The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chap 90

Chapter 90 The Mirror of Yin-Yang

Qin Haodong didn’t notice the change of that mirror. He strived hard to search for the black iron sheet amulet. If he found out that thing which was equal to find out one more life, or it was possible for him to be beaten to death by the ghost slave.

After a fist of the ghost slave blew Qin Haodong away, it didn’t run away from windows. Instead, it returned back, as his huge body moved as quickly as the lightning and his claws grabbed hard towards the heart of Qin Haodong from his back.

While feeling the crisis behind him, Qin Haodong rolled away quickly that made the claw of the ghost slave grabbed nothing but a big hole on the solid wood floor where Qin Haodong just lied.

However, it didn’t stop but strentched another claw like lightning towards the chest of Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong rolled away again that helped him to avoid a knockout blow. However, his body had already been bumped to the wall besides him that made him no way to escape.

Oh! My God! Qin Haodong sighed. At that time, he could not already resist any more.

He himself didn’t cure Qi Waner. What’s worse, he did hurt Lin Momo and the little fellow. How regretful he was. If he had known the result in advance, he would bring his Waner to a faraway forest to cure, instead of bringing her to his home.

At that time, he suddenly heard an awful scream from the ghost slave. He turned around and found that the ghost slave’s sharp claw grabbed the mirror on the ground.

That mirror had changed a lot. One side of the mirror was black, while the other side was red. The ghost slave just grabbed on the black side. At that time, the mirror looked like a powerful smoke exhaust ventilator which crazily drew off the black air on his body.

The black air was the power source of the ghost slave. After drawing off it, it was extremely dreadful that it made a crazy roar and then directly drew its claws back. Even so, the color of that arm looked much paler than other places. It was obvious that it got substantial damages.

Qin Haodong goggled that this mirror was brought back by him. At that time he didn’t feel any existence of the Spiritual Qi, but now there was full of the Spiritual Qi. Obviously, it was a very and very powerful implement, even to the class of spiritual instrument.

Although it made him wonder, he didn’t have enough time to care about it and to research it. Compared with it, protecting his own life had to be placed the first. Therefore, he directly grabbed the mirror on his hands.

The ghost slave obviously was afraid of this mirror that he continued to step back a few paces and didn’t attack it again.

Qin Haodong took that mirror into his hands and immediately was sure his own guess, a spiritual instrument! It was definitely a spiritual instrument! When he was in the Cultivation World, there was not a spiritual instrument. He never thought that after his rebirth, he could get a powerful spiritual instrument which he always dreamed of.

He checked it again carefully that this mirror not only was bigger than when he brought it back, but also more three ancient words — the mirror of Yin-Yang.

With his 500 years of experience in the Cultivation World, he immediately understood what had happened. He was sure that this spiritual instrument was sealed by a special method so that he could not feel the existence of the Spiritual Qi.

Just now he spat a mouthful of blood on the mirror that accidently lifted the seal of the mirror that made the mirror of Yin-Yang opened.

In a twist of fate, he himself walked around the Antique Row, but he didn’t find out the spiritual instrument here and there. Unexpectedly, someone came to send actively him a spiritual instrument.

Holding the mirror of Yin-Yang in his own hands, Qin Haodong felt uplifted. In front of a spiritual instrument, this little ghost slave was not worth to be mentioned. The reason why the ghost slave could run away just now was a spontaneous response of the mirror of Yin-Yang.

Although he had not controlled a spiritual instrument in the Cultivation World, he had used an immortal instrument so that he knew there were no more than three ways of controlling it. The first one is to let the spiritual instrument to recognize an owner, the second is through incantation and the third is through the input of the Genuine Qi.

Now it was impossible to let it recognize an owner, because of the time limitation. Due to his low cultivation, it was impossible for him to use the incantation. Therefore, he could only use the Genuine Qi to have a try.

Thinking about it, he input all the Green Wood Genuine Qi in his body to the mirror of Yin-Yang through a hand shank.

After getting the Genuine Qi inside, the surface of the mirror of Yin-Yang suddenly became active. He held the dark side of the mirror of Yin-Yang. Although the color was still dark without any change, it gave people a sense that no one can see through it.

The ghost slave had an instinctive feeling of terror and turned its head to run away. At this moment, Qin Haodong turned the surface of the mirror over, shining it by the dark side of the mirror.

When it was shined by the mirror of Yin-Yang, the ghost slave’s body became stiff at once without any ability to resist. The black air on his body became rolling fog that was drawn into the mirror of Yin-Yang.

It was just in one or two seconds that the mirror of Yin-Yang had drawn all the black air on the body of the ghost slave. The ugly ghost slave who used to be big and stronge gradually shrank and became the image of Qi Waner again and then fell heavily to the ground.

At the same moment, in the ancient temple, the golden human skeleton on the shrine suddenly broke into pieces. Old Dao spat a mouthful of blood that it was clear that he got a heavy shock.

He extracted a white jade bottle from his pocket, threw out a black pellet and put it into his mouth. After that, he looked better.

“Who? Who dare to break my method, I will haunt you!”

In the villa, the crisis was solved and Qin Haodong took away the mirror of Yin-Yang. This spiritual instrument was good, but it took a lot of Genuine Qi. Just using it a little while, his Genuine Qi had already been consumed a half.

Moreover, he could sense that because his cultivation was too low, he only could use a very small part of the functions of the mirror of Yin-Yang, possibly without 1%.

He took a look to Qi Waner. Because when she became the ghost slave, her clothes had been broken, at that time her perfect body showed in the air without any cover.

Due to the fierce fighting just now, the meeting room had already become the landfill. Qin Haodong held Qi Waner up to his own room, put her on the bed and then covered her a bed sheet.

