The Desolate Era

The Desolate Era Chap 308

Chapter 27, Assassination

Within the central arena. The grand sealing formation now covered this region, and a violet-robed Xiao Lang and a red-robed Fairy Wavecolor were staring at each other from afar.

“Hahaha, Fairy Wavecolor, if you aren’t able to withstand my attacks, then hurry up and admit defeat.” Xiao Lang laughed in a ratherly sickly fashion. And then, following his laughter, his skin turned completely red, as though a river of lava was flowing beneath his skin. His eyes also turned the color of fire as well.

He lifted his hands slightly.

Whoosh. Instantly, petals of fire began to emerge around him, each of them blazing with the stench of blood. At the same time, the arena seemed to instantly become transformed into a world of fire. Although the flames just hovered there in the air, it caused the insides of the grand sealing formation to become extremely hot, and even the air in the arena began to shimmer in a twisted manner.

“Hmph.” Fairy Wavecolor let out a cold snort. Whoosh. A jade-green ribbon suddenly howled through the air. This jade-green ribbon swirled out in circles, instantly and completely guarding an area of tens of meters around Fairy Wavecolor’s body. At the same time, it caused a seemingly limitless amount of watery mist to emerge, and the region around her seemed to become a world of water.

Around Xiao Lang, the temperature was extremely high. Around Fairy Wavecolor, however, was a world of watery fog and mist. The fire and the water began to clash against each other, and crackling sounds could be heard.

“Your alluring charms are useless against me.” Xiao Lang emitted a shrill screech, and his fiery, lava-like eyes became even more savage. “Have a taste of my bloodflame earthfire!”

As he let out the screech, Xiao Lang suddenly opened his mouth. Whoosh! Instantly, flames that reeked of blood billowed out, instantly filling the region. The petals of fire that were hovering in the area around him, under the guidance of the earthfire, actually formed into an enormous formation, transforming into a an enormous midair millstone formed from bloodflame earthfire that slowly swiveled, grinding downwards.

Swish…the jade-green ribbon continued to swim about in circles, and the runes on it began to glow, with undulating ripples rising up then snapping back down like bubbles. The ribbon was incomparably flexible and resilient, and it was able to forcibly resist the bloodflame earthfire.


Outside the formation, Ji Ning and the others focused their attentions as they watched. Kindwater Xiaolou said, “Xiao Lang’s ‘bloodflame earthfire’ has already reached the first grade. When forged into this ‘Bloodfire Millstone’ technique, it is quite formidable. Ordinary Primal Daoists aren’t able to withstand the crushing pressure of the Bloodfire Millstone.”

The nearby Skyfarmer Songspear laughed, “Fairy Wavecolor perfectly counters him; her ‘Skywater Net Formation’ is perfect and legendary for defense. To break through it is actually an incredibly hard feat.”

“Fairy Wavecolor has fairly few techniques.” Xiaolou shook his head. “She generally uses her Skywater Net Formation to protect herself, then relies on her divine will and her charming abilities…and she has indeed reached a formidable level in them. But Xiao Lang is a madman; it’s simply too hard to mesmerize him.”

“Aside from her charming techniques, Fairy Wavecolor is skilled in other divine will techniques as well. So long as Xiao Lang succumbs to one of them, she will immediately be able to switch from defending to attacking!” Songspear said.

Ning, curious, just listened. The report from the Heavenly Treasures Mountain only had cursory explanations; how could they be as well-informed as Songspear and Xiaolou regarding their own friends?


“You crazy bitch…argh!!!!” Xiao Lang pressed a hand against his head, howling savagely. As for Fairy Wavecolor, she just laughed coldly. Those ribbons that had been circling around her suddenly expanded dramatically, and at the same time, one drop after another of incomparably dense and heavy water, each one having the weight of a mountain, came smashing towards Xiao Lang!

“Graaaaaaaah!” Xiao Long howled shrilly, and then he suddenly grew out four more arms, and two more heads emerged from his shoulders as well.

[Three Heads, Six Arms!]

