The Desolate Era

The Desolate Era Chap 302

Chapter 21 – The Enemy of the Two Cousins

“Annihilate the Youngflame clan?” Ning was stunned. Even though he viewed the Youngflame clan as a major, powerful foe, deep in his heart, Ning had the same desire…to utterly eradicated the Youngflame clan, so as to console the spirit of his mother!

His mother’s sisters, father, and family members…the entire Yuchi clan had died in the hands of the Youngflame clan.

His mother must have deeply desired to eradicated the Youngflame clan…but the Youngflame clan was simply too powerful, so powerful that Yuchi Mount never even dared to tell Princess Xiyue that their enemy, the one who had destroyed their clan, was the Youngflame clan. Yuchi Snow had never told Ning this secret either. This was an ancient tribe that could rank in the top ten of the entire Grand Xia Dynasty, a might tribe that had existed from the Fiendgod Era into the present era. Who would dare claim that they would definitely annihilate a clan such as this?

Ning had this desire in his heart…but he wouldn’t dare say these words.

Princess Xiyue, however, did!

Ning could sense the hatred in his cousin’s words, a hatred that had forged into a will that would pay any price and stop at absolutely nothing to accomplish its goals!

“This was Father’s dream. Father died…and I’ll do it on his behalf.” Princess Xiyue ground her teeth. “Even if I fail and die, in failing, I’ll deliver a vicious bite to the Youngflame clan.”

“Cousin,” Ning couldn’t help but say, “The eradication of the Youngflame clan isn’t something to be rushed.”

“Of course. I know that.” Princess Xiyue shook her head. “I haven’t even told Grandpa of my intentions, because I know that while perhaps the entire imperial Xiamang clan is capable of wiping out the Youngflame clan, the imperial clan will not do such a thing. The imperial clan isn’t willing to pay the price of having the countless tribes under its command feel frightened, restless, and possibly rebel.

Ning nodded.

If the imperial clan were to wipe out a major tribe, they would have to have a sufficiently solid excuse! They couldn’t just find a random excuse to do this. The many marquises of the world weren’t fools, after all; the Youngflame clan would have had to truly commit a heinous crime that exceeded the imperial clan’s bottom line before the imperial clan would eradicate them. Otherwise…if the imperial clan could just wipe out another clan on a whim, how could the other marquises feel at ease?

Most likely, they would all revolt together, and by then, this major world would probably once more enter into a state of chaotic war, just like in the Fiendgod Era.

One of the reasons why the imperial clan of the Grand Xia had been able to unify the world was because many tribes had given them their support and subordinated themselves to it. If these tribes were to all revolt, then it was very likely that the imperial clan of the Grand Xia would come to a calamitous end.

“That’s why I’m enduring it for now. There aren’t even many people in the imperial capital who know that my name is actually Yuchi Xiyue. I asked Grandpa not to tell others,” Princess Xiyue said. “I don’t want to cause the Youngflame clan to be on guard against me. I will find a chance, seek out all opportunities, and use any means necessary. When I act, I will make sure that this Youngflame clan is wiped out…and even if I fail, I’ll make them suffer a grievous wound.”

“Cousin, what are you planning?” Ning was quite puzzled. His cousin had an ordinary level of power; to annihilate the Youngflame clan? Not even a Celestial Immortal would dare say such things.

“If I had your talent, I would definitely work hard to train and become a Celestial Immortal. Upon becoming a Celestial Immortal, I will have as much time as I need to slowly work against them.” Princess Xiyue shook her head. “But I don’t have your talent, so I’ll have to borrow power from others. I plan to borrow the power of the imperial clan of the Grandn Xia.”

“Borrow power?” Ning was startled.

“The imperial clan of the Grand Xia doesn’t have enough of a reason to wipe them out. So…I’ll have to come up with a way to give them enough of a reason,” Princess Xiyue said. “Even if I have to use my own life…it will be worth it. But I know that even if I sacrifice myself, it will still be quite hard. No matter how hard it is, however, I’ll strive to accomplish it. I’ll slowly wait…silently wait…”

Princess Xiyue seemed to have transformed into a vengeful, venomous viper; she was silently waiting, waiting for the moment to deliver her final blow.

“To annihilate the Youngflame clan in my lifetime will be very, very hard.” Resolve flashed through Princess Xiyue’s eyes. “That’s why I’m going to find a husband. I’m not going to marry out; I’m going to bring one in. The children I give birth to will follow me in publicly using the surname ‘Chi’. My children will have children of their own, and our family will grow from one generation to the next…and the ultimate goal of my descendants will be bringing down the Youngflame clan!”

