Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1102

Chapter 1102: What Are You Going to Do? Do Some Killing!

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His words stunned all the people in the room. They stared at Lan Hetu in amazement.

I remember you said you wouldn’t call him brother-in-law!

This marriage hasn’t even been decided yet. How could you call him brother-in-law in such a cordial and natural way?

“Lan Hetu, you…are too rude!” After originally being stunned, Lan Xinyue scolded angrily.

“What’s wrong? Why can’t I hug my brother-in-law?” Lan Hetu asked shamelessly.

At this time, Xu Que couldn’t keep his seat anymore.


He thumped the table and said severely, “How dare you! Ms. Lan, you should discipline your younger brother!”

“What?” Lan Hetu was dumbfounded.

Does this mean my sister hasn’t established a relationship with my brother-in-law?

Lan Xinyue felt like she was going crazy. Her face got very red for she had never been so embarrassed. She had nothing to do with Xu Que. But her younger brother was calling Xu Que brother-in-law! Xu Que was quite angry about this, which totally embarrassed her.

Xu Que said, looking at Lan Hetu, “This is outrageous! Your name is Lan Hetu, right? We have known each other less than one day! How could you say you wanted to hug me? I would never say yes to such an unreasonable request! The point is this is really a bad habit! If you hug anyone just because they are handsome, you could be killed if the guy is a bad guy! Please avoid this in future, OK?”

Lan Hetu nodded his head immediately. “OK! Brother-in-law, I won’t make this mistake again!”

“Good! That’s the right attitude!” Xu Que nodded his head with a satisfactory smile.

Seeing that, the rest of the people in the surrounding area couldn’t help but roll their eyes.

It turns out that you were angry because Lan Hetu tried to hug you, right?

So, you are saying that Lan Hetu couldn’t hug you because you have only known each other less than one day! But he can call you brother-in-law, right?

Holy sh*t! The two of them are of the same mold! Finally, Lan Hetu has met someone with similar tastes!

Lan Hetu’s young classmates looked at Xu Que and Lan Hetu disdainfully to show their disgust toward their shamelessness!

“Come here, Hetu! This is the first time we have met each other. I really don’t know what gift I should give you. I don’t have any precious items. OK, just take a Celestial Artifact as a welcome gift!” Xu Que said as he drew a shabby hammer from his pocket with a smile. He had extorted this Inferior Celestial Artifact from the Good and Evil Village. Xu Que had disliked this Inferior Celestial Artifact for a long time. It was big and heavy with a spiked club. It was ineffective in fighting and didn’t conform to Xu Que’s temperament at all. He had placed it in the System package, where it had stayed for a long time. Now, he had decided to give it to this smart young man as a welcoming gift, which could also earn him some Acting Tough Points.

“It is…really a Celestial Artifact! Holy sh*t! Thank you, brother-in-law! You are awesome!” After being surprised, Lan Hetu received the hammer and held it in his arms with great joy.

The rest of the people and Lan Xinyue were totally dumbfounded. None of them expected Xu Que would be so generous that he would give an Inferior Celestial Artifact to Lan Hetu as a welcoming gift after such a short time.

Why? Is he stupid or really generous?

Could it be because Lan Hetu called him brother-in-law?

Immediately, a young man walked up and shouted sincerely, “Brother-in-law, I also have an elder sister who is extremely beautiful! You two would make a good couple! When we leave here, I will arrange a date for you!”

“Hey! What are you talking about? My brother-in-law will never do that!” Another young man also walked up and said, looking at Xu Que fervently, “Brother-in-law, I have several younger sisters! After leaving this place, you should visit us when you have time!”

“Sh*t!” Lan Hetu stood up and stopped them immediately, “You are just shameless scum! How dare you act like this in front of my elder sister! Don’t you believe I can hammer both of you to death?”

Are you kidding? My brother-in-law is so talented, generous, and rich! You can’t even find someone like him in the entire Xuanhuang Continent! I will never let you poach him!

“Hetu, what you said is incorrect! You brother-in-law is so extraordinary! It is quite normal for him to have a lot of wives! You can’t have him all to yourself!”


The two young men shouted.

