Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1104

Chapter 1104: Silver Silk Celestial Art

Nyoi-Bo Studio


Suddenly, all the people in the mansion were shocked.

Many of the servants and guards of the Sword Pavilion were astounded and dumbstruck.

“What did he say?” they thought.

“Did he just address the Pavilion Leader as his fellow townsman? How could he identify the Pavilion Leader’s wife as his daughter instead?” they thought.

Looking at his manner of speaking, why did it sound like he was about to abduct the Pavilion Leader’s wife?

“What a scoundrel! You’re looking for death!” Just then, the Pavilion Leader, Liu Hualong, realized Xu Que’s underlying intention and was instantly enraged. His murderous aura erupted and shot towards Xu Que.

Without speaking a word, Xu Que immediately pulled back his head, and at the same time he condensed his enormous Soul Strength, using it to defend himself in the front.


With a loud blast, the whole gate of the Sword Pavilion that wasn’t fully opened was instantly bombarded into bits of wood by those terrible waves; scattered in the air.

The remaining power bolted towards Xu Que like a fierce beast, smashed him in his front, and instantly tore up his condensed Soul Strength.

“Da*n it, he’s so strong?” Xu Que sensed the imminent danger, he gathered his Soul Strength and Taoist Connotation once more, and quickly retreated to the back.

That was the first time that he fought with a human being ace from the Earth Celestial Stage. Although he was in the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage, Liu Hualong’s strength was far stronger than that of the Queen Ant he met earlier; he was beyond Xu Que’s expectation.

Just by looking at his imposing murderous aura, it was out of Xu Que’s capability to deal with it alone!


Eventually, that imposing murderous aura crashed heavily on Xu Que. Although his Soul Strength and Taoist Connotation blocked most of the lethality, Xu Que was severely injured in an instant. His chest seemed to be thumped by a heavy hammer, and a trace of blood was seen at the corner of his mouth.

“Xu Fellow!”


Lan Xinyue, Lan Hetu and the rest cried in fear.

They knew Xu Que might not be able to win the one in the Earth Celestial Stage, but they didn’t expect him to get wounded that fast.

“Xu Fellow! Although the Queen Ant is comparable to an Earth Celestial, it’s not a real Earth Celestial after all. It’s better for us to retreat and then formulate another plan!” Lan Xinyue immediately engaged in soundless communication and persuaded Xu Que to leave.

She believed that Xu Que’s flying magic weapon akin to a Celestial Artifact could take them away safely.

“Retreat? Impossible!” Xu Que smirked and slowly straightened himself.

He was injured, but that injury was nothing to him at all. After the automatic recovery ability of the System was activated, he had already recovered.

He thought it through, he had underestimated the strength of an ace in the Earth Celestial Stage, otherwise if he had used his Firestorm Wheels, Liu Hualong’s murderous aura would never reach him!

But now that he had a preliminary understanding of Liu Hualong’s strength, Xu Que was much more relieved; he thought that it was possible for him to win the battle!

“You sinful creature, plotted against my son’s life, how dare you court death in my place, kneel down in front of me!” Liu Hualong hollered in his deep voice as he suddenly launched an attack across the room.

Although he was surprised that Xu Que could resist his murderous aura, he didn’t stop his attacks.

Xu Que was a thorn in the flesh and a blood feud; he impatiently wanted to tear Xu Que into pieces.


The Void contorted in an instant. Liu Hualong compressed a large area of Spiritual Qi around him into a single strike, which was like condensing tens of millions of forces; it came crashing down like thousands of giant mountains!

“Heh, that’s insignificant! You’re playing strength with me; look at how I’ll destroy you!” Xu Que immediately snorted, waved his hand, summoned the Firestorm Wheels, enveloped Lan Xinyue and Lan Hetu with his True Core Strength, and quickly evacuated them from their spot, avoiding the horrible attack from Liu Hualong!

The next moment, he quickly lit up his taoist seal, his palms suddenly drew a circle to activate the Reincarnation Palm.

“Well? This is… no, how is that possible?” Liu Hualong was astounded for a moment, and then his expression changed.

He felt that the Rules of Life and Death in all directions was gathered towards Xu Que; towards the glowing brilliance in his palms.

The left palm was full of vigor and vitality and the right palm was grey and gloomy; it clearly represented life and death!

“Oh no!”

Instantly, Liu Hualong swapped his position and bolted up from his spot.

Intuition informed him, he absolutely must not touch those Liveless Qi, or otherwise he would suffer!

“No? What’s bad about it?”

Just then, a laugh came over his head.

Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body appeared; he stepped on his Firestorm Wheels, appeared above Liu Hualong. He also had a black club in his hand as he swung it down heavily.

That black club was a lethal weapon that Xu Que always liked to use to deal with those aces. A single strike would knock them off. It was much more feasible than Liu Rufeng’s Long Halberd made from the Purple Sky Age Metal!

“Humph! Replica? You’re too inexperienced!” Liu Hualong snorted coldly, and he didn’t pay much attention to Xu Que’s black club; he didn’t even raise his head. He immediately forced a change in his direction and pulled his body back with brute force.


The attack from Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body struck the air; it was a useless attack.

