Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1106

Chapter 1106: I’ve to go now

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In an instant, Xu Que got hold of the Mystical Fires ranked from the seventh to tenth!

He already owned the Eight Waste Destruction Flame which was ranked sixth, so in that instant, Xu Que owned half of the top ten in the list of Mystical Fires. But from the fifth rank onwards, the price of each Mystical Fires had become a little costlier.

For example, the Living Flame on the fifth ranking, needed 50,000 Act Tough Points, but it was also in the “not for sale” state.

According to the System’s description, that kind of fire was famous not for its powerful destructive power, but for its great vitality. When the flame spread, as long as the seeds of medicinal materials were put into it, the seeds would germinate and grow rapidly. That was to say, with such Mystical Fire, it was almost unnecessary to look for medicinal materials as long as they had enough seeds; they would continue to get the desired medicinal materials. The key was that that kind of Mystical Fire could also improve vitality and enhance life-span.

Correspondingly, if one wanted to master it, the Cultivator’s life-span must be strong enough, but the System judged Xu Que’s life- span as insufficient to handle that Mystical Fire, so it was in the “not for sale” state.

But from the fourth place, Golden God Heaven Incinerate Flame, onwards, several kinds of flames were also in the “not for sale” state but they didn’t explain the rationale; it made Xu Que a little dissatisfied.

But he had no time to pursue that matter; he wasn’t bothered to ask anyway. The sixth to tenth, five kinds of Mystical Fires were in his hands, he believed that the release of the Fiery Lotus after fusion, its power would be massive enough!


Quickly, Xu Que’s real body bolted through the sky, and the Firestorm Wheels triggered tremendous stir.

Liu Hualong was still in control of tens of millions of strands, crazily in pursuit of Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body and real body. It looked like Xu Que was the only one escaping, their circumstances were very obvious.


But at that moment, Xu Que’s real body finally stopped!

The crowd was astounded.


“What’s going on? Is he giving up?”

“No, that dude’s murderous aura was heightening!”

“His replica was holding back Liu Hualong. Is he going to counter-attack?”

Many people discussed and they were full of surprise and astonishment. It was hard to imagine how Xu Que could fight back in such a situation.

It was an impossible act to engage in a counter-attack!

“My fellow townsman, I suddenly remembered that there was a Magic Art that could help you burn away these white armpit hairs. Would you like to see it?” Xu Que stood between the clouds, his eyes full of mockery, smiling and looking at Liu Hualong, who was fighting with his Thunder Illusion Body.


Suddenly, without waiting for Liu Hualong to respond, Xu Que raised his right palm and hollered, “Bone Freezing Fire!”


The Void stagnated a second before him, followed by a wisp of white gloomy flame darting out; as if it had frozen the air in all directions, there were wisps of ice crystals drifting down the sky.

“Nine Nether Wind Flame!”

The next moment, the Void in front of Xu Que suddenly contorted, and a wave of bitter cold air swept out, like a cold wind of flame, it emerged from the sky all of the sudden. Coupled with the cold caused by the Bone Freezing Fire, it instantly affected the people in present.

Their expressions changed and were in disbelief.

Was there such a flame in the world? It was alright if it was a little cold, but that coldness was too strong. It seemed that the force of the flame was from the world and not the result of human effort!

“Three Thousand Multiplex Flame!”

Just then, following Xu Que’s hollering, the sky suddenly darkened and several sparkles were glowing and blooming in front of Xu Que!

It was a flame, but it seemed like a universe, containing 3,000 stars, fathomless and mysterious.

“Red Padma Fire!”

A wisp of red flame burst out in the shape of a lotus; enchanting and brilliant.

“Nine Nether Golden Flame!”

A golden ghostly flame surged and rose like an intangible soul in gold; it was bearing a high temperature and a violent aura.

“Eight Waste Destruction Flame!”

Eventually, the familiar black flame appeared, transforming into tens of feet of huge flames with wings, stretching out and covering half of the sky.

