The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 995

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After the fourth bolt of lightning appeared, the fifth lightning bolt quickly gathered right after!

Chu Liuyue saw this scene and widened her eyes in shock and confusion. W-what is going on?!


Another whir came from the water droplet. Its surface rippled, and the six lines started shaking intensely.

The fifth bolt of lightning in the sky seemed to sense it, and it rapidly gathered!

A bad feeling surfaced in Chu Liuyue’s heart. “Y-you can’t be—”


Another whir came from the water droplet, and a loud sound was heard in the clouds!


Silver light flashed as the sixth bolt of lightning poked out of the dark clouds!

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes, and her heart sank. I guessed correctly—this commotion was indeed caused by that water droplet. It is actually teasing the lightning!

After recovering from her utterly shocked state, Chu Liuyue couldn’t describe how she felt. She never thought that the person who caused the most danger wasn’t anyone else but herself.

The lightning bolts should strike one by one, and I can just face it whenever I’m ready. Since when did the lightning bolts strike all at once?! Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched, and she clenched her teeth. “D-do you think that I’m not dying fast enough?”

That water droplet ignored Chu Liuyue’s interrogation as it kept whirring. Following this, bolts of lightning continuously appeared.

The sixth bolt!

The seventh bolt!

The eighth bolt!

In the blink of an eye, five bolts of lightning appeared in the sky!

Shangguan Jing didn’t speak for a long time.

When the ninth bolt of lightning gradually appeared, he finally couldn’t take it and asked, “…Girlie, tell me honestly—what sin did you commit?”

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His tone was sincere and serious. This was because it was a genuine question.

Other than this reason, he really couldn’t understand how Chu Liuyue directly summoned so many bolts of lightning at once!

One had to know that these lightning bolts were different from those summoned when one was refining legendary weapons! The former had a much stronger suppression!

With my help, we barely managed to stop the three initial bolts of lightning! Now that so many have appeared… The entire Ancient Phoenix Mountain will be exploded into debris. How can Chu Liuyue’s petite figure handle this?

Chu Liuyue had no words to answer Shangguan Jing’s question. She had long known that this water droplet was especially arrogant and prideful—not obedient at all.

Normally, it wouldn’t make much noise under most circumstances. But once it moved, it wasn’t to be underestimated. This was also the main reason why Chu Liuyue didn’t use it regularly—it had great strength and could easily cause trouble.

I didn’t expect myself to fall this time! I just want to break through to become a stage-seven warrior and not be struck by these bolts of lightning in front of the crowd!

Facing Chu Liuyue’s interrogation, the water droplet didn’t seem to care much as it still rapidly absorbed the surrounding golden force. At the same time, it let out a final whir!

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and looked up hopelessly.

The ninth bolt of lightning had almost finished gathering!

There were… six bolts of lightning!

Long Yuan Sword? Ancestor? Pure gold armor? Before these six bolts of lightning, they are all irrelevant. Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in as her mind crazily turned, wanting to find a way to solve her current problem.

But after much thinking, she realized that she was wasting her energy.

This kind of situation couldn’t be resolved at all!

The spectators were also stunned by this scene.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen cultivators breaking through to become a stage-seven warrior or the God Foreseeing Tribulation. Those who managed to come here were all top warriors; they were either top talents or extremely strong warriors! All of them had distinguished statuses with extreme power! What kind of storms had these people not experienced? However, this scene indeed stunned them.

“T-the God Foreseeing Tribulation can actually have so many bolts of lightning appearing at once?” Gongsun Xiao’s face turned white as he widened his eyes and stared at the scene on the main mountain peak, his lips trembling slightly.

The lightning during the God Foreseeing Tribulation always came out bolt by bolt. Once the cultivator successfully met it, the process would directly stop.

They had never heard of so many bolts of lightning appearing at once!

“There are six bolts here. With the previous three bolts… There are nine bolts of lightning in total!” Ning Yuan had long stood up as he closely stared at the scene with a solemn expression. “Rumors have it that those who can summon seven bolts during the God Foreseeing Tribulation will definitely be able to become a peak stage-nine warrior! If there are eight bolts, one can enter the Apotheosis Realm! And now…”

And now, Shangguan Yue had directly summoned nine bolts!

Without question, everyone knew what this meant! At the same time, this shocked everyone.

Even though Jun Qizhi looked calm on the surface, he had long clenched his fists tightly. Back then, even Jiuqing had only summoned eight bolts of lightning! Does this not mean that Shangguan Yue’s future talent and potential will be higher than those of Jiuqing?

Dantai Chen’s gaze was dazed, and all the energy in his body seemed to be sucked away as his limbs gave way, and his breathing became rushed. He moved back two steps and forcefully held the handle to sit back on the chair, but his heart was in a mess.

Nine bolts… Nine bolts of lightning! If she really can survive them—impossible! Dantai Chen harshly shook his head. With six bolts of lightning gathering at once, Shangguan Yue is bound to die!

It was dead silent between heaven and earth.

Everyone spectating around Ancient Phoenix Mountain looked at the few bolts of lightning that almost lit up the entire sky, and they all lost their voices.

Chu Liuyue dazedly looked up at the sky; the light was so bright that she couldn’t even open her eyes.

I recall that I summoned eight bolts of lightning when I was previously Shangguan Yue. It’s nine bolts this time, and six of them have even appeared at the same time!

“Girlie, what should we do?” asked Shangguan Jing with a low voice. If Girlie is destined to cross this, I must save her even if I have to risk my soul!

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in, and her lips curled up. “I… naturally need to do what I need to do. No matter what method I use, I just need to survive this!”

The moment she said this, she heard an old and hoarse voice. “Hah, young and indeed naive!”

Chu Liuyue’s expression turned slightly solemn, and her gaze turned to look at the arrow not far away!

Ever since she summoned the God Foreseeing Tribulation earlier, the item stopped at the side and didn’t try to attack her again.

“…Beiming Ancestor?” Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes. Other than this person, there is nobody else.

“You are a rare talent, but it’s a pity that you came to the wrong place! This endless force is what I left behind for the Beiming bloodline. You should be punished for wanting to snatch it! Without me taking action, this God Foreseeing Tribulation can directly take your life now!”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up into an extremely cold smile. “Really? Originally, I wasn’t too interested in this, but since you said so… I’ll snatch your holy force first!”


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