The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chap 37

Chapter 37 Age Is Not a Problem

“Three… two… one”

Qin Haodong held Lin Momo and rushed forward like mad after he had counted down. At first, Lin Momo was running after him, but soon, she was dragged and her feet left off the ground because of his high speed. They moved forward like flying.

Those men in black didn’t react until the three were on halfway to leave, and then they started shooting at the three.

However, their bullets lost accuracy because they were not prepared. With shorter than an eye blink, Qin Haodong had already arrived before the small black house. He kicked off the shabby wooden door, and then the three of them rushed in.

When they entered the house, he pulled Lin Momo to hide behind a wall. Bullets were coming behind off the wall, dirt and mud splattering. Luckily, nobody had been injured.

The house was shabby. It was supposed to be the shelter of the mountain rangers, but was now abandoned.

It was safer hiding here because there was no need to worry about being besieged by those men in black.

But Qin Haodong’s wounds had been torn up while he was running, and were bleeding like it never stopped.

“Are you okay?” Lin Momo asked nervously.

“I’m okay, don’t be afraid!”

Qin Haodong said while he was pressing his apertures to stop his bleeding.

Those men in black were gathering, and then they surrounded the little house. But they dared not to come closer because they knew the weapon in Qin Haodong’s hand was fatal. So they surrounded the house from afar, and some of them hid behind trees.

One of the men in black, with his hoarse voice, yelled, “Hey friend! We don’t mean to spite you! Just give that woman to us and we’ll leave immediately!”

The order he had taken was to kill Lin Momo, so he didn’t want to risk his life to fight Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong had confirmed his speculation after hearing what the man said. Those men were going after Lin Momo, and maybe they were the accomplices of those assassinators last time.

Lin Momo was surely lucky enough to have Qin Haodong’s company when running into the two incidents, or she could’ve been long gone.

Lin Momo was silent for a moment and said, “They are here for me. Why don’t you take good care of Tang Tang and give me to them?”

“What are you talking about?” Qin Haodong’s voice was not loud, but he sounded stern. “I said nobody could hurt you two as long as I am here!”

“But they have guns and you’re injured. It will be meaningless if we held off like this! It’s better to sacrifice me to…”

“Shut up! I said nobody could hurt you as long as I am alive!”

Qin Haodong might sound stern or even a little bit rude, but Lin Momo felt warm inside when she heard that. Her tears dropped down again.

“Don’t be scared. I’ve already called the police, and they will be here soon if we just hang on for a second,” said Qin Haodong, trying to comfort the other two.

At the moment a hoarse voice was yelling again outside, “My friend, do you hear me? Don’t even imagine that you can go against us just because you’ve practiced fighting skills. You can never be the match of a gun!”

Qin Haodong patted on Lin Momo’s shoulder and yelled to the outside, “Fine, I agreed with your request, now come and get the people you want!”

“Papa, you can’t give Mama to them!” The little girl screamed.

“Hush… Don’t speak, Tang Tang. Papa was lying to them.” Apparently, Lin Momo had understood what Qin Haodong meant.

“But our teacher told me that good kids don’t lie.”

“It is okay to lie to bad people, Tang Tang! Stop talking.”

Lin Momo stopped the little guy from talking.

Qin Haodong did want to kill two men in black after deceiving them here. He had calculated that there were six men in black outside, and the fewer men in black in the outside, the less danger they would be faced with.

However, the hoarse voice had clearly read his mind, and he yelled again, “We want a dead one, not a living one! Just push that woman out and we’ll shoot her to death.”

Seeing that the man in black didn’t bite the lure, Qin Haodong sighed and had no other way but to wait for Nalan Wuxia to come.

Obviously, the hoarse voice knew Qin Haodong was stalling time, and he yelled again, “You don’t really think that I have no way to get to you as long as you hide inside there, do you? I’ll give you one minute, give that woman to me or die with her!”

Qin Haodong ignored the threat, because he could kill anyone who dared to approach with the silver needle.

One minute later, the noisy roar of engines came from outside.

“Oops!” Qin Haodong’s expression changed drastically. He knew what the hoarse voice was planning—he was trying to drive the large truck into the small house.

The small house was old and shabby. It could barely resist those bullets, let alone the hit of a truck.

As had been expected, the roar of the engine was approaching, and the truck was driven to the small house.

Lin Momo had understood it, too. She pushed the little girl into Qin Haodong’s arms, and then she quickly rushed out of the house.

“Come back!”

Qin Haodong grabbed Lin Momo and pressed her to the wall, and then he said, “Take care of Tang Tang. This is the work for man only.”

“No, they all have guns, and they are definitely waiting for you to show up…” Lin Momo said anxiously.

“Take it easy, I’m too lucky to die here,” said Qin Haodong. He pushed the little girl back into Lin Momo’s arms. Then he kissed both of the two’s cheeks and said, “If I die, take care of our daughter!”

Lin Momo was dumb because she couldn’t understand why Qin Haodong was willing to make such a big sacrifice for her and Tang Tang.

Before she woke up, Qin Haodong stamped heavily on the wall, and then he bounced back, shooting out of the window like a cannonball.

But apparently the men in black were prepared. They started shooting as soon as Qin Haodong showed up, however; Qin Haodong was moving so fast that all their bullets missed the target. On the contrary, Qin Haodong seized the opportunity and shot three people in succession.

