Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1107

Chapter 1107: Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nyoi-Bo Studio

Are you going to leave here?

Damn! Don’t try to run away after acting tough!

All people in this area widened their eyes. Zhang Yun’er was so embarrassed that she almost spat blood!

None of them expected this guy could say that. When Liu Hualong had been deserted by the Sword Pavilion, how could he say he was about to leave here?

“Little brother, what…do you mean?” Zhang Yun’er, who was a little bit flustered, said calmly to preserve her composure.

She paid a huge price and even sacrificed her body to make up to several sub-chiefs of the Sword Pavilion, so that they could join her rebellion. But they were still planning their rebellion by waiting for an opportunity. Even Xu Que had made such a big noise here, they believed their opportunity was still not ripe yet.

However, they never expected Xu Que could be so powerful that he really threatened Liu Hualong’s life. So, Zhang Yun’er thought their time had come and decided to make their final stand by isolating Liu Hualong. Even Liu Hualong was not killed by Xu Que, they could find a chance to kill Liu Hualong as long as he was seriously wounded.

Now, Xu Que told them he was bluffing just now and was about to leave here soon, which ruined Zhang Yun’er’s plan directly. All of them fell into disorder.

We are going to make our final stand! How could you leave now? No way! You are not allowed to leave! Zhang Yun’er and her brethren were so angry when they saw the expression of Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body that they were very anxious to beat Xu Que up.

At this moment, Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body raised its eyebrows and said by widened its eyes, “Young lady, please mind your words! My brother is not little! Have you seen it with your eyes? My brother is big enough to make you high!”

His words stunned Zhang Yun’er, who thought Xu Que didn’t want to leave. So, she couldn’t help but say, “My fellow cultivator, we…”

“Call me Lord!” Xu Que interrupted her by waving his hands.


Zhang Yun’er was confused while the rest people in this area were embarrassed. What the hell is this guy going to do?

“OK! My lord!” At last, Zhang Yun’er said with a coquettish smile, “We are in the same boat now. If you leave now, what will happen to you won’t be better than ours!”

She tried to remind Xu Que that once he left, Liu Hualong would punish her and her brethren first. But Liu Hualong would never forgive Xu Que. So, she hoped Xu Que could stay and continue to fight against Liu Hualong, so that he could at least wound Liu Hualong seriously if he failed to perish together with Liu Hualong.

However, Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body sighed as it shook its head, “It’s OK! I don’t care! Anyway, I am a carefree bachelor without a tie in the world. So, I am quite lonely, empty and cold!”


The rest people in this area were confused by his words. Zhang Yun’er widened her eyes directly.

A bachelor? Without a tie in the world? Lonely, empty and cold?

Are you implying something?


Instantly, all people of the Sword Pavilion fixed their eyes on Zhang Yun’er for all of them had figured out Xu Que’s intention.

The sub-chiefs of the Sword Pavilion even had a better understanding of Xu Que’s words!

In this abandoned place, they could find female company easily. A lot of beautiful women were also waiting for them in the streets.

But they preferred to grovel before Zhang Yun’er. Because of their greedy and lust of conquest, they tried to conquer women who were inaccessible for them. As Liu Hualong’s wife, Zhang Yun’er was definitely inaccessible for them.

However, they managed to sleep with Zhang Yun’er, which greatly satisfied their vanity and lust of conquest. So, they agreed to cooperate with Zhang Yun’er.

Now, Xu Que offered clues about this. So, they could figure out Xu Que’s intention immediately.

Zhang Yun’er was no longer an innocent little girl. Reservedness and euphemism were nothing for her. She said as she looked at Xu Que with a coquettish smile, “My lord, if you can kill Liu Hualong, I will be with you in future, so that you will never be lonely, empty and cold!”

“Oh? Really?”

Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body lit up its eyes and its face was full of pleasant surprise.


Before Zhang Yun’er had time to reply, Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body was wrapped up by numerous thin threads. Then, the cocoon where the Thunder Illusion Body was in exploded in the sky.

Liu Hualong rushed out and shouted angrily, “I am not dead yet!”

He was almost driven crazy by anger. His wife was flirting with a young cultivator in front of him, which was totally unacceptable for any man!

“I didn’t know whether you were dead just now. But now…you are going to die!”

At this time, Xu Que’s real body said with a smile as he looked at Liu Hualong coldly.

All the rest people in this area turned to Xu Que and was surprised by what they saw.

Now, Xu Que’s body was covered by horrible kill intent, which was totally different with the Thunder Illusion Body.

The point was that a 6-color Fiery Lotus appeared in his hand. The 6 petals were full of violent energies, which totally terrified everyone in this place.

“This…guy really merged the 6 Mystical Fires!”

“This was totally impossible! The properties of the 6 Mystical Fires are totally different and some Mystical Fires are repelling each other. How could he merge them?”

“I haven’t heard of a magic like this in this world!”

“My God! Just now he managed to buy some time with his replica!”

“Is this guy…really at the Half Celestial Stage?”

Many people said in terror. Some people even jumped up into the sky and started to retreat rapidly.

They had a hunch that the explosion of this Fiery Lotus would destroy an area of which the diameter was several hundred kilometers!


Almost at the same time, Liu Hualong also started to run back at his highest speed without any hesitation.

Zhang Yun’er and her brethren were also shocked by Xu Que’s move. They shouted, “Wait, my fellow cultivator, let us leave this area first!”

“It’s OK! Please calm down! This thing is not powerful at all. I just tried to scare Liu Hualong with it!” Xu Que said with a smile as he threw out the 6-color Fiery Lotus, which flew through the Void like a ghost!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A lot of dull sounds came in from the Void. The 6-color Fiery Lotus was jumping in the Void like a weird lamp. It would leap forward for over 100 meters during each time of jump. After a short while, it had appeared behind Liu Hualong.

“No, wait!” Liu Hualong, who had also sensed the Fiery Lotus behind him, turned around and shouted in surprise immediately.

However, the 6-color Fiery Lotus blossomed in front of him!


Instantly, along with a deafening sound of explosion, the sky was filled with endless flames which were in 6 colors. Horrible air waves started to sweep across in this area!

Liu Hualong, who was so close to the explosion, was knocked down to the ground immediately.

The magnificent mansion of the Sword Pavilion below him was totally ruined by the explosion and even melted in the high temperature. Countless cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage of the Sword Pavilion were also vaporized.

“Ah…no!” Zhang Yun’er screamed in surprise. She had reached the summit of the Human Celestial Stage for many years and could reach the Earth Celestial Stage soon. However, she failed to escape and was also knocked to the ground by the flames and air waves.

The onlookers who failed to run away in time were also wounded by the air waves. All of them also fell to the ground like stringless kites.

Lan Xinyue, Lan Hetu and other young men and women of the Lihuo Academy who were over 500 km away, as well as other cultivators who had escaped in advance, were staring at this scene in shock. Their mind was nothing but blank.

Is…this really the strength of a cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage?

“Oh, no!”

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Suddenly, an idea occurred to Lan Xinyue. She changed her expression and started to search for Xu Que’s aura with her Soul Strength.

Then, she jumped up into the sky and dashed towards the Sword Pavilion rapidly!

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