The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chap 79

Chapter 79 Panda Eyes

Wang Hongbing and Ma Hong’s face looked all confused. They were going to teach the young man a lesson and let him know how powerful the Wangs were, but instead. their bodyguards had been taught the lesson in no time.

Qin Haodong walked to the two with the little fellow in his arms, and he said happily, “If you want to take advantage of your family’s power to bully others, I’m afraid you’ll need a much bigger family than the Wangs.”

After that, his right hand reached out in a flash. After several booming sounds, four panda eyes appeared on Wang Hongbing and Ma Hong’s face.

Having taught the two arrogant people a lesson, Qin Haodong looked at Wang Guan, the boy standing beside him. He patted his face and said, “Young boy. Try to work out things on your own in the future. Don’t make everything a fight of your dad’s. Moreover, your father was not qualified for the fight at all.”

After that, he left with the little fellow and Wang Jiani.

Wang Hongbing felt desperate grievances. His eyes were glaring. The Wangs had been used to be the bullies and nobody had irritated them like that before.

He became angrier and angrier when he saw the bodyguards lying on the ground. He rushed over and kicked hard on them, “You fu*king pieces of waste! Why am I still paying you? Get the fu*k out of here, now!”

He thought he had been stepped on by the young man because of his bodyguards’ incompetence. After he took the anger out on his bodyguards, he fired them all.

Ma Hong said with a pair of panda eyes, “Honey, I can’t just let this go.”

Wang Hongbing gnawed his teeth and said, “Me, either. The young man thought he could be lawless just because he could fight. I need him to know the power of the Wangs.”

“What should we do? Shall we call the police?” asked Ma Hong.

“Call the police? Have you lost your mind? We can’t afford to be that embarrassed!” He glared at Ma Hong. The Wangs had been taught a lesson by a poor young man, and they were calling the police? How could he live with the shame in Jiangnan City if the news spread?

“But that gigolo boy was too strong. Even our bodyguards were not his match.”

“It’s no big deal that he knew some Kongfu. Our bodyguards are all waste at this moment, but the Wangs are rich, and we can find better bodyguards!” said Wang Hongbing, “Words on the street that the bodyguards of Daddy Security Company are quite capable. I’m going there now and find the best bodyguards to teach the young man a lesson.”

Qin Haodong didn’t know what had happened. He was driving away from the art gallery with Wang Jiani.

“Mrs. Wang, where are you going? I can give you a ride.”

Qin Haodong asked.

“OK then, please send me home,” Wang Jiani answered.

“It’s Sunday today, why not hang out with your boyfriend?” Qin Haodong asked casually.

Wang Jiani’s expression froze and stopped talking. Qin Haodong could tell the change on her face. He stopped asking because it was her privacy. Soon he drove to the place Wang Jiani told him.

“Good-bye, Mrs. Wang!” The little fellow waved to Wang Jiani.

After she said good-bye to the father and the daughter, Wang Jiani opened the door and got off the car. A few steps later, a figure jumped in her way and grabbed her arm.

“You bi*ch, finally I can find you!”

It was a young man in his thirties that was speaking. He was in a branded suit and looked just fine, except for his flirtatious face which made people quite uncomfortable.

“Dong Chao, why are you here?” Wang Jiani panicked when she saw the man.

“Why am I here? You tell me! You’re my wife. You should live with me in my house instead of fooling around.”

Dong Chao scanned on Wang Jiani with lusty expression and said, “You must’ve hit on plenty of men these days. You’re getting so much sultrier, and your boobs seemed to have grown up a lot. Now move, I want to have a nice shot!”

After that, he grabbed Wang Jiani and dragged her into the apartment.

“Dong Chao, you bastard, let go of me!”

Wang Jiani struggled desperately, but there was no way she could be the match of Dong Chao, who was strong enough. She had been dragged forward 3 more meters until she had no other options but to bite on Dong Chao’s arm.

“Ouch! You Bi*ch! How dare you bite me! Dong Chao looked down to the arm which had already been covered with blood. He turned fury, then raised his palm and slammed on Wang Jiani’s face.”

But before his hands touched the face, it was grabbed by someone else’s tough hand. He couldn’t move anymore.

Dong Chao looked back and saw a young man in his twenties grabbing his wrist. The young man had a little girl in his arms who might be 4 or 5 years old.

“Bad man! Don’t bully Mrs. Wang.”

The little fellow yelled at Dong Chao.

Qin Haodong also said coldly, “What kind of man would beat a woman?”

“Who the hell are you? I am teaching my own wife! Mind your own business and get the hell out of my way!”

Dong Chao struggled a few times, but he failed to get rid of Qin Haodong’s hand. He let go of Wang Jiani in anger and slammed on Qin Haodong’s face with another hand.

“Go to hell!”

Qin Haodong yelled coldly and raised his hand. Then he slammed on Dong Chao’s face. Dong Chao flew backward for at least 3 or 4 meters and crushed on the ground in large booming sound.

“Great! Great! Bad man! Papa will hit you if you bully Mrs. Wang!”

He picked himself up from the ground and spat some blood. He was afraid of Qin Haodong, so instead of getting back to him, he pointed at Wang Jiani and yelled, “You bi*ch. I wonder why you sneaked away from me to Jiangnan. Turned out that you’ve kept a lover here, and your children had grown up so old!”

