The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chap 29

Chapter 29 Dogfighting Ring

Lin Zhiyuan said, “My old friend is called Bai Ziping. He runs a large Dogfighting Ring and is well-known as king of dogs in Jiangnan City. Not long ago, he bought two purebred Snow Mastiffs from Tibet, which cost him more than 30 million yuan.”

“So expensive?” Lin Momo’s eyes were wide open. Although she was in charge of the billionaire assets of the Lin’s Group, she never thought that two dogs could be sold at such a high price.

“These are purebred Snow Mastiffs. The price of them is naturally expensive, and when the mother Snow Mastiff was bought, it was already pregnant. When she gives birth to a little baby mastiff, it will worth a lot of money.”

Lin Zhiyuan sighed and said, “Bai Ziping has planned very well, but, he didn’t expect the two Snow Mastiffs to be very sick after coming to Jiangnan. They have been ill all the time.

“Although two puppies were finally born two days ago, they are also sick and do not know how to feed themselves. Although he has invited many well-known veterinarians to treat them, it doesn’t work at all. If things keep going like this, I am afraid that the adult and baby dogs will die.

“Yesterday, I talked about your great medical skills when drinking with him, so, he wanted to ask you to treat these Snow Mastiffs.”

Speaking of this, he was a little embarrassed and added, “Doctor Qin, please don’t think too much of this. If it’s convenient for you, please go there and have a look, and if it’s not, just forget about it.”

The little girl shouted, arms around Qin Haodong’s neck, “Puppy, Papa, I want to go to see puppy.”

“Well, let’s go to see it!”

Qin Haodong agreed.

When he was in the Cultivation World, he once had treated the beasts. He did not reject treating human beings or animals. Moreover, the little girl was now clamoring to go.

Lin Zhiyuan said happily, “That’s great. Let’s go there and have a look now. I have no idea of how long the four dogs could hold on.”

Qin Haodong nodded, holding the little girl and walking behind Lin Zhiyuan. Lin Momo had some things to deal with, so, she did not follow them to the Dogfighting Ring.

After leaving home, the three got into Lin Zhiyuan’s off-road vehicle and headed to the outside of the Jiangnan City.

Half an hour later, the off-road vehicle went out of the city and arrived at a crossing 50 km north of Jiangnan City. It was already very remote.

After driving onto a small road, they encountered two picket posts in succession before they could get far. One of them checked their license plate and the other checked the trunk of their car.

Lin Zhiyuan was afraid that Qin Haodong would be displeased and quickly explained, “It took Bai Ziping five years and a hundred million of yuan to build up this Dogfighting Ring. Naturally, it is necessary to make some restrictions on the people who come here. If it is really going to make trouble, it won’t just be a matter of money.”

Fortunately, those who checked them were familiar with Lin Zhiyuan. After a brief check, they let them go soon.

After driving for about ten minutes, they finally arrived at the Dogfighting Ring. On the outside, it looked like a leisure manor house with lush vegetation and greenery. Several European villas surrounded a large dome building, around which a variety of luxury cars could be seen.

After getting out of the car, the three walked into the Dogfighting Ring, and a housekeeper immediately came over to them.

“Mr. Lin, you are here!”

Lin Zhiyuan was a frequent visitor of the place, and the housekeeper was very familiar with him.

“Where is Bai Ziping? Take me to see him.”

“My boss is in the ring behind. The situation of the Snow Mastiffs is getting worse. The two baby puppies are dying. He has just invited a famous veterinarian from the capital to treat them.”

The housekeeper said while leading the way with Qin Haodong, Tang Tang, and Lin Zhiyuan following him. The dome building was the Dogfighting Ring, behind which was large dog-raising area. The kennel was built with a very unique style, and a variety of precious dog could be seen everywhere.

Tang Tang was very excited after seeing these dogs, screaming, “Dogs! Dogs! It’s fun. Papa, I want a dog pet.”

Qin Haodong replied, “Well, be good and quiet for a while. Later, I’ll get you one of the most beautiful and cute dogs.”

“Okay, okay! I’m finally going to have a dog!”

The little girl’s face was full of excitement.

The Dogfighting Ring was very large that they walked for ten minutes before coming to the front of a large kennel. If the other kennels in the front were ordinary houses, then this kennel was a luxury villa.

It was not only over 100 square meters large but also a fully enclosed fiber-reinforced-plastics building with excellent lighting and air conditioning in it. Although it was midsummer in Jiangnan city, the temperature inside the kennel was very low, only about twelve or three degrees.

From the outside to the inside, the temperature changed a lot. After entering it, Lin Zhiyuan could not help but get a chill. Qin Haodong had Genuine Qi to protect his body while Tang Tang’s physique was greatly enhanced after she ate the Marrow-Cleansing Pill, plus that the Xuantian Sutra was running inside her, she got used to the condition inside.

After entering the kennel, they saw that the second fence door was all made of steel bars as thick as human’s thumbs. An imposing middle-aged man stood there and talked with two people wearing white coats.

Inside the fence were two big and two small Snow Mastiffs. The two adult mastiffs were huge and had large heads and hoofs, which were comparable to that of the lions.

The other two little Snow Mastiffs were born not long ago. They looked like two little white fluffy snowballs and lacked of vitality. If they didn’t tremble slightly when they breathed, others would think that they were dead.

Although the situation of the two adult Snow Mastiffs was better, the mother mastiff lay on her stomach on the ground, eyes closed and spiritless. The male mastiff looked better, and from time to time, he glanced at the door with his eyes full of vigilance.

