Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1105

Chapter 1105: Time to use my ultimate move!

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Underarm hair?

When Liu Hualong heard Xu Que’s words, he almost hit the ceiling.

That “Silver Silk Celestial Art” was a Celestial Art that he had always been proud of. Every time he displayed it, he could defeat his enemy and amaze the world!

But in Xu Que’s words, it was degraded to armpit hair?

Could he broaden his perspective?

Must it only be armpit hair if it was coming out from the sleeve?

The audience was speechless, completely subdued by Xu Que; that kind of rotten analogy was a unique product of Xu Que.

“Uh, after listening to him, Liu Hualong’s Silver Silk Celestial Art looks more and more like a white armpit hair running out of his sleeve!”

“Ha! Indeed!”

Several powerful forces that weren’t afraid of Liu Hualong immediately burst out laughing.

Liu Hualong was exasperated and was about to explode from his anger.

In the past, when he used his Silver Silk Celestial Art, it could spark a lot of exclamation and admiration from the crowd.

Unexpectedly, Xu Que labelled his Celestial Art with a crude name; he could almost imagine that when he used his Celestial Art in the future, it would absolutely arouse a lot of mockery. Even the phrase “white armpit hair” would soon spread throughout the city.

“Da*n it, that dude was vicious!” Liu Hualong thought.


Instantly, Liu Hualong attacked with rage. Under his sleeve, a large amount of silver-white strands gushed out. From a distance, it looked like a waterfall. With a closer look, it made hair stand on its end. Those strands were crazily surging over to Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body and his real body.

“Hey, that’s not the way, fellow townsman. Your armpit hair is long and white, it must be illness. You’ve to take more medicine!” Xu Que smiled as he mocked at him. At the same time, with a swung of his hand, he suddenly shot out the Tricolor Mystical Fires!

To deal with such things, Xu Que’s first reaction was to burn them up with Mystical Fires.

Although he knew that the effect wouldn’t be obvious, after all, the grade of his Tri-colored Fiery Lotus was far lower than the Celestial Art of Liu Hualong. But Xu Que continuously shot out several Tri-colored Fiery Lotuses.


When the Tri-colored Fiery Lotus touched the tens of millions of strands, it exploded in the air in an instant.

The magnificent flame filled the sky, almost enveloping Xu Que and Liu Hualong inside.

However, the powerful flame couldn’t burn off those strands at all. After all, those strands were the condensation of Liu Hualong’s True Core Strength and Taoist Connotation. The power of someone in the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage, together with the power of his Celestial Art, it was destined that his power couldn’t be underestimated.

“It seems that I can’t curb it!” Xu Que shook his head slightly. Although he had expected it, he was disappointed to see his difference in power between Liu Hualong’s Celestial Art and his own Tri-colored Fiery Lotus.

After all, in his early days, the Tri-colored Fiery Lotus was the killer weapon he depended mostly on. Unfortunately, as the Cultivation Stage increased, the Magic Art exchanged from the System gradually failed to keep up with the strength of his opponent.

All in all, that wasn’t the problem of his Magic Art, but the result of Xu Que’s laziness.

If he had studied and practiced diligently, and continued to comprehend the various Magic Arts after they had been cultivated to perfection; it was likely that those Magic Arts could had been raised to the level of a Celestial Art.

It was a pity that there was no ‘what ifs’. Xu Que spent most of his time on Acting Tough; he had no time to study and practice hard. If he really studied and practiced hard, on the contrary, he couldn’t save that much of Act Tough Point. As a result, he could only attribute his outcome to the fact that he couldn’t have the best of both worlds.

“Uh, you had forced me to use my ultimate move. It’s hard on my Act Tough Point!”

Eventually, Xu Que sighed sadly, reluctantly called out the System and entered the interface of the System Store which he hadn’t seen for a long time.

His current situation wasn’t optimistic; he could merely rely on his Firestorm Wheels to fight with Liu Hualong. As for his Sword Spirit, it couldn’t provide any help; he hadn’t completely recovered his strength and could only help him handle Human Celestial and Half Celestial with a single blow, but couldn’t do any harm to an Earth Celestial. Hence, Xu Que could only depend on Magic Art.

But there was another problem, besides the Reincarnation Palm, Xu Que felt that there was no other Magic Art he could use to deal with an Earth Celestial.

The Reincarnation Palm was too noticeable, and with Liu Hualong’s speed, it was really hard to guarantee that he could hit him.

Xu Que also realized that if he couldn’t hit his opponent with his Liveless Qi, his vitality would decline, which in turn made him somewhat restrained in his attacks

Obviously, he couldn’t abuse the Reincarnation Palm; hence he must upgrade a Magic Art on the spot, in order to have a chance to win!

