The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chap 31

Chapter 31 Let Me Play a Joke Too

Qu Wancai’s and Liu Haibin’s eyeballs almost popped out of their eyes. They couldn’t believe what they saw in front of them.

“WTF, what happened? Are you a Tibetan Mastiff? Aren’t you the king of dogs? Aren’t you fierce? Didn’t you just have a baby and have a bad temper? How come you start licking people’s shoes in a blink of an eye?

And your eyes are full of respect and worship, and your mouth drooping so much as if you’d like to lick the sole of another shoe. Can you have a little dignity?”

Bai Ziping and the two dog trainers were also stunned. They had seen the ferocity of the two snow mastiffs, which was enough to rival the tigers and leopards. They had never dreamed that this would happen.

They rubbed their eyes hard to make sure they were not mistaken.

And inside the kennel, Qin Haodong kicked the male mastiff away impatiently and roared, “Get down, you’ve dirty my shoes!”

The male mastiff immediately bent down and lay in front of Qin Haodong with great obedience.

Qin Haodong had the powerful spirit of Emperor Green Wood. The two snow mastiffs had instinctively felt his strength, thus having no intention of resisting.

And Qin Haodong expressed his intention to treat them as soon as he had come in. So all the two snow mastiffs wanted to do was pleasing him, and the thought of attacking him was totally left behind.

He took out the silver needles from the needle bag, and in the blink of an eye, he put more than a dozen silver needles into the body of the snow mastiff, and then dredged the blocked blood vessels in the body of the snow mastiff with Green Wood Genuine Qi.

Five minutes later, Qin Haodong retrieved the silver needles from the male mastiff. At this time, the mastiff has been completely different from the just sagged appearance. As if got pumped up, the mastiff howled to the air like a male lion, making the kennel shivering.

People outside the kennel opened their closed mouths again in amazement. It was totally unexpected that male mastiff was cured so quickly.

Qu Wancai licked his dry lips for he had never seen such amazing medical skills as a veterinarian for so many years. Was this man still human?

“Be good, don’t shout!”

Qin Haodong kicked the male mastiff away with one foot and then stepped towards the female mastiff.

Generally speaking, the female mastiff’s mood was more unstable after childbirth, but her response to Qin Haodong was similar to that of male mastiff. With flattering and respectful expression, she kept wagging her tails despite her weak body.

As before, Qin Haodong used silver needles to treat the female mastiff again. Maybe because of her weak body, it took a little more time. The silver needles were not retrieved until seven or eight minutes later.

As the silver needles had been retrieved, the female mastiff immediately stood up from the ground, first holding Qin Haodong’s feet to please him, and then pulling his trouser legs toward the two little mastiffs.

Obviously, she wanted Qin Haodong to treat the two dying little snow mastiffs.

The two newborn little snow mastiffs were extremely weak because they had not eaten a single mouthful of milk, which made it a lot more trouble to treat them. Qin Haodong took out a Marrow-Cleansing Pill and broke it into two halves and fed it to the two little mastiffs.

The Marrow-Cleansing Pill was precious, but the two little snow mastiffs were going to be Tang Tang’s playmates and bodyguards. So it was worth investing a little.

After the Marrow-Cleansing Pill was fed, Qin Haodong used Green Wood Genuine Qi to help two young snow mastiffs dredge their meridians and accelerate the absorption of medicines.

Soon, the two puppies, who were dying, stood up from the ground and opened their eyes.

Bai Ziping was staring outside in bewilderment. He couldn’t understand why. Generally speaking, puppies need seven days to open their eyes. These two little snow mastiffs were born for only two days.

“Well, I’ve saved your children, but I’m going to take them away!”

Qin Haodong patted the head of the female mastiff and the male mastiff, then picked up two little snow mastiffs and walked outside the kennel.

Although the two snow mastiffs showed reluctance in their eyes, they only rubbed their heads on Qin Haodong’s legs, as if they knew that the best choice was to let him take away the little snow mastiffs.

“Papa, dog, I want to play with dog!” The little fellow exclaimed excitedly outside.

Since his daughter was happy, Qin Haodong did not close the iron door of the kennel, and brought out the two adult snow mastiffs directly.

Seeing these two big guys go out of the cage, the others all retreated in panic, including the two dog trainers. It was generally known that even 10 people couldn’t prevent an adult mastiff going mad.

Qin Haodong first put two little snow mastiffs on the ground and then took the little fellow from Lin Zhiyuan’s arms.

Looking back at the two lion-like snow mastiffs, he said, “You two don’t have a name, and it’s inconvenient. From today on, you will be called Big White and Small White respectively.”

He stretched out his hand and patted the male mastiff. “You are Big White.” And then patted the female mastiff. “You are called Small White!”

The two mastiffs seemed to understand him, wagging their tails to express agreement.

“This is my daughter. You two have to play with her. Did you hear me?”

Big White and Small White immediately went up and licked the little fellow’s feet with their tongues. The little fellow immediately grinned with the fear disappeared.

Qin Haodong then put the little fellow on Big White’s back. The little fellow grasped the long hair on Big White neck and giggled incessantly.

