Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1110

Chapter 1110: We Can’t Afford to Provoke Him!

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In the sky, along with the sword light, a cultivator at the Human Celestial Realm who was at the forefront felt dizzy suddenly. Then he felt his body was extremely light. Everything was rotating rapidly in front of his eyes—the ground and the sky were flashing before him again and again. Then he saw a headless body, which seemed quite familiar. He could also hear the deafening sound of Xu Que’s Firestorm Wheels.

The next moment, his head hit the ground and was smashed into chopped meat, which was evaporated by the fiery hot ground. He hadn’t realized that he had been mortally wounded until he died.

However, the rest of the cultivators saw this. Their companion who had been at the forefront of their group was killed by Xu Que with one slash. They didn’t see Xu Que at all. They only knew that Xu Que flew up in the wheelchair holding the girl in his arms. In a blink of an eye, their companion had been killed by a broken sword.

His speed and ability to strike a deadly wound were horrible!

“Quick! Retreat!”

“This guy is not wounded! We were fooled!”

“Damn! Just run!”

They came to themselves. Then they started shouting as they stopped moving forward, turned around, and escaped! They were surrounded by the deafening sound of the Firestorm Wheels. They could only hear the noise but couldn’t see Xu Que at all, which made everything much scarier!


At last, they heard the sound of a second slash.

This time, two cultivators at the Human Celestial Realm who were quite close to each other were slashed in half, one after another. They fell to the ground like kites with broken strings.


The last one of them was totally terrified. He shouted hysterically as he tried to escape. He even spat out a cloud of blood mist to try to perform the Blood Escape Art at the cost of his precious life-span. However, he was overtaken by Xu Que’s Firestorm Wheels, which could reach the speed of cultivators at the Earth Celestial Realm!


Along with an ear-piercing, air-rending sound, this cultivator at the Human Celestial Realm was slashed by the broken sword and fell to the ground. His body was melted and evaporated by the ground which was covered with lava.

At this time, Xu Que’s figure appeared in the sky.

Cultivators from the big sects who were rushing toward him from all directions stopped and looked at him in shock and terror!

“How…could this be?”

“His aura was so weak just now. How could he become so powerful in such a short time?”

“This guy was definitely seriously wounded! He could barely stand up and had to sit on a chair!”

“F*ck! This guy is too horrible! He killed four opponents while sitting on a chair! And his opponents had reached the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Realm!”

“Now, I am convinced! This guy killed four cultivators at the Human Celestial Realm while sitting on a chair and holding a girl in his arms!”

“We can’t afford to provoke him!”

“Let’s go, just run for our lives!”

Instantly, people from the sects like the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance turned around and escaped. They had witnessed Xu Que’s horrible strength from the very beginning. This guy ruined the entire Sword Pavilion and its adjacent areas. Liu Hualong, who was at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm, was also seriously wounded by this guy. Now, Xu Que was still so powerful even though he was wounded! Nobody dared to offend him anymore!

However, when Xu Que saw those retreating cultivators, he let out a sigh of relief. He knew his strength very well. He wouldn’t have survived if those cultivators at the Human Celestial Realm attacked him at the same time even when he was at his peak state, let alone now when he was seriously wounded. And he even had to protect Lan Xinyue. If those cultivators came back, he could do nothing but escape.

Luckily, he had displayed his horrible strength. His attacks and killings, which seemed quite easy and casual, were completed with great cost. But, at last, he managed to scare the attackers away.


When they ran away, Xu Que spat out fresh blood and looked as pale as a ghost! He was wounded again. Luckily, the System’s recovery function kept curing his wounds, so Xu Que still had the strength to sit on the wheelchair! However, he couldn’t drive his Firestorm Wheels anymore, which would consume too much True Core Strength. Until he had recuperated, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact of so much True Core Strength.


Xu Que put away the Firestorm Wheels and landed on the ground with Lan Xinyue with the assistance of his Soul Strength. They happened to land on the body of the dying Liu Hualong.


With a crisp sound, the rest of Liu Hualong’s undamaged vertebrae were also fractured.

