Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1108

Chapter 1108: Come On! Let’s Fight!

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At this moment, the Sword Pavilion had been totally ruined!

A large area of which the diameter was over 50 km was turned into a sea of fire! The sky was full of flames. The ground was covered by surging lava. All moisture in the air was vaporized in the flames.

When Lan Xinyue arrived at this place, she wrapped her body with the Celestial Core Power and didn’t dare to come any closer. Now, she was standing in the sky and looking around in terror!

Most cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage of the Sword Pavilion had been incinerated.

In a corner, Zhang Yun’er, who was badly mutilated, was buried by soils and lava. Her blood was being evaporated. Only half of her head could be seen on the ground. Now, she was at her last gasp.

Not far away from her, Liu Hualong was also lying on the ground. Both of his arms had disappeared. A giant wound could be seen on his back. His white bones were exposed, which was so startling.

“My fellow cultivator!”

Lan Xinyue didn’t have time to kill Liu Hualong by taking this opportunity. She ran to a heap of rubble by tracking Xu Que’s aura.

Xu Qu, who was lying on the ground, was not much better than Liu Hualong. All his skins and muscles were ruined. Many ribs were broken and reached out of his body. His entire body was a heap of minced meat.

When Xu Que saw Lan Xinyue who was running to him, he was too weak to say something. What he could do was only to heal his wounds through the System’s Automatic Recovery Function!

In fact, he tried to escape by using the Divine Escape Spell when he threw out the 6-color Fiery Lotus.

It was a pity that the spell failed. The power of the 6-color Fiery Lotus went beyond his imagination. He had ignited the Divine Escape Spell when the 6-color Fiery Lotus exploded. The next moment, he was knocked out of the Void channel created by the escape spell. So, he felt terrible now.

Luckily, his physique was tough enough. Also, he managed to hide in the Void for a while when the 6-color Fiery Lotus exploded. If he was impacted by the explosion directly, he might have been more miserable and even killed now!

My God! I will never use it casually in future!

Xu Que sighed in his mind bitterly.

The Buddha’s Fiery Lotus he used now was much more powerful than before. Besides the power of the Mystical Fires, his True Core Strength and Taoist Connotation enhanced the power of the Fiery Lotus remarkably. Also, the power of the Fiery Lotus was also enhanced by the People Killing Book of All Layers!

Therefore, the destructive power of the 6-color Fiery Lotus was extremely horrible!

However, such a powerful Fiery Lotus still failed to kill but just seriously wounded Liu Hualong, a powerhouse at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm who was so close to the explosion.

Zhang Yun’er, who was at the summit of the Human Celestial Stage, also survived because she was a little bit further away from the Fiery Lotus.

Xu Que was not satisfied with the result. His plan was to make a feint that he perished together with Liu Hualong when he escaped with the Divine Escape Spell. He didn’t expect he failed to kill Liu Hualong and he was also seriously wounded by the explosion.

“My fellow cultivator, are…you OK? This is the First-grade Vital Dew Pill. Just eat it for it might help you to heal your wounds!” Lan Xinyue took out a pill with intense medicine fragrance at this time and placed it before Xu Que’s lips.

Xu Que was too weak to open his mouth. He had to lie on the ground and continue to heal his wounds with the System.

The System’s recovery function could always heal minor wounds quickly. However, the efficiency of System in healing serious wounds was too low.

Xu Que hadn’t been seriously wounded for a long time. Last time, he was seriously wounded when he tried to protect Jiang Hongyan from her Heavenly Tribulation.


Several air-rending sounds came in at this time.

Some cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage rushed up with kill intent. Then, they fixed their eyes on the pill in Lan Xinyue’s hand and said in surprise, “The First-grade Vital Dew Pill?”

“What are you going to do?” Lan Xinyue inserted the pill into Xu Que’s mouth. Then, she stood up and started at those people vigilantly.

Those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage frowned for they had been annoyed.

“Damn! Do you know you have wasted a First-grade celestial pill?”

“He will die sooner or later. Why do you want to waste that pill?”

“Anyway, it seems you have a lot of precious items. I didn’t expect you even have the first-grade pills!”

They said as they stared at Lan Xinyue coldly.

At the same time, the pill melted in Xu Que’s mouth and was turned to magnificent vital energy to nourish all his Meridians.

Thanks to the dual action of the System’s recovery function and the pill, the rate of Xu Que’s recovery was doubled instantly. His Meridians were healed rapidly and his broken bones were also replaced by new bones!


Xu Que regained some strength and was able to speak. Then, he snorted immediately.

Those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage, who were about to kill Lan Xinyue, were surprised by Xu Que’s snort and stopped their action.

“What happened?”

“This guy is not dead!”

They gazed at each other but didn’t dare to attack recklessly.

After all, they had witnessed Xu Que’s horrible strength just now. Now, they didn’t know what Xu Que was preparing for them.

At this time, Xu Que was still lying on the ground and his body was covered by blood. Only his mouth was moving. But his voice was quite sonorous, “How dare you seek death here?”

“Heh-heh, I really admire your courage!”

“If you are not a coward, come here!”

“Come on! Let’s fight!”

Xu Que, who was quite excited, shouted sonorously.

Lan Xinyue was dumbfounded directly and she really worried those people could really rush to them.

She was totally embarrassed by Xu Que’s words! How could you clamor in this way when you are seriously wounded and can only move your lips?

However, those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage frowned and were held back temporarily.

Lan Xinyue was surprised by this scene. When she remembered Xu Que’s horrible strength, those cultivators’ hesitation was understandable for her.

If she were in their position, she wouldn’t dare to attack Xu Que either for she didn’t know Xu Que at all.

“What? What are you waiting for?”

“Come here!”

“Damn! You are really a bunch of sissies!”

“I can’t understand how you survive in this world in such a cowardly way?”

“Come here and let’s fight! I will fight you with only 1 hand, OK?”

Xu Que was still clamoring heartily.

Those powerhouses at the Human Celestial Stage were annoyed at last. They clenched their fists and were anxious to tramp down Xu Que’s mouth.

“Humph! Stop your nonsense! You are at a disadvantage now. How dare you clamor in this way?” One of them shouted angrily.

“You know nothing! You are not qualified to be attacked by me! If you are not cowards, just come here! I will jump up and smash your f*cking knees directly!” Xu Que shouted arrogantly.

“Damn!” Those cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage couldn’t help but grind their teeth angrily.

However, the more arrogant Xu Que’s clamor was, the more flustered they would be!

“Come on!”

“Come here!”

“I won’t use my hands during the fight, OK?”

“And I won’t use my legs and my dick in the fight either, OK?”

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“Humph! You are just a bunch of scraps! If you don’t want to have a fight with me, I’ll fall asleep!”

“You are too cowardly! How could you have the nerve…Hey! Hey! What are you doing? What are you going to do? Stay away from me! Holy shit! I’m kidding with you just now!”

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