The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chap 84

Chapter 84 Indulging in Acting

“Well. It’s fate that brings us together, Just look!”

Then Fatty Wang sent the peach-wood sword to the old man.

“Good stuff. It’s really a good sword!”

The old man picked up the peach sword and his face showed that he was surprised. He looked like an old bachelor who had never seen a woman in his life and suddenly saw a naked beauty.

Qin Haodong admired secretly. It was true that every filed had its top employees. This old man was absolutely the leader in the copper industry. Why should he do this with such good acting skills? If he had gone to be an actor, he would have taken the little golden man award home long ago.

Of course, the old man did not know that Qin Haodong had seen through his tricks and continued his performance. “This is a good thing for the house to avoid evil. It can be seen that it is an old thing. How much? I will buy it.”

Fatty Wang said with embarrassment, “Brother, you’re late. This little brother also likes this sword.”

“It’s not late since he hasn’t paid yet,” the old man said aggressively, “Come on, how much will he pay? I’ll pay 1,000 yuan more.”

Fatty Wang looked at Qin Haodong and said, “I’ll bid 30,000 for this little brother.”

The old man said, “It’s only 30,000 yuan for such a good thing. It’s not expensive at all. I’ll pay 31,000 yuan.”

Niuer was unhappy and stared at Fatty Wang and said, “Although you are a businessman, you can’t only care money. According to the rules, there should be an order. The little brother came first, you can’t sell it to others.”

“All right!” Fatty Wang ground his teeth and said to the old man, “Well, although you offer 1,000 more, I can’t sell it to you. After all, it’s the little brother who first saw it.”

Qin Haodong didn’t speak but looked at them with a smile. He was not in a hurry to go now. He wanted to see what play these people could actually act.

Fatty Wang and his men were obviously veterans. They had done a lot of such things. Although Qin Haodong did not make a statement, they were not in the fluster and discouragement.

The old man said, “You’re not right. Everything is sold on the basis of price. How about I give you another 1,000? Can you sell it to me by 32,000 yuan?”

After such a bustle, more and more people came to the store to see the bustle. At this time, an old Taoist priest came in.

The old Taoist priest was old. He looked like a hermit and a Master of Taoist with his white hair and beard.

When he saw the peach sword, his eyes lit up and he walked quickly to the counter and grabbed the peach sword.

Fatty Wang immediately cried out, “Old man, don’t touch it. It’s an old thing. You can’t afford to damage it.”

The old Taoist priest, however, ignored it at all. He grasped the peach sword with excitement and tears in his eyes. “Thanks to our ancestors’ blessings, I finally found it.”

Fatty Wang cried again, “You old Taoist priest, what are you doing? Are you blackmailing? This belongs to my store.”

The old Taoist priest put the peach sword back on the counter and said excitedly, “Man, I am the eighty-seventh generation heir of Tian Shi Sect. This is the peach sword used by our ancestor Zhang Daoling to exorcise the demons. Unfortunately, it has been lost for many years, and now I have finally found it.

“Just tell me how much does this sword cost? I must buy it back for my disciples to look at with reverence.”

The old man immediately complained and said, “Old Taoist priest, everything goes with rules, I came first, you can’t grab it.”

The old Taoist priest said solemnly, “But this is the treasure of our Tian Shi Sect. I must buy it back.”

Niuer immediately cried out, “What are you doing? My youngest brother came first. You all are late.”

“No, I’m going to buy this sword. I can pay more.”

“This is the treasure of our Tian Shi Sect. I must buy it back, no matter how much money it costs…”

Both the old man and the Taoist priest showed an indefatigable look.

Finally, Fatty Wang made a helpless look and said, “Since everyone wants to buy the sword, it must be predestined.

“Well, you three bidders, after all, I am a businessman. The sword belongs to the one who pays the highest price for it. Since the younger brother came first. If you bid the same price, I will sell it to the younger brother first, do you agree?”

“I don’t mind. I have to buy this today anyway.”

The old man took the lead.

“I have no objection either. If I don’t bring this sword back to Tian Shi Sect, I am sorry for my ancestors.”

The Taoist priest also said in righteousness, generosity, and excitement.

Seeing that these people were so devoted to their act, Qin Haodong felt that if he did not cooperate with them, he was really sorry for their enthusiasm. Then he said, “Well, I have no objection.”

Fatty Wang’s eyes flashed with complacency, and he thought to himself, “Are you pretending to be calm? But eventually, you got into my trap.”

He said, “From now on, the bottom price is 30,000. Among you three, the one who pays the highest price will take it away.”

“I’ll pay 32,000 yuan…” The old man was the first to shout.

“I’ll pay 33,000 yuan…” The Taoist priest showed no weakness.

“35,000 yuan…”


The Taoist priest and the old man argued with each other, and the price rose higher. But Qin Haodong just looked at them quietly and never participated in the bidding.

The Taoist priest and the old man were waiting for Qin Haodong to call out his price, and they would both withdrew together. Qin Haodong would have to buy the sword at that time. Unexpectedly, they performed so well, but the young man never bade, which made them unable to stop but kept raising the price.

In the twinkling of an eye, the price had been increased to 50,000 yuan, but Qin Haodong still looked at them quietly, without the slightest intention to participate in the bidding, which let Fatty Wang became a little anxious, and he shot Niuer a warning glance.

