Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1115

Chapter 1115: The Three Bothers of the Grassland

Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Fu Shanchuan, was that your so-called plan? Humph! Let’s see how you’re going to explain to the Chief!” In the inn, Lin Huan reacted with anger, but he couldn’t hide the joy in his eyes. He turned around and was ready to complain to their Chief.

Fu Shanchuan suddenly changed his expression and reached out to stop him, “Brother Lin, wait a minute!”

“What’s the wait for? Now it had turned out this way, what are we waiting for?” Lin Huan, with a straight face, replied in a serious tone, “As I said earlier, it’s ridiculous to put all your bet on Wu Shifeng for such a grand plan of the western suburbs!”

“No, there’s room for redemption! Brother Lin, listen to me first. Don’t inform the Chief about this for the time being. If you cooperate with me, we’ll each share half of the credit. What do you think?” Fu Shanchuan rushed in his persuasion.

In that crucial moment, he didn’t have the time to compete with Lin Huan. After all, he mentioned the plan in detail with their Chief, Li Tianxun; Wu Shifeng was indeed the key person of the whole plan. Without Wu Shifeng, it would be very difficult to lure them into the grand plan of the western outskirts without causing suspicion from Xu Que and the others.

If Li Tianxun knew that Wu Shifeng was dead, he would be furious and reprimand him for his incompetence.

Hence, Fu Shanchuan was now completely willing to share half the credits with Lin Huan to make up for his mistakes!

Lin Huan enjoyed Fu Shanchuan’s present attitude. He was always disdained of Fu Shanchuan. After so many years of struggling in the light and fighting in the dark, neither of them had successfully killed the other. It was hard to find an opportunity to cruelly step on Fu Shanchuan; now he had the chance, how could he let it go easily?

But his ability to climb to the status of today was enough to prove that he wasn’t a man who would let himself ruled by his emotions.

What if he could severely disgraced Fu Shanchuan now? Would Li Tianxun never use Fu Shanchuan again? The answer was no.

According to the current situation, Fu Shanchuan’s new plan had been destroyed, but it still didn’t affect the overall situation, so even if the news was reported back now, Fu Shanchuan would only be criticized and punished lightly at most; it wasn’t serious enough to put him to death.

Instead of stepping over him now, it would be better to cooperate with Fu Shanchuan and share the credits; it was a win-win situation.

Hence, after weighing and balancing the cost and benefit, Lin Huan stopped and looked at Fu Shanchuan with a smile and asked, “How are you going to salvage the situation?”

“Changed the plan and abduct Lan Hetu and those young people to the western outskirts. Lan Xinyue will surely do anything to save them. Will Xu Que turn a blind eye? As long as Xu Que followed along, the whole plan can be put back on track!” Fu Shanchuan explained.

“Abduct them? Fu Shanchuan, you just witnessed the strength of Xu Que. Do you really think we can abduct Lan Hetu and the rest away under his nose?” Lin Huan immediately sneered.

Fu Shanchuan shook his head, “We don’t have to do it. We can leave it to the Assassination Star!”

“Assassination Star? They can kill a person silently within a thousand miles; the Assassination Star Organization who’re good at Void Teleportation?” Lin Huan was shocked and somewhat surprised.

The Assassination Star Organization was a force that couldn’t be underestimated in the Lost City. They had very few members, but every single one of their strength was on the peak of the Human Celestial Stage, and there was even an ace in the Initial Stage of Earth Celestial Stage!

That group of people was exceptional when compared to those in the same rank. They were good at assassination. They could kill or even abduct their targets and remained unnoticed. They could also hide and teleport through the Void for thousands of miles away; it was extraordinary.

But it was extremely expensive to hire those people, and they might betray you in any moment; even if you made a fuss after the deal, it was difficult to find them to settle the issues.

Thus, in the Lost City, few people dared to provoke them, they didn’t dare to work with them; after all, it was an assassination organization without a bottom line.

“Rest assured, in fact, I know some of them. They could handle this issue. It will be absolutely foolproof!” Fu Shanchuan’s face was solemn.

Lin Huan didn’t believe in Fu Shanchuan’s words and sneered, “If you really know them, why didn’t you engage in this plan from the start, but you choose to let Wu Shifeng out instead? Or… why didn’t you let them assassinate me?”

“Oh, Brother Lin, stop the joke. How could I possibly assassinate you? Even if the Assassination Star is strong enough, it couldn’t escape the eyes of our Chief. If I assassinated you, I’m afraid that even Chief won’t let me go!” Fu Shanchuan laughed.

He really wanted to kill Lin Huan, but he didn’t dare to. Li Tianxun liked to watch the two of them fight over and slaved for the Heaven Alliance; he would then profit from their competitions. If one of them was dead, Li Tianxun definitely knew who did it.

If Lin Huan was really dead, it wasn’t a good thing for him. Li Tianxun may guard against him from then on, and even one day he might get rid of him as soon as he had done his job!