The middle-aged man was Bai Ziping, the owner of the Dogfighting Ring. At this time, he looked gloomy. After seeing Lin Zhiyuan, he just nodded at him as a greeting and did not pay any attention to Qin Haodong.

He had been running his Dogfighting Ring for many years, which brought him with a lot of daily income. Therefore, his whole family was very rich and the 30 million yuan he spent on the mastiffs was nothing in his eyes.

It was just that these two purebred Snow Mastiffs were extremely rare, and he was a man who loved dogs, so, he was worried to see his dogs fall ill.

As for the other two people who wore white coats, one of them was a 50-year-old bald man. He was the famous veterinarian Qu Wancai and was invited there from the capital by Bai Ziping. The man that stood behind him was his apprentice Liu Haibin.

Underneath Qu Wancai’s white coat was an expensive suits, and on his wrist was a watch which worth hundreds of thousands yuan. He held a high-powered telescope to observe the situation of the Snow Mastiffs.

Liu Haibin stood by his side and waited carefully, holding a fan in his hand. Although the temperature in the kennel was already very low, he still went up and fanned him from time to time with a flattering expression on his face.

Qin Haodong felt funny and thought in secret. “He is just a veterinarian. Why he behaved like a stylish professor?”

Lin Zhiyuan saw that Qu Wancai was treating the dogs, so, out of politeness, he did not speak, just stood by and watched.

“Papa, puppies, so white!” The little girl was very excited and pointed at the two baby Snow Mastiffs while saying, “Papa, why are the two puppies not moving? I want to play with them!”

“Because they are sick, and they can play with you when they are cured.”

Qin Haodong stood behind them and comforted Tang Tang. His voice was not high.

However at this time, Liu Haibin, who stood beside Qu Wancai with a flattering expression on his face, was not happy to hear them. He looked back and shouted, “Shut up! Can’t you see that my teacher is treating the dogs?”

The little girl was looking at the puppies with excitement and was startled by Liu Haibin’s voice. She hurriedly turned back to hug Qin Haodong’s neck.

“Papa, he is so frightening.” the little girl said with a little nervousness.

“Don’t be afraid. Haven’t I told you that as long as I’m with you, you can fear nothing?” Qin Haodong glanced at Liu Haibin and said, holding the little girl’s hand, “When we came here, I also told you that it was a place to raise dogs, so, it is inevitable that there will be a dog barking!”

“You…” Liu Haibin was so angry that his face turned red, and he wanted to fight back at once. Right then, Qu Wancai put down his telescope and turned back to say, “Don’t make noises.”

Then he turned to Bai Ziping, “Mr. Bai, you also know that I can’t be disturbed during my treating, so, please tell these people to go out!”

Seeing that both the master and apprentice were so pompous, Qin Haodong could not help but frown. “He is just a veterinarian but requires others to leave and stay quiet. Is it really good to be so pretentious?”

It was until this moment that Bai Ziping finally noticed Qin Haodong and Tang Tang and knew that they were brought here by Lin Zhiyuan. He and Lin Zhiyuan had been friends for many years. Even if these two Snow Mastiffs which worth 30 million yuan were to die of illness, it could not affect their friendship. Naturally, he would not chase them out.

“Mr. Qu, they are my old friend and his families. It doesn’t matter if they stay here and have a look?”

Before Qu Wancai could finish his words, Liu Haibin called out, “No, it matters. My teacher is the best veterinarian in Jiangnan Province. What if others secretly learn his medical skills?”

Qu Wancai said with pride and arrogance, “Mr. Bai, if you can’t satisfy my condition, then I’ll stop treating them. You should know that there are many people lining up and waiting for me to treat them.”

Bai Ziping frowned slightly, and he did not want to talk nonsense with these two people, so, he said, “I’ll pay you fifty thousand yuan more, and do you still have a problem?”

“oh! I have no problem then. I can overcome this difficulty!”

Qu Wancai immediately changed his personal style and agreed to it.

“Then, please take your time to treat my dogs, Doctor Qu!” Bai Ziping said faintly.

As a business man, he had been acquainted with many people like Qu Wancai and Liu Haibin, who thought nothing but profits, so, he was not that surprised to see them change their attitude. Moreover, Qu Wancai was indeed a famous person in the veterinary industry. It was said that many people’s pets were cured by him.

Qu Wancai spoke again. “I’ve already figured out that these two Snow Mastiffs got too much heat inside their bodies, so they get sick. We must know that Tibet belongs to the alpine region; it is very cold there. However, it is very hot in Jiangnan. Human would get climate sickness sometimes, let alone dogs.”

“Can you cure them?”

Bai Ziping asked. During these days, he had invited many veterinarians there, and basically, they all said that the mastiffs had gotten a climate sickness due to the hot weather, but none of them knew how to cure them.

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Qu Wancai said proudly, “Of course I can cure them; I am the best veterinarian in Jiangnan. The two adult Snow Mastiffs will be fine after taking my medicine, but the two newly born puppies are too weak to take can only give them up.”

Hearing that the two adult Snow Mastiffs could be rescued, Bai Ziping was slightly relieved. There would be other baby puppies if only he could keep the adult mastiffs alive.

“Then, please help them, Mr. Qu.”

Qu Wancai turned back to take two injections from Liu Haibin and handed them to Bai Ziping while saying, “Let your dog trainers inject these potions into the mastiffs, and it will soon be effective!”

Bai Ziping frowned. “I’m afraid that it’s not easy. Since the mother mastiff gave birth to the two baby puppies, the male mastiff has became very violent and aggressive. Even the dog trainers did not dare to go in. It would be very difficult to get them an injection.”

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