Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1114

Chapter 1114: “Who’s that Brother Wu?”

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“Who’s that Brother Wu?”

Xu Que heard Lan Hetu as he turned around to see for himself.

He had long been aware of that chill, though not as bad as the Terrifying Spiritual Qi, but there was a tinge of injustice and resentment in the chill; it was akin to a soul which had died wrongfully. That chill came from the man in the black robe that was at the Later Stage of the Human Celestial Stage in front of him!

“Brother-in-law, try punching me. I want to see if I’m dreaming!” Just then, Lan Hetu spoke in astonishment.

“Oh yes, sure!” Xu Que had excitement written all over his face as he clenched his sandbag-sized fist and pretended to crash it down onto Lan Hetu’s face.

Lan Hetu was instantly awake from the shock, he quickly screamed, “No, no, no brother-in-law, don’t punch me, I’m sure it’s not a dream!”

After he ended, he looked at the figure walking towards them in astonishment, he murmured, “I must be seeing a ghost, Brother Wu was obviously dead, and how could he be here?”

“Don’t worry about seeing a ghost. Let me teach you a mantra that could wash away all filthiness, demons and monsters!” Xu Que patted Lan Hetu’s shoulders.

Lan Hetu was surprised, “Mantra?”

Xu Que laughed, “Come, read after me. Rich, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious, free, equal, just, legal, patriotic, professional, honest and friendly!”

“Uh?” Lan Hetu was dumbfounded and in confusion; he didn’t understand what Xu Que was talking about.

“Alright, we’ve done reading the mantra and he’s still here. It suggests that he’s not a ghost but a human!” Xu Que shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

He gazed at the figure that was walking slowly towards them. His steps were very light and his body seemed very light too. It was really like a ghost floating in the air. It was astonishing.

What’s more, the chilliness exuding from that figure was so odd. What kind of experiences did he go through to have such a strong resentment?

“Could it be…”

Xu Que was suddenly thunderstruck. Did that man know that he had been dallying with Lan Xinyue and felt that he was betrayed?

That’s not scientific! Xu Que thought.

Under such situation, shouldn’t he choose to forgive me? Xu Que thought.

“Brother … Brother Wu?” Just then, Lan Hetu took a step forward and tried calling out to him.

He dared not be sure whether the black-robed man in front of him was Wu Shifeng. The Wu Shifeng he remembered wasn’t like that; he was approachable and akin to interacting with a noble and knowledgeable man and nurtured by him as they interacted. The old Wu Shifeng wasn’t like the current gloomy existence that caused his uneasiness.

“It’s me!”

The man in a black robe slowly raised his head and looked at Lan Hetu as he responded.

His voice was very hoarse, like an old-fashioned engine trembling; it was extremely unpleasant and harsh.

Lan Hetu was once again stunned, his face full of disbelief, “Brother Wu, I thought you… you’ve already…”

“I’m not dead!” Wu Shifeng responded lightly.

Lan Hetu couldn’t help but had his hair stand on its end in an instant. He couldn’t stand his voice, let alone the tinge of injustice and resentment chilly aura exuding from Wu Shifeng.

He was really confused. Was that man really the old Wu Shifeng?

At the same time, in an inn across the street, two figures stood on the windowsill. They were Fu Shanchuan and Lin Huan from the Heaven Alliance!

Fu Shanchuan had devised a plan. As a tactician, he must keep an eye on the development of the situation. Lin Huan came over to watch the bustle and he would try to do some damage in any way.

Just then, both of them watched the situation over at Xu Que’s side, and there weren’t a slightest change in their expressions.

“Fu Shanchuan, are you sure that this Wu Shifeng could let Lan Xinyue fall in love with him again?” Lin Huan sneered.

“When did I say I wanted Lan Xinyue to fall in love with Wu Shifeng? I wanted Lan Xinyue to repay a debt of gratitude for Wu Shifeng!” Fu Shanchuan smiled indifferently; he was confident of his tactics.

“Repay? How? Marry him?” Lin Huan laughed.

Fu Shanchuan shook his head, “I was there when the nest in the western outskirts was in chaos. The woman thought that Wu Shifeng saved her life. In fact, she didn’t know that the person who attacked her and robbed her of the Vital Rice was Wu Shifeng too. But it doesn’t matter. With that misunderstanding, it’ll be good to let Wu Shifeng asked her for help. She’ll certainly give in!”

“What kind of help?” Lin Huan asked.

Fu Shanchuan smiled, “For that, you don’t need to know!”

“Humph, Fu Shanchuan, don’t be too full of yourself. The grand plot about the western outskirts, you’ve betted everything on Wu Shifeng and Lan Xinyue, be careful that you don’t lose all your bets!” Lin Huan hummed and refused to accept his explanation.

“I’ve never failed!” Fu Shanchuan smiled faintly and his eyes were brimming with confidence.

In that moment, Lan Hetu was still in confusion, it was hard for him to collect himself.