From the beginning to the appearance of the Mystical Fires, it was only a blink of an eye.

Nine Nether Wind Flame, Three Thousand Multiplex Flame, Red Padma Fire, Nine Nether Golden Flame and Eight Waste Destruction Flame. Five kinds of Mystical Fires ranked in the top ten suddenly appeared. Coupled with the Bone Freezing Fire which was ranked in the eleventh, six kinds of Mystical Fires appeared in between the clouds and were suspended in front of Xu Que!

There was no tolerance between the different Mystical Fires; there could only be one tiger in a mountain. Six kinds of different Mystical Fires appeared at the same time, they became irritable instantaneously. The aura of immense rage permeated the entire site; the Void was burned and distorted to near destruction.

Instantly, those who were present were in tremendous shock from the sudden and drastic change.

“How… how could this be possible?”

“Six types of flames and one is stronger than the other?”

“Oh my god, what is this Magic Art? How is it possible for a person to have so many different kinds of flames in his body?”

“I’m afraid it’s not a Magic Art. It’s more like a kind of Heavenly Fire born between the heaven and earth.”

Many people exclaimed in horror.

The power of that kind of fire was beyond their understanding of the Magic Art, and the immense violence contained in the flames made their hair stand on its end; it shouldn’t be owned by any Magic Art at all.

Even when Liu Hualong saw the six flames, he couldn’t help but darkened his expression, and a tinge of fear flashed across his eyes.

But soon, he sneered, “Ignorance, even if your flame is strong, but it can’t be on par with my Silver Silk Celestial Art. The power of a Celestial Art isn’t something that you can understand!”

He abruptly stopped and his speed suddenly soared, together with the thousands of strands, bolted and bombarded Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body.


In a loud explosion, the Thunder Illusion Body was wrapped in cocoons of strands on the spot and exploded immediately.


Everyone gasped in disbelief.

“Indeed, it’s a Celestial Art. This kid’s replica has been destroyed, and his real body is next!” someone shook his head.

“To be honest, the strength and foundation of this dude combined are enough to compare with those young Sovereigns on the Xuanhuang Continent’s Heavenly Tripod List, and ranked at least in the top ten!” Another was deeply moved.

“So what if he’s the top ten. He had to die when he had offended an Earth Celestial!” someone sneered.

At that moment, however, there was a sudden muffled explosion in the clouds.


The next moment, a majestic lightning appeared, crazily intertwining, in a blink of an eye, it turned into a human figure, again blocking in front of Liu Hualong.

As the lightning slowly blended, the human-shaped lightning once again molded into Xu Que’s appearance; stepped on his Firestorm Wheels, held a black club in his hand, which was exactly the same as his replica before.

Suddenly, the whole place suddenly sunk into silence.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Liu Hualong was confused.

What was going on?

Liu Hualong had spent a great effort to get rid of Xu Que’s replica, and that dude made another one in the blink of an eye?

How could that be possible?

Replica usually had to share half or one third of his strength, which consumed not only the True Core Strength, but also the Taoist Connotation and his Soul Strength. Even with the most advanced replication art, the speed of each summoning of a Replica had never been so fast!


Almost at the same time, the clouds once again triggered a loud thud; like the roar of a Holy Thunder, surging and billowing.

The attentions of those present were attracted in an instant, and they looked up at the source of the noise; it was Xu Que’s real body.

At that moment, Xu Que had a grave expression, his Soul Strength extended into all directions, he raised both of his hands, and he was concentrating on controlling the six flames which slowly gathered together.

As the six flames got nearer to each other, the rage and agitation in the flames became more and more intense.

Everyone was staring with their eyes widely opened.

“Da*n it!”

“What is that dude thinking?”

“Is he crazy? These six flames have completely different attributes, and they’re already very unstable when they appeared at the same time. How could he keep them closer?”

“Is he not afraid that it’ll explode and blow himself up?”

“Crazy! That dude is mad!”

Many of them exclaimed and retreated.