Each of Xiao Lang’s six arms clenched a long black awl in them, and with the shrill howl, the long black awls transformed into a rainbow streak of light as it struck straight towards Fairy Wavecolor, carrying the limitless force of the bloodflame earthfire with it. Every single one of those six long black shuttles were capable of causing the colors of the world to change, and gave off the strange feeling of being able to puncture a hole through reality.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Xiao Lang, with three heads and six arms, attacked wildly as the surrounding area once more manifested the millstone of bloodflame earthfire, which crushed down towards her.

“F*ck off.” Fairy Wavecolor struggled to execute her divine will technique once more. She was skilled in three mighty divine will techniques; one was a charm, one was for ambushing, and one was for forceful assault. She had trained all three to an extremely high level, and by relying on her powerful soul as a reincarnated Immortal, she was extremely powerful when using them. She had, indeed, gained quite a bit of fame.

But if, however, an opponent was able to resist her secret arts, then her chances for victory would be much lower.

BOOM. With the support of the millstone of bloodflame earthfire, the three-headed, six-armed Xiao Lang attacked with incomparable savagery, forcibly breaking through one layer of the defense of the jade-green ribbon.

“I admit defeat.” An unhappy voice rang out.


Only now did Xiao Lang stay his hand, dismissing his bloodflame earthfire and his divine ability. He laughed wildly, and his body continued to emit a scorching heat. “Fairy Wavecolor, I told you that you’d lose. That divine will technique of yours? Bahaha, you want to shake my soul? In your dreams.”

The grand sealing formation disappeared. Fairy Wavecolor, with a cold face, flew back to her own position, not even bothering to look at Xiao Lang.

“Ji Ning, wanna spar?” Xiao Lang gave Ning a glance, appearing quite smug.

“No need,” Ning said calmly.

“Hmph.” Xiao Lang flew straight back to his own seat, clearly quite delighted with himself. Generally speaking, madmen with twisted personalities actually had extremely tough Dao-hearts. Xiao Lang was one such twisted madman. He was the sort who would never bow his head, even in the face of death; he’d remain as arrogant and unbridled as ever. Although he had offended quite a few people, he remained true to his own personality.

Still…he also knew who he couldn’t afford to offend. For example, he never tried to set himself up against Kindwater Xiaolou.

Cloudwater Manor. In the air above the long passageway that led to the place where Ji Ning currently was, a bald old man suddenly appeared. It was Immortal Floatcloud, who had changed his appearance.

“Ji Ning!” Immortal Floatcloud walked through the midair corridor, no thoughts in his mind save one – to kill Ji Ning!

When he saw Ji Ning lead a group of Golden Imperials to Cloudwater Manor, Immortal Floatcloud understood that he would have no other opportunities. In King Yan’s Estate, there was no way to kill Ji Ning at all. When leading a group of Golden Imperials on his flying ship, Immortal Floatcloud still didn’t have even the slightest hint of a chance.

But right now, Ning was chatting and merrymaking with others, and his servants and guards were all stationed somewhere else. This…this actually gave Immortal Floatcloud his one and only chance.

Although the Cloudwater Manor definitely had experts guarding it, as well as layers of protective formations and spells, as far as Immortal Floatcloud was concerned, this was going to be the best chance he had. If he continued to hesitate, then by the time Ning returned to King Yan’s Estate and rested for a day without leaving, he, Immortal Floatcloud, would have his soul devoured and shattered due to his oath to the Dao of the Heavens.

“This is my final chance.”

“Ji Ning. Either you die, or I die.” Immortal Floatcloud walked on the levitating pathway, moving straight towards main door towards that three thousand meter tall building.

There were two Wanxiang Adepts standing guard at the door; they were here to prevent others from disturbing the people inside.

“Eh?” One of the guards immediately spoke out. “What are you doing here?”

The noise-cancellation features of the Cloudwater Manor’s buildings were simply too good; there was no way for the people inside to hear the noises coming from outside. Ning and the others continued to eat, drink, chat, and laugh. They weren’t on guard at all.

“I came to meet young master Kindwater,” Immortal Floatcloud said. As his words rang out, the two Wanxiang guards suddenly felt their souls grow dazed.

And in that instant that their souls were stunned!

Immortal Floatcloud, with a single step, appeared before the door, then pushed it open and charged in.

Bang! The door immediately swung open.

