Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1112

Chapter 1112: The Consulting Services of the Exploding Heavens Faction

Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Sword Pavilion and a large adjacent area were totally ruined.

Although a lot of people wanted this place, the flames on the ground hadn’t extinguished yet. The big sects like the Heaven Alliance hadn’t expressed exactly what they wanted. At the moment, nobody dared to intervene in this place.

Xu Que despised this place. Even if he had wanted to get this place for the Exploding Heavens Faction, he didn’t want to waste his time setting up a branch here. After all, he would be leaving in one or two months and hopefully never coming back.

That night, Xu Que, Lan Xinyue, and the rest of their people went back to the hostel. This time, nobody dared to bother them. All the shops near the hostel were closed. Even the prostitutes chose to do all their business in other streets. This street, which used to be quite bustling with commerce, was as quiet as a ghost town.

Xu Que didn’t care at all. He believed the big sects would come to try to win him over or fawn all over him in the next several days. A powerhouse who had just destroyed another group and their surroundings would always be treated like this wherever he was.

After going back to the hostel, Lan Xinyue seemed a little bit unhappy and excused herself and went back to her room immediately. She stayed there the rest of the night.

Lan Hetu and the rest of the young apprentices of the Lihuo Academy stayed in Xu Que’s room to serve him and flatter him. Lan Hetu kept calling Xu Que brother-in-law to curry favor. These young men were very impressed by what Xu Que had accomplished this day.

It was not because these people were snobbish. Xu Que was just too amazing. As a cultivator at the Half Celestial Realm, he had managed to kill a cultivator at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm, which was unbelievable to most people. However, the facts were seen just in front of them. They had seen Liu Hualong’s body, which revealed Xu Que’s horrible strength.

“That’s enough! Tell me something about Brother Wu!” Xu Que stopped all their flattering by changing the topic. He was quite interested in the story they had been talking about earlier about Brother Wu who seemed to have had an outsized influence on Lan Xinyue. Lan Xinyue’s obvious mood swing after the conversation about Brother Wu earlier in the day told him that she was trying to hide something.

Hearing that, Lan Hetu smiled with embarrassment.

Someone in the group said, “Brother Que, Brother Wu was a nice guy actually. His name was Wu Shifeng, who had reached the Medium Stage of the Human Celestial Realm. In the beginning, it was quite difficult for Sister Lan to find Vital Rice for all of us. She was almost killed. Two years ago, she was almost killed by a queen ant. Luckily, Brother Wu saved her!”

“So, he saved Lan Xinyue’s life!” Xu Que nodded his head sagely.

“It was more than that!” Lan Hetu said with a wry smile. “After saving my elder sister, Brother Wu became more and more close to us. He always brought us Vital Rice. Although the quantity of Vital Rice was not high, it was enough to elongate our lives. I knew he liked my elder sister very much!”

“Hmm, it’s quite normal!” Xu Que replied casually, for it was quite normal for a man to like a good woman like Lan Xinyue. Of course, he didn’t like Lan Xinyue because he loved Jiang Hongyan.

“Alas! One year ago, Brother Wu and my elder sister went to the western suburbs and found a big nest of the Vital Ants there. A lot of people were fighting for the Vital Rice, so it was a total mess there. At that time, my elder sister obtained a grain of Vital Rice that equaled 1,000 years of life-span. She was attacked by others. Someone wounded her and grabbed the Vital Rice. Then Brother Wu appeared and saved her by throwing her out of the nest. After that, the entire nest was crushed by ten queen ants. Nobody survived!” After saying that, Lan Hetu couldn’t help but sigh.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows immediately, “A grain of Vital Rice that equaled 1,000 years of life-span? Does that mean it also equals the 10,000 grains of Vital Rice which belong to me now?”

“Right! It was a rare treasure. Also, my elder sister told me there were at least five or six grains of Vital Rice like that in the nest. However, nobody could take them out. A lot of people tried to dig it out after that. But they failed to find the Vital Rice. I guess the queen ants had taken the Vital Rice away!” Lan Hetu said regretfully.

A grain of Vital Rice which could add 1,000 years of life-span was a precious treasure in the Xuanhuang Continent, let alone in this deserted place.

“Interesting! Since there is Vital Rice which equals 1,000 years of life-span, I guess there should be Vital Rice which equals 10,000 years or even 100,000 years of life-span! I really need to go there when I have time!” Xu Que squinted his eyes in high spirits.

If each grain of Vital Rice could only add one month of life-span, he would never be interested in it. However, a grain of Vital Rice which could add 1,000 or even 10,000 years of life-span would definitely be a treasure! The point was that his life-span was less than 100 years now. He had had to pay a price when he used the Reincarnation Palm in this place. Once the Liveless Qi missed the target, he would lose some Vital Force. Even if he managed to hit his target, if the target’s life-span was not long enough, the Vital Force he obtained wouldn’t offset the Liveless Qi he used and he would also lose some Vital Force.

In other words, it was just a gamble. Xu Que placed over ten years of life-span as a stake when he used the Reincarnation Palm. The result would depend on whether he could hit his target or how much Vital Force his target had.

Xu Que could always earn Vital Force by hitting a target like a queen ant or Liu Hualong. But he still suffered a loss during the fight with Liu Hualong. He used a lot of Vital Force to subdue Liu Hualong before he could use the Six-Color Fiery Lotus.

After this fight, Xu Que decided that he wouldn’t use the Six-Color Fiery Lotus easily in the future. It was too dangerous, and could even kill him if he made a mistake.

“Brother-in-law, what is the progress of setting up that Void Interface Spell?” Lan Hetu asked as he looked at Xu Que.

Xu Que waved his hand, “Take your time. We still have to wait for one or two months! During this period, you should stop going out. Just perform cultivation in the hostel. If someone comes to you privately, you should tell me first!”

“Oh? Someone will come to contact us?” Lan Hetu and the rest of the people were quite curious.

Xu Que said with a smile, “I believe there will be plenty of people who will come to you!”

He knew the style of the big sects very well. Normally, they would definitely come here. For them, the easiest targets were Lan Hetu and the rest of the young apprentices.


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The next day, Xu Que placed a chair at the door of the hostel and sat on it.

He was relaxed in the chair. From time to time, he would check the progress of his Little Gold Clone in setting up the spell. Also, he would check the adjacent area with his Soul Strength.

Beside him, there was a signboard with a lot of words on it —The Consulting Services of the Exploding Heavens Faction! The price is 2,000 grains of Vital Rice for every two hours! The shortest service time is one hour! The price for one night’s service is 8,000 grains of Vital Rice!


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