“I have Grandpa backing me up; I’m his only family member. Even if I die, I’ll beg Grandpa to help me take care of the Chi clan,” Princess Xiyue said. “Grandpa is a Celestial Immortal Patriarch of the imperial clan of the Grand Xia; with his protection, the Chi clan will definitely grow stronger and stronger. When the Chi clan itself gives birth to a Celestial Immortal, or when the Youngflame clan is finally annihilated, the Chi clan will truly return to becoming the ‘Yuchi’ clan.

Ning took a deep breath. He couldn’t help but feel his heart quiver at the hatred contained within his cousin’s words.

Yes. She was different from him.

He was a child of the Ji clan; this was why his mother, Yuchi Snow, didn’t even mention the Yuchi clan’s feud. In turn, the hatred he felt for the Youngflame clan hadn’t truly sunk into his bones. But his cousin was a true descendant of the Yuchi clan. Ning’s uncle, Yuchi Mount, had trained her from childhood and had told her stories of the former glory of the Yuchi clan.

Although Yuchi Mount had never told her who their enemies were, Yuchi Mount himself had always trained hard, always wanting to restore his clan and strengthen himself enough to take revenge.

Yuchi Xiyue had always quietly watched her father at work. She knew that her father’s desire was twofold; to re-establish the Yuchi clan, and to take revenge! Yuchi Mount was simply suppressing his desire for revenge…but his daughter could sense the hatred buried within his heart. This was why she wanted to fulfill her father’s hopes…to re-establishing the clan, and to take revenge!

“Right.” Ning’s heart suddenly trembled. “Uncle was the last surviving man of the Yuchi clan. The amount of hatred he felt must have been tremendous. My cousin has a similar level of hate towards the Youngflame clan. What about Mother?”

“Grandpa and the others, they all died…could it be that Mother didn’t feel hate?”

“But after marrying my father and marrying into my Ji clan, she never mentioned this matter. She never even displayed any hint of it in front of me. Perhaps, in private, she would feel agony and hatred on behalf of her murdered parents and kinsmen.” Ning’s heart suddenly ached. His mother had never passed any of the hatred she felt to him, precisely because she didn’t want him to go take revenge.

She was afraid that he would become an egg that tried to smash itself against a rock!

“Mother…you were worried about me. But in the end, your son has still ended up fighting against the Youngflame clan.”

“This is what destiny is!”

“Mother, if your son was nothing more than an ‘ordinary’ supreme genius, it would indeed be hard to take revenge…but I’m not! I have the legacy of the primordial Fiendgod, Daoist Threelives. I can easily acquire Immortal-ranked and even Pure Yang magic items. My divine ability is a terrifying one that ranks amongst the top ten of the entire Three Realms. I absolutely have hope of being able to become a power that dominates the Three Realms. Annihilating the Youngflame clan…I can do it, I can absolutely do it!”

Resolve flashed in Ning’s eyes as well.

“Cousin.” Ning looked towards her.

“Little brother.” Yuchi Xiyue looked towards her little brother, then said in a soft voice, “I’ve never spoken these words before to anyone else. When I saw you, those words that I kept hidden in my heart all came spilling out. Aside from Grandpa…you are my only family.”

Ning nodded. “Cousin, don’t worry. Becoming a Void-level Earth Immortal, to me, is absolutely not a problem at all. It will happen without any impediments! Even dealing with the Celestial Tribulation and becoming a Celestial Immortal…although it will be hard, I can do it. I definitely will do it. Dealing with the Youngflame clan isn’t just your personal issue; it’s mine as well. The Youngflame clan and I are already like fire and water; either they will extinguish me, or I’ll extinguish them!”

“Little brother.” Yuchi Xiyue felt a warm feeling in her heart. Although the two knew exactly how hard it would be for one to overcome the Celestial Tribulation and become a Celestial Immortal…neither of them said such things right now.

No matter what, the two of them still had their resolve.

“The two of us, brother and sister, will join hands and annihilate the Youngflame clan.” Ning tightly clasped his cousin’s hand.

“Right. Hand in hand, we will annihilate the Youngflame clan.” Yuchi Xiyue nodded in excitement as well. “The two of us shall be of one heart, and our will shall be sharp enough to cut metal!”

“The two of us shall be of one heart, and our will shall be sharp enough to cut metal.” Ning nodded heavily as well.

On this day. In this moment.

The Treasure Auction was still underway. Immortal Floatcloud was still on the street outside, waiting for and wanting to assassinate Ning.