Niuer immediately realized and said to Qin Haodong, “Brother, it’s time to bid. You didn’t listen to me just now, or you would buy it for 30,000 yuan. Now you can’t miss the chance, or you will regret later.”

“Well, I’ll bid for a price as you persuaded me.”

Qin Haodong said happily, “I bid for 100,000.”

As soon as he uttered his words, all the people present were shocked. Fatty Wang’s face flashed with joy that could not be concealed. It was unexpected that a big sheep was trapped by a sword today.

Some experienced guests had already seen that this was a fraud. They couldn’t help shaking their heads secretly. They thought that young people were so deceptive and he would lose 100,000 yuan.

Niuer was also very happy. He thought it was time for the show to come to an end. He said, “I must remind you two, you’d better quickly give up if you’re wise. You can’t compete with the little brother.”

He seemed to be helping Qin Haodong. But in fact, it was a sign that their group had made an appointment beforehand. As long as Niuer said so, the Taoist priest and the old man would quit. Then Fatty Wang could sell the sword to Qin Haodong whether he wanted to buy it or not.

Up to now, everything was perfect, but nobody expected that the old man and the Taoist priest seemed to indulge in their acting and had no intention of quitting.

The old man cried, “Don’t kid yourself! This kind of good treasure must be bought home as a family heirloom. I’ll pay 110,000 yuan.”

“This is the treasure of our Tian Shi Sect. We can’t let outsiders buy it. I’ll pay 120,000 yuan.”

During the conversation, there was a crazy look in the face of the Taoist priest.

Fatty Wang gritted his teeth secretly and thought that these two were totally fools. “What if the price is too high that it frightens the customer away?”

Fortunately, Qin Haodong did not let him down for too long. He cried again, “I will pay 200,000 yuan.”

“Is this young man a fool? He didn’t buy it when it was just 30,000 yuan, now he even offers 200,000 yuan. Is this a fool with a low IQ?” The people in the crowd were surprised.

Niuer was so happy that his mouth could not close. He rushed to squeeze his small eyes to the Taoist priest and the old man, reminding them to stop as soon as Qin Haodong had bidden.

Fatty Wang also cried eagerly, “This little brother bids 200,000 yuan so this sword will be…”

But before he could finish his words, the Taoist priest cried out, “I bid 300,000 yuan. This belongs to our Tian Shi Sect. I must take it back with me.”

At this moment, Fatty Wang and Niuer immediately had an impulse to rush up and beat him. They both thought 200,000 yuan was a very satisfying price, while he suddenly bade 300,000 yuan. “Is he crazy?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Since you are so sincere, then I will quit and leave it to you.”

After he said that, the Taoist priest and the old man’s body trembled slightly, and they woke up from the mind-manipulating.

Qin Haodong did not erase their memories, so the two people remembered exactly what happened.

Fatty Wang didn’t know that. He was trembling with anger. “These two fools just screwed up such a good business.”

Now they not only lost the chance to cheat Qin Haodong out of his money but had the question of how to act their fraud right along. “The young man has announced that he will not buy it. This peach sword will be sold to the old Taoist, but how can he have so much money?”

But if they didn’t pay for it, the whole antique market would know that they were cappers and deceiving people.

Qin Haodong laughed at the old man and said, “Do you want it? If you want it, hurry up and bid the price. It’s a pity for you to miss such a good treasure.”

The old man shook his head repeatedly, “No, I don’t want it!”

Of course, the price had reached 300,000 yuan, how dared he continue to bid.

The old Taoist priest was totally confused. He had an impulse to think that he was the real heir of Tian Shi Sect just now. He must buy this sword back, so he kept bidding the price.

Now the impulse had passed, but where could he get 300,000 yuan?

Qin Haodong laughed and said to him, “Taoist, this is the treasure of your Tian Shi Sect. Pay the money and take it back as soon as possible.”

“I… ” The old Taoist priest was speechless at this time. He didn’t even have 300 yuan in his pocket, let alone 300,000 yuan.

Qin Haodong’s face changed. “Taoist priest, you can’t be teasing us all, right? Do you have money?”

Some of the people who liked to watch the scene of bustle in the crowd also shouted, “Pay, pay as soon as possible!”

The old Taoist priest said with embarrassment, “Well… I’m sorry, I came out in such a hurry that I forgot to bring my money. I’ll buy it tomorrow.”

Then he turned around to leave the shop, but Qin Haodong pulled him back and slapped him in the face.

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“You damn old Taoist priest, you messed up other’s business. Today I must teach you a lesson.”

Then, Qin Haodong slapped the Taoist priest in the face repeatedly. After a few slaps, the old Taoist’s white beard and eyebrows were all slipped from his face. People could see clearly that the Taoist priest was a fake. He looked about 30 years old.

Fatty Wang and Niuer were startled. They never dreamed of such a situation. When they saw their partner being beaten, they wanted to help him but could not help him.

In such a short time, Qin Haodong had slapped the old Taoist in the face more than a dozen times. His movement was very fast.

He stood up and turned to Fatty Wang. “This guy messed up your business by pretending to be an old Taoist priest. Would you like to beat him?”

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