Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1113

Chapter 1113: Xiao Wang who was hoodwinked by many gimmicks

Nyoi-Bo Studio

The sky had just lit up and someone came over to visit immediately.

However, when most people saw the sign beside Xu Que, they immediately stopped their urge to speak and walked away while suppressing their words; they pretended to be just passing by!

It wasn’t until a familiar figure appeared that Xu Que reluctantly opened his eyes and took a quick glance. That visitor was Wang Qiannian from the Generosity Sect.

Wang Qiannian was very straightforward. Without hesitation, he smiled and took out a thousand grains of Vital Rice and handed over to Xu Que, “Brother Xu, let’s talk for an hour!”

“Oh, Xiao Wang! Quick, take a seat!” Xu Que immediately stood up with an enthusiastic expression to receive those thousand grains of Vital Rice.

Wang Qiannian looked at the only chair under Xu Que’s hips and his mouth twitched slightly.

There’s only one chair, how am I going to take a seat! Wang Qiannian thought.

“No, I’m not sitting down. I’ll just stand while I talk, Brother Xu, this time…” Wang Qiannian waved his hand and started to speak.

But before he could finish, Xu Que immediately stared at him and said, “Xiao Wang! This is your boo-boo. Those who had come over are our guests. How can I leave you in the cold? Lan Hetu, Lan Hetu, comes out quickly and brings a chair over. Also, get some tea and refreshments!”

“Sure, brother-in-law!”

Wang Qiannian wanted to reject his offer, but Lan Hetu’s immediate response was heard in the inn.

Wang Qiannian could only accept his kind offers and nodded with a smile. He was a little grateful.

Anyway, after seeing Xu Que’s strength, he was completely awed by Xu Que; he respected him as a man now. And now, as Xu Que was so polite to him, it made him feel comfortable and respected.

That was a feeling he hadn’t felt for a long time. Ever since he arrived at that remote place, he had been looked down upon. Every day, he had to play a loyal slave in front of Miss and the Chairman. That was truly…


Just then, with a clear and crisp sound, Lan Hetu brought over a small stool, with tea and refreshments in another hand, he looked at Wang Qiannian with a laugh, “Senior Wang, please!”

“Alright, thank you!” Wang Qiannian sat down with a face of satisfaction.

Although it was just a small stool, but it was better than standing.

He took over the tea and drank a slip out of politeness.

Just then, Lan Hetu spoke, “Senior Wang, why not we settle the bill first? The stool is 50 grains of Vital Rice and tea and refreshment are 100 grains of Vital Rice!”


Instantly, Wang Qiannian spitted out the tea he just drunk and stared with his eyes widely opened.

You assh*le! Wang Qiannian thought.

A stool, tea and snacks are chargeable? Wang Qiannian thought.

How could he charge such a high price for an ordinary stool, tea and snacks? Wang Qiannian thought.

“Uh? Lan Hetu, that was outrageous! Wang Fellow is my friend, how could you treat him like this?” Just then, Xu Que pulled a long face and reprimanded Lan Hetu instantaneously.

Wang Qiannian listened to it and was immediately relieved; it seemed that it was merely the good cop bad cop act.

He had seen a lot of such situations; usually the younger one would offend the guest, and the older one would reprimand the younger one; so that the guest would feel indebted to the older one.

However, the next moment, Xu Que added, “With my understanding and trust of Wang Fellow, he’s not someone who will repudiate a debt. Is it necessary to make him pay the bill first?”

After that, he looked at Wang Qiannian, laughed and said, “Xiao Wang, don’t mind him, Hetu isn’t a sensible boy, but we’re running a small business, he’s a little anxious, but with the relationship between us, you can pay for your bill after we’ve finished talking.”

Wang Qiannian instantly jaw dropped and was befuddled. He almost spitted blood.

Pay for the bill after their conversation? Wang Qiannian thought.

After all the nonsense, you’re just hoaxing me? Wang Qiannian thought.

Da*n it! What small business? You’re obviously robbing and extorting me! Wang Qiannian thought.

Just then, Xu Que looked up at the sky for a moment, and then looked at Lan Hetu, “By the way, Hetu, how long have I conversed with Xiao Wang?”

Lan Hetu took a look at the sky, after giving it much thought, he responded, “It seems that it’s almost an hour!”

“What? It’s almost an hour. Tsk-tsk, happy time always flies fast. Xiao Wang, come over, before the time is up, may I propose a toast to you using tea instead of wine? Let’s toast for the sunrise and toast for the moonlight!” Xu Que picked up the tea cup and pushed it in front of Wang Qiannian.


Wang Qiannian fell off the stool and he almost cried!

Da*n it, this is a fraud! Wang Qiannian thought.

This is too evil! Wang Qiannian thought.

