The Desolate Era

The Desolate Era Chap 46

Chapter 10 – Collapsing the City Walls

“Let’s go!”

Riding on his black beast, Ji Ning and the other two left the Blacktooth Tribe at high speed, disappearing into the distant mountain forests.


“Where are they going?” The tribesmen at the gate asked, but Blacktooth simply stood there, watching as Ning and the other two left. Shaking his head, Blacktooth said, “Don’t know.” But a look of anticipation through his eyes. He knew…that this young master of the Ji clan was going to the Riverside Tribe to get revenge for his daughter.

But given the status of the Riverside Tribe, would this young master of the Ji clan be able to do so?

“Even if young master Ji isn’t able to get revenge, his father, the Raindrop Sword, Ji Yichuan, definitely is.” Blacktooth’s heart was filled with hatred. He truly hated River He, but unfortunately, his own strength was insufficient.


The Riverside Tribe was hundreds of kilometers away from the Blacktooth Tribe, and mountains lay in the way. Only when the sun rose on the next day did they arrive at the Riverside Tribe.

Every single nearby tribe was living within the city.

A place where over fifty thousand tribesmen were living…this was essentially a city.

“All of you, come over.”

“Right, go on in.”

“Go on through.”

The armored guards at the gate inspected the items of the people entering the city. The Riverside Tribe had enemies, and they were concerned about people possibly smuggling in large amounts of siege bows and other such weapons.

“Huh? You three!” Suddenly, an armored guard saw three black armored beasts galloping over at high speed. Seeing that they didn’t seem to have any intentions on slowing down, he immediately shouted, “Quickly come to a halt. If you charge through the gate of our Riverside City, we will release arrows.” Instantly, the archers above on the guard tower nocked their bows. They wouldn’t show any mercy at all.


Ning, who had been seated on the back of that black east, suddenly flew into the air, charging onto the top of that enormous city wall. And then, a surging wave of invisible energy instantly swept outwards. The dozens of armored guards that were originally on top of the city guard tower felt their bodies suddenly sway, and then they smashed downwards out of the guard tower.

Suddenly, Ning was the only person standing atop the guard tower.

Those armored guards fell down, all of their faces grimy with dirt, and some of the unluckier ones even had bones broken. However, these were all powerful, valiant warriors. They normally wouldn’t be injured much just from falling down from the top of the city walls. They only were now because they had been caught off guard by that energy wave which had knocked them down.

“What’s going on.”

“He, he…”

A group of armored guards stared at Ji Ning, standing atop the city walls, and then looked at their empty hands. Hurriedly, they moved to pick up the bows that had fallen onto the ground as well.

Standing atop the city walls, Ning stared into the city and let out an enraged bellow, “River He, I order you to come out!”

“River He, I order you to come out!” “River He, I order you to come out!” “River He, I order you to come out!” ….

This furious bellow that seemed to have come from a Fiendgod exploded forth like thunder. The guards that had been nearby the city walls as well as some passer-byers all clapped their hands to their ears in pain, and some of them even began to flee.

The furious roar echoed throughout every location of the entire Riverside City.

Ning’s face was dark. With a massive kick, an enormous exploding sound was heard!

“DONG!” An enormous wall like this one which was six or seven meters thick was extremely durable, but thanks to Ning’s kick, it began to vibrate powerfully. One giant crack after another began to appear on the tall, powerful city wall, and some distortions and cracks even began to appear in the ground below it. This kick had caused even the ground nearby to ripple and shake as though the ground was a pool of water, and those armored guards were so terrified that they hurriedly retreated.

“DONG!” Ning delivered yet another kick!

The nearby earth began to shudder yet again, and a large number of cracks had now appeared within the wall. Many stones began to tumble down, and the stone guard tower itself began to shudder, as though preparing to crack at any moment.

“DONG!” Ning delivered one final kick!


The city wall which was already covered with countless cracks finally collapsed. Many boulders came falling down. Instantly, the massive city gate became a pile of rubble. The tall, massive city walls fell downwards towards the street. This scene of rubble lying everywhere caused those armored guards and civilians who had run away long ago to stare in shock.

“My God…”

“The city towers…”

None of them could believe it. The walls of the main gate to a city were the thickest, most stable parts of the city. Even siege machines would at most attack the gates. Attacking the city walls would be entirely useless. That seamless, tough stone that was six or seven meters thick….even if a person slashed down onto it with a knife, at most a scar would be left behind.

Kicking down the city walls with just three kicks?

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Autumn Leaf and Mowu, riding their black beasts, quickly arrived at the area of rubble. By now, Ning had already landed on the rubble as well.


River Sansi was current seated in the lotus position within a quiet room, fragrant room.

He was the chief of the Riverside Tribe, a very famous and reputable person in the territory controlled by the Five Prefectures of the Ji clan.

“River He, I order you to come out!” An enraged bellow suddenly rang out.

“Huh?” River Sansi suddenly opened his eyes.


The subsequent three massive sounds caused River Sansi’s face to change. He immediately transformed into a ray of light, hurrying out.

Moments later.

River Sansi, as a Xiantian lifeform, had already reached the city gates, where those enormous sounds had come from. Upon seeing the destroyed city gates and the rubble, River Sansi’s eyes instantly turned red! The city gates had been destroyed. This was like spitting directly into the Riverside Tribe’s face, giving them no leeway at all.

“You are River Sansi?” Ning stood atop the rubble. Seeing this black haired old man suddenly appear, he immediately barked towards him. The entire Riverside Tribe only had two Xiantian lifeforms, one male, one female. The male, of course, was River Sansi.

