Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1096

Chapter 1096: A Daylight Robbery

Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Humph! Lan Xinyue, your younger brother Lan Hetu was caught red-handed when he tried to steal 10 grains of Vital Rice from our Young Master. Our Young Master asked us to take him back for punishment. If you have something to say, just go to our Young Master and tell him directly. Now, he is waiting for you in your room!”

A man at the Human Celestial Stage whose eyes were full of sarcasm said as he looked at Lan Xinyue coldly.

“Bullshit! You placed the Vital Rice outside the door of my room. When I tried to pick them up, you rushed up to capture me and frame me for stealing!”

Lan Hetu shouted angrily, “Sister, their Young Master Liu Wenfeng coverts your beauty. Last time, you rejected him. So, he tried to force you to be with him in this way. Don’t be fooled by him. I will die tomorrow anyway. Just leave me to them!”

“Liu Wenfeng!”

Lan Xinyue murmured this name. Then, she trembled a bit as she looked up at the second floor of the hostel.

At this time, a young man with a delicate complexion was smiling at her sarcastically as he sat by the window.

Lan Xinyue stared at him and shouted angrily, “Liu Wenfeng, you said my younger brother stole 10 grains of Vital Rice from you. I will return 10 grains of Vital Rice to you! OK?”

“Heh-heh, that’s not enough!” Liu Wenfeng said with a smile as he shook his head, “Ms. Lan, as you said, if anyone who steal things from our Sword Pavilion and return the stolen goods to us later, we should pretend that nothing is happened, right?”

“Then, what do you want?” Lan Xinyue asked in a shaky voice.

Actually, she knew the answer in her mind.

“What do I want? You come upstairs and let’s have a talk. Then, you’ll know what I want!” Liu Wenfeng replied with a laughter. Then, he stood up and said to his underlings, “What are you waiting for? Get this guy back and I’ll punish him tomorrow!”

“As you wish!” Those men of the Sword Pavilion replied. Then, they dragged Lan Hetu out of the hostel.

“Stop! You…you are outrageous!” Lan Xinyue shouted as she ran out to chase those men.

However, those men of the Sword Pavilion ignored her. They jumped up into the sky by dragging Lan Hetu with them and were about to leave.


Suddenly, a figure rushed up and bumped those men heavily.

Those men were knocked down to the ground together with Lan Hetu. All of them felt lightheaded.

Apparently, this bump was quite violent!

“My fellow cultivator!”

Lan Xinyue rushed up and was shocked by what she saw.

Because that figure was Xu Que.

After bumping those men, Xu Que, who was unscratched, just stood there with a smile.

Now, this place was full of onlookers, including those who used to meet Xu Que on the square. One of them was Wang Qiannian from the Generosity Sect!

Now, he was quite shocked as he shook his head slightly.

“Wang Qiannian, you know this guy? I haven’t met him before!” A young girl, who was standing beside Wang Qiannian, noticed his expression and couldn’t help but ask.

Wang Qiannian replied with a reverent smile, “My lady, this guy is quite weird. He rose immortally to this place this morning. I found he has just reached the Half Celestial Stage and didn’t hire him!”

“He rose immortally to this place?” The young girl was surprised for nobody used to rise immortally to this place before.

“Yes! But this guy is unsophisticated. He is gentle and graceful. So, I told him to earn Vital Rice by having sex with the women in the streets. I didn’t expect he despised that very much. At that time, I knew this guy is a righteous young man. As expected, he is trying to help the weak now!”

After that, a strand of pity appeared in Wang Qiannian’s face.

Cultivators at the Half Celestial Stage like Xu Que were the weakest people in this world. He didn’t expect Xu Que could jump out to make troubles, which was suicidal!

“How dare you!”

At the same time, those men of the Sword Pavilion stood up from the ground and shouted as they stared at Xu Que angrily, “You…”

“You son of a bitch! Don’t you have eyes? Didn’t you see I was coming” Before those men finished their words, Xu Que cursed angrily, “This is outrageous! How dare you bump me in the broad daylight! Look at my handsome face! Damn! You can’t afford to pay for my loss if you ruin my face!”

