The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 994

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This time, it was still the Long Yuan Sword that battled! But compared to the previous time when it stably took the upper hand, the situation clearly changed this round.

The second bolt of lightning was much stronger than before, but the Long Yuan Sword’s strength was gradually diminishing.

With one strengthened and the other weakened, it forcefully caused a tied fight.

Below it, Chu Liuyue could still feel the aftermath going toward her! Even though a large portion of the Long Yuan Sword’s strength was diminished, it didn’t threaten her much. However, Chu Liuyue knew that the situation would only worsen.

I have to break through as soon as possible and step through the barrier of a stage-seven warrior! Thinking of this, she took a deep breath in and quickly urged the water droplet in her body to absorb the surrounding golden force.

After this force was transformed by the water droplet to become her force, it gradually seeped into her limbs and bones.

Chu Liuyue could feel all the veins and muscles in her body being forcefully torn apart and even her Yuan meridian slowly reaching its limit! But the most shocking thing was that she hadn’t reached the time to break through even at this stage.

Breaking through to become a stage-seven warrior meant that she had to pass the God Foreseeing Stage and directly go against the God Foreseeing Tribulation.

Normally, cultivators would absorb a portion of the Heaven and Earth Force to increase their capabilities before they broke through. The more they absorbed, the stronger they would become, and the higher their success rate of becoming a stage-seven warrior. Correspondingly, the stronger the God Foreseeing Tribulation they had to face.

But as long as one could succeed, their abilities after breaking through would be much stronger than other cultivators of the same level. Their cultivation potential and cultivation speed would be greatly improved as well. Hence, most people were still willing to take the risk.

Chu Liuyue originally calculated her breakthrough time and felt that she was about to reach it. But after much waiting, the water droplet in her dantian just kept turning around to absorb the force—it had no intention of breaking through.

Previously, she had already faintly felt that she had reached the barrier of a stage-seven warrior. She originally felt that she would successfully break through, but she didn’t expect this one step to be so large!

Chu Liuyue inspected herself and saw that there were ripples on the water droplet. The six brilliant lines were extremely clear, but the seventh line simply didn’t appear.

She had long known that it was extremely difficult for this water droplet to break through, but she didn’t expect it to remain motionless after she had absorbed so much force!

And at this moment, the third bolt of lightning had started gathering in the sky.

Chu Liuyue’s weirdness had naturally attracted everyone else’s attention. It has already been some time since she started to break through. Logically speaking, she should’ve long reached the breakthrough threshold since she has been rapidly absorbing the endless golden force surrounding her. But time has trickled past, yet she is still maintaining the same posture.

If the golden force didn’t continue flowing around with her in the center, others might’ve already thought that she had fainted.

Yuwen Jinghong couldn’t help but lean toward Jian Fengchi and carefully asked, “Fengchi, I remember that Her Majesty didn’t take such a long time when she broke through to become a stage-seven warrior… Didn’t she quickly break through and then beat you?”

Jian Fengchi glanced at him. “I have a very good memory. You don’t have to remind me.”

Yuwen Jinghong shrunk his neck and awkwardly scratched his head. “Hehe, don’t misunderstand! I-I’m just curious… After all, Her Majesty doesn’t have the Tianjing Yuan meridian anymore, so I thought it might be faster than before…”

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Others also wanted to know the reason behind what he asked.

Jian Fengchi chuckled and lightly fanned his bone fan. “Just wait and see.”

He hadn’t realized it previously, but he recently noticed that other than Chu Liuyue not having her previous Tianjing Yuan meridian, she was much better than her previous self in every other aspect.

This feeling was strange and hard to explain. This was because the current Chu Liuyue couldn’t be compared to Shangguan Yue at her peak, no matter if it were her Yuan meridian level or personal capabilities.

Most people felt that even though she could restart, she was still weaker compared to before. If she didn’t have a legendary fiend, the Tianling Power Staff’s recognition, and even Shangguan Jing’s bias… She definitely couldn’t sit stably on her throne.

But to Jian Fengchi, being able to rapidly grow to her current cultivation level as someone naturally born as a good-for-nothing with a lack of a Yuan meridian in less than two years was even more shocking!

These people were either only familiar with Shangguan Yue or knew Chu Liuyue on a superficial level.

Only he had a deep understanding of both her identities. Hence, he was sure that she would definitely win the match today!

Chu Liuyue was completely focused on preparing to break through, so this made her directly forget about the passing of time.

But it was extremely torturous for the people waiting.

“Have you noticed that the golden force seems to be lesser than what she first started with… I think it has been reduced by at least half!”

“Other than the force that was initially absorbed by Jun Jiuqing, most of the remaining force entered Shangguan Yue’s body, right? Did she really occupy all of that force for herself?”

“Hah, I think it’s not that easy! Can’t you see that the holy force Ancestor left behind is still chasing after her? Thinking about it, this also belongs to the Beiming royal family, so it is quite inappropriate if she just snatches it away like that…”

“You can’t say that. This time, the people from the Beiming royal family invited all of us over. Since they dared to invite us, they should be adequately prepared…”

Hong long long!

A frightening sound was heard as the third bolt of lightning quickly rushed down!

Quite a few of the people still by the side of the main mountain felt the suppression, and they couldn’t help but retreat!

This time, the Long Yuan Sword used up its remaining strength to stop the lightning bolt forcefully. The light then disappeared, and it directly landed on the floor.

If not for the black shield and the pure gold armor protecting Chu Liuyue, her physical body would’ve been crushed by the spreading aftermath!

Suffering from the retaliation of this terrifying force, blood oozed out from the corner of her mouth.

Shangguan Jing’s voice sounded quite anxious. “Girlie, the Long Yuan Sword can’t fight anymore! Are you not prepared yet?”

Chu Liuyue looked at the quiet water droplet in her dantian and clenched her fists tightly.

“If you don’t break through, the fourth bolt of lightning will strike very soon! By then, I’m afraid you’ll—”

If she doesn’t break through to become a stage-seven warrior, she will only end up defeated!


As if confirming Shangguan Jing’s words, the fourth bolt of lightning appeared in the clouds in the blink of an eye! Its suppression was clearly even greater than before!

At this moment, her water droplet finally whirred.

Chu Liuyue was elated.

But the moment her lips curled up, she heard Shangguan Jing yell in shock, “W-why is this happening?!”

Chu Liuyue detected something wrong and looked up! She saw a silver snake-like bolt of lightning rapidly swimming amidst the dark clouds in the sky, and beside it, another bolt of lightning was gathering!


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