The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 1001

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The lightning bolt glowed brightly and lit up half the sky!

On the tall mountain peak, that woman stood up straight, and her clothes flowed with the wind!

A palm-sized golden peach blossom was above her head. All those terrifying lightning bolts struck down, but they flowed to the side when they met that golden peach blossom as if they were afraid!

With it as the center, it helped Chu Liuyue light up this small space!

“What’s… that?” When Jun Qizhi and the rest saw this scene, they were all stunned. What kind of force can cause these lightning bolts to be afraid? Also, this small golden peach blossom can actually easily block the suppression outside!

Jun Jiuqing squinted his eyes dangerously as his eyes glowed with faint disgust. How… annoying… He never goes away…

Chu Liuyue looked up and stared at that golden peach blossom closely.

When the six bolts of lightning struck at the same time, she was at the crucial moment of breaking through to become a stage-seven warrior. Thankfully, this item helped her block them for a while, so she could have that last bit of time to break through successfully!

That sense of familiarity grew increasingly strong as if something wanted to pounce out of her heart.

Chu Liuyue stood up quietly, but her body was experiencing a stunning change!

That invisible barrier had already been broken, and the ferocious force kept tumbling in her dantian as the seventh line on the water droplet gradually appeared.

Different from the previous six lines, the color of this line was especially brilliant and bright!

The moment Chu Liuyue looked at it, she also gasped! This is the effect after absorbing the holy force from the Beiming Ancestor! Even if it were me in my previous life, I hadn’t done this step—using holy force to become a stage-seven warrior!

When that brilliant line was drawn, a drop of water suddenly flew out of the water droplet.

That drop of water glowed with a rainbow scale. It was very mesmerizing, and it later formed into millions of water droplets that flew toward Chu Liuyue’s limbs!

After the impact of the terrifying force, Chu Liuyue’s Yuan meridian was already very damaged like a dry ground with gullies everywhere.

When those water droplets flew over, they instantly hydrated the ground and caused everything to flourish! Chu Liuyue’s damaged Yuan meridian started recovering at an observable speed, and it was clearly wider and stiffer than previously as it had an iridescent glow!

When Chu Liuyue saw that her Yuan meridian was repaired and that it glowed faintly, her heart suddenly shuddered.

Then, under her disbelieving stare, these water droplets landed everywhere and rapidly repaired all of her Yuan meridian.

Chu Liuyue’s surrounding aura strengthened—it was formidable! It was the aura that only a Tianjing Yuan meridian had!

Not only did the water droplet’s strength repair Chu Liuyue’s damaged Yuan meridian when she broke through to become a stage-seven warrior, but it even directly turned her Yuan meridian into a Tianjing Yuan meridian at the same time!

Her body instantly felt comfortable, and it was as spacious as the mountains and waters!

When the ferocious force rushed out of her dantian and flowed into the Yuan meridian, it felt very spacious and relaxed!

There seemed to be something tingling in Chu Liuyue’s chest. This feeling was one that she hadn’t experienced for a long time. I never thought that I would have a chance in this life to have the Tianjing Yuan meridian again!

She instinctively reached out, and the golden peach blossom silently disappeared the moment it touched her hand.

At the same time, the black pyramid in her dantian suddenly moved. Then, a crack clearly appeared on it!

A faint light shone out from it as if it had been hidden for millions of years. The sense of familiarity also became increasingly strong!

At this moment, Chu Liuyue could almost confirm that the thing inside was indeed her soul!

This time, the crack on the black pyramid didn’t repair itself, but it didn’t expand either.

Chu Liuyue could feel a familiar aura within, but she couldn’t summon it out. She knew very clearly that as long as this black pyramid completely opened and she found the soul that belonged to her inside, her lost memory would also definitely return!

She was only a step away from the truth, but this step was undoubtedly a huge chasm that was difficult to cross!

Hong long long!

Just as Chu Liuyue was thinking about the black pyramid, the lightning bolts above her head made a huge sound, and they all struck her at the same time!

Without the golden peach blossom protecting her, Chu Liuyue had to meet this horrifying suppression directly!

An idea surfaced in her mind the next moment, and the Long Yuan Sword rapidly returned to her hands!

Everyone looked over.

The sky was completely dark, and the surrounding mountains had all become flat ground—they were in a state of debris.

Only this mountain still had half its peak left, but that slim woman in red stood upright. Her skinny shoulders seemed capable of lifting up this sky!

The winds howled violently, and her hair flew everywhere!


She went on her toes, and her figure was like a sharp arrow that instantly flew up! She actually wanted to face the countless lightning bolts directly!

Seeing this scene, the crowd outside the barrier all had their eyes wide open! She really chose to face it directly…

“W-what exactly is she thinking?”

“Even if she has already broken through to become a stage-seven warrior, she’ll definitely fail to face six bolts of lightning…”

“Oh my god… Under that kind of situation just now, how exactly did she successfully break through?!”

“I don’t dare to speak about others, but Shangguan Yue’s capabilities and luck really can’t be compared to ordinary people…”

The crowd partook in heated discussions, and they all felt that the incidents that happened to that woman during this period were too ridiculous.

First, she slashed open Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s barrier. Then, she went against the flow and ascended the mountain peak. Afterward, she even directly snatched the endless force and the holy force that belonged to Jun Jiuqing!

When everyone thought that she would undoubtedly die after summoning nine bolts during the God Foreseeing Tribulation, she actually survived in such a situation and successfully broke through to become a stage-seven warrior. Now, she even wanted to go against the last six bolts of lightning!

Any one of these incidents was enough to shock the rest, yet she did it all on her own!

At this point, Chu Liuyue had no other thoughts. In her eyes and heart, there was only one target—to transcend this God Foreseeing Tribulation! One bolt is one bolt; six bolts are also bolts! Since they all appeared at the same time, then… I will just solve all of them together!

The sharp and harsh aura kept attacking her, scraping her face and causing excruciating pain. However, this bit of pain didn’t matter to Chu Liuyue.

She circulated the force within her body, and she kept injecting her force into the Long Yuan Sword!

The ancient black sword body’s power kept surging upward, and that dent in the middle was also filled by silver lightning!

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind as ripples appeared on the water droplet.

The brilliant ripple extended in all directions!


The sword roared!

Chu Liuyue slashed the sword down, and the sky instantly lost its color!

“Break it!”


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