The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 1002

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The two forces harshly slammed against each other, and this sound reverberated throughout the earth. The terrifying and violent force started spreading in all directions—it destroyed everything!

The mountains that had previously already been ruined were directly crushed by this force and became flat ground.

The hard rocks silently turned into powder and flew up into the air! The ground cracked, and gullies were everywhere!


The large silver light ball that was formed by the few bolts of lightning was suddenly ripped apart from the middle! Then, the crowd saw a figure go up into the sky!

She was very fast as she slashed with her sword. In the blink of an eye, the crowd found that the opening started expanding!

She actually slashed this lightning bolt directly, allowing her an opening to survive!

The intense battle between the forces left countless battle wounds on Chu Liuyue. Blood kept dripping down from her body, but she didn’t care at this point.

The surrounding loud lightning bolts were rapidly approaching! With that opening, it formed a circle that trapped Chu Liuyue within!

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings, and her lips curled up into a cold smile. Want to surround and attack me…? You need to see if I’m willing!

Her arm shook, and two balls of fire immediately appeared in her palms—one was red, and the other was transparent!

The two types of fire intertwined and quickly wrapped around the Long Yuan Sword! The bolts of lightning then approached her in unison!

Crazy battle intent flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes. “You came at the right time!”

The sharp blade pierced through the lightning bolt that kept approaching! Everywhere it went, fire burned crazily!

The lightning bolt that was previously still very arrogant seemed to sense the danger, and it started going at it intensely! But the more it did this, the more intensely the fire burned. The fire even burned the lightning bolts whole!

“Shangguan Yue’s fire can actually fight with the lightning bolts?!” Gongsun Xiao yelled in shock.

At some point, Ning Yuan had also appeared in midair as he looked forward and boomed, “No! Her fire clearly… is swallowing all of that force!”

In the depths of his calm eyes, there seemed to be ripples.

Upon seeing that Shangguan Yue actually successfully broke through to become a stage-seven warrior in this situation, he already predicted that she would win this round. However, he didn’t expect Shangguan Yue’s combat skills to be even more shocking than he had predicted!

This… was her true trump card!

The surrounding crowd was stumped, and they were at a loss for words. Everything before them had exceeded their knowledge.

Every scene flashed across like the traces of a god!

At that moment, they saw Chu Liuyue turn around as the terrifying fire on the Long Yuan Sword completely ignited the surrounding lightning bolts!


The fire immediately exploded!

The entire sky burned up, and sparks flew everywhere!

The lightning bolts’ strength was quickly consumed. Not long later, only the intensely burning fire was left in the sky.

The next moment, a figure shot out!

All the scenery seemed to lose its color at that moment!

Only the woman holding the black sword while in flowing red clothes, hair flowing in the air, descended like the god of war! She also came back like the god of death!

She was covered in scars, and her face and body were filled with messy bloodstains. Only her pair of eyes were still as cold and sharp!

Her black gem-like eyes seemed to gather all the light in the world as they dazzled brightly! It beat all the treasures in the world!

Under the accompaniment of the bright light, it looked like a star was born!

Her figure moved, and she gently landed.

The moment her feet touched the mountain peak—


The mountain body collapsed, and the remaining half of the cliff was also completely destroyed!

She still stood there motionless.

Her wrist moved, and the overwhelming fire behind her flew back into her body rapidly. Then, she looked over.

She was clearly a distance away, and there was a barrier in between, but Jun Qizhi and the rest felt their hearts shudder. This aura. This suppression… Is she really just a stage-seven warrior?!

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and swung the sword down!


Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s barrier was instantly split open!

Chu Liuyue’s figure moved, and she rapidly flew out.

Even when Chu Liuyue had stepped out of the barrier, the crowd still hadn’t recovered their senses.

Seeing that the woman had appeared in front of them almost in the blink of an eye, the crowd widened their eyes in shock, and their faces were filled with disbelief.

Amidst the deadly silence, Cen Yi walked over first. He silently sized Chu Liuyue up, and his lips curled up slightly.

Within his nonchalant eyes were unconcealable delight and comfort. He placed his hand on his left chest and bent down slightly as he respectfully said, “Congratulations on your return, Your Majesty.”

Chu Liuyue smiled as well. Cen Yi’s eyesight has always been very sharp. He has definitely noticed that I’ve already recovered my Tianjing Yuan meridian. My only regret ever since my rebirth was that I had lost my Tianjing Yuan meridian. Now, I have made up for this regret, and everything can be considered to be perfect.

Elder Chen Ke and the rest finally recovered their senses, and they couldn’t conceal their agitation. Not only did she survive, but she even successfully broke through to become a stage-seven warrior! The more important thing is that she survived nine bolts of lightning! Her future is definitely limitless!

Mu Hongyu and the others rushed over.

If not for her last bit of rationality, Mu Hongyu would’ve directly pounced at her. “Liuyue! Liuyue, you’re incredible! I knew you could definitely succeed!”

Even though her face was filled with elation, her eyes were red, showing that she had cried earlier.

Chu Liuyue smiled and comforted her. “Don’t worry. Am I not doing fine now?”

How are you doing fine? You directly benefited!

Everyone was originally very ambitious and wanted to compete within Ancient Phoenix Mountain. But in the end, the biggest winner was actually Chu Liuyue—who had no plans of going in since the start! Who wouldn’t envy her?

Jian Fengchi opened his fan and raised his brows slightly. “You are really tough.”

Even though he said this, his eyes had smiling intent, showing that he was genuinely happy for Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue agreed. “Thank you for the praise.”

Jian Fengchi couldn’t help but laugh. Her physical body has changed, but her temperament is still the same.

Anyway, the Tianling Dynasty people were all elated. In contrast, the people from the other dynasties weren’t in such a good mood.

“Shangguan Yue.” A low and stern voice sounded.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

It was Dantai Chen. He appeared much frailer than when she had seen him before, and his eyes had distinguishable coldness and sinister meaning. “You’re… very delighted now?”

Once he said this, the surroundings fell silent. Everyone noticed that something was amiss, and they looked over.

His voice contained unconcealable deep hatred. “You killed my beloved daughter and the other people from the Taiyu Dynasty! How are you going to atone for your sins?!”


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