Instantly, all the rest people in this area were shocked.

Lan Xinyue widened her eyes.

Wang Qiannian was dumbfounded on the spot.

Xu Que was cursing shamelessly as if he was wounded during the bump, which stunned the onlookers completely.

Even the young girl couldn’t stop but glance at Wang Qiannian.

So, this is your gentle, graceful and righteous young man, right?

He is absolutely a rascal!

At this time, anger disappeared from Xu Que’s face. He pointed his finger at those men of the Sword Pavilion and said calmly, “OK, I don’t want to hear your explanation! Just give me 1000 grains of Vital Rice, so that I could get over this shock! As for the compensation of my mental anguish, we can talk about it later!”

1000 grains of Vital Rice? Help you to get over a shock?

Instantly, those men of the Sword Pavilion were more stunned.

The rest people in this area were even more dumbfounded.

Has he lost his mind?

He made unfounded counter charges and even tries to extort those men!

Some onlookers knew why Xu Que did that.

He did that to pay the Sword Pavilion back in the same coin of extortion.

The point was that Xu Que’s extortion was quite casual, which was more like a daylight robbery!

“You are seeking death!”

At last, those men of the Sword Pavilion came to themselves. Then, they started to attack Xu Que with magnificent Spiritual Qi.

“Hey! Hey! You don’t want to compensate me after bumping me! Now, you are going to silence me by killing me, right? You are totally outrageous!” Xu Que said with a wicked smile. Meanwhile, he dodged those men’s attack with the Three Thousand Volts Lightning by stepping on the magnificent lightnings.

After all, those men of the Sword Pavilion were at the Human Celestial Stage! Even they were just at the Initial Stage, Xu Que didn’t dare to have a head-on collision with them!

But it didn’t mean he wouldn’t fight back!


Xu Que made a circle with his 2 palms. A cloud of thin Lifeless Qi appeared in his palms. Then, he smashed down his Dark Heavy Buster Sword!

A strand of black Lifeless Qi dashed forward together with the formless air waves.

“Insignificant skill!” Those men of the Sword Pavilion sneered as they placed their arms in front of their body to defend Xu Que’s attack directly.

For them, Xu Que’s attack with his Dark Heavy Buster Sword was useless. After all, he was just at the Half Celestial Stage, who couldn’t rival them at all!

It would be a humiliation for a powerhouse at the Human Celestial Stage who couldn’t defend the magic art of a cultivator at the Half Celestial Stage!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Along with several dull sounds, the air waves created by the Dark Heavy Buster Sword landed on the arms of the men of the Sword Pavilion.

They were pushed back for several steps but were not wounded at all.

“Humph! How dare you act recklessly when you are so incompetent?” Those men of the Sword Pavilion snorted immediately.

However, all of them and the onlookers in this area didn’t know Xu Que’s Lifeless Qi had gone into their body when the air waves landed on their arms.

Heh-heh, this is interesting! I didn’t expect it could work! After a short while, a strand of smile appeared in Xu Que’s face.

He launched a fake attack with his Dark Heavy Buster Sword. Actually, he tried to check whether he could obtain life-span by injecting the Lifeless Qi into the body of these people.

After all, he had just tested the Reincarnation Palm on that queen ant. As a result, he obtained a lot of life-span. According to the rules of scientific research, without human subject research, a research should not be deemed as successful!

So, Xu Que decided to take this opportunity to check whether the Reincarnation Palm was still be effective upon human being!

Now, he had reached a conclusion that the Reincarnation Palm was effective on human being and Vital Ants!

Therefore, the conclusion was he had obtained an ace card to deal with the cultivators at the Earth Celestial Stage!

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So…it is time to show off the real skill of acting tough!

“Come forth, my Firestorm Wheels!

Come forth, my broken sword and Sword Spirit!”

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