The three men in black were still alive; one in the truck; the other two was too far to be reached by the silver needle.

At the moment, the big truck roared and was driven fast to the small shabby house.

Qin Haodong knew clearly that the house would definitely collapse if it was hit by the truck, and then there was hardly any chance that Lin Momo and the girl could survive.

The situation was too critical for him to consider much. He stomped and rushed to the big truck. He smashed the windshield of the big truck and grabbed the neck of the man whose eyes were filled with fear. Then he threw him out of the car.

Although the men in black had been killed, the big truck remained its high speed, rushing to the shabby little house.

Qin Haodong bent and jumped, and then he seated himself on the driver’s seat. He changed the direction of the big truck, and drove it to the two men in black on the other side.

Those men in black couldn’t shoot him because he was moving too fast just now; however, now he was a fixed target in the big truck, so the two survived men raised their guns and shoot him intensively.

Qin Haodong had nowhere to hide but to resist the bullets with Genuine Qi. He was shot in succession.

Later, when the two men in black ran out of bullets, Qin Haodong drove the big truck and rushing to them. He wouldn’t give them any chance to change the folder.

In scare and panic, the two turned back and ran away. But they could never out-speed a truck, and soon the miserable scream of the two came under the rolling wheels.

At the moment, with the siren coming closer and closer, two patrol wagons arrived. Qin Haodong felt released because he knew Nalan Wuxia finally arrived. He collapsed on the chair and lost consciousness.

When he regained consciousness, he was lying in the hospital. The rising sun rendered everything in the ward golden brown.

Lin Momo was sitting on his bedside wearing a grief face. She must’ve kept up all night judging by the tiredness on her face.

See Qin Haodong opened his again, she said excitedly, “You’re awake, finally! You scared the hell out of me!”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “I’ve said that I have a tough life!”

“Stop laughing!” Lin Momo glared at him and said, “You scared me yesterday, you know? The doctor had taken 13 warheads out of you.”

“That’s a lot! Lucky that my face wasn’t hurt; it is what I am going to live on.”

Said Qin Haodong as he raised his hand and touched his cheek.

“Do you have to be so slick under such circumstances? But, yes, the doctor said you had a tough life, and those bullets missed the fatal spots on your body, so your organs weren’t hurt, or you could’ve been in big trouble.”

Qin Haodong thought to himself that was not just because of his life was tough, it was because the gun the enemy used was less powerful pistols, and they couldn’t hurt him much after the bullets penetrated the Genuine Qi protecting his body.

Moreover, he had deliberately let the bullets miss the fatal points before he was shot, or he would’ve been dead now.

“Where’s Tang Tang? Was she scared?” asked Qin Haodong.

“Tang Tang is fine. I have already sent her home.”

Lin Momo was touched when seeing Qin Haodong cared so much about her daughter as soon as he had woken up. Her tears rolled down again, and she said emotionally, “Why are you so stupid? Was it really life-worthy?”

“Of course it is. I said that nobody could hurt you and Tang Tang as long as I am with you.”

Qin Haodong raised his hand to wipe the tears on Lin Momo’s face as he said that. Lin Momo grabbed his hand, sobbing and saying, “Haodong, thank you!”

“In what way? Just verbally? How about devote yourself to me?”

“You’re so full of it.”

Lin Momo flushed as Qin Haodong’s kiss yesterday crossed her mind, so she turned her eyes to the other side.

“Full of what? I am talking seriously,” Qin Haodong said with a sincerity, “Momo, let me be Tang Tang’s father!”

“Aren’t you already the sworn father?”

Lin Momo was a little nervous, and she dared not to look into Qin Haodong’s passionate eyes.

“You know that’s not what I meant. Be my girlfriend, and I’ll take good care of you and Tang Tang!”

“No, no!”

Lin Momo was nervous and overwhelmed because the request of Qin Haodong was totally out of her expectation.

“Why not? Are you afraid that I won’t treat Tang Tang nicely?”

“No, no, I know you will be nice to her!”

Lin Momo had already seen it that Qin Haodong would treat Tang Tang better than a biological father.

“Then why not? Is it because I am poor?”

“No… It really isn’t…” Lin Momo was panic and nervous, and didn’t look like the bossy woman president she used to be at all.

She was biting her sexy red lips, and whispered, “I am much older than you, and I am mother of a kid. You deserve better.”

Qin Haodong halted for a second. It turned out Lin Momo felt so self-abased before him. He was clear that she was his real wife, and he was the girl’s real father, but he couldn’t tell anyone the secret.

Moreover, when it came to the problem of age, how could a 500-year-old monster like him dislike Lin Momo who was just in her twenties?

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“Momo, age is not the issue, and you’re just five years older than me.”

“Five years is older enough…”

Before she could finish it, Qin Haodong kissed her, and thus she could no longer say anything.

“Oh…” A short dizziness later, she pushed Qin Haodong away hastily. She blamed him and said, “Don’t move, your wounds are still healing.”

Qin Haodong said with a cheeky smile, “I just want you to understand that age is not a problem. Legend has it that Madam White Snake was 1,000 years older than her husband, Xu Xian, and they still had a happy marriage.”

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