Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1093

Chapter 1093: Even Ants Can’t Escape from His Evil Talons!

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At this time, the queen ant roared angrily and crawled out of the mountain completely crazed. Behind its giant black head, its bloated body emerged, which was just like a giant white worm. Its body was several times larger than its head. The entire Queen Ant was as large as a small mountain!

Holy sh*t! This is so f*cking disgusting and ugly! Xu Que cursed to himself.

He had seen Queen Ants on Earth. However, he was still shocked by this enormous one!

“Taste my Reincarnation Palm!” Xu Que shouted again. Then he changed his position by stepping on the Firestorm Wheels as he rotated his hands to throw out the Lifeless Qi again.

After coming out of the mountain, the enormous Queen Ant dashed toward Xu Que.

However, Xu Que’s Firestorm Wheels were as fast as cultivators of the Earth Celestial Realm. So, Xu Que was as fast as the Queen Ant. Its determined attack missed its target of Xu Que.


Now, Xu Que attacked with the Reincarnation Palm. The black light beam which was full of Lifeless Qi landed on the Queen Ant’s ugly body heavily. The black matter went into the Queen Ant’s fat, white body and counterbalanced its Vital Force alarmingly!

Instantly, Xu Que had earned another ten years of life-span!

The Queen Ant was knocked down on the ground and started to roar angrily as it lost several hundred years more of its life-span.

“He, heh, heh, this is so nice! Did you see that, young lady? I said my unique skill was extraordinary!” Xu Que couldn’t help but show off in front of the woman with a proud smile.

The woman was dumbfounded, for she certainly hadn’t expected the result would be like this! Such a horrible and powerful Queen Ant, which could scare countless cultivators away, had been seriously wounded by Xu Que, who was only at the Half Celestial Realm! This was so unreal!

“OK! This time I will give it ten consecutive strikes! I hope I can earn 100 years of life-span!”

Xu Que decided to continue his attack. So, he started to rotate his hands rapidly again!


The Spiritual Qi around him started to agglomerate crazily. The Rules of Heaven and Earth also gushed toward him. Xu Que’s True Core Strength was also drained instantly. He wasn’t worried about it for he had the support of the System’s Automatic Recovery Function. Now he had decided to try and defeat the Queen Ant quickly and earn more Vital Force and life-span. In this way, he didn’t need to steal the Vital Rice again!

“Stop!” Suddenly, the enormous Queen Ant shouted angrily.

Xu Que was stunned. Then he calmed down. In the World of Cultivators, Demonic Beasts which had reached the Golden Core Stage would be intelligent. This Queen Ant would definitely be intelligent for it had reached the Earth Celestial Realm.

But he decided to continue his attack. You can’t stop me just by shouting at me! Xu Que sneered to himself as he continued his attack. However, he was dumbfounded the next moment.

That fat, ugly, and disgusting Queen Ant was covered by dazzling light.


All of a sudden, the dazzling light diminished along with a tiny sound. Then the mountainous Queen Ant became a sexy and gorgeous woman. Her private parts were covered by black armor. But her white slim legs were plainly visible!

On her head, there were a pair of cute antenna. She fixed her cute big eyes on Xu Que angrily.

“What a despicable human being! I don’t want to fight with you! Just get lost! There are so many queen ants in this area! Why do you target me?” The gorgeous woman who had been the ugly Queen Ant questioned him angrily.

Xu Que was stunned and he scratched his head. Then he turned to the woman at the foot of the mountain and asked, “Young lady, can this Queen Ant take human form?”

The woman was also dumbfounded. For so many years, she had never heard that the queen ants could take human form! After all, most of those who used to see them were either killed or escaped immediately. It was impossible for them to see any human forms of the queen ants!

“Eh, sorry, it is just a misunderstanding!” Xu Que laughed lamely, but his attack with the Reincarnation Palm did not stop at all.

Seeing that, the Queen Ant was so annoyed that it almost spat blood. Then it shouted at Xu Que angrily, “Nonsense! Apparently, you acquired this palm technique from that person! In those years, the Patriarch of our tribe—the Holy Mother of Queen Ants—was the maidservant of that person! Also, you are also the one chosen by Heaven like that person! I guess you must be her cultivation companion! Why do you bully our tribe?”


Hearing that, Xu Que raised his eyebrows and stopped his attack in shock.

The one chosen by Heaven? How could this Queen Ant know I have the Taiyi Heaven Book? Wait! Just now it said I am also the one chosen by Heaven! And it mentioned the cultivation companion!

Is it possible that…

Could it be…

The tough guy who changed the rules in this world is Xuanyuan Wanrong who is under the Celestial Burial Valley?

Holy sh*t! This is amazing! What a good opportunity to act tough!

Instantly, Xu Que threw out his chest and shouted loudly, “Humph! How dare you attack me when you know I am the cultivation companion of that person!”

“You…attacked me first! And you didn’t tell me your identity just now! So I didn’t know you are her cultivation companion!” The Queen Ant explained in a hurry.

Actually, when Xu Que had first appeared, it had started to doubt Xu Que’s identity. When it started to fight with Xu Que, the Queen Ant sensed that Xu Que’s aura was identical with that of the one chosen by Heaven. Also, Xu Que could control the Rules of Life and Death in this world. So the Queen Ant was able to basically confirm the relationship between Xu Que and that person.

However, the Queen Ant had tried to seize Xu Que’s treasure. It didn’t expect that it had failed to break the restrictions of the Rules of Life and Death. If Xu Que continued to use the Reincarnation Palm to earn life-span by controlling the Rules of Life and Death in this world, the Queen Ant would be killed no matter how much Vital Force it had.

“Forget it!” Xu Que waved his hands and said calmly, “No blame shall be attached to the unconscious doer of wrong! For the sake that you are quite beautiful now, I can forgive you this time!” Then Xu Que continued to say, “But you will still be punished! As a merciful man, I will just confiscate several hundred pounds of Vital Rice from you! You shall come to my room alone on this night, for I have something to discuss with you!”

“Several…hundred pounds? This is impossible!” The Queen Ant’s eyes got extremely wide in shock.

At the same time, the woman at the foot of the mountain was also totally confused.

She hadn’t expected this thing would be so dramatic! As a young cultivator of the Half Celestial Realm, Xu Que had seriously wounded the Queen Ant first. Now, he had even become the master of the Queen Ant and the so-called one chosen by Heaven!

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What…the hell was going on?

And is this guy really such a pervert for asking the Queen Ant to go to his room alone at night! This is so horrible!

When I saw his expression in the square, I thought he was an upright gentleman! I didn’t expect that even ants could not escape from his evil talons!


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