“Upgrading Magic Art…” Xu Que was lost in his thoughts. Almost all of his Magic Art could be upgraded, but he needed the fastest and most convenient upgrade, and the power of the attack should be simple and brutal; it was undoubtedly the Buddha’s Fiery Lotus!

If a Tri-colored Fiery Lotus couldn’t deal with an Earth Celestial Stage and couldn’t deal with a Celestial Art!

Then how about four colors?

“If four colors weren’t good enough, then five colors, if not six colors, see who shall win in the end!” he thought.


Thinking of that, Xu Que quickly called out the interface of the System Store, quickly screened out the sales area of Mystical Fires!

Previously, because of the System’s reward, he received the Molten Green Lotus and the Bone Freezing Fire. Later, he got the Eight Waste Destruction Flame. He used the three Mystical Fires wherever he went and was formidable. Then, he realized the power of The King of Tough-Acting Fist. At the same time, he began to use lesser of his Tri-colored Fiery Lotus.

But in that situation, there was no time to comprehend the power of The King of Tough-Acting Fist. Only the power of the Buddha’s Fiery Lotus could be multiplied by stacking many different Mystical Fires!

So it was time for a big explosion!

Looking at the interface of the System Store, various Mystical Fires only costed him thousands or tens of thousands of Act Tough Points, Xu Que couldn’t help but grinned.

In the past, he couldn’t afford the Mystical Fires, but now, the prices of those Mystical Fires were too affordable for him.




At the same time, his Thunder Illusion Body was still stepping on the Firestorm Wheels and battling with Liu Hualong.

The real Xu Que stepped on the real Firestorm Wheels, fled everywhere to avoid Liu Hualong’s Silver Silk Celestial Art while exchanging Mystical Fires from the System!

He had to admit that the power of the Silver Silk Celestial Art was truly terrible.

Xu Que could barely avoid it every time, but when those strands fell and hit onto the buildings in the surrounding, it could wrap up the building in an instant, and then burst them apart suddenly. Xu Que felt frightened whenever he saw its power.

He believed that with his current strength, if he was really trapped inside the Silver Silk Celestial Art, he was afraid that if he didn’t die, he would be at least severely disabled!

“Oh no! Brother-in-law isn’t his match!”

Lan Hetu who was watching the battle below, couldn’t help but looked worried.

“If this goes on, he’ll lose!” A young disciple also frowned.

Lan Xinyue frowned, she knew Xu Que was waiting for the opportunity, once he found the opportunity, he would retrain Liu Hualong with his Liveless Qi; he would then win the battle.

But according to the present situation, Xu Que’s chances were extremely slim!

She was extremely anxious, her hands were clenched, she had been trying to find ways; she was looking for opportunities to help Xu Que.

Those from the major forces got into good trim and were ready to move.

They had predicted the outcome of the battle. If Xu Que went on like that, he would surely be defeated. Tens of millions of strands had covered most of the sky. The area for Xu Que to move around freely would only become smaller and smaller, and he would be confined to a circle of encirclement. At that time, he would die.

Many were waiting for him to be slaughtered by Liu Hualong, and then everyone would dart in and steal all of the treasures over Xu Que’s dead body!

“Dude, stop running. I said I want to kill you and you can only die!” At the same time, Liu Hualong, who was in the air, shouted coldly.

He was greatly annoyed, that was probably the most humiliating battle he ever fought.

Xu Que was only in his Half Celestial Stage but relied on his Celestial Artifacts and replica to restrain him such that he couldn’t exert his full power.

Xu Que didn’t dare stay close to him and he didn’t dare stay close to Xu Que too. The Liveless Qi that Xu Que pinched in his palm gave him a very bad omen

“Heh-heh, Old hairy man! It’s still a bit early to threaten me. Just you wait. You’ll soon have a hard time. Your beautiful daughter will lose her father soon!” Xu Que sneered coldly, and his mind was still in the System Store, constantly screening out the Mystical Fires.

“That’s my wife!” Liu Hualong finally couldn’t hold it in and roared at Xu Que.

He had enough. Although his wife was younger than him, he couldn’t stand Xu Que constantly calling his wife as his daughter; it was as if he really did something bad to his daughter!

However, Xu Que didn’t pay attention to Liu Hualong this time.

His focus was on the System Store, and he finally screened out the top ten Mystical Fires, without hesitation he chose to exchange all of it!

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Ding, “Congratulations to the Host for consuming 3000 Act Tough Points for the Nine Nether Wind Flame, ranked 10th!”

Ding, “Congratulations to the Host for consuming 5000 Act Tough Points for the Three Thousand Multiplex Flame, ranked 9th!”

Ding, “Congratulations to the Host for consuming 8000 Act Tough Points for the Red Padma Fire, ranked 8th!”

Ding, “Congratulations to the Host for consuming 10,000 Act Tough Points for the Nine Nether Golden Flame, ranked 7th!”

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