The Desolate Era

The Desolate Era Chap 170

Chapter 32, Shock and Awe (part 2)

“Lost. I lost. How could…” Bloodrinker Bladask sat there atop the stone dais, his face ashen. He couldn’t believe what had just happened.

When Immortal cultivators engaged in a battle, life and death was separated by a hair. If they lost a single exchange, they could die.

“He used a golem. I also used a golem.” Bladask simply couldn’t accept this. “The two golems have identical elemental ki cores, and the same amount of elemental ki. It is an extremely fair situation; what we compete in is our comprehension of the Dao, our sword arts, and other skills. How could his sword arts actually be even more powerful than mine?”

How could he have known that Ning had actually reached the Dao Domain level long ago? The Dao Domain level was, normally speaking, the level which Primal Daoists were at. But of course, at the Black-White College, everyone was a supreme genius, and so there were many powerful Wanxiang Adepts who were at the Dao Domain level. Bladask, however, was still a hair away from being able to reach the Dao Domain level.

Through his swordplay, he could just barely touch the Dao Domain level. This was much like how, when Ning was young, when executing the [Raindrop Sword], he was able to unleash the power of being ‘one with the world’ with his sword attacks, even though he himself had not yet reached that level. This was one of the strengths of possessing powerful sword arts!

In terms of comprehension, Ning was at a higher level. In terms of sword arts, after having been doubly baptized by the Stellar Hall of the underwater estate and the Black-White Diagram, and after having meditated on the [Lesser Five Elements Sword], Ning’s sword arts had reached a limit.

In terms of soul, Ning was at the ‘divine sense’ level. Even amongst the Wanxiang Adepts of the Black-White College, only those reincarnated Immortals, so few they could be counted on one hand, were comparable to Ning.

In every single field, he was inferior. How could he not have lost?

“Senior apprentice-brother Bladask, I was lucky enough to win by one stroke.” Ning rose to his feet with a laugh, and the grand sealing formation around them disappeared. With a tap of his feet, Ning flew out of the arena, landing in the distance.

Bladask had an ugly look on his face. He flew out of the arena as well. He walked straight towards Ning, and with a wave of his hand, produced two jade bottles which he tossed to Ning. “A hundred black-white pellets and fifty kilograms of liquefied elemental essence. Take it.”

Ning naturally stretched his hand out to accept them. “Hmph. Ji Ning.” Bladask stared at Ning, his eyes filled with a desire for battle. “No wonder Immortal Diancai accepted you as his disciple. I have nothing to say about my defeat. Next time, however…I will challenge you again.”

“I will wait for you.” Ning laughed. If someone wanted to deliver more black-white pellets and liquefied elemental essence to him, why would he refuse? “Hmph.” Bladask immediately walked towards Bu Ying. “Senior apprentice-brother Ying!”

The azure-robed man, Bu Ying, gave him a glance. “Don’t worry. Leave it to me.” This time, it was Ying who had set up and arranged for the new disciples to be taught a lesson, and he had also been the one to personally invite Bladask over. Clearly, now that Bladask had lost, no matter what, he, Bu Ying, couldn’t just let Ning leave victoriously.

Bu Ying’s gaze fell towards his fellow disciples nearby.


“Junior apprentice-brother Darknorth’s power truly cannot be underestimated.” This geniuses all had looks of caution in their eyes. From watching Ning’s attacks just now, they sensed that Ning’s power was definitely not lower than theirs. Without a certain degree of confidence, they naturally wouldn’t be willing to proceed.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Ying.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Ying, you are the only person who can succeed.”

“Right, senior apprentice-brother Ying, you have also trained in the [Lesser Five Elements Sword], and the time you have spent training in it is longer. Your chances of winning are greater.” Everyone was saying this.

Bu Ying cursed to himself. So what if he trained in it for longer? Training in sword arts wasn’t a matter of time; it was a matter of how much one understood regarding the Dao. An Immortal training in the [Lesser Five Elements Sword] for the first time would, in half a day, train to an extremely high level in it.

But Ying also knew…that since he was the instigator of this event, no matter what, he had to get involved. One had to be able to bear responsibility for one’s actions.


Ji Ning had immediately won with his attack; this had caused Mu Northson to be incomparably excited. “Well fought! Let those old disciples know that they can’t just teach lessons to every new disciple as they please.”

Ning laughed. Winning was quite enjoyable. In addition, a hundred black-white pellets and fifty kilograms of liquefied elemental essence was his, just like that. Previously, when he had advanced from the early Zifu level to the peak Zifu level, he had used less than forty kilograms of it.