Yuchi Xiyue and Ji Ning, a pair of cousins, truly joined forces against their common foe…the Youngflame clan!

With two massive azure phoenixes pulling from up ahead, an Immortal carriage, wreathed in golden flames, flew into the skies of the Heavenly Treasures Mountain. There were some servants by its side, and a large amount of Golden Imperials protecting its perimeter.

Princess Xiyue and Ji Ning were both seated within the carriage. The Whitewater Hound was lying on one side, while Little Qing remained wrapped around Ning’s arm.

Just a short while ago, when Princess Xiyue had pulled Ning into the Immortal carriage, the maidservants were speaking out about how this action was inappropriate, for fear that Ning might be an assassin. Still, given how the princess always followed her own plans…there was naturally nothing they could do.

“In the imperial capital, it’s quite common for geniuses to be pulled into and share carriages as part of a befriending process,” Princess Xiyue sent mentally. “If you are going to invite a genius to be your friend, can it be that you’d seat yourself in your carriage, then have him fly alongside it? That would be a show of absolute disrespect to such a peerless genius. Am I right?”

Ning could only let out a helpless laugh.

“Don’t go take up residence in the Raindragon Guard headquarters. Although it’s safe there, there’s too many people and too many eyes. The Raindragon Guards of the Youngflame clan will definitely be keeping watch over you, and all of your actions will be under complete surveillance. Better to come to King Yan’s Estate. There will be absolutely no one who will make trouble for you,” Princess Xiyue sent mentally.

“Alright.” Ning nodded. It was true that his earlier plan had been to live at the Raindragon Guard headquarters in the imperial capital. The Raindragon Godpeak was an absolutely secure location; the Godpeak was higher than even the Skylight Palace, which meant that the martial power hidden within it was surely endlessly amazing. Not even Celestial Immortals would dare to act rashly within it.

However…plans never keep pace with events. He had run into his cousin, and so he would now go to the estate of a king of the imperial clan of the Grand Xia. Naturally, it was also extremely safe there.

“The Golden Imperials…two of them are Immortals?” Ning sent mentally.

“Little brother, you truly are impressive. Right; these hundred Golden Imperials include 98 Primal Daoists and two Loose Immortals. These are definitely the most elite soldiers amongst the Imperial Guard of the imperial capital. They had originally been bestowed upon Grandpa, who ordered them to obey my commands. This time, I only brought out two small squad. Every single squad has one Loose Immortal and 49 Primal Daoist who can join together into a Dao-soldier formation. If two squads join forces, even tens of Loose Immortals would find it difficult to defeat them,” Princess Xiyue sent mentally.

Ning sighed in amazement upon hearing this. The imperial clan of the Grand Xia truly was extraordinary in its resources.

“Later, we’ll only need to send out a single squad to annihilate that ‘Snowdragon Mountain’ you spoke of.” A fierce look flashed through Princess Xiyue’s eyes. “I’ll have Grandpa give the Northmont clan of Stillwater advance notice. They absolutely won’t argue about it. A sect that doesn’t even have a single Earth Immortal or Loose Immortal? If they get wiped out, they get wiped out.”

Ning nodded. Previously, during their discussion in the residence, they had spoken of how Yuchi Mount had been killed by Snowdragon Mountain’s men. Yu Dong and Shui Yi had already died, leaving behind only Dong Seven, who remained on Snowdragon Mountain. Because Ning had been pursued by the Youngflame clan, he absolutely didn’t dare to spend time fighting at or attacking Snowdragon Mountain. Upon being encircled and trapped there, he would be finished.

Annihilating Snowdragon Mountain? To Ji Ning, that was a bit tricky. But for Princess Xiyue? It was much easier.


“Why isn’t he out yet?” Immortal Floatcloud, who had been waiting on the streets outside for quite some time, was frowning. He had been waiting for a very long time now.

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Suddenly, an azure-robed servant emerged from the Heavenly Treasures Mountain headquarters, hurriedly sending mentally, “Senior, Ji Ning emerged, but he’s with Princess Xiyue.”

“Princesss Xiyue?!” Immortal Floatcloud was flabbergasted.

Just a few seconds later, an incomparably beautiful and noble pair of azure phoenix Godbeasts flew out, pulling an Immortal carriage wreathed in golden flames. A green-robed woman was seated alongside Ning within it, and next to them lay a Whitewater Hound. In front of them and behind them was a troop of Golden Imperials, emanating powerful auras.

“But, but, but…” Immortal Floatcloud was completely poleaxed. “Two azure phoenix Godbeasts? A hundred Golden Imperials? I…how the hell am I supposed to assassinate him?”

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