The Desolate Era

The Desolate Era Chap 150

Chapter 12, The Pebble That Aroused a Thousand-Story Wave

The Whitewitch, upon seeing Ji Ning display the might of his Rainwater Sword Domain, felt her heart instantly turn icy cold. “A path to survival? What path to survival do I have?” She immediately began to activate the secret technique of her sect within her body. All of the elemental ki in her blood, flesh, and essence began to condense, and her entire body began to emit a bloody glow.

Deep within her Zifu, twelve Gu-Bugs that were hidden there began to move about. The bugs within the bug nest she kept on her also began to move.

“Alas.” The distant Ning shook his head. It seemed as though this woman was being forced by Northmont Fox to fight to the death. Ning immediately prepared to execute his Waterflame Lotus, planning to send this woman directly to the Yellow Springs.

But suddenly…

“We admit defeat!” A deep voice rang out. “Eh?” Ning raised his head, glancing over in astonishment. Northmont Fox, up in his private room, appeared very calm. He even grinned towards Ning. “I didn’t expect that today, I would have the chance to see a genius such as young master Ji Ning. You are merely an early-stage Zifu Disciple, and yet you’ve already comprehended a Dao Domain…admirable, admirable. I, Northmont Fox, am wholeheartedly convinced by my defeat at the hands of young master Ji Ning.”

The Whitewitch stared in astonishment towards Northmont Fox as well. She knew exactly how savage and wild Fox had been previously; he had insisted on her going all out to kill Ji Ning. But now, in the blink of an eye, before she had even lost, Fox had admitted defeat? In this battle, she represented Fox, and Fox was the one doing the betting. Thus, upon his admission of defeat, the battle ended.

Whoooosh. The long black hair of the Whitewitch quickly retracted, changing from three hundred meters to its normal waist-high length.

“Young master Ji Ning was victorious,” Miss Ziyi instantly called out in a high voice. The way in which she had referred to Ning had changed; previously, she had referred to him as ‘the Immortal practitioner who Northmont Baiwei sent out’, but now, she directly referred to him as young master Ji Ning. This was because she knew very well what it meant for a Zifu Disciple to gain insight into a Dao Domain.

The Dao Domain was a level which only Primal Daoists were generally able to reach. For a Zifu Disciple to be able to comprehend a Dao Domain…anyone capable of this was a truly monstrous talent, or perhaps even a major power who had reincarnated. Based on what she had heard regarding people like this, so long as they survived, they would train in the finest of Ki Refining techniques, and there was no question that they would become Primal Daoists!

If it was said that she treated Northmont Baiwei and Northmont Fox with care, due to their family background, she now treated this Ji Ning with the same care due to his innate, terrifying talent.

It must be understood… Primal Daoists were truly influential figures. If one then ascended to become an Immortal, even the Marquisate of Stillwater would actively reach out to befriend that person. Such a person would be capable of influencing the major powers of Stillwater Commandery. A monstrous talent like Ning…so long as he survived, he would have a 100% chance of becoming a Primal Daoist. As for becoming an Immortal? The chances for that were extremely high as well.

“Young master Ji Ning, are you going to continue with another betting duel?” Miss Ziyi smiled towards Ning, and as a fox-spirit, her smile was dazzlingly bewitching.

“Hahaha, after young master Ji Ning revealed his Dao Domain, who would dare battle him?”

“There’s no way for us to find another Zifu Disciple who has comprehended a Dao Domain. Anyone we send would definitely lose.”

“Let the betting duels come to an end.”

“The spiritfruit wine for this series of betting duels shall go to young master Baiwei and young master Ji Ning.”

Laughter rang out from each of the private rooms. Since they didn’t have any grudge against Ning, why would they wish to offend a monstrous talent like him? Although these people were elites amongst their various sects, and although many were Wanxiang Adepts, it was still quite hard for Wanxiang Adepts to leap to the Primal Daoist level. Actually, they still weren’t even ware that Ning’s soul had already reached the ‘divine sense’ level. If they did, they probably would be completely speechless.

It must be understood that by relying on his Rainwater Sword Domain and divine sense, Ning had passed even the ‘divine abilities trial’ left behind by Daoist Threelives, once of the most ancient of individuals who had been born when the Cosmos were first created. Thus, he had acquired the [Starseizing Hand].

