The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 996

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Once she said it, Chu Liuyue waved her bare hands.

A red fire rapidly appeared in her palm! Then, she flicked her wrist lightly!


An ear-piercing sound reverberated throughout the mountains as a red fire whip instantly flew out toward that arrow!

“Hah, you don’t know what’s good for you!” The Beiming Ancestor kept sneering. With six bolts of lightning above her, Chu Liuyue is already in great trouble and can’t save herself. In such a situation, she is still thinking of snatching the holy force I left behind? Dream on!


The brilliant arrow rapidly gave way and went for Chu Liuyue from another direction!

After experiencing the torture from the first three bolts of lightning, the Long Yuan Sword’s strength was already exhausted. Hence, it couldn’t continue battling.

To the Beiming Ancestor, this was undoubtedly a great opportunity for him to take action! Originally, I still wanted to watch on from the side and let the lightning settle her. I didn’t expect her to be so arrogant! Since this is so, I will teach her a lesson first!


The arrow containing the holy force traveled very rapidly, but Chu Liuyue’s red fire whip seemed to have eyes as it rapidly wrapped around the arrow!


A scorching fire started burning crazily!

“You do have some skills, but it’s a pity these are all small tricks in front of the holy force!” That hoarse and old voice was very cold.

The next moment, the rainbow color on the arrow rapidly flew up and formed countless flying daggers, directly piercing through the space!

A black crack rapidly appeared, and the red fire whip was directly slashed!


That arrow broke free and went toward Chu Liuyue again!

Intense battle intent flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes as she lightly waved her other hand! Then, a transparent fire silently flew out of her palm like a water current!

It formed a gigantic net in midair and directly landed in the direction the arrow was coming up from!

“Do you think you can stop me by using the same trick twice?” The Beiming Ancestor clearly despised Chu Liuyue’s actions.

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That arrow didn’t slow down the slightest bit as it started rushing forward rapidly!

The surrounding rainbow light daggers were extremely sharp, and they were about to directly rip apart the gigantic net formed by the transparent fire!

But when the sharp end of that arrow touched it, the gigantic transparent web started expanding rapidly, exuding a shocking strength! Not only did this move avoid the intense clash between the two forces, but it even caused the flying rainbow daggers to lose their advantage!

This time, it was like punching a marshmallow, which felt very infuriating!

“You’re young, but you’re very cunning!” The Beiming Ancestor grunted lightly, and the aura on the arrow instantly strengthened. However, the sound of the force and the space ripping each other apart was extremely piercing!

Countless black space cracks appeared beside the arrow tip, but the transparent fire didn’t show any signs of being ripped apart as it stopped the arrow completely and stubbornly.

The Beiming Ancestor then realized that something was amiss. There is something wrong with that transparent fire!

However, it was already too late when he realized this!

The transparent and gigantic fire net rapidly shrunk and trapped the arrow within! At the same time, that red fire whip surged up and wrapped another layer around it.

The two layers instantly formed a cage!

The Beiming Ancestor didn’t take these two fireballs to heart at first, but he quickly discovered that he couldn’t get out of this cage!

The brilliant and sharp long arrow kept trying repeatedly, but it was stopped again and again.

At this point, the Beiming Ancestor then realized that he had underestimated Chu Liuyue’s capabilities.

“What is this?!” His tone started to become exasperated with a hint of rage.

Chu Liuyue slowly wiped away the bloodstains from the corner of her mouth as she coldly smiled but didn’t explain.

This red fire was formed by the water droplet in her dantian, and that transparent fire was the fire that had been burning in the Heavenly Square Cauldron for thousands of years. Its power could even suppress a legendary fiend like the legendary three-eyed eagle for thousands of years, and it could even destroy it!

Neither of these things was an ordinary item. Either one was enough to knock him out, let alone the two of them added together.

At the same time, Chu Liuyue kept absorbing the surrounding golden force continuously!

Two-thirds of the endless force that came down due to the Three Yuan Convention seemed to be absorbed by Chu Liuyue!

This speed wasn’t considered slow. When one recalled that she was still a stage-six warrior, it made one’s heart shudder!

Jun Jiuqing’s gaze was cold as the depths of his eyes flashed with a faint blood color. That arrow has the Beiming Ancestor’s holy force. I can feel Ancestor’s enmity toward Chu Liuyue. If not, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to attack her. I planned to stop him at that time, but I didn’t expect this situation to happen in the blink of an eye.

Chu Liuyue is actually the one who took the upper hand?! Her two fires are extraordinary. If not, they definitely couldn’t trap the holy force!

He watched on as the fire burned intensely, and the originally brilliant light on that arrow turned dark slowly.

Jun Jiuqing felt uneasy for once.

He circulated the force in his body and moved his robe! Then, he suddenly raised his hand, and an icy-green chain was flung out from his sleeves as it flew forward!

“Jade Bone Chain!”

That chain entirely exuded a cold color. At first glance, it seemed as though it was engraved superior jade and looked like it would break very easily. But wherever it went, space directly collapsed!

This showed how powerful the chain was!

In the blink of an eye, that chain flew to the fire!


The two forces slammed against each other—one hot and one cold! When they touched, an ear-piercing sizzling sound was heard.

Jun Jiuqing squinted his eyes slightly and exerted more strength with his hands.

The coldness on the Jade Bone Chain instantly exploded—it directly pierced forward!

That arrow noticed Jun Jiuqing’s strength and instantly rushed forward!

The two forces—one within and one outside—gathered together, and the result finally tore a hole in the barrier formed by the fire!

Taking this chance, the Jade Bone Chain rapidly surrounded that arrow!

“Get back!” Jun Jiuqing retracted his wrist and smoothly brought the arrow back!

Chu Liuyue seemed to have felt the retaliation from this force since her body shuddered, and she spat out a mouthful of blood!

Jun Jiuqing averted his gaze, and it landed on her pale face for a moment. He then knitted his brows slightly.

“Hah… You do treat her differently…” He heard the hoarse and old voice.

Jun Jiuqing’s eyes slightly shrunk as he looked at that arrow. “Ancestor, you’ve misunderstood—”

“Kid, who do you think I did this for?” interrupted the Beiming Ancestor as he coldly sneered.

“The endless force accumulated within Ancient Phoenix Mountain over thousands of years and this holy force left behind are all for my Beiming royal family descendants to succeed me. Yet, you so willingly left it for someone else… You’ve really disappointed me!”

Jun Jiuqing’s eyes were dark, and he was about to explain when he saw that the arrow suddenly changed direction and went for Chu Liuyue!

The girl seemed to have sensed something as she turned around, and shock flashed across her eyes! She immediately raised her hand to stop it, but it was already too late!


The brilliant long arrow directly pierced Chu Liuyue’s chest!


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