The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 1000

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Facing such a perilous situation, how could the crowd care about the rest? They had to leave this place first to protect their own lives!

Hence, everyone within Ancient Phoenix Mountain’s barrier rapidly left continuously with no hesitation!

The group of elders in charge of guarding the barrier outside clearly realized that something was amiss, and they ripped open a hole in the barrier!

Perhaps because of the commotion within, but the rainbow barrier’s strength seemed to be reduced. This unquestionably allowed the elders to have an easier time.

But in such a situation, nobody dared to relax. Who would know how terrifying the strength of the lightning bolts would be? After all, nobody had seen someone summoning a nine-bolt God Foreseeing Tribulation! Besides, there were six bolts coming down together!

Elder Hua Qian looked at the maniacal and torturous lightning strength and the continuously collapsing mountain bodies with a solemn expression. “I’m afraid… Ancient Phoenix Mountain will be ruined…”

Elder Chen Ke and the rest didn’t even care if Ancient Phoenix Mountain would be ruined! They cared about Chu Liuyue and the others’ safety! Perhaps Jian Fengchi and the rest still have a chance to come back, but Her Majesty… She is already enveloped by the lightning bolts now. I’m afraid—

“I’ll go in to bring her out!” Elder Su Jin couldn’t hold herself back and was about to take action! But the moment she reached the area where a hole was ripped apart in the barrier, a violent force rushed out!

Elder Su Jin wasn’t prepared, so she directly staggered a few steps backward!

Xiao Ran immediately came up to help her up and had a worried expression. “Ah Jin, are you okay?”

However, Elder Su Jin couldn’t care about this as she pointed inside. “Yue’er! Yue’er is still inside!”

What should we do?!

Xiao Ran pressed his lips against each other. “You’re a Xuan Master; you will be disadvantaged if you go in. You should just stay here. I’m a warrior—I’ll go in!”

Then, he moved his feet and was about to go in.

“Nobody needs to go in,” said Cen Yi suddenly.

Everyone looked at him and saw that he still looked very calm. He wasn’t nervous at all.

“This is her God Foreseeing Tribulation. She can only pass it herself. Even if you go over, nobody else can help her.”

Cen Yi’s words made sense. Even if the rest went over and helped her stop part of the strength, she still had to win this battle herself.

“T-then, are we just going to watch on like this?” Elder Su Jin paced back and forth nervously. “If it were her in her peak, she might be able to endure it. But now—”

On the one hand, Chu Liuyue was currently just a peak stage-six warrior. On the other hand, she had already been harmed by the endless force and the holy force to the point where she had no patch of skin left unscathed.

In such a situation, it would be courting death if she withstood six bolts of lightning!

Cen Yi looked up and squinted his narrow eyes. After a slight pause, he said, “As long as she can break through to become a stage-seven warrior, she might be able to do it.”

More and more people left.

In the end, only Mu Hongyu and the rest were left at their spot.

“What should we do? Liuyue hasn’t moved yet…” Mu Hongyu’s heart hung high, and she felt very uneasy.

If it weren’t for Tuan Zi properly staying by their sides, they would really think that something had happened to Chu Liuyue. But even if so, they could not completely dispel their worries.

Even Jun Jiuqing couldn’t endure that force, let alone her!

The few of them felt very conflicted as they all looked at Jian Fengchi, wanting him to make the decision.

Jian Fengchi was also very hesitant. If we don’t wait, we won’t feel good about it. If we do wait, we might die here if we aren’t careful.


A silver lightning bolt struck here, and the mountain peak that they were on started to collapse!


Tuan Zi let out a shriek—it was chasing them to leave!

Jian Fengchi knitted his brows and turned around to take a look, but Chu Liuyue’s figure still couldn’t be seen.

He clenched his teeth. “Let’s go!”

Mu Hongyu originally didn’t agree, but she was worried she would become Chu Liuyue’s burden if she stayed here. Seeing that Tuan Zi had already decided to send them out, she took a few deep breaths and finally got on the fiend’s back.

The few of them went up one after another.

Tuan Zi’s wings vibrated, and it rapidly flew up toward the exit!

Mu Hongyu looked back reluctantly.

Jian Fengchi also followed her line of sight and took a glance before looking down to see the latter’s tightly clenched fists and her knuckles turning white. His heart tingled, and he held her hand. “Don’t worry. Since Tuan Zi wants us to leave, it proves that she’s fine.”

Mu Hongyu forcefully nodded.

The few of them quickly flew out.

Jun Jiuqing followed closely after them and was the last to leave.

Elder Hua Qian commanded, “Close Ancient Phoenix Mountain!”

The brilliant rainbow barrier was suddenly closed!

Other than Chu Liuyue, everyone had come out from inside. Most of them were injured, and they all looked at the forcefully remaining half-mountain with lingering fear.

Dantai Chen surveyed the surroundings, and his heart sank. None—nobody is left. Like I had predicted previously, the five people from the Taiyu Dynasty have all died!

All the blood in his body seemed to have frozen as his entire body was cold, and his mind was blank.

Even if he had already predicted it before, the moment he personally verified it, he still staggered backward and almost fell.

He slowly looked up at the bright light. Shangguan Yue… She deserves to die! After experiencing that battle, her soul must’ve dispersed! Even though I couldn’t avenge them personally, such a result is also comforting…

But at this moment, gasps could be heard from the crowd. “What’s that?!”

Dantai Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly looked up.

A thin and tall figure suddenly appeared in the bright light—it was Chu Liuyue!

“She broke through and became a stage-seven warrior!”


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