The black haired old man stared at Ning, his face an ugly sight. “No matter who you are, you can’t trample the honor and dignity of our Ji clan like this.” As soon as he spoke, within his hands, a purple set of chains appeared. With a massive whirl, he sent those chain links flying towards Ning in an attack. Just from the way Ning was acting, there was no question at all that he was the person who had done this.


Ning suddenly charged forward, moving forward at an intense speed, generating a faint howl like that of a great Roc.

Swish! Ning landed a kick directly on the chest of that black-haired old man, causing the black haired old man to fly backwards. A deep crevice appeared in the stone ground, with the old man sunken into it. The black haired old man immediately jumped up, clutching his chest, a hint of blood on his lips. His face covered in astonishment, he looked at Ning. “You…who are you?”

How could this happen? His magic treasure had yet to strike Ning, but Ning had sent him flying with a kick. Fortunately, he was protected by his Xiantian Ki.

“Hmph.” Ning sneered coldly. “Have River He come out.”


Yet another figure appeared, this one red-colored. It was an old lady with white hair dressed in red clothes. The old lady hurriedly helped prop up River Sansi. “Sansi, are you alright?”

“Be careful. He is very powerful.” River Sansi said quietly.

The red-clothed old granny look at Ning, shouting, “I don’t know how our Riverside Tribe has offended you. In addition, who are you? You destroyed our gates. I trust you wouldn’t be so cowardly as to not even dare to give us your name!”

Ning said coldly, “Ji clan! Ji Ning!”

“Ji Ning?” The red-clothed granny was puzzled.

“Ji Ning?” The black haired elder, River Sansi, was greatly astonished. He hurriedly said in a soft voice to the nearby granny, “Aunty Snow, the next Prefecture Lord of the Ji clan of the West Prefecture has been decided upon already. It is someone named Ji Ning. But he is only eleven years old. How could he…”

“The Prefecture Lord of the Ji clan of the West Prefecture?” Aunty Snow was shocked.

Although they were shocked at Ning becoming a Xiantian lifeform at the age of eleven, they were even more shocked by Ning’s status; the next Prefecture Lord of the Ji clan of the West Prefecture! It was common for a person to become a Xiantian before reaching the age of twenty. The Ji clan alone had quite a few, such as Ji Lie who had also been hoping that one of the three tribal youths he had brought up would reach the Xiantian level before the age of sixteen. If Ji Ning had trained in other Fiendgod Body Refining methods, he most likely would have reached the Xiantian level as a toddler.

In the numerous tribes, there were even more talented individuals.

There were quite a few who reached the Xiantian level before the age of twenty. River Sansi was one such person! But these tribes didn’t have any powerful, ultimate techniques. The more they trained, the lower their potential became compared to the Ji clan!

“Ji clan of the West Prefecture?” Aunty Snow stared at the youth in front of her. Their Riverside Tribe was within the territory of the Ji clan of the West Prefecture and was under their direct authority!

If the Ji clan of the West Prefecture wanted to destroy the Riverside Tribe, it could be accomplished as easily as lifting their hand up.

“Young master!” A voice suddenly rang out.

Over a hundred black armored guards appeared from afar. Upon seeing Ning standing atop the rubble, the leader of the black armored guards, greatly shocked, immediately fell down to one knee. The other black armored guards all hurriedly called out respectfully, “Young master!”

“Rise.” Ning glanced at them sideways. In these extremely large tribes, the Ji clan would usually send a squadron of a hundred black armored guards to stay there and watch over them.


The black armored guards hurriedly ran over, standing around Ji Ning.

“Young master Ji Ning.” The old granny, Aunty Snow, bowed slightly. “Since it is River He who angered you, young master, my Riverside Tribe naturally will not protect him. Sansi, go bring River He out as soon as possible.”

“Right.” The black haired elder, River Sansi, immediately went.

A single Xiantian individual wouldn’t be enough to cause the Riverside Tribe to lower their heads! Even if the Xiantian belonged to the Ji clan, that didn’t mean anything. After all, everything had to have a reason. The Ji clan couldn’t act wildly either, otherwise how could the many tribes submit peacefully? A single ordinary Xiantian lifeform was not able to destroy a large-scale tribe.

But if it was the Prefecture Lord himself! Then the situation would be different.


“Keep training!”

River He was an extremely handsome young man with white skin. Only, his eyes contained an extreme arrogance. Currently, he was holding a whip while looking at a toddler, who was wielding a shortsword and training in swordplay. “No matter how sore or painful your arm feels, endure it. You will be the future clan leader of our Riverside clan!”

“Yes, Father.” The toddler gritted his teeth, continuing to train. He didn’t dare stop. Stopping meant a whip would come his way.


“River He, come out.” A furious roar rang out.

River He’s face changed. “Who dares to be this impudent and act like this in Riverside City? This person cannot be ordinary.”


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The three kicks which had smashed open the city walls were like kicks against his heart, causing River He to unconsciously feel panic. “Who is it? Who has come looking for me?” No longer paying any attention to anything else, Riverside He hurriedly rushed towards the outside.

“He, what is it?” The inside of the manor was in a state of chaos. His wife came out as well, seemingly very panicked. Some of his other women were worried as well, but some of them were secretly rejoicing at his impending misfortune.

“Let’s go take a look.” River He headed outside.

Just as he walked out of his manor, from afar, a black figure suddenly pounced downwards, arriving directly in front of River He. River He was shocked when he saw the person. “Clan leader.” The black haired elder, River Sansi, stared at him coldly. Sansi had an extremely ugly look on his face, and there was blood at the corner of his mouth. His clothes were extremely dirty. “This is all your doing.” As he said this, he grabbed River He by the neck, as though he were picking up a chicken.

Swoosh! He transformed into a ray of light, moving at high speed towards the city gate.

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