That was his first failure to ambush someone, and it was also a disadvantage of the black club; if the strength between the two opponents was too huge, when his opponent was faster than him, it was difficult for him to complete his chain of sneak attacks.

“Did… Did brother-in-law practice the replication art?” Lan Hetu was surprised at his replica and looked astonished.

Lan Xinyue was also slightly dumbfounded, but she was tensed.

She didn’t think Xu Que’s replica was that strong. The only dreadful thing for his opponent was that Xu Que could control the Rules of Life and Death in that place. But now Liu Hualong’s speed was comparable to Xu Que, it Xu Que couldn’t stop him in his pace, even if Xu Que’s Liveless Qi was strong, it wouldn’t work if he couldn’t strike Liu Hualong!

It was precisely because of that, Xu Que condensed a large amount of Liveless Qi, but didn’t unleash it; from the start, he had only pinched it in his palm, his real body had been looking for opportunities and directions to attack, and only letting his replica combatted with Liu Hualong!

Hence, the situation wasn’t optimistic now, because she knew Liu Hualong was a strong veteran in the Earth Celestial Stage, and he hadn’t even revealed all of his real ability!




Just then, over the mansion of the Sword Pavilion, Xu Que’s Thunder Illusion Body and Liu Hualong were fighting back and forth. Both of them had their speed at its extreme. They could hardly see their figures and traces. They could only vaguely see the constant collision of Magic Art in the air, and the Void was contorted from the blasts in all directions.

On the street, there were also numerous onlookers; most of them were from various forces from the inn previously.

They witnessed Xu Que who was fighting with Liu Hualong, the ace in the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage; countless people on the scene were incredibly shocked and in disbelief.

After all, Xu Que was merely a young cultivator in Initial Stage of the Half Celestial Stage. After relying on Celestial Artifact to increase his speed, he was on par with Liu Hualong; his strength was notable. In short, that dude was very strong. He couldn’t be compared to an ordinary man in his Initial Stage of the Half Celestial Stage!

“We’ve overlooked, this fellow actually has a replica, and he used it to fight with Liu Hualong for so long. His strength and foundation are beyond our imagination!”

“His replica looks weird!”

“Even the Celestial Artifact was the same. There’s a replica for Celestial Artifact too?”

“Hey, look! That replica had a black club in his hand!”

“It wasn’t the one Liu Wenfeng used earlier. His is more ordinary, looks like it’s made from wood!”

“Come on, can’t you read the situation? Liu Hualong hasn’t exhausted all his strength, on the contrary, that dude’s speed has begun to slow down!”

“Their difference is too huge!”

“Well, there’re many of such person, they’re too overconfident and became conceited. He made quite a scene while he dashed over to the Sword Pavilion, I’m afraid he can’t made it out.”

Most of the onlookers discussed and sympathized with Xu Que.

“Brother-in-law, we shouldn’t dragged on, let’s retreat!” Lan Hetu used the soundless communication to urge Xu Que.

He also anticipated that Xu Que wouldn’t be able to engage in a long battle with Liu Hualong. Instead of being exhausted to death, he might as well flee the area first.

“Da*n it. It’s a blunder!” Xu Que was fuming in anger.

He separated a part of his Soul Strength and Taoist Connotation, and helped Little Gold Clone set up the Void Interface Spell. Now, because he was short of a little bit of his Soul Strength and Taoist Connotation that he couldn’t achieve breakthrough in his speed. As a result, he couldn’t defeat Liu Hualong!

The key was that on their way there, he had already let Little Gold Clone began his set up of the Void Interface Spell, even if he recalled his Little Gold Clone, his Taoist Connotation would never be enough!


At the same time, Liu Hualong’s aura rose again. He didn’t have to do his best to deal with a Half Celestial or a Human Celestial before. But now Xu Que forced him to exert a similar strength to deal with people of his stage. Other than the shock he had, it made him more determined to kill Xu Que!

Otherwise, with Xu Que’s talent, if he broke through the Cultivation Stage again, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to restrain him, or even might not be able to win him in the fight!

A genius was often stifled in the cradle!


Liu Hualong hollered as he bolted across the sky; his sleeves were puffed up by the wind, strands of Celestial Core Power like silver silks gushed out from his arms and wrists, like several strands of long hair in snow-white, soaring in the air.


The crowd gasped in shock.

“This… This is the Celestial Art that raised Liu Hualong to his fame – Silver Silk Celestial Art! A Celestial Art that could make the opponent restraint themselves in an instant, unexpectedly that dude forced Liu Hualong to use this!”

“It seemed like that dude is remarkable!”

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“Unfortunately, this dude is going to die under the Silver Silk Celestial Art!”

At the mention of that, they shook their heads, but they were secretly ready to dash forward and rob Xu Que’s relics when he was dead!

However, Xu Que, who was in the air, was composed. He didn’t seem to realize the prowess of Liu Hualong’s Celestial Art. Instead, he exclaimed with surprise, “Wow, fellow townsman, why are your underarm hair so long? And it’s all in white? Does your daughter have the same problem too?”

After that, his sneaky eyes glanced towards the armpit of Liu Hualong’s wife who was just below!

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