Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1097

Chapter 1097: What an Ostentatious Guy!

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Along with the deafening sound of wind, fire and thunder, Xu Que took out his broken sword as he jumped up into the sky by stepping on his Firestorm Wheels.

Like a ghost, his speed was so fast that only the noise created by him could be heard but it was very difficult to track him in the sky.

“Celestial Artifacts?”

“This guy has 2 Celestial Artifacts!”

“Oh, no! Retreat!”

Instantly, those men of the Sword Pavilion changed their expression and retreated rapidly.

They were not idiots. When they saw Xu Que’s Celestial Artifacts, they knew the strength gap between them and Xu Que had been reduced.

They might look down upon a cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage. However, a cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage who had 2 Celestial Artifacts would impose substantial threats to them!

Moreover, almost no cultivator in this world could use 2 Celestial Artifacts at the same time easily!

Except for those most talented geniuses, it was absolutely impossible for ordinary cultivators!

“My God! The metallic wheels below his feet are Low-grade Celestial Artifacts!”

“The broken sword in his hand is more horrible! I guess it is at least a Middle-grade Celestial Artifact!”

Immediately, the onlookers started to talk about Xu Que in terror!

None of them expected a young cultivator who had just risen immortally to this place could be so wealthy!

“This guy…Damn! I misjudged him!” Wang Qiannian was totally shocked. If he knew Xu Que had 2 Celestial Artifacts, he would never send Xu Que away. On the contrary, he would invite Xu Que to join his sect and tried to coax away 1 of Xu Que’s Celestial Artifacts!

At the same time, Liu Wenfeng, the Young Master of the Sword Pavilion, stood up on the 2nd floor of the hostel. His face was full of pleasant surprise.

Although he had obtained a Celestial Artifact, it was just an Inferior Celestial Artifact, which was far inferior to Xu Que’s equipment.

He was at the Human Celestial Stage. If he could obtain a Middle-grade Celestial Artifact, he would be as powerful as a cultivator at the Earth Celestial Stage, which could enhance the strength of the Sword Pavilion remarkably.

“Nobody is allowed to retreat! This guy stole Celestial Artifacts from our Sword Pavilion! Those who could capture him will have 50 grains of Vital Rice as reward!” Liu Wenfeng shouted immediately.

He knew the other sects would also cast greedy eyes on Xu Que’s Celestial Artifacts. So, he announced Xu Que’s Celestial Artifacts were stolen from the Sword Pavilion directly. Then, he could take those Celestial Artifacts away from Xu Que reasonably.

“I stole your Celestial Artifacts? Hah-hah, interesting!” Xu Que laughed loudly for Liu Wenfeng’s frame-up had no technical content at all!

He took out several hundred grains of Vital Rice from his crotch and shouted, “Guys, this Liu Wenfeng sneaked into my pigpen last night and raped the old sow I have raised for 3 years! He is a pervert! Those who could capture him will have 600 grains of Vital Rice as reward!”


Instantly, all people in this area couldn’t help but gasp.

They didn’t believe Liu Wenfeng could rape a sow. They were shocked by Xu Que’s huge reward!

It was quite ostentatious for Liu Wenfeng to give a reward of 50 grains of Vital Rice. They didn’t expect Xu Que could throw out 600 grains of Vital Rice directly! What an ostentatious fat cat!

“How could this be? He…he has just stayed in this world for 1 day! How could he have so many Vital Rice?” Wang Qiannian was totally shocked again.

He guessed Xu Que could have so many Vital Rice because Xu Que had found a big secret. But he stopped Xu Que from joining the Generosity Sect. If the leader of his sect knew this, he would definitely be severely punished!

At the thought of this, Wang Qiannian’s forehead was covered by cold sweat.

On the 2nd floor of the hostel, Liu Wenfeng was quite angry. He thought his reward of 50 grains of Vital Rice was attractive enough. However, Xu Que slapped his face by throwing out 600 grains of Vital Rice directly! It was absolutely a humiliation for him!

“Humph! Do you think someone could attack the Sword Pavilion for just 600 grains of Vital Rice? You are daydreaming!” Liu Wenfeng snorted as he stared at Xu Que with his eyes which were full of kill intent.

Xu Que said nothing but stood in the air by stepping on the Firestorm Wheels with a calm smile.

He didn’t worry the exposure of his Celestial Artifacts and Vital Rice for he was sure the Reincarnation Palm was also effective on human being, which meant he had obtained an ace card in this world.

