Sovereign of the Three Realms

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chap 27

Legendary Realm of Training

“Hahaha, brother Jiang, who would’ve thought your son would be so accomplished! You’ve kept him a secret from the entire Eastern Kingdom!”

“Indeed, indeed! Brother Jiang, I think you father and son must have purposely hid your true strength, and wanted to vault to fame in the Hidden Dragon Trials!”

“This must be it. Even the duke of White Tiger’s genius heir has suffered such an ignoble defeat at Jiang Chen’s hands. How could such an enigma be unable to pass even the three foundational exams?”

“Duke of Jiang Han, congratulations, congratulations. Who would’ve thought that the entire kingdom would’ve been kept in the dark by you two. You must be punished, heh!”

Jiang Feng was also flabbergasted in that moment. He wouldn’t have been surprised at all if Jiang Chen had been defeated within a few hits.

He wouldn’t have even been surprised if Jiang Chen immediately conceded.

But, this fight’s outcome surprised him beyond his capability to be shocked.

Hiding his true strength? A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Jiang Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If this was the case, then his brat’s acting skills were truly unparalleled. Even his old man had been kept in the dark.

Even in his dreams, Jiang Feng had never dreamed of such a situation!

This was the perfection depiction of one man’s joy being another man’s sorrow.

The dukes who were at odds with the duke of Jiang Han – some who even had a feud against him – now had gravely serious faces after wanting to see the duke of Jiang Han become a laughing stock.

They too had realized that they had been taken for a ride by the Jiang father and son duo.

Even the duke of Soaring Dragon, Long Zhaofeng, watched Jiang Chen with a few more traces of wariness in his gaze. It seemed that they had always underestimated the schemes of the Jiang family!

As for Long Juxue, she disliked Jiang Chen even more now. The words that Jiang Chen had spoken to Bai Zhanyun just now appeared to mock the latter on the surface, but in reality had just knocked him on the head and actually jeered at her, Long Juxue!

“What use is it if a pathetic and poor dukedom schemes a little? Small schemes and little tricks are all as real as floating clouds in front of absolute power.” Long Juxue was still contemptuous of Jiang Chen. With her azure phoenix constitution, she was sure to soar high once she entered the Purple Sun Sect.

So what if these commoners inherited their dukedoms. They were still mere ants!

Whether it was Jiang Chen or Bai Zhanyun, they were all ants in Long Juxue’s eyes.

However, even if they were ants, she still wished to see them frolic in front of her, creating some entertainment for her and allowing her to enjoy the spotlight of the stars dancing in attendance on the moon.

But this Jiang Chen, this damnable ant, kept messing up her plans!

The only one completely devoid of any reaction was Princess Gouyu, because her entire being was in a reverie. She was still caught up in the mentality of the fight that had occurred, even up to now.

Jiang Chen’s magical poke – that undefinable mental landscape – was like a person up and about at night who had lured away Princess Gouyu’s consciousness and brought her to that wondrous mental state.

She repeatedly pictured the fight scene, but no matter how she simulated it, with her knowledge of martial dao and her study of Eastern King Point, she still couldn’t fully reconstruct the previous fight!

That was to say, Princess Gouyu couldn’t mimic Jiang Chen’s actions and win so easily, so handily, even in a theoretical fight!

The key wasn’t in winning or losing, but that Princess Gouyu was wholly unable to match the mental state, the level of Jiang Chen’s Eastern King Point.

Princess Gouyu continued to simulate the fight, and finally discovered, tragically. that it was impossible to even picture that martial dao realm with her level of strength, not to mention actually training to that level.

This meant that even after Jiang Chen’s demonstration, she was unable to replicate his actions even if she were given the chance to.

This realm… a phrase floated into Princess Gouyu’s mind. A certain kind of realm…

It was at this moment that Du Ruhai used a pompous, self righteous tone and hectored, “Jiang Chen, this is a sparring match in front of Princess Gouyu. It’s already been decided that combatants shall use the Eastern Amethyst Qi method and it’s accompanying martial arts techniques. How dare you use other techniques; do you still possess any integrity? Do you still want any dignity as a member of the nobility?”

Jiang Chen flicked a careless glance at him, lacking the desire to even insult such a witless person. It would be an insult to himself if he wasted even spittle on those who kissed up to those in power.

Upon seeing Jiang Chen’s arrogant attitude and silent response, Du Ruhai thought Jiang Chen was afraid of him. His attitude became even more haughty. “Jiang Chen, let me tell you something. This is an affront and disrespect to royal dignity. I will most definitely report this matter to His Majesty…”

“Main Organizer Du, please say no more.” Bai Zhanyun’s face was ghastly white, but he still chuckled bitterly. “He used the Eastern King Point. I lost, and fully admit my defeat.”

Du Ruhai thought that Bai Zhanyun was searching for a way out that saved some face. He comforted, “Bai Zhanyun, don’t feel dejected. This Jiang Chen has employed some kind of sinister trick. Think about it, this person couldn’t even pass the three foundational exams. How could he use the Eastern King Point to defeat you? According to me…”

“Du Ruhai, this princess commands you to shut up!”

Princess Gouyu had finally come back to herself and was immediately faced with Du Ruhai jumping up and down and creating a scene, accusing Jiang Chen of using a sinister trick.

The revered method used in founding the kingdom had become a sinister trick in the mouth of this ignorant fool. How could Princess Gouyu not be enraged?