“Brother Lin, what’s your say? If you agree, we would need to do it by tonight, or they’ll probably have the time to react.” Fu Shanchuan asked.

After pondering, Lin Huan nodded and said, “Yes, but I don’t want to get into contact with anyone from the Assassination Star. Moreover, you’ve to know the consequences; if the assassin failed again, Xu Que isn’t a fool. He will surely be able to detect something was amiss. If he comes over to the Heaven Alliance and seek revenge, ha-ha, you know the consequences…”

After that, Lin Huan sneered and left straight away.

Lin Huan didn’t want to get involved and it was good enough if he could earn half of the credit at the end of the day. And even if the plan fell through, he could keep out of the affair; thus he was completely relax.

Fu Shanchuan looked coldly at Lin Huan’s departure, and the smile on his face slowly faded away. His expression gradually turned frigid and his eyes were fuming in frustration.

He didn’t expect that the situation would take a turn for the worse. Wu Shifeng’s death had a direct impact on his intention to swallow the credits of the whole plan. He was in a dilemma now. Even if the plan succeeded, he would have to share half of the credit with Lin Huan. Even if he failed, he had to bear all the consequences himself. It was absolutely unbearable!

But as he thought, since it was in a dilemma, he had no time to delay and could only braced the situation and proceed on.


He raised his arm, and a ray of light bolted out from the sleeve of his robe; it turned into a dazzling star in the sky, and gradually faded off!

Meanwhile, in the room of the inn on the other side of the street, two figures huddled in the corner and watched the dazzling star rose in the sky.

“Heh-heh, little Hetu, how is it? Do you believe me now? I told you that someone was watching us, and that Wu Shifeng is a fake!” Xu Que explained to Lan Hetu with a smile.

Lan Hetu looked surprised and exclaimed, “My brother-in-law is really brilliant, but that dazzling star seems very familiar, as if I had heard about it somewhere!”

“Who cares about its origin, let me hurry up and set up the spell array. It will be very lively tonight!” Xu Que smiled and said, leaving the windowsill excitedly, sneaking into the next room.

“Brother-in-law, you even knew how to set up a spell array?” Lan Hetu looked surprised. Then out of a sudden he stared with his eyes widely opened, “Brother-in-law, wait, you ran into the wrong room, that’s my sister’s room, she should be taking a bath now!”


As soon as he ended, there was a muffled sound in the next room, followed by Xu Que’s serious reprimand, “Miss Lan, how can you do this? In broad daylight, in such a good weather, you’ve the mood to take a bath here? The enemy is about to kill us. Put on your clothes. It’s time for us to discuss business!”

Lan Hetu listened to his voice, absolutely astounded, he murmured, “Brother-in-law is awesome!”

Soon, it was nighttime.

Xu Que’s inn was quiet; the shopkeeper and others had been tied up and thrown into the woodshed. The door of the inn was tightly closed, and the lights went out early.

The street was quiet, and under the darkness, three dark shadows flashed silently through the air, and made an odd appearance on the roof of the inn.

All three men had their faces covered and were covered in cloaks. A ray of light shot from the star and shone on them; but it gradually blurred their bodies into a state of translucent, close to invisibility.


Suddenly, a tile on the roof moved.

Three of them were startled, and their eyes were fixed onto the source of the noise in an instant!


The tiles moved again, a head popped out and looked at the three of them with a smile, “Fellow cultivators came to visit us late at night and even stepped into the Exploding Heavens Faction’s Super Unholy Formidable Ultimate Trap & Kill Array. What on earth are you doing here?”

The three eyes had a trace of surprise flashed in their eyes. They glanced at each other and their bodies shook abruptly!

Obviously, they realized they were trapped only then; completely enclosed in a small area of the roof by an invisible spell. If they dared to act rashly, that Killing Mode could severely wound them in any moment.

“How did you discover us?” One of them asked in a low voice.

“You’re expecting me not to discover those little tricks? Frankly, I knew you were coming when the man opposite the inn signaled to you! Come on, let’s talk about it. Who’s the little fool who hired the three of you? Such assassination skills are too weak!” Xu Que asked with a smile.

There was a sudden outburst of anger from the three men and they replied, “We’re from the Assassination Star. If you dare to injure us, you’ll have a terrible death!”

“Assassination Star? What Assassination Star, I’ve never heard of it!” Xu Que disdained at them.

The three men were startled and they looked at each other again. One of them shook his head and said, “Stop wasting time. This dude is only in his Half Celestial Stage. Let’s break the spell together and act as planned!”


The other two nodded.

Following which the three men suddenly raised their arms and the ray of light shot from the star again. The dazzling white light gradually became glaring and turned pale green as it penetrated their bodies; it drew the three men’s bodies closer together!

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Subsequently, the three men read out the Magic Art in unison:

“Betray easily, suffer from wrongful accusation, give the game away, pretend nothing is wrong, live a long and happy life together, through thick and thin!”

“The Three Bothers of the Grassland: Jia, Bao, Yu!”


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