Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1095

Chapter 1095: Let My Younger Brother Go!

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“The Jade Lake? I guess you are talking about a sect which is not in the Xuanhuang Continent. Although I used to stay in the Xuanhuang Continent for many years, I didn’t have the chance to know something about the Earth Continent and the Heaven Continent. So, I can’t help you with this! Also, you could find someone comes from the 3 academies. They have some cultivation lands, which could be used to contact people from the other 2 continents. Maybe they could have more information about that!”

After saying that, Lan Xinyue shook her head and said with a wry smile, “But it is impossible for people from the 3 academies to come down to a place like this…”

“Come down to? How did you come to this place?” Xu Que asked curiously.

Now, he was basically sure that the Jade Lake was not a sect in the Xuanhuang Continent.

When he said he knew the Holy Virgin of the Jade Lake very well in front of people of the 3 academies, they were all shocked. But Lan Xinyue and Wang Qiannian knew nothing about the Jade Lake. Apparently, the Jade Lake was not in the Xuanhuang Continent!

When he saw Lan Xinyue’s expression, he was quite curious about how they came to this place. It seemed they had been trapped here and were not able to leave.

“I don’t know the story of others. I came here to find my younger brother. 5 years ago, he came out to gain experience together with his classmates in the Lihuo Academy. They offended some people, who chased them to the lost forbidden place of the Xuanhuang Continent. Nobody in the Xuanhuang Continent dares to approach that place. When I knew they were trapped in that forbidden place, I came to find them. I didn’t expect we were teleported to this place when we entered that forbidden place!” Lan Xinyue said in a low voice.

“As you said, you’ve stayed in this place for 5 years! Haven’t you found a way to leave here?” Xu Que asked.

Lan Xinyue was stunned by his question. A strand of despair appeared in her eyes. She said by shaking her head, “It is so difficult to survive in this place, let alone run away from it! My fellow cultivator, actually, I want to tell you something, but I don’t know whether it is appropriate!”

“Since you’ve said in this way, please tell me!” Xu Que said by rolling his eyes.

Lan Xinyue said in a low voice with her lips closed, “What I want to say is that just stop asking about the Jade Lake! Even you really find some information about it, it is impossible for you to leave here! You should have heard that the Heaven Alliance is the largest sect in this place. But you don’t know their leader Li Tianxun, who is a powerhouse at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage, has been trapped in this place for over 3,000 years!”

After saying that, Lan Xinyue lowered her voice again, “Except for those who have died, he is the most senior one among people trapped in this place! Even he is not able to leave here, what could we do?”

“Not really! In fact, leaving here is never a problem, which just needs some time and your cooperation!” Xu Que said with a smile.

If he couldn’t find an exit in this place, he had to use the Space Breaking Spell!

When he was in the eastern suburbs, he found there was no Void Interface Point in this place. So, he had to set up the Void Interface Spell. However, he didn’t have that spell now. So, he had to obtain it through lucky draw!

When could he get one through lucky draw? It was hard to say!

So, now he needed a lot of Act Tough Points to perform the lucky draw until he could get that spell from it!

Even he had a Void Interface Spell, he had to ask Lan Xinyue to use it. After all, the Space Breaking Spell could only take the user to a place where the user had gone before. Xu Que had never gone to the World of Near Celestial before. So, if he wanted to leave here, he had to ask Lan Xinyue to take him to the Xuanhuang Continent.

“My fellow cultivator, you…you said you know how to leave here, right?” Lan Xinyue changed her expression in disbelief.

Although she had stayed in this place for only 5 years, she was told by others that nobody could leave here. Now, Xu Que said he was able to leave this place. How could she stay calm?

The point was that Xu Que said that casually. It seemed he was not kidding but was quite confident about it. And he didn’t worry about he could be trapped here forever!

“Trust me! It is quite easy to leave here. What we need is only some time. And I will need your help then! However, I hope you could keep silent now. When the moment is ripe, I will tell you!” Xu Que said with a mysterious smile.

In this way, Xu Que earned several thousand Act Tough Points from Lan Xinyue who was totally shocked.

After that, Lan Xinyue received 20 grains of Vital Rice from Xu Que. Then, she hurried back to the city to elongate his younger brother’s life.

Xu Que, who was new here, had nowhere to go. So, he chose to follow Lan Xinyue.

On the way, he got more information about the World of Near Celestial from Lan Xinyue.

Originally, he thought the 3 continents of the World of Near Celestial were very far away from each other, which was just like the Four Great Continents.

But Lan Xinyue told him the 3 continents of the World of Near Celestial were not in the same level. One could only go up to the other 2 continents through a special channel!

Why was the term “go up” used here? Because the 3 continents were distributed vertically!

The Earth Continent was just above the Xuanhuang Continent. People on the Xuanhuang Continent were not able to see the Earth Continent with naked eyes. It was said that one could only reach the Earth Continent by flying through the sky! In the same way, the Heaven Continent was above the Earth Continent.

In other words, this was a world with 3 levels. The lowest level was the Xuanhuang Continent. The Earth Continent was in the middle level. The Heaven Continent was in the highest level!

Of course, if this abandoned world was also considered, there would be 4 levels in the World of Near Celestials! And this shabby place would definitely be the lowest level.

After hearing that, Xu Que was dumbfounded.

Apparently, he underestimated the World of Near Celestial. There were still a lot of things for him to know in this world, which would shock and stun him again and again!

“My fellow cultivator, it occurs to me that…”

Lan Xinyue stopped and said at this time.

Before she finished her words, she looked to the front and changed her expression abruptly. Then, she shouted in surprise, “What are you doing? Let my younger brother go!”


Lan Xinyue dashed forward immediately.

At this time, Xu Que saw an emaciated man at the Human Celestial Stage was being dragged out by several men at the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage from a small hostel.

Several young men and women at the Initial Stage of the Half Celestial Stage walked out of the hostel anxiously. It seemed they were companions of that emaciated man. They didn’t dare to stop those men.

When Lan Xinyue shouted and rushed up to him, the emaciated man changed his expression and shouted by straining every nerve, “Sister, don’t come closer! Anyway, I will die tomorrow! Just leave me to them!”

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“Shut up!” Lan Xinyue landed on the ground as she stared at the emaciated man.

Then, she turned to those men at the Human Celestial Stage and asked seriously, “My fellow cultivators, what do you mean by doing this? I don’t remember we used to offend your Sword Pavilion before!”

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