But of course, Ning knew that the amount of talent he had displayed today was enough. The divine ability [Starseizing Hand]…he definitely couldn’t reveal it to anyone. If he did, he would be courting death! Of course, he could still use it; after all, given the monstrous talent he had already revealed, even if he unleashed an attack that exceeded the expectations of others, onlookers would come up with their own explanations, such as Ning having learnt some sort of a special divine ability, or being in possession of a very unique magic treasure, or that his level of comprehension was very high. In short, it was normal for a monstrous talent like him to reveal monstrous levels of power.

“Young master Ji Ning.” Northmont Fox was in his distant room, a smile on his face. He called out in high voice, “Northmont Baiwei and I have always been at loggerheads. Previously, I offended you, but it wasn’t because of you, young master Ji Ning; what I did, I did to take aim at Northmont Baiwei. Still, I did offend you, and I hope you will pardon me for that. At the same time, I would like to warn you, young master Ji Ning, that Northmont Baiwei is a two-faced tiger. He’s quite the faker! Don’t be fooled by him.”

Ning raised his head, giving him a glance. What a Northmont Fox! Formidable! Previously, he had acted with such red-eyed bravado and arrogance, but now, after seeing Ning display his Rainwater Sword Domain, it was as though a bucket of ice water had been poured over his head, waking him up. He thus immediately stated that his earlier actions were directed towards Northmont Baiwei, so as to ease the tensions between him and Ning. At the same time, he also tried to disrupt the relationship between Ning and Baiwei.

“And, young master Ji Ning, if you wish to enter the Skysplitter Sword Sect…there will be absolutely no problems at all.” Fox laughed as he spoke. Just moments ago, he had arrogantly stated that Ning could forget about ever joining the Skysplitter Sword Sect, but in the blink of an eye, he had changed his tune. Ning mused to himself that one truly couldn’t underestimate any of the young masters of the Marquisate.

“Northmont Fox, you truly are shamelessly thick-faced. As for entering a school? Given the talents of my brother, Ji Ning, he can enter any school he wishes.” Baiwei immediately began to laugh. “As for you trying to stir up strife between us, everyone in Stillwater City knows of your reputation, and everyone also knows what sort of a person I, Northmont Baiwei, am.”

“Only after spending much time with a person will you understand their heart. You two-faced tiger, do you think I can’t see straight through your façade?” Fox let out a cold laugh. Baiwei shook his head. “Oh? Then I’ll just wait for you to see through.”


Suddenly, a figure shot out from one of the private rooms through the window, moving as fast as a streak of light. The grand sealing formation had already been dispersed, and the figure flew directly towards Ning.

“Eh?” Ning glanced at this woman. She seemed to be roughly ten years old, and was innately endowed with a noble grace. “Young master Ji Ning, my name is Hu Shui. My grandfather is the leader of the Thousand Rivers School. Given your talent, young master Ji Ning…as long as you are willing to enter our Thousand Rivers School, I imagine that even the Immortal ancestor of our Thousand Rivers School would be willing to accept you as a disciple.” The beautiful, lithe maiden with hairpins in her hair laughed as she spoke, and her voice was so pleasant to the ear.

Ning glanced in surprise at this young woman named Hu Shui. Thousand Rivers School? What school was this? He had never heard of it before. He had to admit, though, the number of schools within Stillwater Commandery that he knew of could be counted on one hand. He came from Swallow Mountain, and his experience was rather lacking.

“Miss Hu Shui, your Thousand Rivers School, in our Stillwater Commandery, isn’t even ranked in the top ten. You wish for young master Ji Ning to join your Thousand Rivers School? Haha…aren’t you being a bit presumptuous?” A black-robed man flew down as well.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! One figure after another immediately flew down, and even Northmont Baiwei and Hun Wuji flew down as well. Baiwei hurriedly send to Ning, “Ji Ning, for now, don’t agree to enter any of these schools.”

“Alright.” Ning also understood the principle of not acting impetuously or with haste. Stillwater Commandery had many schools, and the relationships between the various alliances and schools could be very complex. Choosing a school, for him, was a major affair. Naturally, he had to be cautious.

Ning immediately looked at all of the powerful figures. Only some of them were from branches of major schools; others included members of tribes and sects. Some just wanted to make friends with Ning. A heroic figure like him…why wouldn’t they want to befriend him? As for being jealous? Perhaps in their hearts, they felt a hint of jealousy towards him, but they all understand that Stillwater Commandery was filled with countless geniuses. If they kept on feeling jealous of this one or that one, then they might as well not bother training to becoming Immortals at all.

