Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1099

Chapter 1099: What a Unique and Extraordinary Rod!

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Liu Wenfeng’s broken long halberd appeared in Xu Que’s hand.

At this time, the onlookers came to themselves and started to look at Xu Que in terror.

They believed Liu Wenfeng was killed by Xu Que’s broken sword.

As a matter of fact, Xu Que reversed the tide by hitting Liu Wenfeng with the Lifeless Qi. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult for him to kill Liu Wenfeng.

Now, the long halberd was in his hand. Xu Que erased Liu Wenfeng’s remnant Mind Sense on the halberd before throwing it into the System package.

At the same time, Xu Que put away the storage rings of the guys he killed just now on the ground.

His proficient action in cleaning up the battlefield shocked the onlookers.

Apparently, this was not the first time for him to do so!

However, Xu Que was not happy at this time.

After killing several powerhouses at the Human Celestial Stage, he didn’t earn any Experience Point at all!

At the beginning, he thought these dead bodies were created by those guys’ magic arts or just replicas. However, when he found what he killed were not replicas but real bodies, he didn’t find any newly-earned Experience Points at all.

What’s going on?

Is something wrong with the System?

Xu Que frowned immediately. But he didn’t check the System. After all, the current situation was still quite dangerous for most onlookers were casting greedy eyes on his Vital Rice and Celestial Artifacts at this moment.

If he didn’t reveal his horrible strength just now, these onlookers would have attacked him together.

“Humph! The Sword Pavilion is just a piece of shit, which was defeated by only 1 member of the Exploding Heavens Faction!” At last, Xu Que stepped out as he sneered at the dead bodies on the ground. Then, he ignored the onlookers and stepped into the hostel after winking at Lan Xinyue.

Lan Xinyue figured out Xu Que’s intention. Then, she lifted Lan Hetu on his feet and went into the hostel together with the rest young men and woman at the Half Celestial Stage.

The onlookers on the street hesitated but didn’t dare to attack at last.

On the one hand, they were intimidated by Xu Que’s strength; on the other hand, Xu Que went into the hostel and didn’t leave here. They didn’t need to attack Xu Que in a hurry.

Xu Que also knew that. So, he didn’t leave here directly but chose to walk into the hostel fair and square.

At present, he tried to avoid head-on collisions with a lot of opponents because his wounds hadn’t been fully healed. Although the System’s Automatic Recovery Function was quite efficient, it was still not as fast as he imagined.

Then, his broken sword had been damaged and could be smashed if it was hit by other powerful Celestial Artifacts again. So, he had to take a break now.

Of course, the most important fact was the System!

He could always earn Experience Points when he killed cultivators at the Half Celestial Stage and the Human Celestial Stage before. However, he failed to earn any Experience Points after killing these cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage this time.

Xu Que doubted something wrong happened in the System. What if he couldn’t earn any Experience Points when he killed a lot of people later? It would be a great loss for him!

Now, he decided to solve this problem.

After coming into the hostel, Xu Que summoned the System immediately.

System, answer me! Why didn’t I earn any Experience Points just now? Now, you should pay me the Experience Points I earned just now and my mental damage compensation! Xu Que shouted in his heart.

The System replied calmly, “The Host has reached the Half Celestial Stage and is no longer a newbie anymore. The System won’t provide the Host with any guidance and assistance in future. Killing won’t bring any Experience Points. The Host is suggested to spend more time in performing cultivation, so that the Host could become an Immortal at an early date!”

“What? I can’t earn Experience Points by killing? Damn! Killing will be meaningless for me!” Xu Que widened his eyes immediately.

The most important reason for him to come to the World of Near Celestial was to find Jiang Hongyan and the rest people. Another reason was that there were a lot of powerhouses here, among which some powerhouses would be killed by him and bring him a lot of Experience Points!

He even planned to reach the Heaven Celestial Stage and the Golden Celestial Stage by accumulating Experience Points through killing in these years, so that he could dominate the World of Near Celestial.

He never expected this awesome function was not available anymore!

“Damn! This is totally unreasonable! Why do you insist on weakening me?” Xu Que was so annoyed for he was not used to upgrade through performing cultivation.

It was just like the life. One could always start a luxurious life from a simple one easily. However, it would be extremely difficult for one to start a simple life from a luxurious one.

“Before the Host crossed his Heavenly Tribulation, the System had sent a notification. The Host could check the notification list of the System!” The System replied calmly.

Xu Que checked the notification list immediately. Then, he found the System really sent him a notification before he crossed the Heavenly Tribulation. However, the notification was ignored by him.