Even Lan Xinyue and Lan Hetu suddenly received Xu Que’s soundless communication; asking them to retreat thousands of miles away.

They dared not hesitate at all, and immediately started to retreat.

At the same time, Xu Que had gathered the six different flames together; there was a ray of glittering brilliance between his ten fingers and a dazzling white light interpenetrating between the six different flames. Following which, Xu Que’s ten fingers moved rapidly, with a majestic force, frantically squeezing the six different flames.




With the control of power and compression between Xu Que’s fingers, the six Mystical Fires began to squeeze together slowly, and the immense energy was frantic and hectic; just like a huge bomb which could explode at any time.

However, Xu Que maintained his composure. He continued to squeeze the six different flames and fused them constantly. All of a sudden, the violent aura became appalling and struck the whole site.

“Da*n it!”

“That dude had lost his mind!”

“Is he going to perish together with Liu Hualong!”

“Oh no, we’ve to retreat now!”

Many of them were screaming and retreating.

Liu Hualong couldn’t keep his cool as he shouted, “Ignorant dude! Stop!”

“Over my dead body!” Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body roared, took his black club and smashed it madly at Liu Hualong.

“You…” Liu Hualong was about to explode from anger. He was an Earth Celestial; even the ace of the same rank had to be afraid of him, let alone those minor lower than him in Cultivation Stage?

But now, Xu Que, a young Cultivator in his Half Celestial Stage, hadn’t paid attention to him at all. He was even engaging in such a terrible deed; he wanted to ignite a big explosion and perish with him.

The key was that now he wanted to retreat and didn’t want to deal with Xu Que’s six flames, but Xu Que’s replica was glued onto him such that he couldn’t flee when he wanted to!

“Yun Er, give me a hand!” Liu Hualong hurriedly lowered his head and shouted at the beautiful woman on the ground.

However, the woman’s beautiful face frown slightly, after a trace of hesitation and contemplation in her eyes, she didn’t listened to Liu Hualong, on the contrary, she took a step back.

As she retreated, she raised her arm lightly to prevent others in the Sword Pavilion from coming forward to help.

That scene immediately made many twitched in their eyelids and they were secretly astounded.

Liu Hualong’s expression changed, it transited from astonishment to animosity as he roared, “What are you doing, Zhang Yun’er? How dare you oppose me?”

“Hualong, I’m thinking on behalf of the Sword Pavilion. It’s easy to deal with a Half Celestial with your strength. If we help, it’ll be unfavorable to the reputation of the Sword Pavilion!” Zhang Yun’er smiled.

Liu Hualong trembled with anger. “You’re looking for death! All the people in the Sword Pavilion obey my orders and offer your help, if not I’ll kill you all!”

“Whoever dares to help is opposing me!” Zhang Yun’er’s expression immediately turned cold as she ordered.

All the people in the Sword Pavilion stopped moving as they looked at each other in confusion; no one dared come out to help.

That situation was totally beyond the imagination of countless people. No one expected that the Sword Pavilion had internal conflict. The wife of the Pavilion Leader seemed to have controlled most of the power of the Sword Pavilion. She had already eroded the core power of the Sword Pavilion; her reputation and appeal had surpassed Liu Hualong, the Pavilion Leader!

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“You… all of you, good, good, you’ve the audacity to oppose me! I’ll make sure that all of you will suffer worse than death!” Liu Hualong was fuming in anger as he blasted savagely.

Zhang Yun’er wasn’t bothered about his hollering. Instead, she shouted at Xu Que, “Young man, do all you want, you can be rest assured that the Sword Pavilion always pay attention to justice and will not interfere in this matter!”

Xu Que’s real body was constantly maneuvering the Mystical Fires; he ignored her.

However, Xu Que’s replica shook his head and pretended to be in a state of confusion, “Miss, what are you doing? I can’t beat him. Don’t you think I’m going to show off any of my ultimate unique skills? I made it out to frighten people. I’ve to go now. Bye-bye, ha!”

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