“Haha, Fairy Wavecolor, I don’t want to criticize you, but your weakness is way too obvious. If your divine will technique is useless, then you are guaranteed to lose.” Xiao Lang, who had just won, was incomparably smug right now. “And Ji Ning. Hey, Ji Ning, you’ve only trained for thirty years; I recommend that you don’t go embarrass yourself in the Conclave of Immortal destiny. Train for another three centuries.”

“Enough.” Xiaolou spoke out.

And just as Xiaolou spoke out…the door suddenly opened.

“Eh?” Xiaolou, Songspear, Ning, and the others all turned their heads to look. Because the building in which they were having their banquet was three thousand meters high, the servants who brought in food and wine, as well as the dancers and musicians, would all come in through another corridor. And when they did, they would all be completely silent. Very few would just push the main door open.


Immortal Floatcloud, after pushing the door open, took a single step and appeared directly in front of Ning. At the same time, a white bone needle suddenly appeared in his hand, and he sent it flying forward, straight towards Ning!

The surrounding world instantly froze! A powerful, deathly aura emanated outwards as the white bone needle, carrying an infinitely terrifying aura, pierced straight towards Ning.

“Whitebone Immortal Slayer Needle!” Xiaolou, Songspear, Ning, Fairy Wavecolor, and the smug Xiao Lang all had the looks on their faces completely changed.

In this instant…all of them felt cold fear. They all knew how terrifying the Whitebone Immortal Slayer Needles were…and they all watched as one of them flew straight towards Ji Ning!

“It must be a Deathsworn the Youngflame clan has sent over…and it is a Loose Immortal Deathsworn at that. Only an Earth Immortal or Loose Immortal can activate this Whitebone Immortal Slayer Needle.” Xiaolou immediately shattered a Dao-seal, and a stream of jade water immediately began to glow as it flowed over his body. “With the emergence of this needle…even though Ji Ning is a Fiendgod Body Refiner, even his soul will probably be destroyed, to say nothing of his Fiendgod body.”

“He’s dead. He’s dead for certain. That’s a Whitebone Immortal Slayer Needle; it’s a killing technique against even many Loose Immortals. Many Loose Immortals would perish to it; only a few, extremely powerful Loose Immortals would be able to block it, but they would still be injured. Ji Ning is absolutely dead.” Xiao Lang was actually delighting in Ning’s misfortune; he, too, could guess that this was a Deathsworn from the Youngflame clan.

In this instant, Xiaolou, Songspear, Fairy Wavecolor, and Xiao Lang were all certain that Ning was most likely going to die.

As for the Golden Imperials which Ning had brought with him, they were shocked as well. “Protect the young master!” The problem was, it would take the fifty Golden Imperials a little bit of time to assemble into a Dao-soldier formation, then hurry over to save Ning. But…how fast was the Whitebone Immortal Slaying Needle flying? There was no time for them at all.

No one could save Ning. Everything relied on Ning himself!

“The Youngflame clan.” Ning instantly understood, and he immediately unleashed his divine ability.

Ning’s body instantly exploded forth with divine power, becoming incomparably tall and muscular. Lightning began to crackle on his body as he seemed to transform into an enormous vajra. At the same time, four more arms grew out from his body, and two more heads emerged from his shoulders.

[Three Heads, Six Arms]!

Ning’s six arms wielded the three Darknorth swords and three Heaven-ranked flying swords. These three were all top-grade magic treasures left behind by Immortal Juhua which he personally used for battle.

“Waterflame Lotus!” Thanks to the treasures which Youngflame Nong had left behind, Ning’s earthfire and dire-ice had both reached the second grade already.

An enormous Waterflame Lotus appeared, swiveling around this three-headed, six-armed Fiendgod.

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“[Starseizing Hand]!”

Ning’s six arms exploded with awe-inspiring power!

“Grand Dao Domain!”

The three-headed, six-armed Ji Ning, wielding six enormous Immortal swords, crackled with electricity. His aura filled the heavens, and a Waterflame Lotus swiveled around him. At the same time, the entirety of the building became instantly transformed into a world of sword-ki. The limitless field of sword-ki instantly filled the entire building, and sword-ki was stabbing everywhere. The six enormous swords in Ning’s hands began to glow with an incomparably dazzling golden metallic light, a light that was so strong that it was all but in material form.

“Block.” The three-headed, six-armed Ning used all six swords to simultaneously block towards the Whitebone Immortal Slaying Needle!

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