Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1109

Chapter 1109: I’ll Never Die!

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Xu Que was dumbfounded for he didn’t expect he really annoyed those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage. Now, they were rushing towards him rapidly.

They are too f*cking headstrong!


Those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage rushed up and started to throw out all kinds of magnificent and powerful magic arts angrily.

One of them turned his Celestial Core Power into a giant beast with a head of lion and the body of leopard, which was dashing towards Xu Que and Lan Xinyue.

Another person summoned a long river in the Void with his sword. Now, the river was gushing towards Xu Que and Lan Xinyue with horrible momentum.

Although these magic arts were quite magnificent, all of them were ranged attacks. Those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage were angry. But they hadn’t lost their mind. They decided to stay away from Xu Que.

However, these magic arts already made Xu Que despair.

Now, he was not able to move a bit. He could only use his mouth to bluff. If he was hit by those magic arts, he would be killed.

Ding! “The Host’s life is in danger. Is the Host going to activate the Urgent Mechanism? Attention! This mechanism could only be activated once in the Host’s life!” Suddenly, the System’s warning tone came in.

The Urgent Mechanism?

What the hell is that?

Xu Que was stunned and couldn’t help but smile wryly. This time, he really screwed up for this was the first time for the System to provide him with this warning message, which was just like the critical ill notice issued by a doctor!


When Xu Que was considering whether to use that one-off Urgent Mechanism, a big bang came in from beside him.

Magnificent Celestial Core Power gushed out from Lan Xinyue’s body. She waved her hand to throw out a strand of light from her sleeves. Then, the light was turned to a scroll painting in the sky.


The scroll painting was opened instantly. Mountains and rivers could be seen in the painting. The majestic mountains were creeping in the painting like a giant sleeping dragon which was about to wake up. The rivers at the foot of the mountains were surging and became a magnificent sea at last.

Powerful traction force gushed out from the scroll painting and formed a whirlpool which started to suck the Spiritual Qi in this area crazily.

“A Second-grade Scroll Painting? You…you are a painter!” Those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage changed their expression and shouted in surprise.




The next moment, all their magic arts were sucked into the painting together with the Spiritual Qi, which created a lot of deafening sound of explosions.

In the painting, the giant beast and other magnificent magic arts smashed into the mountains and sea. Then, all mountains collapsed and the sea was evaporated by the horrible destructive power.

Now, the graceful and elegant landscape painting was turned to a terrible doodle. Then, the scroll painting fell to the ground!

At the same time, Lan Xinyue also turned pale and stepped back. Blood could be seen on her lips. It seemed she was also wounded.

“Hah-hah-hah, I didn’t expect I can meet a painter here!”

“What a pity! Even you have a Second-grade Scroll Painting, you are just at the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage after all!”

“You used the Second-grade Scroll Painting to block our attacks forcibly, which would definitely wound you! Now, what could you do?”

Those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage sneered as they walked towards Xu Que and Lan Xinyue.

Just now they only used the ranged attacks because they tried to check Xu Que’s reaction.

Now, Xu Que was still lying on the ground sickly. He even needed Lan Xinyue to protect him. So, those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage suspected Xu Que was just bluffing.

“Hah-hah! Finally, we found him! He is here!”

A loud laughter came in at this time.

Then, dozens of figures rushed in from different direction as they shouted loudly.

“Irrelevant personnel shall leave here immediately. This place has been taken over by the Majesty Alliance!”

“Bullshit! This place belongs to the Generosity Sect!”

“Mind your words! Are you going to oppose the Heaven Alliance?”

“According to the command of the leader of the Heaven Alliance, this place is under the management of the Heaven Alliance temporarily. The partition of this place will be performed several days later!”

“Nonsense! We don’t want this place! We just want that guy!”

People of different sects had arrived at this place one after another.

Undoubtedly, they didn’t want to get this place. Their target was Xu Que’s precious items. So, they tried to take this opportunity to rob Xu Que’s treasures after killing him.

“Oh, no!”

Seeing that, those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage changed their expression. They were also from a sect. If other big sects had a hand in this issue, they would be kicked out directly.

“We have no time! Let’s kill him quickly and leave here!”

“Bitch, if you are clever, just don’t stand in our way!”

“Don’t waste any time! Just kill both of them!”

They were in such a hurry that they forgot Xu Que’s threat and threw out many magic arts again.

Lan Xinyue turned pale. She turned around and tried to run away by dragging Xu Que.

“Ms. Lan, just run way, and leave me to them!” Xu Que shouted immediately.

“No!” Lan Xinyue shook her head and said sturdily, “I’ll never leave you here to wait for your death!”

Even she had stayed in this abandoned place for several years, her character was not changed. So, she would never escape alone by leaving Xu Que here.

But Xu Que shouted loudly to interrupt her, “No, you just leave here! I will use my unique skill which could wound you accidentally!”

“Your unique skill? It can wound me accidentally?” Lan Xinyue, who was totally confused by Xu Que’s words, looked at Xu Que who was covered in blood in disbelief.

What the hell?

You’ve been seriously wounded! How could you use a unique skill which could wound me accidentally?

The next moment, her beautiful eyes were filled with shock.

Xu Que’s broken bones which could be seen on his body had disappeared. Those horrible wounds were being healed at a speed which was visible to the naked eyes!

“How…could this be?” Lan Xinyue was totally surprised. Even the pill she gave to him was a First-grade pill, it wouldn’t be so effective!

Xu Que’s current wounds couldn’t even be healed by 10 Vital Dew Pills! How could he realize this in such a short time?


At the same time, the magic arts of those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage had also arrived, which caused deafening sound in the Void.

“Die!” They shouted viciously.

For them, Xu Que, who was at his last gasp, wouldn’t able to cause any trouble. As long as they could kill Xu Que, they could obtain those Vital Rice and the powerful Celestial Artifacts!

“I will never die! I can still be saved by emergency treatments!”

Suddenly, Xu Que shouted as he sat up on the ground.

The next moment, he waved his hand to take out a wheelchair. Meanwhile, his Firestorm Wheels landed on both sides of the wheelchair.

Whoosh! Xu Que jumped onto the wheelchair. Then, he placed Lan Xinyue who was still in a daze on his laps. After that, he jumped up into the sky and waved his hand as he shouted loudly, “Sword!”

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Along with an ear-piercing sound, a broken sword appeared in Xu Que’s hand. The entire area was filled with the horrible kill intent!

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