“Everyone,” Ning said hurriedly, “I’ve just arrived at Stillwater Commandery a short time ago. Joining a school is a major affair, and I must consider it carefully. I’m unable to come to a clear decision in such a short period of time.”

“Ah, true. One cannot be rash with regards to such a major affair.” “Young master Ji Ning, I am Meng Shan of the Meng clan.” “Young master Ji Ning…”

All of them began to chat conversationally. Immortal practitioners had astonishingly good memories, and so Ning quickly learned and memorized everyone’s names. In truth, there were many figures who hadn’t revealed themselves prior to this. Ning now met them one by one, and only now did he truly understand that Stillwater Commandery was a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.


“Ji Ning? Swordplay?” The Boy of Universal Fire said a few words with Ning as well, then departed. While leading his servant to leave the Carefree Caverns, he furrowed his brows, pondering to himself about Ning. “Since he chose to reincarnate in Stillwater Commandery…if he is the reincarnation of a major power, then in his previous life, he should’ve been living within Stillwater Commandery as well. But in the past few decades, I haven’t heard of any major powers who were skilled in swordplay who entered the cycle of reincarnation. Even if they reincarnated, their Immortal friends should be here to welcome them. Why would they voluntarily wish to join a school?”

“Can it be that an error occurred in the reincarnation process, and that in his past life, he didn’t live in our Stillwater Commandery? Or is there some other reason?” The Boy of Universal Fire continued to ponder this question.

As a reincarnated Immortal, he hadn’t been living for particularly long in this life. His recollections of his previous life were still hazy and indistinct. Every so often, a memory would flash past his mind, or he might suddenly feel that something was very familiar to him! Although his memories from his past life had yet to completely awaken, his ability to comprehend formations and understand the Dao had risen at an astonishing speed. Clearly, he was benefiting from the hidden memories from his past life. As his strength grew, his memories would become increasingly clear, until one day, he would completely regain his past memories.

But of course, there were also some truly major powers who would directly awaken their memories, but that was extremely, extremely difficult.


Northmont Fox also went up to say a few words to Ning. He verbally sparred with Baiwei as well, and then led his group of servants to depart.

Within his carriage. Fox sat there by himself. He was frowning. He was thinking back to everything that had happened within the Carefree Caverns, starting from the very first words he exchanged with Baiwei. He thought very, very carefully…

“Fighting against Northmont Baiwei is one thing. How did this Ji Ning get involved? It seems as though this person has tremendous potential; in the future, he might be influential enough to affect the major powers of Stillwater Commandery, and even the question of whether or not my father will be able to become the Marquis of Stillwater.” Fox frowned as he continued to ponder this matter. There were actually quite a few potential candidates within the Northmont clan for the position of the next Marquis.

The more powerful one was, the more supporters one would have. Naturally, the greater one’s chances would then be of becoming the next Marquis of Stillwater.

“Ugh! Northmont Baiwei actually encountered a monster like him. His luck is too damn good.” Fox gritted his teeth, then shook his head.

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Ning bade Hun Wuji farewell, then followed Northmont Baiwei to the Ninestar Immortal Carriage once more.

Within the carriage. The Whitewater Hound was lying to the side, while Baiwei and Ning were both seated. Baiwei’s face was all smiles, and he was incomparably delighted. He hurriedly said, “Ji Ning, the Rainwater Sword Domain you displayed this time truly stunned everyone present. You didn’t see the way Northmont Fox’s face instantly changed. I understand this punk quite well. Although he’s vicious and arrogant, he can also change his attitude very quickly. This is one of his rare strengths.”

“For now, stay with me. My estate has many places reserved for guests. This time, you’ve truly made a name for yourself. There were many people there within the Carefree Caverns, and news of this battle of yours will quickly spread to quite a few schools and sects. There will definitely also be many who will wish for a genius such as yourself to join them. If you stay in my place, you won’t be disturb. Tomorrow, I’ll prepare an intelligence report for you which will introduce you to all of the larger powers within Stillwater Commandery. Naturally, this will also include information on the various schools. You can make a good choice based on it.”

Ning nodded and smiled. “Then I’ll have to trouble you for that, Brother Baiwei.”

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