The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 999

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The six bolts of lightning struck at the same time!

The impact was astounding, and the presence was stunning!

The moment the bright light swallowed Chu Liuyue, a loud sound was suddenly heard from the main mountain! Then, under the crowd’s shocked eyes, the main peak was actually slashed right in the middle!

Half of the mountain instantly collapsed!


The sound shocked the world, and dust flew everywhere!

“Quickly, retreat!”

The crowd—who had been standing nearby and spectating—immediately retreated!

The six lightning bolts’ strength couldn’t be estimated, and ordinary people had no way of resisting it. Hence, the only way was to retreat!

Jun Jiuqing wanted to take action, but he was still a step too late.

The lightning bolts struck, and an immense strength rushed out!

His chest felt stuffy when he saw the cracks on the mountain peak rapidly expanding!

The moment the mountain collapsed, he went on his toes and rapidly flew up! But just as he was about to go up, the terrifying impact of the lightning bolt came over!

His eyes narrowed, and he immediately retreated! But even though he was extremely fast, he was still impacted by the force as his body vibrated, and he vomited blood out.

After flying a distance away, he then forcefully stabilized his figure! Following that, he looked up and saw that the remaining half of the mountain had been completely covered by the bolts of silver lightning!

That skinny figure had already completely disappeared, and nobody could see her!

“Jiuqing!” A shout was suddenly heard!

Jun Jiuqing’s expression changed! This voice is Father’s!

He instantly turned around and saw Jun Qizhi floating in midair outside the distant barrier. His expression was stern.

“The bolts of lightning have struck. Immediately bring everyone out of Ancient Phoenix Mountain! Seal the barrier!”

Jun Qizhi didn’t make this decision out of willfulness. In actual fact, he already felt uneasy the moment he saw six bolts of lightning appearing at the same time.

But he still had one last bit of hope at that time, thinking that it wasn’t too late to say it after Jun Jiuqing managed to snatch back the endless force and that holy force. However, who would’ve thought that Shangguan Yue would be so crazy as to absorb all the force directly?!

Such ways were maniacal!

She wanted to die, but Jun Qizhi didn’t want her to drag everyone down with her! So seeing that the lightning had struck and started to swim around crazily, Jun Qizhi immediately decided to order Jun Jiuqing and the rest to leave Ancient Phoenix Mountain!

Hearing this command, Jun Jiuqing instinctively knitted his brows and wanted to reject. “Father, it seems rather inappropriate if we leave Ancient Phoenix Mountain—”


Before he could finish his sentence, the lightning bolts’ impact rushed out in all directions!

The surrounding mountains were all slashed, and the mountain body started collapsing! Countless rocks rolled down!

Amidst all this were people’s miserable cries.

Obviously, the striking lightning bolts’ suppression had spread everywhere! Even the people who had retreated earlier were all affected!

Ancient Phoenix Mountain was in a miserable state of debris!

Jun Qizhi glanced at him and coldly said, “It has already ended up in this state, yet you don’t want to retreat. Do you want everyone to stay here forever?”

Jun Jiuqing was a stage-nine warrior, so he might be able to forcefully withstand for a period of time. However, the others didn’t have such abilities. If they continued staying around, they would be taking a bigger risk!

“That’s right! Ancient Phoenix Mountain is in a state of debris! They can’t stay there any longer!” Gongsun Xiao had also flown up and stood beside Jun Qizhi with a tense expression. He didn’t want all of his dynasty’s people to die in such an unknown manner! The endless force and the holy force that came from the Three Yuan Convention were all taken by Shangguan Yue! What is the meaning of the others staying here? They would just be forced to experience the catastrophe!

Jun Qizhi stood with one hand behind his back as he looked at Jun Jiuqing with a dark expression. “Jiuqing, other than you guys, the other top talents from the few dynasties are still inside. If anything happens, can you be responsible for it?!”

Even if the Beiming Dynasty had the highest status here, they couldn’t afford to bear such responsibility! This was the only way, as well as the best way!

Jun Jiuqing gradually clenched his fists in his sleeves tightly, and his eyes were dark and bitter. If we leave now, and she’s left alone…

“Jiuqing, why are you still hesitating?” Jun Qizhi stared at his son as if he had seen through everything, and his voice was harsh and filled with warning. “Don’t forget your status!”

Previously, I had already vaguely guessed that Jiuqing had some interest in that Shangguan Yue. But it now seems like this interest is much deeper than I had predicted… This made Jun Qizhi become alert. Jun Jiuqing is the Beiming Crown Prince and the only future emperor of Beiming. It’s fine if he likes a woman, but it will spell doom if this like crosses a certain boundary.

In the beginning, Jun Jiuqing could’ve directly attacked so as to not leave any chance for Shangguan Yue. But he didn’t do so and kept giving in to her step by step, causing Shangguan Yue to end up in such a state! The endless force accumulated over thousands of years and the important holy force that Ancestor specifically left behind were all supposed to be his! But now, they’ve been taken away by someone else!

This made Jun Qizhi very uneasy. He averted his gaze, but he could no longer see that figure on the damaged mountain peak. Perhaps her demise will be the best ending!

At this moment, a figure quickly ran over—it was Qing Dai. She had obviously suffered quite a few injuries as she was covered in blood.

She bit her lips and bowed to Jun Jiuqing. “Your Highness, many people below can’t take it anymore.”

Jun Jiuqing squinted his eyes as he looked down and rapidly scanned his surroundings.

Actually, even if Qing Dai didn’t come to say this, he already knew the rough situation.

The strength within the lightning bolts was too terrifying. Not only the main mountain—even the surrounding mountains were implicated as well!

However, her standing out like this had undoubtedly pushed him again.

As expected, Jun Qizhi urged him once again. “Jiuqing.”

The Beiming Emperor didn’t need to say much as this tone filled with warning and coldness had explained everything.

Jun Jiuqing glanced at Qing Dai with deep meaning.

The latter suddenly felt guilty as she hurriedly looked down and didn’t dare to glance at him again. His Highness’s previous gaze… I have never seen His Highness look at me like that before!

Qing Dai was anxious and afraid, even feeling a hint of indignation. His Majesty and the rest have already requested for us to retreat, so we naturally have to act immediately! If not, does he really want all of us to be dragged down just because of a Shangguan Yue?

“I know.” After a temporary stalemate, Jun Jiuqing finally spoke. “Everyone, leave Ancient Phoenix Mountain! Fifteen minutes later, Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s barrier will officially be closed!”

His hoarse and low voice quickly traveled to everyone’s ears!

Jun Jiuqing then whipped his sleeves, and a green bridge appeared in midair!

The end of the long bridge was directly connected to the barrier’s exit!

Very quickly, figures appeared from everywhere as they stepped onto the bridge and ran outside!


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