The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chap 80

Chapter 80 Family of Vets

“Big trouble?” Qin Haodong glanced at Dong Chao, then he smiled disdainfully. “It’s no more than a piece of cake to deal with the trash like you, and that’s no trouble at all.”

“Don’t get too proud, young man. You’ll have no time to cry when my cousin comes here!”

As Dong Chao said that, a few off-road cars rushed over. More than 20 ruffians jumped off the cars with steel pipes and cutters in their hands. The leading one of them had a large wolf head tattoo on his chest, looking quite fierce.

“Here you are, cousin. The guy seduced my wife in front of us, and he beat me. You have to teach him a lesson for me.”

“Calm down. Jiangnan City is our place, and no one dares to mess up with me or my bros.”

Wolf patted Dong Chao’s shoulder and said proudly, “The gigolo boy was a piece of cake to deal with. Now you can tell me the best way to vent your anger.”

Dong Chao glared at Qin Haodong and said with a twisted face, “He hit me just now. We should disable his two arms.”

“That’s easy. I’ll do it.” After Wolf said that, he stalked to Qin Haodong.

“The bad guy is coming, papa, the bad guy is coming!”

The little fellow screamed, but with an excited face. She had no fear at all because she feared no bad guy as long as her father was here.

“Gigolo boy, how dare you to mess up with Wolf’s bros? You’re sick of living or what? Now mutilate your hands and I’ll let you go today.”

Qin Haodong looked at him and smiled. “Tell the animal, your cousin, to divorce my friend, and give her at least a million as compensation, I will also let go of you today.”

Wolf turned stern and said, “Young boy, do you have any idea who you’re talking to? Have you ever heard about ‘Wolf’ when you’re in Jiangnan City?”

Qin Haodong said, “I’ve never heard of Wolf, but I do have ran into a few wild dogs.”

The little fellow pointed at Wolf’s chest and yelled loudly, “Dog! Ugly dog!”

“Young man! You’re playing with death!” Wolf waved his big hand and said to the ruffians behind him, “Bros, let’s teach the young man a hard lesson.”


Those ruffians answered and rushed to Qin Haodong, waving the weapons in their hands. At the same time, someone else yelled loudly, “Stop! All of you! Or I’ll kill you!”

“Who the fu*k are you to talk to me like that?” asked Wolf in fury. He looked back and saw ten more black sedans pulled over behind him.

As the door opened, more than twenty men came out. The leading one was a bald man who was at least 1.90m tall and looked murderous. He was Dafei, the chief warrior of Long Haisheng.

Wolf was suddenly dumbfounded when he saw Dafei. He was a well-known ruffian in the city, but there was a great disparity between him and the underground manipulator, Long Haisheng. He didn’t even have the guts to mess up Dafei who was just standing before him.

Bro-brother Dafei, what brings you here?”

Wolf Lowered down his waist and went to Dafei with a flattering face.

“You bastard, how dare you fight with Doctor Qin? Don’t you know that he is an honorary guest of Brother Long?”

After he said that, he slammed several times on Wolf’s face heavily.

Long Haisheng assigned most of his work to Dafei, so Dafei held a quite high position among those ruffians. See his beating Wolf, his fellows were so fearful that nobody dared to make a sound.

Wolf’s mouth had been beaten to bleed, but he dare not to show any dissatisfaction. He faced forward and asked, “Brother Dafei, who’s Doctor Qin? I had no idea at all.”

“Have you had your head kicked by a horse? He’s Doctor Qin!” said Dafei as he slammed two more times on Wolf’s face. Then Dafei walked to Qin Haodong respectfully. He bowed and apologized. “Doctor Qin, I’m sorry I’m late. It’s my fault that the bastard offended you.”

He had been completely impressed by Qin Haodong’s medical skills and capacity, so the respect came from his heart.

Qin Haodong asked lightly, “It’s fine. You know this little puppy?”

“Puppy?” Dafei held on for a second and soon he realized that Qin Haodong was talking about Wolf. He replied in a hurry, “All people living on streets of Jiangnan City know brother Long, so do this guy. But he was nearly a nobody, so we rarely meet each other.”

After that, he turned back and yelled to Wolf, “Come here and apologize to Doctor Qin!”

Wolf had been scared out of himself at this moment. Just like what Dafei had said, he might be well-known in the circle of Jiangnan City, but in Long’s eyes, he was a nobody. Being pissed off, Long Haisheng could easily destroy his social life in Jiangnan.

“Doctor Qin, I am sorry, I am really sorry. I was blind to have offended you.”

“You should act like you’re sorry when you’re saying that! Now, on your knees!”

Dafei slammed on Wolf’s back head again when he said that. Wolf’s knees fell on the ground heavily. He had cursed all of Dong Chao’s ancestors silently because he would never end up messing up with such a big badass if not for him.

“It’s fine, just get up.”

Qin Haodong didn’t want to push Wolf too much because the little fellow was with him.

“Thank you, Doctor Qin, thank you!”

Wolf picked himself up from the ground, but he kept bowing and dared now to straighten up.

Dong Chao was completely dumbfounded as he watched all this from the other side. He wondered what was going on, and why his savior kneed down to others.

Qin Haodong pointed to Dong Chao and asked, “Is he one of your folks?”

Wolf nodded and said, “Yes, but a remote one. How come that he offended you? I have no idea.”