Qi Waner closed her eyes tightly and had already sunk into a deep coma, when her face was as white as a piece of paper without the color of blood. It seemed that this time becoming the ghost slave had consumed her a lot.

Qin Haodong reached out his hand and felt the pulse on her wrist, and then his brow immediately wrinkled.

Although Qi Waner was still alive, her Yang Wi was very weak. It seemed that almost all had been swallowed by a ghost. If it continued in this way, she must be going to die. If he wanted to save her, she needed being input a lot of Yang Qi. However, where could he find such a large number of Yang Qi?

Suddenly, he remembered the mirror of Yin-Yang in his hands. Now he knew the Yin mirror of the mirror of Yin-Yang could absorb Yin Qi and Ghost Qi, but he wasn’t sure whether the Yang mirror could help people supply Yang Qi.

Thinking of that, he stripped the bed sheet on Qi Waner’s body and took the mirror of Yin-Yang out again. He input the Green Wood Genuine Qi and used the red Yang mittor to shine the bed.

Suddently the mirror of Yin-Yang shone out a golden light that covered up all the body of Qi Waner. A great number of Yang Qi filled the empty body up instantly.

It effected as he expected. Although the mirror of Yin-Yang just shone for one second, the snowy white body of Qi Waner on the bed had already had the color of blood.

The body of Qin Haodong shook slightly. This time, using the Yang mirror consumped him much more than last time. The Genuine Qi in his body had already been consumed nearly to zero.

He thought a second and stored the mirror of Yin-Yang into the Storage Ring. Then, he sat down on the chair beside him and hurried to restore the Genuine Qi that he just consumed.

Qi Yuer slowly recovered her consciousness. Thinking of her past, she immediately sat up on the bed. Did I become the ghost slave?

Immediately a burst of cool feelings ensued and he looked down and saw a white, jade-like and flawless body.

What happened? Is this me? Qi Xiaoer was very surprised. Over these years, her body was as dark as ink that she never thought that it could be so white.

She reached out her hands to feel the lubricated skin, and her eyes shed down two lines of tears. It was me! It was me! How did I suddenly become like this? Did Dr. Qin cure me well?

Oh, where was Dr. Qin? She hurriedly looked around and only saw Qin Haodong sitting on the chair which was directly toward the bed.

When she saw Qin Haodong, Qi Xiaoer instantly regained consciousness and made a shrill scream. She quickly grabbed the bed sheets to cover her own body up.

Qin Haodongn was originally closing his eyes, but after hearing the scream, he immediately opened his eyes.

“How are you, are you okay?”

“Yes…I’m Ok!” Qi Xiaoer’ s cheeks were red, and she had become a normal girl after she had lifted the ghost.

“Very well.”

Qin Haodong also felt that Qi Waner at this time had completely recovered to be normal.

“Dr. Qin, It is you who save me?” Qi Waner asked.

“Yes!” Qin Haodong nodded. “From today, you are a normal person, and the ghost has been removed from your body.”

“Great, I am finally normal, I am finally the same as ordinary people!” Hearing this news, she burst into tears. Over the years, she was troubled by the ghost and suffered too much pain and grievances.

After crying for a while, she slowly calmed down and suddenly thought of a problem.

“Dr. Qin, where are my clothes?”

She had a lot of doubts in her heart. Why didn’t she have a piece of clothes? Was it the need for her medical treatment? Or for other special purposes?

Qin Haodong read her thoughts and could not help but smiling bitterly. There would be no man have any idea for her when she was in the image of the ghost slave just now.

He said, “Actually, all the clothes on your body have been shredded as soon as you just became a ghost slave.”

“What? I have become a ghost slave? What is going on now?”

Qi Waner asked inquiringly.

“It’s a long story, but your life should not be such short so I save you” Qin Haodong said, “I need to feel you the pulse again. It is the first time that I see such a situation where you are, so I am not sure how well you have recovered.”

After he finished, he stood up from the chair and felt weak that he barely stood still after shaking a few times.

“Dr. Qin, are you okay?” Qi Qier asked with concern.

At this time, she realized that Qin Haodong must give too much to her curing. No wonder that even a bed sheet was not covered for her. He really had no strength to stand up.

“I am okay, but I could not feel any power!” Qin Haodong held the wall to come to the bed and began to feel the pulse of Qi Waner.

“Good, very good.” Qin Haodong retracted his right hand and said, “You are blessed in this disaster. You didn’t become the ghost slave but you gain the ability to become a ghost slave.”

“What do you mean?” Qi Waner asked strangely.

“You can understand it by punching the wall.”

Although she didn’t understand what Qin Haodong meant, Qi Waner still made a light punch on the wall according to what he said.

This punch did not use her too much strength, but with a bang, the hard cement wall was directly hit with a deep hole and some breakstones flew away.

Qi Waner looked at her unscathed fist and then looked at the big hole on the wall. She asked in amazement, “What… what is going on here?”

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Qin Haodong said: “After you become a ghost slave, the ghosts on your body have been cleaned up by me, but that ability has been left for you. Not only do you have the cultivation possessing by the masters of Nei Jin, but you will be faster than ordinary people in the future to develop your cultivation. It will not take a long time to reach the realm of supreme power.”

“That is to say, I am a master now?”

“Absolutely a master, much more powerful than me.” Qin Haodong said.

“Great, it’s very great! Dr. Qin, Big Brother Qin, thank you, you are my great benefactor!”

Qi Yuer was ecstatic, jumped up and hugged Qin Haodong, but forgetting that the bed sheet on her body had already slipped to the ground.

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