“Watch your language! Or I’ll knock off all your teeth.”

Qin Haoodng was smiling as he spoke, but Dong Chao felt that he had been enveloped by a great chill. He couldn’t help shaking and regretting that he was here in such a hurry that he forgot to bring his own bodyguards.

“Young man, let me tell you. I am one of the Dongs in Shanghai, you can’t afford to mess up with me.”

Qin Haodong smiled shortly and said, “Really? What if I want to mess up with you?”

“Young man. Just because I am in Jiangnan now doesn’t mean I cannot teach you a lesson. My cousin is quite influential in the underworld of Jiangnan. You’ll suffer if I call him here. Now get the hell out of here!”

“Really? Then call him, and show me how much I will suffer.”

Wang Jiani had left a nice impression on Qin Haodong, so he wanted to help her for the sake of the little fellow and help her to get out of the trouble.

“Just wait here, young man! Don’t run away if you’re a real man!” Dong Chao picked himself up from the ground and took out his phone. Then he said, “Cousin? A gigolo boy bullied me in Jiangnan. Hurry up and get here…”

Wang Jiani’s face turned pale out of panic, she pulled Qin Haodong’s arm and said, “Mr. Qin, you should leave and hide how. The Dongs are quite influential, though we’re in Jiangnan. I heard his cousin was actually influential in the underworld and was a notorious head of the ruffians!”

Qin Haodong said disregardingly, “Take it easy. It’s just a ruffian, no big deal.”

The little fellow added, “Yes, Mrs. Wang. Papa’s tough. You don’t need to fear as long as he’s here, so do I!”

Looking at his cute daughter, Qin Haodong smiled. At the same time the phone in his pocket rang, he took it out and checked. It was Long Haisheng’s call.

He realized that a week had passed, and today was the day that he should go treat Long Haisheng’s son, Long Xiaobao.

He pressed answered button. Long Haisheng was asking politely from the other side, “Doctor Qin, are you busy now? Do you have time to check Xiaobao?”

Qin Haodong glanced at Dong Chao who was making the phone call. He knew it would be a while before he could leave, so he said, “Just a moment. I’ve run into some troubles, and I’ll get to you as soon as I work it out.”

Long Haisheng immediately asked when he heard Qin Haodong was in trouble, “You’re in trouble now? Can you tell me about it?”

Qin Haodong was the one he cared most now, because his son, Long Xiaobao, had been getting better day by day after the treatment last time. Now he had stopped dialysis and chemotherapy.

Last night, they found in surprise that there was short soft hair on Xiaobao’s head. Now what they cared most was should anything happen to Qin Haodong, Xiaobao’s treatment would be influenced.

Qin Haodong thought for a moment and found it would be better if he left the trouble to Long Haisheng than to himself. So, he said, “Someone’s troubling my friend here.”

Long Haisheng’s face turned cold and said, “How dare he trouble your friend! Now give me the address, I’ll send Dafei there as soon as I can.”

“OK.” Qin Haodong glanced at the street sign next to him and told Long Haisheng the exact location.

He hung up the phone, so did Dong Chao. He pointed at Qin Haodong and the other one, then yelled, “Gigolo boy! Be a man and do not run away! You’ll suffer enough when my cousin gets here!”

“Tell him to hurry up! My time is precious!”

He ignored Dong Chao after he said that. He turned to Wang Jiani and said, “Mrs. Wang, what’s going on here? Can you tell me in specific?”

Wang Jiani seemed to be hesitating, but later she nodded and said, “I was actually married, and my husband is the scum standing here…”

Five minutes later, Qin Haodong had had a full picture of the whole story. Wang Jiani met Dong Chao in a party when she was a freshman in the college.

Back to then, Dong Chao pretended quite nicely. He was a talker, a dancer, and a singer. His sweet nonsense fascinated Wang Jiani, a young girl who barely knew anything about love. Soon they got married.

But after they got married, she found Dong Chao had been lying about everything. He was actually a scum, not just because he had affairs, but also because he constantly gathered people to take drugs and get indulged in promiscuity.

Wang Jiani wanted to divorce as soon as she found it out, but Dong Chao insisted not. She couldn’t get rid of him because the Dongs were too influential in Shanghai.

In that way, she had been tortured by Dong Chao. Months later she had serious STD. She ran out of Shanghai in the name of treating disease, then she hid in Jiangnan, working a kindergarten teacher.

It had been a year, and she thought she had got rid of Dong Chao.

Nobody knew how the scum knew about Wang Jiani’s message. He called Wang Jiani at first and asked her to go back to Shanghai.

It turned out that Wang Jiani’s bad mood in the morning was because of Dong Chao’s call. She didn’t know that a few hours later, the scum arrived in Jiangnan and found her home.

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Qin Haodong sighed silently. The woman was so innocent. The Dongs were so powerful that they must’ve located her when they made that call, and that was why they could find the place.

Qin Haodong felt quite sorry for the woman. He asked, “What’s your plan?”

Wang Jiani wiped off the tears at the corner of her eyes, and her eyes looked extremely desperate. “What should I do? I wanted to divorce him, but he wouldn’t allow. I can only go back with him if there are no other options.”

Qin Haodong said, “I can help you get rid of him if you really want to!”

Wang Jiani said, “No. The Dongs are too powerful. You don’t need to get in troubles because of me.”

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