The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chap 27

Chapter 27 A Cuckold

He looked at the people around, and found the woman was Xiao Lili, the one who wetted her pants in the morning because of him. A man in his thirties was standing beside her. He looked distinguished because of the luxury suit he was in.

The ten more strong middle-aged men standing beside Xiao Lili and that man looked wicked, like they would start a fight anytime soon.

The little girl had no idea what was happening, but she did have recognized Xiao Lili as Zhao Lele’s mother. So she greeted nicely, “Hi, aunty!”

Xiao Lili ignored the little girl and held the arm of the young man. She raised her hand and pointed it at Qin Haodong, clamoring, “Honey! He is the one bullying me in the morning, and you have to teach him a lesson for me!”

The little girl didn’t expect that Xiao Lili would act like this. She was scared and turned back to hold Qin Haodong’s neck, and said with her eyes widely open, “I am so scared; aunty is so fierce!”

Qin Haodong patted the little girl on her back and said, “Tang Tang. Remember what I’ve told you? There’s nothing to be afraid of as long as daddy’s here!”

“Oh, I remember that. Papa’s awesome! I don’t need to be afraid!” The little girl repeated it in her soft voice.

Qin Haodong nodded with satisfaction. No one could bully Emperor Green Wood’s daughter, not in this world!

At the moment the young man at the opposite looked at the careless Qin Haodong, and asked in a cold voice, “Young boy, are you the one messed up with my wife?”

“Your wife?” Qin Haodong moved his sight from the little girl to the young man. He checked him and Xiao Lili, and then he glanced at the short-hair man at the right side of the young man.

Soon an intriguing smile emerged at his mouth corner. Xiao Lili had the scent of both the young man and the short-hair man, which meant that she had an unusual relationship with both of them.

He could also see that Zhao Lele had no blood relationship with the young man, instead, he was related to the short-hair man.

Suddenly, he found a green light rising from the young man’s head and into the sky. This was a man with green on his head. (Translator’s note: in Chinese, “having green on someone’s head” means someone has been cheated by the spouse)

See Qin Haodong’s eyes running down the three. Xiao Lili felt nervous. But still she insisted that there was no way Qin Haodong could know her private affairs.

“Honey, he’s too arrogant! Just teach him a lesson!”

Qin Haodong looked at the young man with intrigue. He smiled and said, “Are you really the husband?”

The young man answered proudly, “Of course I am. I am Zhao Hongmao. You messed up with my wife, and you’ll pay for it!”

“Zhao Hongmao (Translator’s note: Hongmao means “red hat” in Chinese)?” Qin Haodong looked surprised because the guy who had a “green hat” over him was named “Red Hat”.

“What? You’ve heard about me?” Surely, Zhao Hongmao had no idea about what was going on in Qin Haodong’s thoughts, and instead, he looked slightly proud.

“No, I was thinking that that’s a good name,” Qin Haodong laughed and said.

As slow as Zhao Hongmao was, he could tell something was wrong in Qin Haodong’s smile. He turned over and said to Xiao Lili, “Honey, how do you want me to punish the guy?”

Seeing Qin Haodong’s handsome face, Xiao Lili’s eyes flared with jealousy. Why wasn’t the handsome man hers? If she couldn’t get him, she would ruin him.

She cried, “Honey, I want you to kick his a*s, and beat the hell out of him!”

“As you like, honey!” said Zhao Hongmao. Then looked back at the short-hair man by his side and said, “Zhang Dabiao, you’ve heard what she said? Teach him the lesson!”

“Don’t worry, boss. He messed up with your wife, and I’ll definitely give him hell no matter who he is!”

Zhang Dabiao answered and looked at Qin Haodong. “Kid, don’t blame me for being too cruel. Blame yourself for having the guts to mess up with my big brother’s wife!”

The little girl looked at the wicked Zhang Dabiao and asked, “Papa, are we going to fight? The teacher told us that good kids don’t fight each other.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “No, they’re here to play with you. Aren’t you a soccer fan? They will be the balls, and I’ll kick them, alright?”

“Yes, yes! I love watching playing soccer!” said the little girl, applauding cheerfully.

Seeing Qin Haodong wouldn’t even bother to take a look at him, Zhang Dabiao was irritated. He said, “You’re playing with death!”

Then he smashed his fist, which was almost as big as a pan, to Qin Hao’s face. He had served the special troops before, but was expelled from the army because of the mistakes he made. So he was well strengthened, and his punch was heavy enough to bring up wind.

Zhao Hongmao said to Xiao Lili, “Don’t worry honey. I won’t spare anyone who messed up with my wife and my daughter.”

Before he finished, Qin Haodong lifted his right leg and kicked on Zhang Dabiao’s lower belly heavily.

The kick was so hard that Zhang Dabiao bent his body and flew away like a ball, and then after a “boom” sound, he fell into the trash can on the roadside with his head down and feet up.

“Great, great! Daddy is playing soccer!”

The little girl immediately cheered up.

People around them were so surprised that they opened their mouth widely, especially Zhao Hongmao because he knew it clearly what Zhang Dabiao was capable of. Usually four of five people wouldn’t even be able to approach him, and that was why he was appointed as the captain of the security guards. No one expected that he would be kicked by Qin Haodong, who had a kid in his arms, like a soccer ball.