I haven’t spoken a word. I just sat down. How could an hour past so fast? Wang Qiannian thought.

The point is that I’m here to talk to you about some serious matter, not to have tea. What nonsense is that, toasting to the sunrise and moonlight! Wang Qiannian thought.

“Let’s stop drinking, Brother Xu, let me informed you of my intention. This time I’m greeting you on behalf of Lin Baiwan, Chairman of the Generosity Sect. He knew that I’m acquainted with you, he let me come over first hence it won’t seem abrupt. I wonder if you’ve the time to have dinner with us tonight. Chairman Lin is sincere in inviting you!” Wang Qiannian said what he wanted quickly in a single breath and then finally exhaled a deep breath.

He was afraid of any further delays that his hour would be over and he had to hand over another 1000 grains of Vital Rice.

The key was that before he went out, Chairman Lin had heard about Xu Que’s charges for chatting, and only gave him 1000 grains of Vital Rice. After all, it was reasonable to pay for an hour of service. However, if Xu Que didn’t agree, he would have to suffer hardships when he returned.

“Oh, dinner? No way! I’m still busy tonight. I’ve no time to go!” Xu Que immediately showed an expression that he had no choice but to reject him.

Wang Qiannian’s eyelids twitched, “What’s troubling you, Brother Xu? I wonder if I could help?”

“It’s nothing. I just want to go shopping on the street to see if there’re any beautiful ladies. I want to talk to them about life and ideals. I’ll criticize their behavior and educate them not to do such immoral things. Of course, if necessary, I’ll also subsidize them to get them out of their desperate lives!” Xu Que gave a serious speech and was full of magnificent righteousness!

Wang Qiannian instantly rolled his eyes in his heart, he didn’t believe in his nonsense. Xu Que was able to justify his lust so tactfully and gracefully in a fresh perspective; he was the only one in the Lost City to be able to do so.

Wang Qiannian dared not verbalized his real thoughts. He thought of a new way to persuade him, he laughed and said, “Brother Xu, besides Chairman Lin, our Miss from the Generosity Sect, who is the daughter of Chairman Lin, will also be attending the banquet tonight. Miss Lin also detested those girls in the street. If you go there, you’ll surely have a lot of common topics with her!”

“Miss Lin?”

Xu Que instantly frowned, looked at Lan Hetu, and asked softly, “How does their Miss look like? Is she beautiful?”

“Uh… quite beautiful!”

“What about her figure?”

“I think hers is better than my sister’s! Uh, no, brother-in-law, what do you mean?” Lan Hetu sensed something was amiss and asked immediately.

Although he called Xu Que as his brother-in-law out of his own will, but Lan Xinyue was his sister and he couldn’t bear seeing Xu Que seeking for another woman.

Wang Qiannian stood at the side and was speechless.

Although Xu Que had lowered his voice, Wang Qiannian wasn’t deaf, if Lan Hetu could hear him, Wang Qiannian could hear him too.

But in retrospect, with Xu Que’s strength and his handsome appearance, Chairman Lin might even marry Miss Lin to him if he really asked for it from Chairman Lin.

Envious! Wang Qiannian thought.

“Xiao Wang!”

Just then, Xu Que was already looking at Wang Qiannian, he laughed and said, “Go back and tell your Chairman Lin, I’ll be there tonight, but the cost of the chat still has to be billed; no bargaining, two thousand grains of Vital Rice per hour. After all, it isn’t easy to run a small business!”

“Uh… well, I’ll go back and report it. Chairman Lin has always been generous. I’m sure he doesn’t care about this amount of Vital Rice!” Wang Qiannian immediately nodded his head.

In his opinion, a meal would be at most an hour. As long as Chairman Lin could be in good terms with Xu Que, 2000 grains of Vital Rice, he believed that Chairman Lin would definitely accept it.

“Brother Xu, I’ll take my leave!” Wang Qiannian did a fist and palm salute and was about to leave.

“Wait a minute. Please bill for the stool and refreshments! In addition, we’ve to charge 20% more for the service, but with our relationship, we can charge 10% for the service!”


Finally, Wang Qiannian signed an IOU and left bitterly!

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He felt that he was hoodwinked by Xu Que’s gimmicks. It was a total of over a hundred grains of Vital Rice. How could he possibly have? He didn’t even have 20 grains of Vital Rice with him!

However, just as Wang Qiannian left, a figure appeared from the end of the street right after.

That figure was dressed in black robes; he had an imposing aura, it was a bloodcurdling presence and instilled fear in others.

Lan Hetu originally wanted to inquire Xu Que, but he felt the chill behind him. He raised his head and saw that figure. He was dumbfounded, “Wu… Brother Wu, this… How is this possible?”

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