“Ah…” Liu Hualong, who was unconscious, was woken up because of the pain. Then he almost passed out again. His aura was even weaker than before. He was on the verge of death. He was trembling because of the fury in his heart. He was so anxious to tear Xu Que into pieces. But he was so feeble that he could barely speak at this moment.

“What? What is that noise?” Xu Que raised his eyebrows and looked around.

Lan Xinyue hadn’t heard Liu Hualong’s moan. She jumped down from Xu Que’s body with a red face. Then she tried to help Xu Que to stand up.

“No! I can stand up myself!” Xu Que refused Lan Xinyue overbearingly. He stuck his broken sword into the ground and tried to stand up by using his sword as a cane.


The broken sword was stabbed into Liu Hualong’s head and went through it directly. Liu Hualong’s body twitched a bit before his death! He was spitting blood when he was killed. His eyes were opened wide. Nobody knew he was killed by the sword or angry for his face was full of grievance. A powerhouse at the Earth Celestial Realm who was the leader of the Sword Pavilion had been killed by a young cultivator at the Half Celestial Realm in such a disgraceful way. No wonder he couldn’t die in peace!

“Ah!” Lan Xinyue saw Liu Hualong under Xu Que’s feet and was shocked.

“What’s wrong? Holy sh*t!” Xu Que looked down and was also surprised by Liu Hualong’s head, which had been penetrated by his sword. “My God! This guy is so insidious! I didn’t expect he would hide below us. He was definitely planning to attack us secretly. Luckily, my smart sword ruined his conspiracy!” Xu Que started to boast proudly.

Lan Xinyue’s lips twitched in disbelief. She didn’t believe Liu Hualong would plot against them when he was in such a miserable condition. Also, they landed directly on the position where Liu Hualong was lying just now!

Tsk-tsk-tsk! What a miserable death! Lan Xinyue figured out how Liu Hualong had been killed and couldn’t help but shake her head!


At the same time, in the big sects of the Lost City, Lin Baiwan, the leader of the Generosity Sect, was mobilizing its members with several sub-chiefs. “Come on! Get those who are digging the Vital Rice outside the city back here now!”

“We can’t miss this opportunity! No matter how many people are sent by the Majesty Alliance and the Sky Alliance, we must get Xu Que’s body!”

“If we can make it this time, each of you will get 1,000 grains of Vital Rice as reward!”

“Leader! Our people who were at the Sword Pavilion have just now come back!”


In the Majesty Alliance, similar things were taking place.

“Quickly! Don’t act like an old woman!”

“All members shall be mobilized! We will go there when we have 300 people!”

“No way! We should send 100 people first! We shall get Xu Que’s body at any cost and stop it from being obtained by other sects!”

“Leader! Alliance Leader…”


Also at the Sky Alliance, members were fixated on one thing.

“What are you doing? Why are you in a daze at this moment?”

“Just go and get Xu Que’s body!”

“Anyone who brings back Xu Que’s body will become the new owner of the Sword Pavilion! And I will give this guy a Celestial Artifact and 5,000 grains of Vital Rice!”



Similar things were happening in the three big sects as well as in almost all the big and small sects in the Lost City!

Everyone thought Xu Que would definitely have been killed together with Liu Hualong. So they fixed their sights on robbing Xu Que’s body, which had Celestial Artifacts and over 10,000 grains of Vital Rice. Nobody could resist such a temptation! However, before their departure, the cultivators from the Sword Pavilion came back. They reported the latest progress on this issue. Xu Que was not dead and he was extremely powerful!

“The guy sat in a wheelchair. He held a girl with his left hand and used a sword with his right hand! Then, he killed four cultivators at the Human Celestial Realm within several seconds!”

“No! What I saw is that this guy even took liberties with that girl with his left hand while he killed those people!”

“Leader! We can’t afford to offend that guy!”

“Leader! We can’t afford to provoke that guy!”


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Instantly, members of the Generosity Sect were stunned.

Members of the Majesty Alliance were shocked!

All the people in the Lost City…were dumbfounded!


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