The Desolate Era

The Desolate Era Chap 275

Chapter 23 – Windwing Evasion

Quite a few thoughts were going through Youngflame Nong’s mind. At the same time, the other members of the Black-White College began to console Ji Ning.

“Junior apprentice-brother, endure it,” Adept Vastriver sent to Ning. “After we leave the Witchriver Immortal Estate, you won’t have to stay here and swallow Youngflame Nong’s attitude.”

“Junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning,” Yu Wei sent, worried, “We aren’t able to beat Youngflame Nong right now. However, truly powerful Immortal cultivators rely on themselves; no matter what how impressive he might be, in the future, Youngflame Nong will only be the Godplume Duke, whereas the real powers behind the Youngflame clan are those old fellows who have lived for countless years. When you train to the Celestial Immortal level in the future, the Youngflame clan will treat you with courtesy, not daring to slacken off in the slightest. What would a Godplume Duke be to you? He’s nothing more than a titular leader.”

Ning gave Yu Wei a look. He had met with the Lord of Cui Manor and Granny Meng, and had watched as a great power had assaulted the Six Paths of Reincarnation! His master, Daoist Threelives, was one of the most incredible figures of the Three Realms…it really was as she had said; personal strength was the truest foundation to power.

If Ning were to also become a major power of the Three Realms, what would a mere Youngflame clan, one of the clans subordinate to the Grand Xia Dynasty’s major world, be to him? There were three thousand major worlds!

As long as he was able to reach the Celestial Immortal level, the Youngflame clan would be respectful to him. After all, it was rare for there to be even a single Celestial Immortal for every ten thousand Loose Immortals. Celestial Immortals were true Immortals, who had escaped the binds of the Three Realms and lived carefree lives.

“Senior apprentice-brother,” Northson sent to him, “If you aren’t happy with senior apprentice-sister Ninelotus, then as I see it, you should just break up. I mean, I’m just saying…it’s up to you, and how you really feel. You need to ask yourself if you truly want for senior apprentice-sister Ninelotus to be your Dao-Companion.”

Ning gave Northson a glance. “Junior apprentice-brother, no need to say anything further.”

In his heart…Ning truly did like Ninelotus. In his past life and in this life, Ning had never been in a romantic relationship. He couldn’t quite explain how he felt towards her, but he truly did feel a hazy liking for her. However, these recent arguments had caused Ning to truly feel upset!

“Glugglugglug.” Ning held his cup, constantly drinking wine. Although he downed one cup after another, all of the wine continued to be burnt away by flames after it entered his body.


Ninelotus sat there in the lotus position, staring at the constantly drinking Ning.

“It seems Ji Ning is really angry.” Ninelotus felt frustrated as well. “How can Ji Ning act like this. I lowered my head to him, and this wasn’t even a big deal to begin with. This sort of thing is too common; I just had to deal with it in a casual, superficial manner. Why does he have to be so angry about it? If he gets angry at this and angry at that…in the future, after I become the leader of the Dongyan clan, am I supposed to follow his every wish and desire?”

“I’ll let him calm down and sober up first. He should understand, later.”

One had been held up high since childhood, and had been chosen to be the next leader of a major clan.

The other came from a world of peace in his past life, and was a genius who had been born into a backwater clan in this life.

The two of them attracted each other. When they had been in the secluded peach-garden utopia of Serpentwing Lake, there had been no problems, but once they truly began to face worldly affairs together, their disagreements had begun to constantly worsen.


Ning and Ninelotus were both feeling rather frustrated in their hearts.



A figure carrying a terrifying, tremendous force came charging in. Those Zifu Deathsworn that had been stationed in the outer perimeter instantly blew apart, their bodies being knocked flying and blood spraying verywhere. In the blink of an eye, the entire hall was transformed into an asura’s hell, the floor stained with blood and chunks of meat.

“The golem.” Youngflame Nong, seated at the front of the hall, was greatly surprised, but then he immediately grew excited and eager.

One golem after another charged in. As for Ji Ning and the others, as they had been assigned to sit down at various locations in the table, they weren’t able to assemble into formation.

“That dogshit Youngflame Nong…he said that those Zifu Deathsworn would be able to hold on for a few moments, but in reality, they weren’t able to do so at all.” Ning’s Darknorth swords appeared in his hands as he hurriedly blocked the Qiongqi Manticore golem which was pouncing towards him.


Ning’s sword-light flashed out, crashing against the body of the Qiongqi golem and sending it flying away.

“Junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning, protect junior apprentice-brother Mu Northson,” Adept Vastriver sent.

“I know, don’t worry,” Ning said hurriedly.

This hall was simply too large. Ning’s group had been divided into two rows that sat on each end of the table. Ninelotus, Vastriver, and Yu Wei were on the side opposite to Ning, and were quite far from each other as well. As for Ning, Northson, and Xue Hongyi, they were on the same side. Right now, six Qiongqi golems were throwing themselves against Ning and the rest of the six Wanxiang Adepts. Even more of the golems were charging towards Youngflame Nong!

It was very easy for Ning to handle a single Qiongqi golem, but clearly it was a bit difficult for Northson; Northson was more talented in controlling golems, not at close combat.

Swoosh. A pair of black wings appeared on Ning’s back, and the wings fluttered as he began to execute the Windwing Evasion, howling through the air as he moved next to Northson. His sword-light flashed out, striking against a Primal-level Qiongqi golem and sending it flying.

“Thank you, senior apprentice-brother.” Northson was covered with cold sweat, and he hurriedly controlled a giant silver serpent construct, sending it into battle.

“It’s nothing.” Ning laughed, twin swords in hands, and then lotus petals began to bloom around him, easily blocking those two Qiongqi golems.