“Junior apprentice-brother Darknorth.” Bu Ying emerged from the group of old disciples. “Senior apprentice-brother Ying,” Ning responded.

“Junior apprentice-brother Darknorth, your power truly is formidable. I didn’t expect that shortly after joining our school, you would have already reached such a level in your understanding of the [Lesser Five Elements Sword]. I imagine that your insights into the Dao are at a very high level,” Bu Ying said..

Ning knew that his opponent wanted to gain some intelligence about him. He immediately laughed and said, “I just gained some initial insights into it, and have much to learn.” Bu Ying laughed loudly. “You are being too modest, junior apprentice-brother. I, your senior apprentice-brother, also train in the [Lesser Five Elements Sword]. As I watched you execute your sword arts…I couldn’t help but feel my hands itch. What say you and I spar for a bit?”

“Oh, this is what I wish for as well!” Ning immediately said. Someone was delivering more gifts to him? Why wouldn’t he want it?

Based on Ning’s calculations, especially given how strong his soul was, he felt that he should hold a major advantage over the other. There were probably not many Zifu Disciples who could match him, unless a reincarnated Immortal emerged to battle.

“What is the wager?” Ning asked. Bu Ying laughed. “Naturally, just a hundred black-white pellets and five kilograms of liquefied elemental essence. Overly large wagers will hurt the camaraderie amongst us fellow disciples.” Ning nodded. “Alright.”


Moments later. Ning and Bu Ying were each seated in the lotus position atop their stone pillars. “Begin,” the white-haired elder barked. Instantly, the grand sealing formation once again appeared.

“The golem which I have chosen is known as the Six Harmonies Golem.” Senior apprentice-brother Ying’s voice rang out. “Be careful, junior apprentice-brother.”

“Senior apprentice-brother. Please proceed.” Ning’s voice rang out as well.

The two sat on opposing stone pillars, staring at each other. The two golems below stared at each other as well.

“Kill!” Previously, Bu Ying had a smiling look on his face, but his face now turned solemn as he let out a low growl. Instantly, the Six Harmonies Golem simultaneously shot out thirty-six flying swords, every single one of them covered with unique runes. The reason why this golem was named the Six Harmonies Golem was precisely because it was capable of executing this ‘Six Harmonies Formation’.

Ning, seeing this, frowned. “Go!” Twelve flying swords emerged from the back of the Thousandswords Golem. These twelve flying swords hissed as they slashed through the air, transforming into a dense layer of rain, each containing inexhaustible amounts of power.


The thirty-six flying swords swiveled as they flew, six of each forming into a formation base, with the six bases forming the Six Harmonies Formation. In addition, the entire formation transformed into a giant windmill.

“Rumble…” The power of it crushed downwards.

Crash crash crash….

The countless droplets of rain smashed viciously against that giant windmill, but the thirty-six flying swords of the windmill swiveled about, easily dissipating the smashing power.

“Can’t block it. This Bu Ying truly is much more formidable than Bladask; fortunately, I was prepared long ago.” Ning’s face changed, and a fierce look flashed through his eyes. The twelve flying swords under his control suddenly separated into two parts. One part spun in a circle in midair, while the other formed a cross.

Whoosh! The twelve flying swords merged with each other, transforming into an azure, flaming sword. BOOM! The giant, azure flaming sword pierced directly through the windmill. The windmill was only able to take it for a brief moment before crumbling.

“[Duality Azureflame Sword]!” Bu Ying, seated there on the pillar, saw this. His face turned ashen, and then he let out a sigh. He didn’t even try to fight back, allowing Ning’s azure, flaming sword to pierce directly through the protective layer of his golem.

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“Ji Ning wins!” The white-haired elder once more called out in a high voice.


The Dao Debate Palace was a hubbub of noise right now. Bu Ying was definitely an outstanding figure amongst the Zifu Disciples of the Black-White College, and could be considered one of the movers and shakers. In terms of power, he was far superior to Bladask. And yet, even he had been defeated by this new disciple who had just joined the Black-White College?

“They are all supreme geniuses…but this Ji Ning is an absolute monster.” Ninelotus watched everything happen, and she murmured in her heart, “He reached the Dao Domain level at merely sixteen years of age? And his soul has supposedly reached the divine sense level…he’s absolutely a monster, like those reincarnated Immortals.”

“To lose to a monster like him…their defeats are nothing to be ashamed of.”

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