“Princess, this Jiang Chen…” Du Ruhai even wanted to add insult to injury and frame Jiang Chen.

“I’ve already said, shut your mouth!” Princess Gouyu’s tone became even harsher. “As an organizer of the Hidden Dragon Trials, how could your vision be so shallow to not even recognize the founding martial dao method! I am seriously considering petitioning my royal brother to revoke your position as the organizer of the Trials.”

“What? Princess, I’m innocent!” Du Ruhai’s facial expression changed greatly.

“Leave me!” Princess Gouyu also didn’t know why she had suddenly become so infuriated with Du Ruhai. Perhaps it was because of Du Ruhai disturbing her mental contemplation with his ruckus?

At this moment, Eastern Zhiruo had a carefree, innocent face and asked with a giggle, “Auntie, brother Jiang Chen is very strong. You say he’s defeated Bai Zhanyun who’s at “Peak Flawless”, what realm is his Eastern King Point? “Peak of Great Perfection?”

Peak of Great Perfection?

The faces of all the practitioners shifted as these four words were spoken. Everyone knew that only top notch geniuses were able to practice any technique to the “Great Perfection” realm. And the “Peak of Great Perfection” indicated the highest realm possible for a martial arts technique, and was unsurpassable.

To be able to practice a method to this realm meant one was a martial dao genius born only once every hundred years.

But, Princess Gouyu’s sexy thin lips were quivering slightly, and an extremely animated light filled her eyes in this moment, as if the words “Peak of Great Perfection” were inadequate to describe the mental state she had been lost in just now.

“Peak of Great Perfection?” Gouyu’s jade lips squirmed marginally as she breathed out the scent of orchids. She sighed lightly, “I happened to meet a master when I was sixteen. I learned from the master that an even higher realm exists above “Peak of Great Perfection” in the ranking of martial dao practice!”

The crowd gave an outcry upon hearing her words.

Of those present, who wasn’t a martial dao master? There were several here who were true qi masters who had trained for multiple decades!

However, they had never heard of a higher realm, one above “Peak of Great Perfection”.

What else could a martial arts technique do above “Peak of Great Perfection”? Was it not enough to be at “Great Perfection”? This was inconceivable.

Princess Gouyu seemed to be deeply moved as she thought of the wondrous encounter of yesterday, murmuring lowly. “I know, this seems to be hearsay. But that master told me, the world of martial dao is as the scintillating galaxy – unending and without borders. And martial dao geniuses are stars within the galaxy, too many to be counted. Our Eastern Kingdom, and the surrounding sixteen countries are but a drop in the ocean on this grand continent!

The true martial dao geniuses of this world are one in a billion, whether in terms of potential or enlightenment. These geniuses are able to easily train to “Great Perfection” in a martial arts technique, and the scariest thing is, they can innovate numerous changes to the foundation of “Great Perfection”. They can derive many mysteries that did not previously exist, elevating the technique’s quality, realm, and true meaning!”

Princess Gouyu’s tone was suffused with piety, and concentrated traces of yearning filled her beautiful eyes.

This is why Princess Gouyu had never limited her mindset to just one country. What she hungered for was the more expansive world of martial dao.

She had been filled with longing for the outside world when she heard that master’s words that year, and was insatiably curious about those legendary geniuses.

Princess Gouyu had actually had the faint feeling that Jiang Chen’s mastery of Eastern King Point in his earlier poke had reached the level of the so-called true martial dao geniuses in the master’s words.

“More realms above ‘Peak of Great Perfection’, what should we call them?” The martial dao masters present all felt a bit at a loss at the presentation of a concept beyond their comprehension.

“All realms above ‘Peak of Great Perfection’ are labeled as the “Legendary Realm”!”

Princess Gouyu didn’t hold back and spoke candidly. “Of course, to these true geniuses, there’s no point in practicing some of the more superficial techniques to the “Legendary Realm”. The true geniuses take a few superior techniques and train those to the “Legendary Realm”, and then create their own style, adding in their own philosophies and personal mysteries to elevate these techniques to become their hidden ace card. That, is the hallmark of a true genius!”

The crowd finally understood after this round of explanations.

So this was what the “Legendary Realm” was all about.

“Auntie, does this mean that brother Jiang Chen’s Eastern King Point has already reached the Legendary Realm?” Eastern Zhiruo was eager to confirm this point.

“I’ve practice the Eastern King Point for thirteen years and my own ranking is that of “Initial Great Perfection”. I feel that I can theorize the status of “Peak of Great Perfection” in my mind, but I was unable to see through Jiang Chen’s Eastern King Point. It was like a dragon revealing itself, with only the head being visible, and not the tail. I couldn’t even simulate his actions in my mind. Everyone, please think about this. What level could his Eastern King Point be if even I was unable to theorize it?”

Princess Gouyu stopped here, but threw a meaningful glance at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen however, laughed lazily. “Legendary Realm? Does such an amazing realm exist? Anyways, I won purely because Bai Zhanyun was too idiotic. He’d already showed off his Eastern King Point in front of me, and I merely saw through his mysteries. How could so many bloody deep mystery things exist?”

Bai Zhanyun was shamefaced. No matter how proud he was, he couldn’t bring himself to hate Jiang Chen. Putting aside the fact that Jiang Chen had pulled his punches just now, Bai Zhanyun realized that Jiang Chen had spoken truthfully when the former had calmed down and reflected.

He had gone to incredible lengths to please Long Juxue, but when had this woman ever responded sincerely to Bai Zhanyun?

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