Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1092

Chapter 1092: The Man Who Controls Life and Death!

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“Ah? This…is really unnecessary!” The woman was surprised and said in confusion.

We escaped with great difficulty. Why does this guy want to go back? If you really have a unique skill, why did you escape in such a confounded way?

There is a queen ant who is as powerful as cultivators at the Earth Celestial Realm! You have just reached the Half Celestial Realm! Do you really have a so-called unique skill to defeat it?

“Young lady, what you say is incorrect! Why did you say it is unnecessary? Do you remember what I said just now? We never step back! Members of the Exploding Heavens Faction always keep their promises! Come here, let me take you back!” Xu Que said heroically.

In fact, he wasn’t boasting this time; he really had a unique skill!

When they were escaping just now, he remembered he had acquired a palm technique from the Ancient Life and Death Wheel. And the name of the palm technique was the Reincarnation Palm. This magic art had the same effect as the Wheel of Life and Death. Although it was a little bit less powerful, it could change the Vital Force and Lifeless Qi of everything, according to its Way of Heaven. This couldn’t be realized by the Celestial Artifacts like the Wheel of Life and Death!

But Xu Que didn’t dare stop and try it just now. After all, in front of a queen ant of the Earth Celestial Realm, he would be killed instantly if he failed. When the woman said the queen ants couldn’t be far away from their nests, Xu Que became brave again. He thought it was not a bad thing to go back and try that magic art. If he failed, he could still run away because the queen ant would stay close to its nest!

“Ah? My fellow cultivator, this…is really not necessary! I believe you have a unique skill to defeat it!” The woman said wryly as she waved her hands.

I really believe you, OK?

“No! This is absolutely necessary! Come on, let’s go!” Xu Que shook his head. Then, he jumped on his Firestorm Wheels and started to dash toward the mountain, dragging the woman with him.

The woman tried to get away from him. But it was too late. Xu Que’s Firestorm Wheels were so fast that the woman didn’t even have time to react. Also, she still needed help from Xu Que. So, she couldn’t attack him at this moment. After several moments, the woman realized it was too late for her to regret anything. That enormous mountain was in front of her again!


When they arrived at the mountain, magnificent pressure gushed out again. Along with the muffled roars, a cloud of horrible killing intent descended, which was quite suffocating!

“My fellow cultivator, let’s…just leave here! This is…” The woman desperately tried to persuade Xu Que. She didn’t believe a cultivator at the Half Celestial Realm could handle a queen ant. This was totally impossible!

Xu Que said with a smile, “We’ve arrived at this place! How could we leave in such a short time? Young lady, have you heard of a palm technique which can descend from the sky?”

“Descend from the sky?” The woman was stunned and looked up subconsciously.


Xu Que jumped up into the sky by stepping on the Firestorm Wheels. Then he dashed toward the mountain!


Almost at the same time, the mountain trembled a bit. Along with the tumbling of rocks, a crack appeared in the mountain. Then, a pair of antenna, which were extremely long, reached out from the crack. They were waving like two long halberds, crushing countless rocks.

“My fellow cultivator!” The woman shouted at Xu Que in shock!

Xu Que didn’t plan to retreat. He stopped in the sky. Then he raised his arms and started to rotate his two palms like the starting posture of Tai Chi!


Along the rotation of his palms, the Void was distorted, which created a lot of dull sounds. The Spiritual Qi around him started to gush toward him crazily. A cloud of massive power started to spread out from Xu Que’s body abruptly.

“This…is…” The woman was stunned.

This aura was so familiar and was totally identical with the Rules of Heaven and Earth! The Rules of Heaven and Earth now in this world were not like they had been at the beginning. When they were replaced by the Taoist Connotation of Life and Death, everyone in this world had to obey the new rules. However, she didn’t expect that Xu Que could use these rules. It was unbelievable to her!

“What?” Xu Que was also surprised.

He had planned to have a try first. Although the Ancient Life and Death Wheel could also be used in this world, it seemed it was suppressed by the Rules of Heaven and Earth! So, he tried to check the effect of the Reincarnation Palm. However, the starting momentum of the Reincarnation Palm had gone far beyond his expectations!

No way! The Reincarnation Palm couldn’t be so powerful! But it seems this palm technique is closely related to this world!

Xu Que’s expression changed slightly. He knew the power of this palm technique. After all, the degree of proficiency was quite low. It was even less powerful than the King of Tough-Acting Fist.

Now, it seemed he had figured out what had happened. The Rules of Heaven and Earth had been changed. The Reincarnation Palm seemed to be the key to activate the Rules of Heaven and Earth. Once he brought it into play, the rules of this world seemed to be activated. It seemed he could really control life and death in this world!

Could it be that…the tough guy used the Reincarnation Palm to change this world? Xu Que thought to himself.


At this time, the mountain was split in half. The long antennas were fully displayed. Then a horrible giant head with a big mouth full of sharp teeth appeared!

“Humph! You are just a queen ant! How dare you offend me? Today, I will use you to test my palm technique!” Xu Que snorted as he rotated his hands. His Taoist Connotation gushed out and became the Taoist Connotation of Life and Death in his palms, which stirred the Spiritual Qi around him.

The Rules of Life and Death lingering between Heaven and the Earth started to gather in Xu Que’s palms. Then the Vital Force and the Lifeless Qi gathered in his palms.

“Just die!” Xu Que shouted as he pushed forward the palm which was full of Lifeless Qi!


Instantly, a cloud of magnificent Lifeless Qi gushed out from Xu Que’s palm. Then it became a strand of black light, which was full of chilliness and the power of death, and it landed on the queen ant’s head heavily!


The queen ant roared and its lantern-size eyes were full of shock and terror! It was shocked for part of its Vital Force was being destroyed by the human being in front of it with the Lifeless Qi! This part of its Vital Force was enough to sustain its life for several hundred years!

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“Wow! This is interesting! I even earned ten years of Vital Force!” Xu Que smiled and his heart was filled with wild joy. His Reincarnation Palm seriously damaged the queen ant’s life-span. The Vital Force in his right palm became more dazzling. One part of this Vital Force also went into his body and became ten years more of life-span! In other words, his life-span had reached 11 years directly from that moment.

This is much more efficient than stealing the Vital Rice! Instantly, a strand of creepy light flashed in Xu Que’s eyes.

From now on, I will be the man…who controls life and death!


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