Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1111

Chapter 1111: Kill with a Borrowed Knife

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Xu Que became famous in the Lost City in a single day! It was not because the Lost City was small. Xu Que had just accomplished an amazing amount of things in a very short time. The point was this guy had just reached the Half Celestial Realm!

In the deserted land, cultivators at the Half Celestial Realm were the weakest group, who were not able to dig the Vital Rice and couldn’t rival cultivators at the Human Celestial Realm. They were looked down upon and rejected by most sects. But now, a young cultivator at the Half Celestial Realm had killed a lot of cultivators at the Human Celestial Realm and even a cultivator at the initial stage of the Earth Celestial Realm. This was so horrible!

When night fell, people of all sects in the Lost City stood in the street and looked at the Sword Pavilion. The Sword Pavilion was still burning. The flames were sparkling in all directions, which made this place the most scenic spot in the city.

Outside the mansion of the Generosity Sect, Lin Baiwan, the leader of the Generosity Sect, said, shaking his head, “Forget it! Mind your business and stop offending that guy. Otherwise, my legs will be broken by him! Also, Wang Qiannian, I’ve heard you know this guy, right? Come here! I have something to discuss with you!”

In the mansion of the Majesty Alliance, a bunch of elders were having a confabulation.

“Try to approach him and win him over! Even if he doesn’t want to join us, we can establish an alliance with him!”

In the mansion of the Heaven Alliance, Li Tianxun, the leader, looked at the most important members of his sect and said thoughtfully, “If a cultivator at the Half Celestial Realm has become so powerful, I’m afraid he must have found a lot of opportunities and fortunes!”

A lean man said immediately, “Leader, no matter what opportunities or fortune he has found, he will be defeated by you easily and have to kneel down in front of you at last!” His words were quite cowardly but still reasonable to the rest of the people in the hall.

Li Tianxun had reached the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm. Even Liu Hualong had to act reverently in front of Li Tianxun because of the large strength gap between them. Xu Que had almost been killed by Liu Hualong. Therefore, he would definitely be defeated by Li Tianxun.

However, another man in a long gown said, shaking his head with a smile, “Lin Huan, how could you ask our distinguished Alliance Leader to deal with a young cultivator at the Half Celestial Realm? The other sects wouldn’t show due respect to us in the future!”

“Due respect? Heh-heh, Fu Shanchuan, do you think due respect is really so important in this situation?” The lean man whose name was Lin Huan sneered.

Fu Shanchuan said nothing as he looked at Li Tianxun with a smile.

Li Tianxun was still sitting there in a calm and thoughtful way.

Lin Huan and Fu Shanchuan were quite prestigious in the Heaven Alliance. They were capable assistants of Li Tianxun. However, they didn’t like each other. Lin Huan seemed to be quite single-minded. Actually, he was quite shrewd.

Fu Shanchuan seemed very elegant and gentle like a scholar. He was good at scheming and covering his evil intentions with a smile. Fu Shanchuan was a smart man. Lin Huan was good at playing petty tricks. However, his current position in the Heaven Alliance meant his tricks were not really petty.

Li Tianxun thought highly of the capabilities of these two people. Now that he had reached the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm, he didn’t have time for the running and management of the Heaven Alliance. With the help of Lin Huan and Fu Shanchuan, he could have more time for cultivation. Also, the annual yield of the Vital Rice was much higher than the Vital Rice he obtained by sweeping the nests of the Vital Ants.

Therefore, Li Tianxun would ask the two for their opinions before making any decision. On the one hand, Li Tianxun could have more options for his decisions. On the other hand, this would aggravate their conflict. They would do their best to show their value in front of Li Tianxun.

“Fu Shanchuan, what do you think we should do?” Li Tianxun asked as he looked at Fu Shanchuan calmly.

Fu Shanchuan said, as he folded his hands, “Leader, I guess this Xu Que must be an arrogant guy according to his reckless actions. He has a lot of treasures and Celestial Artifacts. If we have a head-on collision with him, we would only cause destruction on both sides. The Sword Pavilion is a good example!”

“Nonsense! The Sword Pavilion is nothing compared to our Heaven Alliance!” Lin Huan shouted immediately.

Fu Shanchuan replied with a smile, “Before Xu Que killed their Young Master, everyone thought Xu Que was nothing in front of the Sword Pavilion!”

“After all, the Sword Pavilion was too weak! Also, that Liu Hualong’s overconfidence caused his death. If I were in his position…” Lin Huan paused at this moment.