He wished he had no connection with Dong Chao now because he would no longer be able to stay in Jiangnan if he irritated Brother Long.

Qin Haodong said, “Forget it. I don’t blame you because you didn’t know it. Now tell him to come over and speak to me.”

“Do you hear it? Doctor Qin want you to come to talk, now get your as* here!” Wolf turned back and shouted at Dong Chao.

Dong Chao and he were remote relatives, and the Dongs was quite influential in Shanghai, however; Dong Chao’s family was just an offshoot, not the immediate members of the Dongs, so he was not afraid of to offend him.

“I…” Dong Chao was completely dumbfounded. He wanted to run away but he knew there was no way for him to escape. He wanted to go there, but he was fearful when seeing Dafei who looked fierce and murderous.

Dafei waved his hand. Soon two of his fellows came over and lift Dongchao by his neck, bringing him directly to Qin Haodong.

Before he could talk, Dafei kicked on his knee, so he fell down on the ground heavily.

Qin Haodong looked at Dong Chao and said, “I knew how you cheated Wang Jiani. I’ll show you the right way now. You divorce her, sign all of those papers, and pay her 1 million as compensation.”

“No, absolutely not! She’s my legal wife. No one can force me to divorce her.”

Dong Chao yelled immediately.

“What the hell are you yelling about? Do you know who you’re talking about?”

Dafei came forward and slammed heavily on Dong Chao’s face. His face got bloody and swollen immediately, with blood at the mouth corner.

Qin Haodong knew that this would not be easy. He turned back and let Wang Jiani hold the little fellow, then he said, “Just bring her home first. I’ll go fetch her later.”

Wang Jiani nodded and said nothing more. She brought the little fellow to her home.

He knew that there were certain ways to let Dong Chao give it up, but he didn’t want the little fellow to see it, so he let Wang Jiani take Tang Tang away.

He looked back and said to Dong Chao, “Divorce is your best choice, I think you should agree with it.”

“No, I don’t agree.” Although Dong Chao’s cheeks were swollen, he turned it down without any hesitation with nameless courage.

“It’s fine if you don’t agree, then let’s talk about the second choice.” Qin Haodong turned to Dafei and said, “This trash has deceived and hurt many kind women. Do you know if any of your fellows know about castration? We should cut the thing off him in case he harms other people in the future.”

“Yes, my fellows’ got talent, they knew about everything.” Dafei yelled to his one skinny fellow, “Little Five, come here!”

“Greetings, Doctor Qin!”

The guy named Little Five greeted Qin Haodong respectfully. He had been taught the lesson at the amusement park that day and was totally impressed by Qin Haodong.

Dafei introduced him, “Doctor Qin, Little Five came from a family of vets, he was an expert in castrating pigs.”

Qin Haodong nodded and said, “Then cut him up, send him into the palace as a eunuch. Can you do that?”

Little Five patted on his chest proudly and answered, “Don’t worry Doctor Qin. Human bodies are similar to that of animals’. It will take no more than 3 minutes.”

As he said that, he took a leather-fold out of the pocket behind his waist. There were all kinds of shiny knives inside, making people chill when seeing them.

“Not bad!” Qin Haodong nodded with satisfaction and said to Dafei, “It’s not appropriate to do it on the street because other people may see it. Go find a car and tell Little Five to castrate in the car.”

Dong Chao immediately collapsed on the ground when seeing the shiny knives in Little Five’s hand. He was no longer as tough as he used to be.

Dafei waved his hand. Four or five fellows of his came over and picked Dong Chao. Then they took him to an off-road vehicle on the roadside.

Qin Haodong said to Little Five, “Make sure the cut is complete.”

“Don’t worry, Doctor Qin. I’ll do it clear and cut, nothing left.”

Little Five walked to the off-road vehicle as he said that. His eyes were shining with excitement. It looked like he did come from a family of vets and he was very interested in the job.

“Doctor Qin, I agree, I agree to divorce. Have mercy!”

Soon after Little Five jumped on the off-road vehicle, Dong Chao screamed like a pig being slaughtered because he was sure that Qin Haodong would really send him into the palace as a eunuch.

He didn’t want to leave Wang Jiani, however; women came and left, only “that thing” stayed with him forever. He could never find any replacement if it was cut off.

Qin Haodong sneered and waved at Dafei. Dafei immediately asked his fellows to bring Dong Chao over here.

Now Dong Chao’s legs were completely numb because of fear. He was dragged here by the other two people because he could barely walk. As he approached, a pungent smell of urine rose. He wet his pants.

“I’ll have someone get the divorce agreement prepared now. You’ll sign it soon.” Qin Haodong stared at Dong Chao sharply. “Now mark my words, this is your only chance. You’ll lose the chance to sign if you dare to play with me this time. It’s better to castrate you than to sign papers.”

Little Five said, “Doctor Qin. What if I just cut him? This is too troublesome.”

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Dong Chao was so scared that shivered and said, “I’ll sign it, I’ll sign it now!”

Qin Haodong said to Dafei, “Now find a lawyer and make a divorce agreement according to what I said. Let him transfer the money out now. 1 million, not a penny less.”

“Don’t worry, Doctor Qin. I’ll finish it soon!”

Dafei called a lawyer immediately and let Dong Chao transfer 1 million to his account.

Ten minutes later, a lawyer came in a hurry, suitcase under his arm. He put the divorce agreement in front of Dong Chao.

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