Zhang Dabiao struggled out of the trash can, and took away the banana skin on his head, and said to his fellows outrageously, “Are you idiots? Move! Beat the hell out of him!”

As he ordered, dozens of people rushed to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong carried Tang Tang in his arms. He dodged and ducked, kicking from time to time. The figure of those strong men flew out one after one, and rolled on the ground at the gate of the kindergarten.

“It’s so funny! Papa! You’re so great!”

The last piece of fearless in Tang Tang had gone, she watched Qin Haodong kicking those people like balls in excitement.

Some of those people had seen how capable Qin Haodong was, they crawled away and hid; others were faking death on the ground. Nobody dared to mess up with him anymore.

Zhang Dabiao, the captain of those people, was kicked on his butt and hung on a tree after the second time he rushed to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong dealt with those ants easily. Then he turned to Zhao Hongmao and Xiao Lili, and asked, “How about that? Do you still want to play?”

“You…” Zhao Hongmao was completely shocked by Qin Haodong’s fighting skills, and he could barely say anything.

Xiao Lili was still arrogant. She stepped forward, then pointed to Qin Haodong’s nose and yelled, “Gigolo boy! You must be proud of your lousy fighting skills, but my husband is the vice president of Lin’s Group! You cannot afford to irritate him!”

“Lin’s Group?”

Qin Haodong halted for a second because as much as he knew, there was only one group in Jiangnan City. Is this guy a subordinate of Lin Momo?

Qin Haodong didn’t speak, and Xiao Lili thought she had scared him. She clamored more arrogantly, “So now you’re scared? Bend your knees and apologize to me! And the little b*stard in your arms, too!”

Qin Haodong had always been happy till now. His face turned cold immediately. Legend had it that dragons had forbidden scales which killed everyone touching it, and the little girl was his forbidden scale.

It didn’t bother him much when Xiao Lili came to mess up with him. But now since she was insulting the little girls as a “b*stard”, he could never allow that.

“On your knees!”

After a yell of anger, Xiao Lili felt she was overwhelmed by a great chill. She quivered and kneeled down on the ground as her body went out of control.

“A face like flower, but heart as a snake. A devious woman like you shall be punished!”

Qin Haodong then stretched his hand and flicked before Xiao Lili’s face. Nobody could see what he had down, but later they found Xiao Lili’s whole face had been changed. Her mouth and eyes were slanted, and her nose had collapsed. Now she couldn’t be uglier.

“So ugly, Tang Tang, don’t watch it!”

The little girl covered her eyes with her chubby hands while she was saying that, and she stopped watching Xiao Lili.

“What have you done to me?”

Xiao Lili screamed to Qin Haodong because she could tell the difference in other people’s eyes.

Qin Haodong said coldly, “The ugly appearance really fits a devious woman like you.”

He destroyed Xiao Lili’s beauty. Xiao Lili would’ve been bathing in blood if Tang Tang wasn’t here.

“What? What have you done to me?”

Xiao Lili was completely panicked. She took the cosmetic case out of her bag and looked into it.


Seeing the ugly face in the mirror, she screamed miserably. Her beautiful face was what she had been living on. She played with men. Now it had been destroyed, and everything was over.

“Honey! Revenge for me! Kill him for me! Kill him!”

Zhao Hongmao glanced at the disgusting face and couldn’t help but feel chilled. He said to Qin Haodong, “What have you done to my wife? Just turn her back! Or Lin’s Group won’t let you go! No matter how capable you are, you can’t possibly fight against the whole Lin’s Group!”

Qin Haodong looked at him disdainfully, and said, “Aren’t you a great talker? Are you the representative of Lin’s Group?”

“Of course I am. I’ll tell you what, I am the vice president of Lin’s Group. I am the representative!”

Zhao Hongmao was going to give pressure to Qin Haodong by telling him his position, and forced Qin Haodong to turn Xiao Lili back. At the moment, a Bentley limousine pulled over at the gate of the kindergarten.

“When did you become the representative of Lin’s Group?”

When the door opened, Lin Momo, with her cold face, came out of the car like a queen.

Zhao Hongmao didn’t expect that he would run into Lin Momo here, his heart pausing for a second. Bad feelings arose inside him.

“Mommy! Mommy! Hug! Hug! I missed you so much!”

The little girl cried and jumped into Lin Momo’s arms.

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“President, President Lin…”

Now Zhao Hongmao was totally stunned, and so were Zhang Dabiao who had just got off the tree and all the rest of his fellows. They all belonged to the Security Department of Lin’s Group, and Zhang Dabiao was the captain of the department.

Zhao Hongmao was on good term with Zhang Dabiao. So Zhang Dabiao didn’t think twice when he was asked to teach a poor boy some lessons today. He grabbed a suit and came out.

But he had never even dreamed that the guy they were going after was a family of Lin Momo’s, the president of Lin’s Group. Now he wished he was dead!

Lin Momo held the little girl in her arms, looking at Zhao Hongmao and Zhang Dabiao coldly. She said, “What’s going on? Can you give me an explanation?”

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