He couldn’t comprehend why Wu Shifeng came out of nowhere.

If he hadn’t died then, why did he vanish for a year and emerged again now?

And he emerged in that appearance, he gave people a very bad feeling, he was creepy and Hetu felt that he might be killed by him in any moment!

“Where’s your sister, Xin Yue?” Just then, Wu Shifeng asked, his hoarse voice sounded particularly harsh.

“My… my sister is at…” Lan Hetu answered subconsciously.

Suddenly, Xu Que stepped forward and interrupted, “What’s the matter? Why are you looking for Lan Xinyue?”

Wu Shifeng frowned and looked at Xu Que, “Who are you?”

“That’s my question too.” Xu Que replied with a smile.

“I’m Wu Shifeng, Lan Xinyue’s man!” Wu Shifeng’s voice was deep. There was a tinge of anger towards Xu Que in his tone. Obviously, his mood was very unstable.

But his answer, on the contrary, made Lan Hetu on the other side somewhat dismayed; he frowned and was slightly unhappy.

To be honest, compared with Wu Shifeng, he preferred Xu Que to be with his sister. There was no particular reason, it was just his intuition.

The current Wu Shifeng gave him a very bad feeling. Even the old Wu Shifeng who was kind and friendly wouldn’t be so blunt in labelling himself as Lan Xinyue’s man.

“Are you her man?” There was sarcasm on Xu Que’s expression, and he said, “Okay, then let me ask you, what are her three measurements? When is her birthday? When did you first meet each other? Where is your first date?”

“…” Wu Shifeng’s pupils shrank slightly. In front of Xu Que’s questions, he was somewhat confused and he got no answers. He wasn’t even clear of the meaning of “three measurements”.

“Humph, you can’t answer? Alright, let me ask you a simple question. How many moles are there on Lan Xinyue’s body? Is the mole on her chest on the left or right chest?” Xu Que immediately gave a cold hum and demanded for an answer.

Wu Shifeng was startled, and then an imposing rampage instantly surged around him, his eyes was burning in rage.

The relationship between Lan Xinyue and him had only stayed in the trust and affection stage. They hadn’t reached the other stage of relationship between men and women. But now the dude had asked such a private question, it suggested that he clearly knew the answer!

What did that imply?

It implied that he had seen Lan Xinyue’s body? He even wen… no, already touched her?

The more Wu Shifeng thought about it, the more he couldn’t stand it. In his eyes, Lan Xinyue was his sooner or later, but it was only a year that others had taken the lead!

“Why are you staring at me? It’s no use staring at me. You can’t answer such a simple question. How could you dare to boast that you’re her man? Ha-ha, that’s ridiculous!”

Xu Que teased him with a face of mockery. At the same time, he stepped forward again and demanded for his answer, “I’ll give you another chance. It’s also the last but easiest question. How many hairs are there in Lan Xinyue? I mean, how much hair does she have on her head?”

“…” The muscles on Wu Shifeng’s face were trembling and he was extremely provoked and incensed.

How much hair does she have on her head, how could he possibly know?

But he understood one thing for sure. That dude in his Half Celestial Stage was clearly teasing him!

“You…” When Wu Shifeng opened his furious eyes, his imposing resentment and chill enveloped the surroundings in an instant.

However, his sentence hadn’t finished, and there was a thump sound!

A figure, with a broken sword in his hand, crashed down sharply behind Wu Shifeng.

Wu Shifeng had merely spoken a single word “you” and he was cut into two halves in an instant. He fell on the ground and died on the spot!

Up to the moment of his death, there was a look of rage on both sides of his face.

“Humph, he can’t even answer my simple questions. He’s obviously faking as Wu Shifeng and trying to lie to us! Hetu, let’s go!” Xu Que hummed, swiftly kept away his Thunder Illusion Body that he had used to launch a sneak attack. He turned and walked into the inn.

Instantly, Lan Hetu was totally flabbergasted, he was in a daze; he was overwhelmed and rooted to the ground, unable to recover from the fright!

Wu Shifeng… was killed like this? Lan Hetu thought.

Isn’t that too reckless? Lan Hetu thought.

With those questions, could they conclude that he was a fake Wu Shifeng? Even if it was the real Wu Shifeng in the past, it was impossible to know the answer!

How many hairs does my sister have on her head? Da*n it. I don’t even have the answers to the questions, okay? Lan Hetu thought.

Looking at Xu Que who turned around and left, vulgarities filled up Lan Hetu’s head, and all his values and ethics were destroyed!

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At the same time, Fu Shanchuan and Lin Huan who were standing opposite the street on the inn were truly in a state of confusion!

But the difference between them was that Lin Huan was gradually filled with surprise and endless gloat.

And Fu Shanchuan was practically trembling with rage, he was almost about to spit blood!

I, Fu Shanchuan, who has been a brilliant tactician all my life…failed? Fu Shanchuan thought.

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