Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1101

Chapter 1101: Why Does He Have So Many Treasures?

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Xu Que had only had a bit over 100,000 Acting Tough Points left. After killing Liu Wenfeng and his underlings, Xu Que had earned more than 40,000 Acting Tough Points, so that now he had altogether around 200,000 Acting Tough Points.

The Lucky Draw would need a lot of Acting Tough Points. If he failed to obtain the Void Interface Spell with the remaining 200,000 Acting Tough Points, he would have to use the 500,000 Acting Tough Points he had borrowed from the System.

You can get the loan easily without any risk or mortgage. The loan will be approved instantly!

This slogan was meaningless for Xu Que, because he didn’t plan to pay it back anyway. If worse came to worst, he would fight the thugs hired by the System again.


At the same time, Lan Hetu and the rest of the people couldn’t help but roll their eyes after hearing Xu Que’s words. They really wanted to pour cold water on Xu Que just now. They didn’t expect that he would ask them to shut up for he didn’t want to embarrass them.

This is really unacceptable! We suggested you get rid of your whimsical ideas out of good intentions. Why are you still so self-confident?

“Sister, I think we should figure out a method to deal with the Sword Pavilion! Otherwise, we are awaiting our doom here!” Lan Hetu said as he looked at Lan Xinyue. In the hostel, Lan Xinyue had given him 20 grains of the Vital Rice to elongate his life for over one year so he wouldn’t die soon. However, the revenge of the Sword Pavilion was coming, which worried him a lot.

“Master, we really need to find a way now. At least we should escape from this hostel first!”

“Right! We can hide outside the city, which is better than sitting still and awaiting our death here!”

“I’ve heard Liu Hualong, the leader of the Sword Pavilion, is the right-hand man of Li Tianxun who is the leader of the Heaven Alliance! I’m afraid the Heaven Alliance will also be implicated this time!”

These young men and women who were students in the Lihuo Academy were all making nervous suggestions. At this moment, they were looking at their Painting Master Lan Xinyue, who was their leader, and waiting for her order.

Xu Que had already been ignored by them. Although this guy was quite powerful, they didn’t think Xu Que could rival people of the Sword Pavilion.

After some hesitation, Lan Xinyue said, “Let’s follow the command of Lord Xu Que!”

Although she didn’t believe Xu Que could get out of this place, she felt they should have a try because she was kind of fascinated by Xu Que’s weird actions and mysterious identity. She thought they should try it even if there was only a glimmer of hope. Anything was better than being trapped in this deserted place for the rest of her life.

“What? Follow his command?” Lan Hetu and the rest of the people were shocked.

We will follow Xu Que’s command and try to figure out a plan to leave this deserted place! Are you kidding? His plan is never gonna work at all!

“Sister, you didn’t drink his magic potion, right?” Lan Hetu asked in terror.

Lan Xinyue said, “Close your mouth and wait here quietly!”

“I can’t close my mouth! Sister, although this guy is handsome, I remember you don’t judge a person according to his appearance!”


“Sister, stop rolling your eyes! Is there an ulterior motive between you and him?”


“Sister, please don’t tell me I will have to call this guy brother-in-law in the future! What I want to say is that I don’t agree with this marriage! This guy’s age is even lower than 100 years! So he is several hundred years younger than me!

“Lan Hetu, if you don’t close your mouth, I will stitch it up!” Lan Xinyue said angrily. Her younger brother was a good young man. But he was also a talkative guy who was full of fantasies!

“I…” Lan Hetu was scared away when he saw Lan Xinyue’s expression. At last, he added accusingly, “Anyway, I will never call him brother-in-law!”

“Shut up…”


Suddenly, Xu Que stood up from the chair and said with a joyful laughter, “Hah-hah! I made it at last!”

“My fellow cultivator, what do you mean?” Lan Xinyue asked Xu Que with puzzlement.

Xu Que was quite excited. He had spent all the remaining 200,000 Acting Tough Points in the Lucky Draw. Then he borrowed 500,000 Acting Tough Points from the System and used them in the Lucky Draw again. Finally, he managed to obtain a Void Interface Spell.

When Xu Que’s Lucky Aura was activated, the possibility that he could get something he needed from the Lucky Draw was quite high. He spent altogether over 500,000 Acting Tough Points to get what he wanted at last. Now, he still had over 100,000 Acting Tough Points and he was quite excited. The point was that it would not be very difficult for him to leave this place with the Void Interface Spell.

“I’ve found a way to leave this place!” Xu Que said with a smile as he took out the Void Interface Spell and showed it to everyone.

Lan Xinyue was stunned by the spell. The next moment, her expression changed abruptly.

“The Void Interface Spell? How…could this be?” She was totally shocked. This long-lost thing was much more precious than the Purple Sky Age Metal. According to the records in many ancient books, this kind of spell had been lost in the pre-historical period. Nobody knew how to make this spell.

Now, Xu Que took out such a spell, which was full of the aura of Void and the void runes. It was just like the spell described in those ancient books. This was definitely a real Void Interface Spell!

Lan Hetu and the rest of the people used to acquire the knowledge of ancient things in the history courses of their academy. After recognizing the Void Interface Spell, they were also stunned and they stared at Xu Que in disbelief.

Where does this guy come from?

“It turns out you also know this thing! That’s good! Then, let’s find a safe place, so that I could set up the Void Interface Spell there. I guess I will need one month to do that. After that, we can leave this place!” Xu Que said as he put away the spell with a smile.

“Wait!” Lan Hetu said suddenly. “Even if we have the Void Interface Spell, I’m afraid we can’t leave this place easily! As far as I know, the Void Interface Spell can only open a Void Interface Point. In other words, it could open a gap in the Void. However, the Void is too large! How would we find the Xuanhuang Continent?”

“What Hetu said this time is correct!” Lan Xinyue said as she nodded her head seriously. “Also, even if we manage to find the directions to the Xuanhuang Continent, I’m afraid we won’t arrive at our destination safely. The Void is too unstable, which is even more dangerous than this place. We can be crushed by a small Void Storm in it!”

“Oh! That’s what you’re talking about! Just don’t worry about it!” Xu Que said as he smiled.

“Don’t worry about it?” Lan Xinyue and the rest of the people were puzzled.

It is OK that you don’t worry about the Void Storm. But there are countless dangers in the Void which are more horrible than the Void Storms!

“Sure!” Xu Que nodded his head as he took out another spell and said with a smile, “Because I have the Space-Breaking Spell!”


Instantly, Lan Xinyue and the rest of the people were totally dumbfounded.

The…Space-Breaking Spell?

He has a Void Interface Spell! Now, he even has a Space-Breaking Spell!

My God! Why does he have so many treasures?

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His cultivation stage is not high. But he is almost as rich as those big shots of the Earth Celestial Realm!


Instantly, Lan Hetu stood up and patted Xu Que’s shoulder with his hand. Then he said with emotion and sincerity, “Brother-in-law! You are really awesome! Could I hug you?”


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