Thanks to the Rules of Heaven and Earth in this world, the Reincarnation Palm had become a horrible magic art here. The Reincarnation Palm would not be so powerful in other worlds. However, he had controlled the life and death in this world. He believed he could defeat 1 or 2 powerhouses at the Earth Celestial Stage directly.

Therefore, Xu Que was quite calm at this moment. So, he started to act tough with safety.

“Hmm, what you said is right! 600 grains of Vital Rice are not enough! How about 6,000 grains of Vital Rice?”

Xu Que said with a smile. Meanwhile, he waved his hand to take out several thousand grains of Vital Rice. Then, he shouted, “Anyone who can cut off Liu Wenfeng’s head and dick will get 6,000 grains of Vital Rice from the Exploding Heavens Faction as reward!”


Instantly, his words shocked all people in this area, who were not able to keep calm anymore.

6,000 grains of Vital Rice?

Even the Sword Pavilion is not able to take out so many Vital Rice all at once!

Where the hell did this guy find so many Vital Rice?

“F*ck!” Wang Qiannian shouted in surprise and almost spat blood. He knew he would really be severely punished.

“Hey! What are you waiting for? Do you think 6,000 grains of Vital Rice are still not enough? OK! OK! These Vital Rice are nothing for the Exploding Heavens Faction! This is the final value! 10,000 grains of Vital Rice! Those who could cut off Liu Wenfeng’s head and dick will have 10,000 grains of Vital Rice as reward!” Xu Que increased the reward again as he took out all Vital Rice he had.

All Vital Rice he extorted from the queen ant were here!

The onlookers believed he should have numerous Vital Rice according to his tone.

At this moment, all people in this area were totally dumbfounded.

This was unprecedented for nobody would offer so many Vital Rice as a reward to get one person’s life!

In fact, a lot of people, who were attracted by the reward, were about to take action.

To earn 10,000 grains of Vital Rice by killing the Young Master of the Sword Pavilion was a profitable business for them, even they would start a feud with the Sword Pavilion.

“Young Master, please leave here immediately!” Those men of the Sword Pavilion, who had gone back to the hostel, said seriously.

Liu Wenfeng was also quite worried. He knew he had become the target of countless people here. One moment ago, he still acted unscrupulously. Now, he had become a rat crossing the street!

He never expected Lan Xinyue could find such a wealthy companion. The point was that this guy was just at the Half Celestial Stage, but he acted ostentatiously and said he was from the Exploding Heavens Faction!

Liu Wenfeng had stayed in this world for so many years. But he had never heard of a sect of which the name was Exploding Heavens Faction!

“Humph! Lan Xinyue, you and your younger brother are quite lucky today! Retreat!”

At last, Liu Wenfeng decided to give up.

He didn’t want to risk his life for just one woman!

Moreover, he could find more opportunities to seek revenge in future!

He thought Xu Que would definitely be killed after exposing his secrets like the Celestial Artifacts and the Vital Rice. He would kill Xu Que in future. Then, Lan Xinyue would still be subdued by him.


Along with a dull sound, Liu Wenfeng dashed out from the hostel and landed among his underlings.

Then, they started to walk back vigilantly.

Lan Xinyue let out a sigh of relief. She rushed up and held Lan Hetu in her arms. Then, she looked at Xu Que in a grateful but worried way.

She was a smart woman and knew clearly that Xu Que wouldn’t survive in this world if he always acted arrogantly like this!

The rest people in this area didn’t move. Since Liu Wenfeng decided to retreat, they didn’t dare to attack him. After all, Xu Que would also make concessions to avoid trouble. If they killed Liu Wenfeng, nobody would guarantee they could get 10,000 grains of Vital Rice from Xu Que!

If this guy refused to offer the reward, they would throw the helve after the hatchet!

“What? Who told you that you can go now?”

Just at this time, Xu Que said as he looked at Liu Wenfeng and his underlings coldly.

Liu Wenfeng was annoyed immediately. He shouted angrily, “Bastard! Don’t try to reach out for a yard after taking an inch! What else do you want?”

“Nothing! Just your life! Since nobody wants to kill you, I have to do it myself!”

Xu Que said with a smile. Then, along with a deafening sound created by his Firestorm Wheels, Xu Que disappeared on the spot!

The next moment, the entire area was filled with magnificent kill intent!

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After that, along with a crisp sound, a man at the Human Celestial Stage, who was standing in front of Liu Wenfeng, was cut into 2 halves by a broken sword. His fresh blood started to splash.

Instantly, all onlookers were totally shocked.

This guy…really starts to kill them!

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