, “I want to do my hair!”

After saying that, he disappeared directly!

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