“Dog, run, run!”

The little fellow patted Big White’s back excitedly, and the others were horrified. The Tibetan Mastiff, which was feared by people, now was ridden as a horse.

Big White didn’t show any dissatisfaction. He walked around with the little fellow. Small White followed closely, as if afraid that the little fellow would fall down.

“Doctor Qin, Isn’t it a little dangerous?

Lin Zhiyuan was not at ease when seeing the little fellow playing with the two snow mastiffs because Big White and Small White could swallow the little fellow with their mouth easily.

“That’s all right. These two mastiffs are very clever.”

Qin Haodong was not worried. These two snow mastiffs were very spiritual and couldn’t hurt the little fellow.

Then he looked up and saw Qu Wancai and Liu Haibin moving slowly towards the door of the kennel. He said happily, “Where are you going, Sir?”

Seeing Qin Haodong had rescued the four snow mastiffs, Qu Wancai knew that there must be consequences for him if he stayed any longer. He wanted to steal away, but unexpectedly he was discovered by Qin Haodong.

“It has been all right now, and hence we’d better go back!”

Qu Wancai answered shamefacedly.

“How could it be all right?” Qin Haodong looked at him playfully and said, “You just said that as long as I’m not bitten to death by the Tibetan Mastiff, you will call me Daddy. I suppose you couldn’t forget it so soon?”

“Er…” The blood rushed into Qu Wancai’s old face. He did say it, but he could not open his mouth to call a 20-year-old man his father.

He said embarrassingly, “Dr. Qin, these are all jokes. We don’t have to take them seriously, do we?”

“So Doctor Qu likes to play jokes very much?” Qin Haodong spoke with a radian on his mouth.

“Yes! Yeah! I like to play jokes.”

Qu Wancai promptly agreed, thinking that Qin Haodong was not going to take action against him.

“That’s good. In that case, I’ll play a joke with Dr. Qu!” Qin Haodong waved to Small White next to him and pointed to Qu Wancai and said, “It’s too hot, tear down his pants!”

After hearing the order, Small White immediately growled and rushed towards Qu Wancai.

Although Qu Wancai had been a veterinarian for many years, it didn’t mean that he was not afraid of Tibetan mastiffs. He turned his head and ran, but Small White ran too fast. She knocked Qu Wancai down with one claw, crushed him to the ground, and then opened his big mouth and began to tear up his trousers.

“Help, somebody help.”

Qu Wancai roared in piercing voice. He had been scared by Small White to urinate directly!

Liu Haibin stood by and he dared not move even a step, for fear that Small White would throw him to the ground.

Tibetan Mastiff’s teeth were sharp as a knife so Quwancai’s jeans were torn into pieces by Small White.

Fortunately, Small White executed the order very accurately. He just pulled off Qu Wancai’s jeans. His red underwear was not torn though had been wet by urine, which could cover the key parts.

The little fellow sat on the back of Big White, watching the scene before him. She cried excitedly. “Naked ass, shame! shame!”

Qin Haodong went over, squatted down and looked at the ghastly paled Qu Wancai with a laugh. “Doctor Qu, is this joke funny?”

At this time, Qu Wancai could not laugh. Although Small White had left, his body still kept trembling.

“It seems that Doctor Qu didn’t have enough fun!” He ordered Small White again. “Pull down his underwear!”

“No, please don’t! Father, my dear father, please let me off…”

Qu Wancai surrendered thoroughly. He looked at Small White’s big mouth, thinking if his “little buddy” was bitten, he might have to go to the imperial palace as a eunuch. After all, no one could trust animals.

“Why, Doctor Qu doesn’t want to joke now?” Qin Haodong asked happily.

“No, no, I won’t joke anymore!” Qu Wancai was conquered completely.

“Get out of here, then. I don’t want you to get the place polluted!”

Qu Wancai was relieved as if getting amnesty. He got up from the ground and was ready to run, but his legs felt like jelly after being scared by Small White. He struggled several times but failed to stand up. Liu Haibin rushed to hold him up, and the two guys fled in a fluster.

After they left, Bai Ziping went to Qin Haodong and said, “Doctor Qin, your medical skills are amazing. You got me!”

Then he took a bank card from his pocket and said, “There are 200,000 yuan in the card. Please accept it!”

Qin Haodong said, “Boss Bai, we have already agreed that the two little Tibetan mastiffs are given to me as medical fees. I can’t accept the money!”

“It doesn’t matter. You take the two puppies as well as the money. Let’s become friends from now on!”

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Bai Ziping was a very shrewd businessman. He had seen the potential value of Qin Haodong who had such superb medical skills and amazing dog training skills. It was definitely economical to establish contact with him in 120 percent of sincerity.

“Well, I’ll take it!”

Qin Haodong took over the bank card. He really needed money now. He would take the little fellow out to have fun later. He couldn’t carry only one coin in his pocket.

“And Dr. Qin, this is the top VIP card of our Dog Fighting Ring. You can come to us anytime with it!”

Bai Ziping said and sent a golden card to Qin Haodong. Qin Haodong didn’t waste time talking and put it in his pocket directly.

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