For so long a time, Xu Que was tired of the System’s warning tones, which were mainly used to tell him the Act Tough Points and Experience Points he earned. Most of the time, he just switched off that function. He didn’t expect he omitted such an important notification.

But…even if it was not omitted, he still had no other choices.

He would reach the Half Celestial Stage sooner or later. It was impossible for him to stay in the Four Great Continents just for accumulating Experience Points!

After all, there were no powerhouses at the Human Celestial Stage or Half Celestial Stage in the Four Great Continents for him to kill. He had to cross his Heavenly Tribulation for it was impossible for him to earn Experience Points at the Great Vehicle Stage forever!

“Alas! Forget it! I can perform cultivation! It is never a big issue for me to be kind and merciful in future!” Xu Que chose to accept the fact soon!

After all, he knew it was impossible for him to accumulate Experience Points by killing forever!

Now, he would need a huge amount of Experience Points to realize each upgrade. If he accumulated Experience Points by killing people, the time he spent in killing would be same with the time he used to perform cultivation at last.

However, his Taoist Connotation and Soul Strength wouldn’t be improved if he accumulated Experience Points through killing. On the contrary, after performing cultivation and comprehending his Tao, his Taoist Connotation and Soul Strength would always be enhanced remarkably and merge with his body in a more efficient and solid way!

Therefore, after accepting the fact that he couldn’t earn Experience Points by killing, Xu Que decided to perform his cultivation steadily.

But he still needed to kill a lot of people to enhance the efficiency of his cultivation.

Before that, he killed people only for Experience Points and Act Tough Points. Equipment and properties of those who were killed by him would never be considered.

Now, he killed people for Act Tough Points and their belongings. He would obtain anything which could assist his cultivation, like the elixirs and Spiritual Crystals, etc. Also, Celestial Artifacts which could enhance his strength would also be his targets.

“My fellow cultivator!”

“My fellow cultivator, are you OK?”

A nifty voice came in at this time.

Xu Que came to himself and found Lan Xinyue and the rest young men and women were staring at him curiously.

Xu Que shook his head instantly, “I’m OK! I just can’t figure out a question!”

“Oh? What is the question that bothers you?” Lan Xinyue asked immediately.

Xu Que used to help her a lot. So, she always wanted to find an opportunity to repay him.

“Alas!” Xu Que sighed, “I am so lonely, empty and cold!”

“Ah?” Lan Xinyue was surprised by his words.

“Nothing! I don’t understand why people always want to fight me desperately. Is my handsomeness really that intolerable?” Xu Que asked gloomily.

The rest people were totally embarrassed by his words.

Why do people always want to fight you desperately?

I’m afraid I can’t agree with you!

Just now, Liu Wenfeng was trying to escape. But you stopped him and killed him directly!

And your handsomeness has nothing to do with this, OK?

“Eh…” Lan Xinyue said with an embarrassed smile. Then, she said by folding her hands at Xu Que, “I really appreciate your help this time. I don’t know how to repay you. For anything I can help you in future, I will do my best!”

“It’s OK! Please don’t mention it! By the way, Ms. Lan, please find me a room in this hostel. Although I don’t care to sleep with you in the same bed, I’m afraid my reputation could be impaired if anyone else knows about it for I am still an innocent boy!” Xu Que said seriously by waving his hand.

His words stunned Lan Xinyue and the rest people immediately.

Lan Hetu widened his eyes and really wanted to beat Xu Que up.

What are you talking about?

You don’t mind to sleep with my sister in the same bed? Nice try!

How could you have the nerve to say you are an innocent boy? Do you know my elder sister is still a virgin?

“My fellow cultivator, please hold on for a moment. I’ll handle it immediately!” At this time, Lan Xinyue said with a smile and ignored Xu Que’s words.

This was a world dominated by powerhouses who had the right to say anything!

However, Lan Xinyue also knew Xu Que meant no harm although he acted like a shameless rascal. If Xu Que really wanted to do something evil, she would have been subdued by Xu Que.

At last, Lan Xinyue prepared a luxurious room for Xu Que and even walked him to his room.

Xu Que always wanted to repay others’ kindness. When they entered his room, he invited Lan Xinyue and the rest people to drink tea with him.

Lan Xinyue didn’t want to reject him. So, all of them sat down in Xu Que’s room.

However, when all of them sat down, Xu Que said, “Please help yourself and make yourself at home!” Then, he started to sit in his chair motionlessly. It seemed he didn’t want to serve tea for his guests.

Of course, Lan Xinyue and the rest people didn’t dare to ask Xu Que to serve tea for them. So, they boiled water and made tea immediately.


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Just at this time, Xu Que waved his hand and took out a black rod from his crotch. Then, he started to play with it with a smile.

“What a unique and extraordinary rod!”

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