Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1098

Chapter 1098: This Guy is so Powerful!

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“He killed a powerhouse at the Human Celestial Stage with 1 sword!”

“How…could this be?”

“A Middle-grade Celestial Artifact! That broken sword must be a Middle-grade Celestial Artifact! Otherwise, he can’t kill that people so quickly!”

“No way! This guy has just reached the Half Celestial Stage. How could he control a Low-grade Celestial Artifact and a Middle-grade Celestial Artifact at the same time?”

“Could it be that he is one of the mysterious geniuses in the Heavenly Tripod List of the Xuanhuang Continent?”

“I don’t think so! He rose immortally to this place!”

“Nonsense! He definitely lied to us! All of us know this place has been abandoned for a long time. How could someone rise immortally to this place?”

The onlookers were talking about this issue in disbelief.

Xu Que’s attack totally shocked them. Most people in this area were at the Human Celestial Stage. If Xu Que could kill a powerhouse at the Human Celestial Stage easily, he could also kill any of them easily!

The point was that this guy was so powerful that he could control 2 Celestial Artifacts at the same time!

Even an ordinary powerhouse at the Human Celestial Stage couldn’t do that easily!

“How…dare you kill people of the Sword Pavilion?” Liu Wenfeng widened his eyes and stared at Xu Que in shock!

“Why can’t I do that? Nothing could intimidate members of the Exploding Heavens Faction! We just fight by underweighting the life and death! I did that because you’ve annoyed me!” Xu Que said with a cold smile as he raised his arm and pointed at Liu Wenfeng and his underlings. Then, he shouted coldly, “From now on, your sect will be replaced by the Exploding Heavens Faction!”


The next moment, along with the deafening sound created by the Firestorm Wheels, Xu Que disappeared again!

“Oh, no!” Liu Wenfeng and his underlings changed their expression and started to protect themselves with defensive magic arts!


A man of the Sword Pavilion just gave a play of his magic art. The broken sword appeared above his head. Then, it was smashed down heavily.

That man was cut into 2 halves and fell to the ground!

“Bastard! You…do you know my father is a powerhouse at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage?” Liu Wenfeng turned pale immediately for he had never sensed the smell of death in such a close distance.

He used to be fearless in this fallen place. He wouldn’t offend other sects easily. But he always bullied those who didn’t have backers!

Now, he was so nervous for a cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage was threatening his life.

“Your father has reached the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage? Heh-heh, how useless he is! One of my concubines is the owner of this place!”

Xu Que said with a disdainful smile.

In the sky, people could only hear his voice but were not able to track him at all!

However, nobody took his words seriously for nobody knew the owner of this place! They only knew it was a powerhouse who lived in an era which was tens of thousands of years ago. How could Xu Que know that guy? How could she be Xu Que’s concubine? Are you kidding?

Nobody believed Xu Que except Lan Xinyue!

A queen ant told her Xu Que’s identity. Now, Lan Xinyue, who was shocked, realized something!

After all, if Xu Que’s identity was true, nobody in this place dared to offend him. He could be so arrogant because he had a powerful backer!

At the thought of this, Lan Xinyue let out a sigh of relief. Although she didn’t know why Xu Que appeared alone, she knew Xu Que should have more measures according to his style. Normal people would never act like that!

The point was that he didn’t know Xu Que was not a normal people at all!

This guy would always act tough regardless of the consequence as long as his life wouldn’t be ended soon.

F*ck the Sword Pavilion! F*ck the Earth Celestial Stage!

I will just kill them when I can!




Along with the deafening sound of the Firestorm Wheels in the sky, Liu Wenfeng’s guards were killed one after another!

They tried to fight back and protect themselves with powerful magic arts. However, nothing could stop Xu Que from killing them!

If Xu Que hadn’t reached the Half Celestial Stage, he would turn away and run when he came across those men.

Now, his strength had been enhanced remarkably. As a cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage, he could defeat several powerhouses at the Human Celestial Stage easily with the assistance of 2 Celestial Artifacts!

“I’ll kill you!”

At last, Liu Wenfeng shouted angrily as he took out an Inferior Celestial Artifact. It was a headless black halberd, which was just like a rod with a broken end. It seemed the halberd had a long history.

He didn’t want to take it out easily because this broken long halberd, which was made of a special material, had an extraordinary history. He worried someone would rob it from him. All people who used to see this halberd had been killed by him. Now, he was not able to kill so many people in this area.

He knew his life was endangered. So, he decided to use it now.

Although Xu Que’s strength had been enhanced by the 2 Celestial Artifacts remarkably, Liu Wenfeng believed he could rival Xu Que with the help of his Celestial Artifact.


Liu Wenfeng waved the broken long halberd, which distorted the Void and made a dull sound.

“What?” Xu Que changed his expression abruptly.