Ning and the others, including Xue Hongyi, were each dealing with a single Qiongqi golem. In truth, these six golems weren’t meant to kill them; they were assigned to keep them tied down. The other twelve Qiongqi golems and their black-armored leader simultaneously charged towards Youngflame Nong.

“Hahaha…” Youngflame Nong laughed loudly. “Capture them.”

Xiangliu Fang’s twin hands struck out, and those massive hands seemed to cover the skies as they did so. His fingers transformed into massive serpents, which seemed to coil about as they moved to wrap around the Qiongqi golems. In fact, some of them managed to snare two Qiongqi golems each. All twelve of them were actually seized by his giant hands…but the black-armored man pulled out a longsword from within his leg with his right arm, hacking it directly against Xiangliu Fang’s hands.


The surrounding area was filled with a deafening explosion. Actually, it was quite taxing for Xiangliu Fang to rely on nothing but a pair of hands to capture those twelve Qiongqi golems. The power of this sword attack was even more tremendous. His hands trembled and were knocked aside, allowing the Qiongqi golems to all escape their captor.

“Eh?” Xiangliu Fang was shocked. “This sword of yours…”

CHOP. The black-armored man transformed into a streak of light, charging forwards and slamming the sword down towards Xiangliu Fang once more.

Right at this moment, the other twelve Qiongqi golems howled through the air, flying towards Youngflame Nong. Youngflame Nong frowned, and instantly that enormous Redscale Salamander appeared around him. At the same time, a leaf-like Dao-seal appeared in his hand.

“They are rather irritating.” Youngflame Nong muttered softly, but he felt completely confident; he had Uncle Fang, the Redscale Salamander, and a protective treasure; he was definitely going to win.


The Redscale Salamander howled with rage as it fought against the Qiongqi golems. But suddenly, a Qiongqi golem reached out to snatch the nearby bronze lamp, then began to run away withi t!

“The bronze lamp!” Youngflame Nong was shocked. Now, he understood. These golems weren’t meant to kill him; they knew that they weren’t strong enough to do that. Thus, their real target was the bronze lamp. To bind a treasure, one had to be right next to it and slowly use one’s elemental ki to bind it. If one was a bit too far away, or if someone else took possession of it, then there would be no way for one to fill it with elemental ki. Naturally, then, there would be no way to bind it.

This would result in it taking forever for him to control the Immortal estate. Given how well these golems knew the Witchriver Palace, they could simply play hide-and-seek with him within it. The golems could delay for thousands of years…but he could not.

“Quick, seize the bronze lamp,” Youngflame Nong howled furiously..

Xiangliu Fang immediately let out an astonishing howl as well. His right arm suddenly split apart and flew out from his body. His severed right arm blasted out with a sky-filling black-colored divine power, which rippled forth, then transformed the right arm into a new Xiangliu Fang. As for the original Xiangliu Fang, he grew out a new arm.

In the blink of an eye, two Xiangliu Fang’s had appeared within the main hall. However, by the time this splitting process had completed, that Qiongqi golem had already charged out of the main hall; after all, Primal-level Qiongqi golems were indeed as fast as lightning.

One Xiangliu Fang remained in combat against the black-armored man. The other, however, went chasing after the Qiongqi golem that had fled with the bronze lamp. With a swoosh, he charged into the corridor, continuing his pursuit.

“Two Xiangliu Fang’s? A clone?” Ning and the others were all shocked.

“The bronze lamp, the bronze lamp! Damn them, damn them!” Youngflame Nong bellowed with rage. But right at this moment, at a distant corridor within the hall, Xiangliu Fang suddenly reappeared, bronze lamp in one hand, sack in the other.

“Haha.” Youngflame Nong instantly laughed.

As for the black-armored man, he immediately felt disappointed. He knew that the difference in power between himself and these invading humans was simply too great; thus, he had hoped to catch them offguard and seize the bronze lamp. Unfortunately, this Fiendgod was truly too powerful; the Fiendgod was able to tie him down with one body, then use another one to chase after the Qiongqi golem and bring the bronze lamp back.

“The overall situation has been cast in stone.” Youngflame Nong immediately felt completely relaxed, watching the battle going on in the rest of the hall with leisure. But as he did so, his face suddenly changed.

He was looking at Ning and Northson, located far away from him. Ning was wielding two Darknorth swords, and on his back was a pair of black wings; he was effortlessly blocking two Qiongqi golems.

“Wings?” Youngflame Nong carefully watched the way in which Ning moved. At the same time, he sent mentally to Xiangliu Fang, “Uncle Fang, look at Ji Ning.”

Xiangliu Fang’s two bodies had merged into one again. Fighting at full power once more, Xiangliu Fang stuffed the black-armored man into his sack. Upon hearing Youngflame Nong’s words, he immediately turned to look. Upon doing so, his face changed as well.

“Uncle Fang, that’s the Windwing Evasion. I’m not mistaken, am I?” Youngflame Nong asked.

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Windwing Evasion.

Youngflame Nong himself had never trained in it, but he had watched his clansmen train in it repeatedly. Because of how often he had seen it, and because he had personally read the contents of the [Windwing Evasion] manual, he could see traces of it in the way Ning moved.

“Right. That’s the Windwing Evasion. I’ve trained in it before. Although Ji Ning is using wings to mask it, he is definitely using the Windwing Evasion,” Xiangliu Fang sent mentally. “In the past, the descendants of the Yuchi clan also used wings to hide it; Ji Ning is using the same old trick. Although this is a rather clumsy method, unless one has an extremely deep understanding of the Windwing Evasion, there’s no way one would be able to tell.”

Youngflame Nong sent mentally, “Uncle Fang, how could Ji Ning know the Windwing Evasion?”

“It should be one of the surviving spawns of the Yuchi clan!” Xiangliu Fang sent back.

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