Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1100

Chapter 1100: Leave Here!

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This rod was the broken long halberd of Liu Wenfeng!

The spearhead of the halberd had disappeared. The remaining part of the halberd was just like a black rod. But it was larger than the black rod Xu Que used to knock his opponent unconscious. This rod was very heavy and the weight was about several thousand kilograms. When Xu Que touched it with his hand, he could feel the chilliness in it clearly.

“My fellow cultivator, could I have a look at this item?” At this time, Lan Xinyue said as she looked at the broken long halberd in Xu Que’s hand curiously.

“OK!” Without any hesitation, Xu Que handed the halberd to her.

This long halberd was made from a special material. He could feel the magnificent and violent Terrifying Spiritual Qi in it. The one who sealed these Terrifying Spiritual Qi in it must be an extraordinary expert!

“It is as I expected!” Lan Xinyue said seriously when she held the long halberd in her hands.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows, “Ms. Lan, do you know this item?”

“I don’t know its history. But the material used to make it is identical with the Purple Sky Age Metal recorded in the ancient books!” Lan Xinyue said in a low voice.

“Purple Sky Age Metal? Why is it unique?” Xu Que asked curiously. This was the first time for him to know this material. Since it was recorded in the ancient books, it must be quite extraordinary!

“There is a saying in the ancient books which goes like this. The age metal on the earth is as precious as the Venus in the Heaven! The Age Metal, which comes from the purple sky, is called the Purple Sky Age Metal! My fellow cultivator, it seems the long halberd you obtained is black. Actually, the color of it is the dark purple, which is very close to black. I believe it is made of Best-grade Purple Sky Age Metal!” Lan Xinyue said with a smile as she gave the long halberd back to Xu Que.

“According to what you said, I remember a poem in my hometown which is composed to describe this material!” Xu Que nodded his head as he received the long halberd. Then, he started to read the poem, “The Age Metal is passive and rigid. Fire can perfect or ruin it. Water can be restrained by it, but it can be refrained by wood!”

Lan Xinyue replied immediately, “Exactly! It is very difficult to refine Age Metal. As a passive and rigid metal, it should be forged by raging fire. However, it could be ruined by flames which are too violent. The heat control should be very precise! But this metal could restrain water element. Its property is closely linked to the Five Elements!”

“So, it is really a treasure!” Xu Que nodded his head with a smile.

Lan Xinyue also said by nodding her head, “It is quite extraordinary. I guess Liu Wenfeng also knew the Purple Sky Age Metal. If he was not pushed to the corner by you, he wouldn’t have used it. Thanks to him, this treasure belongs to you now!”

“Hah-hah, I believe Liu Wenfeng was not powerful enough to control this item! The Age Metal, which contains Terrifying Spiritual Qi, is extremely rigid. According to the rules of the Five Elements, this material is cold and ominous. One could use it to turn the tide. He could wound me during the combat because he had this item. However, this item could also have adverse impact on its user in a long run!” Xu Que said with a smile.

He didn’t know the Purple Sky Age Metal. But he knew something about the Age Metal.

It was a weird material. It could become efficient weapon for those who could make good use of them. However, it could also kill those who didn’t know how to use it.

He admired the expert who forged this weapon for this guy could seal the magnificent Terrifying Spiritual Qi in the halberd according to the property of the Age Metal. This forging method was quite rabid and the forging process would be extremely difficult. A tiny mistake might cause the death of the forger who would be devoured by the Terrifying Spiritual Qi!

It was a pity that this item was not invincible, although it was so precious!

If this extraordinary long halberd was not damaged, it must be an invincible weapon which was extremely lethal! However, it was broken, which meant it was not invincible! Now, it was just an Inferior Celestial Artifact with magnificent Terrifying Spiritual Qi. If it was used as a rod, it would be a reckless waste of precious item!

It seems I need to acquire the skills of forging equipment, so that I can forge it again! Xu Que murmured in his mind as he put the long halberd back into his System package.

An Inferior Celestial Artifact like this wouldn’t be deemed as a Celestial Artifact by the System. So, it could be put into the System package easily and it wouldn’t take up a Celestial Artifact Storage Grid. Otherwise, Xu Que would never be able to afford to put all the Inferior Celestial Artifacts he had into the package!

“My fellow cultivator, do you have any plan for the future? Liu Wenfeng has been killed. The Sword Pavilion will definitely seek revenge against you!” Lan Xinyue asked as she looked at Xu Que worriedly.

She knew the strength of the Sword Pavilion clearly. This sect had over 100 powerhouses at the Human Celestial Stage. Liu Hualong, the leader of this sect, had reached the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage! He could be deemed as one of the most powerful cultivators in this abandoned place.

“The Sword Pavilion will never intimidate me!” Xu Que said with a smile.

Lan Xinyue shook her head, “My fellow cultivator, I know you are powerful. But just because of your extraordinary strength, Liu Hualong will never attack you alone. If he finds reinforcement from other sects, I’m afraid…”

She was confident about Xu Que’s strength for he used to defeat a queen ant in the eastern suburbs alone!

But they were in the territory of human being where many sects were closely linked. It was impossible for Liu Hualong and his sect to have a foothold in this place alone. He must be backed by many sects which had interest relations with him.

She believed a lot of people didn’t want to see the annihilation of the Sword Pavilion. Therefore, Xu Que would definitely have to confront more than 1 powerhouse at the Earth Celestial Stage.

Lan Xinyue narrated the advantages and disadvantages to Xu Que, so that Xu Que could attach importance on it.

“Hmm, it seems I have to deal with them carefully! I need to prepare the plan to leave here now!” Xu Que nodded his head after hearing that.

Now, he was powerful enough to handle 1 or 2 powerhouses at the Earth Celestial Stage.

If he had to confront powerhouses at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage or 3 or 4 powerhouses at the Earth Celestial Stage, he would have a big problem!

His Reincarnation Palm was too slow for it was not easy to use the Rules of Heaven and Earth. Also, he couldn’t use it kill his opponents instantly. If a lot of enemies attacked him at the same time, he could do nothing but escape!

The point was that he also wanted to leave here to find Jiang Hongyan as soon as possible. He didn’t want to fight for the control power of this place. So, he didn’t want to waste his time in fighting people in this place!

“Leave here?” Hearing that, Lan Xinyue, Lan Xinyue and the rest young men and women were totally shocked.

Even they had witnessed Xu Que’s extraordinary strength, they didn’t believe Xu Que was able to leave here.

This was the abandoned fallen place! Nobody used to leave here since the ancient times. Even Li Tianxun, the leader of the Heaven Alliance at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage, had stayed in this place for several thousand years but failed to find a way to leave here.

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How could it be possible for a young cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage?

This was totally impossible!

“Exactly! I will leave here! Don’t be so surprised and don’t say it is impossible to leave here. As a merciful man, I don’t want to make a fool of yourselves in public! So, just sit beside me quietly and don’t talk!” Xu Que said with a smile. Then, he activated the lucky draw of the System directly.

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