“It seems you also don’t want to have a head-on collision with Xu Que!” Fu Shanchuan said with a smile.

Lin Huan snorted as cold light flashed in his eyes, “He is not qualified to be handled by me personally! It seems you are quite interested in that humble guy! Just tell me your wise idea!”

“You flatter me! I will only provide a small suggestion!” Fu Shanchuan said with a smile. Then he turned to Li Tianxun and said reverently, “Leader, according to the information provided by other people, a woman whose name is Lan Xinyue is with Xu Que. This woman has stayed in this place for several years. It seems she is quite close to several young men at the Half Celestial Realm. We could use them as our breakthrough to kill Xu Que with a borrowed knife!”

“Oh? Kill with a borrowed knife?” Hearing that, Li Tianxun sat up slightly. It seemed he was a little bit interested in this plan.

“Exactly! We could enroll these young men and send them to dig Vital Rice in the western suburbs. Then we can lure them to the nest of the Vital Ant King!” Fu Shanchuan said calmly.

“The nest of the Vital Ant King? Fu Shanchuan, have you lost your mind? We’ve prepared that plan for so many years! Are you going to act rashly?” Lin Huan changed his expression and scolded angrily.

Li Tianxun raised his hand to stop Lin Huan and said as he looked at Fu Shanchuan with a calm smile, “Please go on!”

Fu Shanchuan said with a smile, “What Lin Huan said is correct! We’ve prepared that plan for so many years. But I am not going to act rashly. It is time for the harvest now!”

Then Fu Shanchuan whispered to Li Tianxun. The rest of the people in the hall didn’t know what he was talking about.

Li Tianxun’s eyes lit up and he said as he patted the armrest of his chair with laughter, “Great! We can kill two birds with one stone in this way! Fu Shanchuan, you will be fully responsible for this issue! Remember, nothing should go wrong!”

“Leader, please rest assured! I will do my best!” Fu Shanchuan replied as he folded his hands with a smile.

Lin Huan was totally annoyed. He never expected Fu Shanchuan would dominate their big plan in the western suburbs in this way!

“By the way, as you said, Xu Que is the key factor of this plan. How could you ensure he would go to the western suburbs?” Li Tianxun asked as he looked at Fu Shanchuan at this time.

Fu Shanchuan replied with a calm smile, “A hero could always become a prisoner of love! Lan Xinyue is Xu Que’s biggest weak point! As far as I know, a guy used to help Lan Xinyue when she had just arrived here. She adores this guy very much. This guy happens to under my command now!


At the same time, late at night in the Sword Pavilion, Xu Que had fully recovered from his wounds. He could sense clearly that his physique was strengthened after being seriously wounded, which could be the effect of the Hell King’s Prison Suppression Style. However, to strengthen his physique with this method was still too painful for him. He didn’t want to try it.

Along with Liu Hualong’s death, the Sword Pavilion was totally ruined. Zhang Yun’er, who was at her last gasp, also died several seconds before. Xu Que didn’t kill her. Lan Hetu rushed up and killed her with his sword.

“Tsk-tsk-tsk, Lan Hetu, do you bear a deep grudge against this woman?” Xu Que couldn’t help but ask.

Lan Hetu said angrily, “She deserves death! She killed my friends and even killed Brother Wu! Otherwise, my elder sister would have… Eh, forget it, brother-in-law, let’s go! This place is too hot!”

“Holy sh*t! You haven’t finished your story yet! My curiosity has been aroused by you!” Xu Que said.

Lan Hetu was quite embarrassed as he turned to Lan Xinyue carefully.

Lan Xinyue frowned as she said, “It is unnecessary to mention the things in the past! Now, we’ve repaid Brother Wu’s kindness in those years by avenging him. We shall say thank you to our fellow cultivator Xu Que!”

“Please don’t mention it. Who is this Brother Wu you mentioned?” Xu Que insisted on getting to the bottom of this matter.

After being silent for a short while, Lan Xinyue said, shaking her head, “He was a good man. It is a pity that he died one year ago!”

“Oh!” Xu Que stopped his detailed inquiry.

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I don’t care who that guy was. Anyway, he has died! The point is that he is regarded as a good man after his death! Tsk-tsk-tsk, what a poor guy!

At this time, Lan Xinyue turned to Xu Que and said suddenly, “My fellow cultivator, thank you! Actually, you are also a good man!”

Xu Que, “???”


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