He had also sensed the strength of that broken long halberd for his broken sword also sensed the pressure from the halberd. The point was that that rod was giving off violent Terrifying Spiritual Qi as if something was being locked in the rod and could burst out at any time!


The rod collided with the broken sword, which created an ear-piercing sound and many sparkles.

Crack! Fractures appeared in the broken sword directly. Xu Que was even knocked back as he spat out fresh blood. His hand which held the sword was torn apart and bleeding seriously.

More ominous still, all his vital organs were wounded by the impact and he even felt a gust of horrible chilly energy was eroding his body.

He would have fallen to the ground if he didn’t have the support of the System’s Automatic Recovery Function!

The Terrifying Spiritual Qi from the ancient times! Xu Que was totally shocked.

He was so familiar with the Terrifying Spiritual Qi.

Because of the Terrifying Spiritual Qi, he was not able to reach the Void Training Stage. So, he had to give his cultivation achievements to his Taoist Body together with his Terrifying Spiritual Qi. Then, he restarted the cultivation from 0. After reaching the Form Synthesis Stage, he merged with his Taoist Body and cleansed the Terrifying Spiritual Qi in his body. Now, his Taoist Body had become his Little Gold Clone which was staying between his eyes.

Now, he sensed a gust of more powerful Terrifying Spiritual Qi in this broken long halberd, which was more intense than his Terrifying Spiritual Qi in those years for several thousand times!

In front of this broken long halberd, his Terrifying Spiritual Qi was just like a drop of water which could be negligible in a sea.

“ are still alive? How could this be?”

At the same time, Liu Wenfeng was also shocked in disbelief.

This broken long halberd was his ace card. Although it was just an Inferior Celestial Artifact, its effect was quite weird and horrible, which made him invincible among his peers.

He could kill a cultivator at the Human Celestial Stage or the Half Celestial Stage with 1 stroke. His opponent would always be frozen and shattered on the spot.

However, this long halberd would lose efficiency when he had to confront a cultivator at the Earth Celestial Stage. He used to have a friendly competition with his father. The long halberd was no longer that powerful. But his father also failed to make a scratch on the long halberd with his Low-grade Celestial Artifact.

Therefore, he was sure this long halberd was extraordinary. It was highly possible that the material which was used to make this halberd was the long-lost Purple Sky Age Metal recorded in the ancient books.

But he failed to kill a cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage with this long halberd, which was totally unacceptable for him!

“Heh, you want to kill me? That’s impossible!” Xu Que, whose wounds had been healed rapidly with the help of the System’s Automatic Recovery Function, said with a smile. Then, he looked at his broken sword and said by shaking his head, “But…I didn’t expect you could create a fracture on my sword! It seems you have to compensate me with the black rod in your hands!”

After saying that, Xu Que raised his broken sword and dashed towards Liu Wenfeng by stepping on the Firestorm Wheels again.

This time, he didn’t dare to underestimate Liu Wenfeng anymore. The deafening sound of the Firestorm Wheels meant he was almost as fast as a powerhouse at the Earth Celestial Stage!


The noise created by the Firestorm Wheels was echoing in this area, which was filled with Xu Que’s magnificent kill intent. Now, his speed was so fast that nobody could track him in the sky anymore.

Liu Wenfeng was waving the broken long halberd seriously. Although he failed to kill Xu Que with 1 stroke, he knew the long halberd was more powerful than he imagined, which even damaged Xu Que’s broken sword. So, he believed he could use it to protect him from Xu Que’s attacks.

However, he was dumbfounded soon.

Countless Vital Energy and Lifeless Qi gathered in the sky. The Yin and Yang were merging with each other.

The next moment, a strand of lifeless black light descended and rushed into his chest along the long halberd.


Instantly, Liu Wenfeng turned pale and spat blood. He was totally terrified.

The Rules of Life and Death?

Are these the Rules of Life and Death in this world? It can deprive people’s life-span!

No! That’s impossible!

How could a young cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage know this magic art?

Does it mean this guy is really related to the owner of this world?

At the thought of this, Liu Wenfeng looked up and tried to say he had discovered a secret.

He believed all people in this area would attack Xu Que if he revealed this secret. After all, nobody could resist the tempt of controlling the rules of life and death in a world!


However, when Liu Wenfeng just uttered one word, a gust of violent wind swept past his head.

A broken sword appeared and was smashed down like a strand of light.


Along with a dull sound, Liu Wenfeng was cut into 2 halves. Then, his body fell in 2 direction and his face was till full of surprised expression.

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The entire street was dropped into a dead silence instantly.

All onlookers were dumbfounded as they looked at the dead body of Liu Wenfeng and his underlings as well as Xu Que who was still standing in a pool of blood. Now, only 1 thought was echoing in their mind – This guy…is so powerful!

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