“Shut up!” Finally, Lan Xinyue scolded them for she couldn’t stand it anymore. She had such a headache for she was almost being driven crazy by Lan Hetu and the rest of the young men. So she had to scold them as a Master.

She was totally embarrassed by Xu Que, who stood there with a satisfactory smile and even looked at the young men approvingly. What the hell is going on? These unreliable young men could only make trouble for me!

She was so angry that she was very anxious to beat up her younger brother who had betrayed her. Then she would ask him a question! Do you feel good giving your elder sister to a man who wants to sleep with an ant?

“OK, that’s enough! We should get down to business now!” Xu Que waved his hand and decided to stop fooking around. After obtaining the Void Interface Spell, he didn’t feel worried anymore for he could always find a chance to leave here.

“My fellow cultivator, where will you set up this spell?” Seeing that, Lan Xinyue asked seriously.

Their current situation looked bleak. They could be hunted down by the powerhouses from the Sword Pavilion and the Heaven Alliance at any time. Also, it was quite difficult to set up a Void Interface Spell. She thought the work could be finished in several months if all of them worked together.

Xu Que replied with a calm smile, “Sometimes a deathtrap is the safest place! Actually, I’ve already chosen the place. Do you remember the mountain I dug up in the eastern suburbs? Nobody would expect that we would set up the spell in that place!”

The eastern suburbs?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Most queen ants and nests of the Vital Ants are in that place, which is extremely dangerous! I’d rather stay in this hostel than go to that place!

“OK, my fellow cultivator, when will we go there?” Lan Xinyue asked, nodding her head.

She had witnessed the fight between Xu Que and a queen ant. She also knew the queen ants were intimidated by Xu Que’s identity. Therefore, the place of the Vital Ants was safest for them now.

However, Xu Que said with a smile as he waved his hand, “No, you won’t go there! I…no, one of my friends has started to set up the spell there. You should just stay in the hostel till you hear from me!”

“Your…friend?” Lan Xinyue was surprised by his words.

When Xu Que had arrived at this place, she was also there. She saw Xu Que show up alone! He didn’t have a friend here! The point was the consumption of True Core Strength and Soul Strength was extremely high to set up a Void Interface Spell. Even a cultivator at the Earth Celestial Realm would still need a long time to do that. So the work would be finished a lot earlier if more people participated in it. Why did this guy ask them to stay in the hostel?

“Right! My friend can finish this task alone! You just stay here!” Xu Que stood up and said with a smile.

In this place, except for Lan Xinyue and the rest of the people in this room, Xu Que didn’t have other friends. However, he had decided to set up the Void Interface Spell with his Little Gold Clone just like he did in the Celestial Burial Valley. In this way, he could avoid startling other people. Although there were a lot of queen ants in the eastern suburbs, Xu Que believed they couldn’t scare away the cultivators of the Earth Celestial Realm. If all of them went to the eastern suburbs, they would be spotted by many powerhouses and that would be quite troublesome! If they knew Xu Que had the Void Interface Spell and the Space-Breaking Spell, they would gang up to steal the spells in a heartbeat!

Xu Que didn’t want to take this risk. He only had one Void Interface Spell. If he failed to set it up, he would be trapped here forever!


Xu Que turned his back on everyone. A strand of golden light secretly flew out from between his eyes and dashed out of the window with the Void Interface Spell.

“Brother-in-law, does this mean we just sit here and do nothing?” Lan Hetu asked as he looked at Xu Que curiously, for he really wanted to know Xu Que’s plan.

Xu Que nodded his head, “Exactly! You just perform cultivation here and don’t make trouble! I will go out for a while!” Xu Que said, standing up and getting ready to leave.

Lan Hetu said with a wry smile, “Brother-in-law, how could we make trouble in such a situation? By the way, what are you going to do?”

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“I am going to do some killing!” Xu Que replied indifferently.

“Ah? Do some…killing?” Lan Hetu and the rest of the people were shocked.

“No! I can’t say I am going to do some killing!” Xu Que said with a smile. “I should say I am going to convey warmth to the Sword Pavilion, which is commonly known as plunder!”


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