The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 998

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Very quickly, that arrow formed a fist-sized ball of light in the Heavenly Square Cauldron. It was entirely rainbow and looked very brilliant.

The suppression of the holy force that gradually exuded from it made one’s heart shudder. But within this Heavenly Square Cauldron, this bit of strength didn’t pose any threat.

Other than the crazily burning transparent fire, there were still two Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds. One of them was slowly approaching the ball of holy force.

When the two objects were extremely close to each other, that ball of light seemed to be threatened as its light dimmed by quite a bit.

With the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed watching it, this holy force was more obedient.

“Refine his scarce consciousness,” instructed Chu Liuyue in her heart.

Once she said this, even more fire instantly appeared within the Heavenly Square Cauldron! The heat seemed to be much higher than before!

As if sensing danger, that ball of light kept moving and rushed upward!


The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed suddenly flew over quickly and directly passed through the ball of light in the middle!


Hearing the sound, that ball of light immediately dispersed!

When the light gathered once again, it was smaller than before but looked very pure and clean.

The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed probably liked such a ‘game’ as it kept passing through the ball of light happily! Every time it did so, the holy force would become even purer!

The Beiming Ancestor’s scarce consciousness within also gradually dispersed with the continuous impacts. This made Chu Liuyue heave a sigh of relief as she turned her attention to the surrounding golden force.

At this point, she seemed to have already absorbed four-fifths of this. Of course, her body was already filled with injuries, and she was covered in blood as the price.

Everything happened rapidly.

When everyone thought that Chu Liuyue was bound to die or get injured at the very least, they saw her retaliate and pluck out that arrow. The arrow then disappeared, but Chu Liuyue was still fine!

“She seems to be absorbing the force even more quickly!” someone suddenly yelled and was filled with shock and disbelief.

The crowd looked over.

The overwhelming golden force seemed to have subsided by quite a bit compared to the start. Without a doubt, all of it had already been absorbed by Chu Liuyue!

Logically speaking, her physical body shouldn’t be able to tolerate so much force and should’ve long exploded! However—


Jun Jiuqing felt that something was amiss. Even though I have no intentions of killing Chu Liuyue, this holy force still has Ancestor’s consciousness. If it is stolen just like that—

He knitted his sharp brows and was about to take action! But at this moment, a loud sound was heard from the skies!


He suddenly looked up and saw the six bolts of lightning crazily swimming around in the clouds, right about to come down!


A crack appeared beneath his feet!

Jun Jiuqing narrowed his eyes! Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s main mountain peak was the place where Ancestor broke through back then, so it has always been very hard. It has experienced all sorts of impact from the forces before, but it remained unharmed! But now, it suddenly broke… That holy force must’ve been absorbed by Chu Liuyue!

As these thoughts surfaced, the cracks on the gigantic mountain started spreading around like a spiderweb!

Chu Liuyue looked up. I don’t have much time left!

Craziness flashed across her eyes. Then, she closed her eyes, and her surrounding aura suddenly exploded!

The surrounding golden force abruptly quickened itself as it entirely surged into her body!


As too much force suddenly surged in, a bloody hole exploded on Chu Liuyue’s wrist.

However, this was only the beginning. Very quickly, the same situation happened everywhere on her!

She previously also had external injuries due to similar reasons, so she lost a lot of blood, but all of this was still under her control. She knew the extent of her tolerance, so she could handle it well. But this time—she completely didn’t care about it!

The remaining one-fifth of the golden force entered Chu Liuyue’s body at an unimaginable speed!


A crisp sound was heard from her body! That was the sound of her Yuan meridian exploding as it couldn’t tolerate this terrifying strength!

“Girlie! You’re crazy!” hollered Shangguan Jing. One can still recuperate if the physical body is damaged, but the impact of a broken Yuan meridian is huge! Besides, the Yuan meridian is very important at this important stage of breaking through! By doing this, she has undoubtedly ruined her future.

Due to the excruciating pain, Chu Liuyue’s eyes were completely red. Only the hint of determination in the depths of her eyes let people know that she made this decision herself.

“I’m not crazy.” Chu Liuyue’s voice was very light but had deep stubbornness. “This is my only way.”

The lightning is just about to strike. I had to break through immediately to become a stage-seven warrior!

As she spoke, she took in all the surrounding golden force and absorbed the longan-sized holy force that had shrunk within the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

All the strength crazily entered the small water droplet floating in her dantian!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Absorbing the ferocious strength that rushed in was like opening the floodgates!

Chu Liuyue’s entire Yuan meridian within her body continuously exploded! Her vision turned black, and her clothes were torn and tattered. She had badly mangled injuries everywhere, and she became a blood person.

The last bit of golden spark disappeared, and all the brilliant light rapidly subsided.

The world was completely dark. Only the lightning bolts in the skies lit up half the sky as they quickly swam around with stunning suppression. It seemed as though they were going to strike at any moment, ruining the ground.

“S-she actually forcefully a-absorbed all of the force…”

“Quickly, look! She seems to be bleeding!”

“Crazy… She really is courting death!”

At this time, the crowd finally looked at the mountain peak forcefully.

That red woman sat quietly as she held up the black shield. Beside her was the Long Yuan Sword.

Her loose hair fell down, and it was very quiet, but the blood pool kept expanding beneath her feet.

One look at this scene made everyone else feel that she had no chance of living!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes were tightly shut as the water droplet in her dantian rapidly spun! It absorbed all the golden force and that holy force before converting everything into her own strength!

Chu Liuyue’s surrounding Yuan meridian kept breaking! All the crystallized and hard Yuan meridian channels kept collapsing under the impact of this terrifying force.

But at this point, Chu Liuyue couldn’t care less about those!

She tried her best to gather all of the force! Then, it all rushed to that water droplet!


It was like tidal waves harshly hitting against a rock, causing endless ripples!

The few lines on the water droplet also started to shake intensely!


At this point, the lightning in the sky finally struck!

Chu Liuyue’s figure was instantly covered!


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